Geet update Tuesday 7th April 2020


Geet Tuesday 7 April 2020: On Geet 7 April 2020, Geet self thot….everytime i misunderstood u.. .always thot u were wrong… pls. forgive me.. i m really sorry!!

Geet Tuesday 7 April 2020: On Geet 7 April 2020, Dadi notices Geet and her sad face n asks…n Geet says..all is well n Dadi says..u had gone to get water?? Geet says….sorry culdn find … Dadi says.. ok… was searching u to get Annes discharge papers..rather go n talk to docs..! Geet asks Dadi… have u talked to MSK?? Dadi says..u havent talked?? Geet lies….n says… thot of telling about Anne…n Dadi need ..he will be worried..!! Anne in the hosp gets flashbacks of what Arjun said..!! Arjun comes to visit Anne…n Anne delighted to see him!! Arjun says..thot to check if u felt bad ..n Anne says…no i dun feel bad about anything…since u are here..!! Arjun says…had to come to see what effect my words had on u..Anne!! Anne says…cal me Anwesha..n Arjun says..those days are gone….!! Arjun says..u love me a lot…dun u?? Anne says..even u love me a lot..!! Arjun says…btw isnt MSK hurt to see u in this pain?? Anne bro doesnt know..!! Arjun says..then tell him.. tell him all this happened coz of me..!! Anne he will be tensed… Arjun tell i ruined ur life…i want to see him in pain..!! I can give this news to him myself..but its not fun.. so i want u to tell ur bro on ur own.. that will fulfil my revenge..!! Anne shocked….

Anne says..dun lie.. u love me..n Arjun says..told u before Anne Khurana.. i only used u..!! I will get peace..when i see MSK in pain coz of seeing u in pain…!! Dadi comes..n asks…when did u come..n Arjun fakes that…came to check on Anne..n know how this happened..!! Dadi says…all is ok…she just slipped..! Arjun says…Slipped??Arjun tries to make Anne speak out ..but Anne resists very smartly..!! Wink Arjun irritated….n Anne stubborn ….!! Tongue Arjun says..hope u follow what i asked u to….n Arjun leaves..!!

Geet in her room lost in flashbacks of what doc said..n that she had asked MSK to save their kid….in case its life was at stake..! Geet says.. he was trying to save my kid.. fulfil his promise.. and i was doubting him…his rudely i spoke to him..behaved to him..!! Stupid. Geet sees the broken toy….n resolves to fix it..n manages to make it work..n music starts playing..!! Geet says..pls. come back soon… atleast let me apologise..Geet starts to write.. I m sorry….in different paper…pieces but throws it all off…Next morning.. Geet sitting lost in MSKs thots..n rues why he din call..! Anne comes and Dadi Geet ask about Anne n she is not looking good.. all fend for her..!!Someone calls Dadi……and Geet excited and wants to talk to MSK. (thinking its him).!! Geet asks for phone. n realises its not MSK…..n is embarassed..!! Dadi teasing….!! Dadi says..MSK is returning..n Geet excited..n asks..when …at what time..his flight…n Dadi self thot..if i tell her when MSK is will ruin says..he is coming tomorrow…Geet sad..!!.Dadi looks at Anne..lost in thot and not eating..n asks her to eat..but she and goes in her room.. Geet offers to go to her..n goes and asks Anne whats the matter..

Geet tells Anne..u told me we were sisters…so tell whats the matter? Anne all sad and says..thinking of life.. n that wounds on body heal..but on heart dun mend! Geet says…especially when those words are spoken by the one who loves u..! Geet asks Anne but why u talking like this….n Anne says a friend in love has been cheated so.. !! Geet asks Anne not to think n rest! Geet changes the battery of the watch thinking its slow… LOL she changes the settings of the clock to make time fly..Geet senses MSKs presence..and starts running towards him….and in her delirious state…is running and ends up bumping into nacool holding a arti thali n her dupatta catches fire……n Dadi and Nacool scream…..

Geet sees MSK and runs towards him…with dupatta on fire.. MSK shrieks and takes dupatta off and settles the fire….and Maneet hug…and its a close hug…and Geet has her hand on MSKs face…and both smile admist tears..!!

