Geet 3 March 2020: Geet comes n stands next to MSK n recollects him saying..’I had asked u to leave..then why did u not leave?’

Geet 3 March 2020: Geet says.. Maan..n Munda starts to turn and then she adds Sir…..n lifts his right hand *which got burnt by the arti diya* n asks him to apply medicine! Geet gives a piece of cotton to MSK but MSK holds her finger n then pulls his hand away..!! Geet tries to give the medicine again but MSK holds her hand..snatches the medicine/cotton and throws it away..!! Geet says..I came here..based on what Dadi said..n MSK cuts her off n says.. Go away from here. …n Geet says..why r u punishing/hurting urself for me?? MSK says…. Hurt?? well wat have u given to me except hurt …n that u talk about hurt today….? Geet says..yes ur right..u hv helped me always..n me…..hv only given u hurt & pain…!!

Geet i got to know a new side of this relation..n MSK says…relation? theres no relation between us anymore Geet.!! do u understand?? .n Geet shocked..n says…theres no relation?? But it does make a difference to u..if i m there or not…!! Geet starts to leave and MSK pulls her back and Maneet end up hugging…with Geet holding on to Maan n MSK says..Wat did u makes difference to me?? Wat do u think….that u being there or not affects me?? This is just ur story in ur mind…..There is no effect of u on me…u know why?? ….coz i hate u.. n pulls Geet close to him…..n says…i hate u so much that i dun wanna breathe the air that passes touching u..*n sets her hair lock behind her ear* n holding her face … …..i wuldn wanna walk on a path where ur shadow fell on……… i dun wanna listen to ur voice even in my dreams ….i hate u Geet…… stay away frm me…n releases her hand wit force..thus pushing Geet back..!! Geet turns n starts to walk away but stops..n turns back to look *teary eyed*


Geet says..if u wanted to stay away from me…then why kept searching for ways to bring me close?? whenever i try to go away from u..u come behind me..!! There is a relation between us…even if its.of hate…..n well it does make a difference to u…n turns back and leaves from there..!!!

Munda driving ………in white shirt n driving his black jeep..!! Another red jeep carrying Adi-Pinky-Tasha. follows MSKs jeep.!! MSK recollecting Geet saying..’That me being there or not does make a difference to u!!’..MSK self thot..’Geet ur wrong..and today i will prove it to u!!’….. Tasha says..’MSK has called us to the party n that too at his farmhouse… well m really excited..seems the effect of diwali hasnt yet rubbed off MSK sir !!’ Adi corrects saying..’Not party..its business party! All his clients are also coming. Thats why he has called us.!!’ Pinky says..’But Adi sir ..whats the occassion for this party?’

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Geet in Indian Paint ofice says…’If it makes a difference to him..then why does it make a difference to u.?’ U had only gone based on Dadimas insistence! She sits down n long u gonna like to urself .Geet…!! It does make a difference to him..n to u as well..thats why u had gone to talk to him!! Just by saying a relation cant be broken! even if its of hate..there is a relation..and u cant break this thread so easily!!

MSK arrives at Farmhouse and calls Geet…n is silent…n Geet hears tire screeches and asks…are u alright?? MSK did u guess its me??…..Geet says..’Well from ur tire screeches..when u used to come to office!!’ MSK says..’Geet in office hours …u will only work.. and send me the chinese clients file in half n hour..m at my come over here!!’

Geet says..’Farmhouse?’ MSK says…’Why is there an issue?’ Geet says..’Why is he calling me’ .. MSK hears and says. ‘ I told u just now..that i dun like personal talk in office hrs..!’ Geet says..’If u want file only i will send it across thru Pandeyji..!!’ MSK says…’Who is the CEO of the company? U na?? Well i m not asking for the files to stare at them…i have some them..!! If i can work with Pandeyji..then why do i need u?? I want u here in half n hour!! Understand!!’ and cuts phone!! Geet says…’He wont call u just like that…Definitely he has something in his mind..!! And well lying is not his piece of cake..!! I talk will happen in office hours..!! And from his mood it looks..that i m in trouble..!! Well yes….if he has to talk abt office he can talk before office people also.. n she gets up..n sees Romeo…n seeks his help..!! Romeos self thot….’This is bonus of diwali after diwali’…n agrees…n Geet says..’Come with me..we hv to go to sir’

At farmhouse near is on..n MSK the middle near a bar..!! Some babe comes in skimpy black dress holding a flower……..n is grooving with Adi-Pinky-Tasha. n says..’Cheers’. before she goes upto MSK…n gives him a peck on th cheek n says..’Hello…my prince of delhi..!!’ MSK says…’Arhana..the party girl of Delhi..!!’ Arhana says..’Ofcourse..n well since i m a partygirl..i know the rules of party..!! Not like u….seems u have forgotten the rules of the party..!!’ And MSK says..’ And i think that…u wont leave..without telling the party rules!’ Arhana says..’Ofcourse Maan…Party brings two people close..!!’ MSK moves away n says ‘Thanks Arhana..i am fine..being alone.!!’ Arhana says..’If u wanted to stay alone..then why did u throw this party?’ MSK says…’Coz..this is the best way to prove my point to my staff n clients that …i m not strict n can party wit them…!! He asks Arhanas hand…n says..lets follow the rules of the party..!! Maan n Arhana walking near the pool holding hands..!! Arhana says..’I like this new avtar of MSK. who is following the party rules having listened to me..!!’…. Adi Pinky Sasha are all grooving..!! N MSK self thot..that i will prove to Geet that it doesnt make any diff to me..!!

