Geet 19 February 2020: Scene starts with hospital entrance being shown. Geet is in docs cabin ..n is adjusting her dupatta.

Geet 19 February 2020: MSK enters in docs cabin that instant n Maneet look at each other. MSK says sitting outside he was getting worried for Geet.n hence he came in.!! MSK says hope all is well wit Geet …. and Doc says…well atleast this much is clear that its difficult for u to stay away from ur wife for long.

Doc makes both Maneet sit *MSK pulls chair for Geet* n Doc says. that along wit luv..u hv to tk care of her… Till now.. u hvnt gotten any test of her done. R u concerned for ur wife and kid or not? Doc says u hv to take care of her n Geet abt to say smthng but MSK puts a hand on her hand n stops her..!! Doc continues n says.. u only hv to care for her. MSK says u b assured that i know that its my duty to take care of her. From henceforth i will not give u an oppurtunity to complaint. Doc says .. Good. n gives a list of meds for Geet.


MSK says….yes doc n thanks. n MSK takes Geets hand in his… n Maneet are out of cabin in hosp alley..! MSK says..Look..u got me scolded by the doc. He says…u urself dont take care n before th doc i become bad. Geet stops n looks at MSK n says…that from where u got this huge heart from?? From where u bring so much sympathy? U brought me to the hosp. despite of knwng … why r u doing so much for me ?? MSK says.. there is no need for u to get so emotional. I m still the same old MSK who is very selfish…n its in my interest …which is to see u happy always Embarrassed coz if ur life is calm.n if theres a smile on ur lips …my world keeps smiling… MSK says. last nite…..i realised my responsbilities..n its my promise to b wit u in all the walks of every corner….in .. happiness or saddness…i shall support u….Tongue Geet has tears in her eyes. MSK wipes Geets tears n Geet puts her hand in MSKs…Wink n both clasp each others hand tightly….n smile at each other n walk out of hosp as a couple…stealing glances… Meera comes n sees Dadi busy discussing wit Tasha n Adi….n sneaks into Devs room..n Dev asks whats issue?? Meera struggles..n then i saw MSK fiancee…n she is none other than.n holds Devs hands n says.. MSKs fiancee is….Geet…!! Dev stumped…takes out hand from Meeras clasp and is shocked…n sits on the bed.

Maneet come back to mansion..n r walking together. MSK stops n Geet looks back..n MSK says.. u go ahead n i will come in 5 mins or ppl will ask questions.. Geet nods and starts to leave but MSK holds Geets hand..n Geet blushes…n finally MSK lets go. Geet walks looking backward n bumps into Sasha… who says… ‘Carefully miss hoshiarpur….if u fall down coz of me..i will b in big trouble.’ What were u looking backwards?? Oh…but one is gonna b coming behind u !! Geet says.. change is the rule of life. Adi n Pinki enter with dhol shol….n doing balle balle…n Sasha says.. ‘Adi’…..n Pinky congratulates Geet saying…’ur going to b a bride soon’ n Adi says…to Geet …now u can officially tell Maan sir that he should stop being angry on his staff. n on this note lets d some balle-balle. *dance* . Adi asks Geet to join but she refuses.

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Dev says… how is it possible? this is all wrong happening. Bro n Geet dunn what they are doing….When bro will find out abt me n Geet…then….their happines will b ruined..!! Its all because of my mistakes that all happiness wil b ruined…i will not let that happen…i hv to stop them…i hv to stop the engagement.

Pinki n Adi make Geet join in th dance n Geet dancing n MSK come n look at her. Geet stops n everyone sees MSK n all stop…n Adi comes to tell MSK…u came to scold us..err i mean dance wit us…come dance..its ur asks Adi..why r u wearing shades? n Adi says…to celebrate ur happiness n Dadi says..its a day of happiness dun show attitude n join in…n Sasha says.. Adi i think….Geet shld ask MSK to dance..since change is rule of life..

Dev coming… Meera trying to stop..! on the other side.. Geet says.. Maan….. MSK stares…n all feel dejected n are abt to leave n MSK signals the dholak playing guys n they start…n .. he starts dancing.. first wit Adi .Wink n come close to Geet..n she too joins him…!! Maneet eyelock..!! Dadi stops the dholaks and Geet… ‘Wow Geet…i hand it to u…u hv grown flowers in a desert’ .

Dadi hugs Geet n says…long live beta *daughter* n says…i knew it….My eyes culd never be fooled!! I understood ur both hearts feeling when u *looking at MSK* had announced the engagement n *Dadi fondly pats Geets head* n Maneet glance at each other. Dadi asks abt Geets family n Maneet look at each other and are silent. Suddenly music starts again ..Maneet eyelock and Dev comes near dancing area but Meera catches hold of him n takes him to a side..n says..calm down.!!

Dev is emotional and hugs Meera and says…i ruined everyones life. I din knw that the shadow of my mistake will affect all my happiness……n Meera says..stop….n looks at Maneet and says there are so many ppl here…..will it b right to tell ur truth right now..n Dev says..ur right… i cant tell this before all. I cant talk to Geet. But i hv to talk to Bro..i hv to talk to bro alone n that too before engagement. I have to tell him everything. Dev leaves from there. MSK also leaves from dancing area.