Daadi comes running and maneet need to break their hug. She asks geet if she is okay and scolds her for running without thinking. She continues how could she be so careless when she knows she is pregnant. Geet apologizes, MSK tells daadi she is fine and maneet eye lock. Daadi inquire about his trip and he answers that the response and presentation was very good. We got the vey big project, client was very happy. Daadi gives credit to geet, MSK, again stars at geet in confusion.

NE comes, MSK is shocked and asks what has happened to her and why has no one told him. NE tells her fake love story nanan I mean she tells she slipped on the stairs. MSK starts scolding her, daadi stops him. He tells her to take caret and I will also go to rest. He stares at geet and leaves.

Geet follows him but twist her leg, daadi wonders what’s wrong with her today. MSK tells her he will take her to room. He carries her, without looking at her.

Arjun calls NE and warns if she does not tell everything to her brother then consequences will not be good and he will be coming her home in the evening. NE is shocked.

MSK puts geet on the bed, daadi wants to put ointment, but MSK does it. Geet watches him doing it and in her self thought remorseful for her behavior, she thinks if some one had hurt me like this then I am, she flinch, MSK looks at her, she thinks,I would have done same. Daadi goes to get pain killer, MSK to get freshen up. Geet asks him to come fast. He wonders what’s wrong with her, we fought and first she keep smiling at me, now asking me to come fast.

Geet calls him to come fast,  daadi comes then it would not possible to talk with him, but haddi still gets there, geet makes excuse she wants water. Daadi has brought with her water, MSK comes too, and tells her water is right next to her, she says I did not see it. MSK is confuse.

Daadi offers to saty whole night there as MSK would not be able to up. Geet is disappointed, tells baabaji do something so she can talk to MSK, looks at MSK hopefully that he will deny. MSK agree, she blurts gayi bhais paani main ( geet, he does not know you met doc). Geet tells daadi, the pain is gone and she is fine. Finally daadi agrees to leave.

Geet says sorry to MSK, he is still Grumpy the old man., says it’s alright. She wants to know why has he left without telling her. He still stiff, tells her you were angry, if I would have told you, you would have gotten more angry. I did not say anything to you infront of daadi, but how can you be so careless, if you do not want to think about me at least think about our baby. She is touched, walks to him, he notices she is limping. He asks her why did she lie and why does she trouble him ?? Does not she know her pain gives him more pain. She hugs him, he is confused, but finally hugs her.

She asks why does he do this. He wonders what have I done, she replies not me but baby is asking this, baby knows all, wants to say thank you to papa who was trying to save him/her. She says Maan I am sorry, with out knowing I have said so much. You were staying away for me and baby. She hugs him again, he asks her not to cry and how does she know about it. She tells him about meeting with doctor.

He sets her hair, wipes her tears and says I should be apologizing to you.. for they way I behave with you. I knew every word was hurting you, I did not know what to do,you were asking so many questions and Icould not tell you the truth.

Geet shows him, broken gift to him says sorry again, he says no need I know it’s fix with lot of effort. He tells her not to cry, maneet walk together to their bed.

Daadi asks NE if she has seen store room key. NE is lost in thoughts, daadi asks what is with her?? She seems lost all the time since wedding. NE says she is tired that is all, Phone rings, daadi picks up, it’s arjun, who asks daadi seems they did not like his arrangments that is why did not invite him for reception. NE is scared, what arjun talking to daadi. Daadi tells a week has gone, now what’s the point, arjun says consider this as my gift, daadi agrees.

MSK going to work, tells daadi he needs to get done a lot. She tells him, house is his responsibility too, he says fine tell me what is required, daadi says reception, he questions but geet walks in saying marriage is incomplete with out reception.Clap In Punjab, it’sbig event, lots of food, fun etc. MSK asks what else in your Punjab, she gets it, complains to daadi that he is teasing. Geet asks daadi how will we find event manager so quickly and daadi proposes sau dusman ke baraabar ek dushman: ARJUN rofl MSK does not like the name.

Arjun threatens NE to tell MSk, else he will insult him badly

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