Geet getting mehndi put on her hand n lost in thots. She thinks.. Dadi is so happy wit engagement , but we are lying to her coz this is all fake.!! Tho our relation is true..but engagement is fake. Some random girl are checking out Geets jewellery n one says its lovely jewellery n another girl says ppl dun wear real jewellery these days…its all fake jewlery u can order to match wit ur costume…Geet says..i dunno but i will wear jewellery only wat i can wear. Pinky comes to call Geet n takes Geet wit her…..

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Pinky brings Geet outside in what looks like a courtyard..which is dark n makes her stand…n goes off. Suddenly the lights come n Geet is a central place. standing admist a decorative place between four pillars beautifully decked up n a mirror in one side. MSK comes n Geet says…U?? n MSK says..yes!!

Geet says …but we were gonna meet in a while ..MSK says but .i wanna tell u smthng.! That i dun want anything fake between us….! Geet did u knw?? MSK says…I knw u n ur self respect well. He further says..i dun want that from now onwards anything be fake/ false between us n turns Geet around to look at the mirror n takes off Geets fake jewllery..! n brings dadis jewels.n says…. everything ..wil b .REAL.. everything TRUE.. our relation as well as our engagement…n put all jewel on Geet.

Finally MSK says holding on to Geets shoulder n looking at mirror that…. tonite when u walk towards me..between a sea of people..there wont b any more lies or no sham when ur steps will come towards me n for me! This engagement will b for real….Geet n as Geet looks questioningly….MSK nods his head.

MSK points towards moon n says…this moon in whose witness i had put that ring on u..will today will blush seeing the spotless purity of our relationship……. coz even moon has blot/ spot…n MSK says….there is no spot in our relation..Dev is shown walking in alley slowly….Maneet eyelock

Dev..says.. ‘Bro ur here?’ n comes to where Maneet are standing ….Geet says to MSK…someone is coming…..* Tho Dev can see MSK.. Geets back is turned to him*. Dev comes n stands behind Maneet n can see only MSKs face.

Geet on terrace.. Dev says GEET.. Geet turns..n looks wit anger..n Dev looks away..n Geet says… i hv been wondering..what wuld i do when u come before me….. all those question my family ask me..i shall ask u…then thot…wat use…if u had to answer…u wuld hv not ditch me at airport…n says..wat use to talk to u…shld hv handed u over…n Dev says….Geet i m ur offender..n Geet says..i dun wanna listen.. Dev says plz… n Geet says no…no excuse for wat u did..u deserve only punishment n ask him not to come near her…till i send u to jail..i wont listen n Dev try to hold Geet n Geet says..dun dare to touch me..n Dev says..i deserve this kinda hate ..i m a big offender…but i culdn pass a day without praying to God to change the past..

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Geet says..u cant change past…. u hv to face….it..n like how i spent each day….u hv to spend to..n Dev says.. dun punish bro for wat i did……dun affect ur coming life for ur past life..if bro find out..he will b destroyed.. *requests with folded hands*

Geet says..u dun hv right to ask me anything..n Dev says…i m not asking from u Geet..i wanna ask from the girl who changed my bro forever….who luvs this girl like anything..who has healed all his wounds…. Geet wat will b left of MSKs life if he found out the truth… he wil b shattered…the choice is urs Geet…………whatever u do…decide first….that whether ur luv for Maan veerji is more or ur hate for me…..ur choice.. n Dev leaves

Geet collapses with hand on tummy..n cries…… Maneet engagement being covered by Media n all says….a secretary from a small city like HP has captured MSKs heart….

MSK bare torso shown..face in shadow…. n shown wearing the sherwani… Geet being made ready n girls say…dun like these jewelery lets get something else… n ppl see Geets mehndi spoiled n say..its big ‘Apshagun’ (bad omen) how it happen?? Geet recollect slapping.. n says.. all bad omen happening.. n run from there..

Dev talk wit his room..dunno whether she will listen to me…or not….. coz if not..its not her fault.. n Meera says…forget it….get ready …n Dev says..i dun wanna go down..n meera says u hv to face…watever happens downstairs..either to support Geet if she hasnt spoken..n if she has said..then to face MSK..u cant hide like this..

Pinki asks Dadi..where is Geet cant find her…… n Dev asks Meera…where is Geet?? MSK comes n asks…what u talking abt ur sis in law …..hiding here??? Dadi asks MSK..where is Geet?? Dadi says…Pinky cant find her in the house…

MSK goes to find Geet..saying she is playing hide n seek wit me since morning..n Dev asks Meera did she leave….??

Geet walk in trance outside…stormy climate..recollecting Dev n MSKs words… n Deveet wedding…..n MSK saving her….frm Brij n Maans words…at lake n Devs actions…. n MSKs declaration that Geet is MSKs manali.. n says… Everytime Dev cheated me.. MSK saved me…

MSK comes in Geets room searching for Geet….n sees Pinky n asks wheres Geet?? Pinky says…hv been searching for her since long…but dunno where she has gone?? MSK says.. Where are u Geet??? *Guru looks SICK *

Geet still out n in turmoil recollecting MSKs words….abt…her past not affecting him…n taqdeer*destiny* n bedaag rishta *spotless relation*……. n says…. Devs hate brought me here….n look at the engagement ring MSK gave….n says…MSKs luv taught me how to live…

Geet says..Babaji…what cross-road u hv brought me to…. whether i chose MSKs happiness …if i tell him truth his hapiness will b ruined forever……..but if i let go of Dev ..then wonder how many girls lives will b ruined like this…!! Should i turn back or move ahead………


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