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Geet arrives at the farmhouse with the 3 bandars *Pandeyji.. Manisha n Romeo* She thanks all three for bringing her to the farmhouse since she is new in delhi n doesnt know the roads…n stands near the entrance to the pool party..!! Geet thinks they have arrived at a wrong address..since a party is going on there..!! MSK says..’By now she should have arrived..but u never know with this girl..!!’ All 3 enter th party before her. n accidentally drop Geets file…she gets down to pick it up…n MSK turns then.n MSK spots the three…n she sent these three??’ Pandeyji tells Geet…where have u brought us?? Geet says.. Me?? I got u here or u got me here??I had thot u guys are experts of Delhis ways..!!Thats why i brought u guys here..!! MSK sees Geets jhumkas n then her face..her eyes..n realises she is there..!! Romeo says..since we are here… lets hv a drink.. Geet…n tells u will follow me where i go..!! She turns to leave and MSK says.. ‘Geet’ n Geet stuck in curtain !!

After she turns back she sees Pandey n says..go find Romeo n Manisha n i will go to Maan sir.. give him the file and leave..!! Geet is following MSK ….to give file ..but MSK is talking to all the girls n says..ur glasses are empty.. come i will get u a refill…n starts to walk…..n Geet follows…n bumps into Arhana…n altercation on..!! Geet says..’I m sorry…suddenly u came in front and’ ..Arhana says.. ‘R u blind?? U ruined my dress!’ Geet says..’I din do it intentionally!!’ and i said Sorry also..!! Arhana says ‘So did u do me a favor??’ Geet says..’Well u should apologise to me!’ Arhana says..’The term sorry doesnt exist in my dictionary..! N btw who are u?? R u Maans Maid??’ And ‘U can leave’ Geet says.. ‘I wont go based on what u said.. Till Maan sir says..i wont go anywhere.. u call him’ MSK comes..n says..’Arhana..hvnt seen u on the dance floor all well?’ Arhana says…’With a host like u nothing can go wrong.. only this girl’ MSK says..’Geet?’ n Geet says..’Sir…’ n MSK says..’Geet dont u see i m busy..!! Whatever u have to say…say it later..!!’

MSK says…come to the dance floor.. Arhana says..u go ahead… n MSK leaves.. Arhana tells Geet that..i hv seen many LS girls like u…who wanna trap MSK…well if not MSK theres many rich boys standing..over there..come wit me..i shal intro….n takes Geet forcibly..n Geet says..leave me..n she leaves Geet near th pool n Geet falls in the Pool..!! Geet drowning saying..i dunno how to swim…Shocked Adi-Pinky-Tasha… 3….shocked..

Arhana releasing Geets hand n pushing the pool… Geet screaming for help.. Munda jumps into save..n flashback of HP lake..moment.. n slowly Munda taking Geet out of water..n Flashback on.. MAHIIIIIIIIII n Munda in black trousers…shirtless n Maneet eyelock !! Geet tells MSK this is how we met first time.. n MSK puts Geet down n pushes her away n says..Circus show is over..lets start party.. music

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Arhana tells Geet…..good looking girl…thanks to u..ppl got entertained..n leaves.!! Geet recollects I hate u lines..!! Pinky comes to Geet asking abt how she. is..!! Geet says..i cant stand to b with him… whenever he wants…he insults him…n whenever wants..comes to save me like God…!! Meera shown.. with Flashback of how she got Dev home.. n says…if it were anyone else..i wuldn turn to look at him….but dunno why i fall weak when u come before me..!! But wat u hv done to Geet is unforgivable..but still….i hv brought u home WitHout telling Geet..!!

Party on.. MSK at bar recollects..’there is no relation between us Geet’ ..n breaks his drink glass…n says..ur tears..or smile dont make diff. to me…u were unlike others Geet..then why? Geet comes to meet MSK to tell that she wont tolerate anymore of MSKs insult….n as to why he called her there….!! Adi Pinky try to stop her…but she is not ready….!! Geet says..he shld knw.that ppl other than him can get angry n feel pain also.. Geet comes to MSK n asks..why u called me here..!! MSK says..go home..!! geet says…. first u tell why u called me?? MSK says..if u din understand by now..then what will u understand..!! Geet says..what u wanna prove by insulting me before all?

Arhana tells…u din leave yet?? Geet says..wont go….if u sow thorns u will reap thorns..!! MSK says wats happening here?? Geet says..nothing u need to know.. n as such i dun need ur help..!! Arhana tells MSK to dance.. MSK refuse…but Arhana says..u giving more imp to this girl..n MSK says..ur right…she dun mean anything to me or my life….n leaves n MSK Arhana grooving on Behke Behke.. n showing off to Geet..!! Geet stares.. MSK asks Geet for a dance.. Geet extends her hand.. Maneet eyelock..

But Arhana gives her hand.. n MSK n Arhana continue grooving….n Geet stares.. n MSK comes close to her..but continue dance wit Arhana.. MSK repeats step of Kurban Hua wit Arhana..n Geet teary eyed..n shocked..n leaves..!! MSK searching for her.. finds her..n pulls her close… n says…what is the matter?? Geet says..why u making a show of urself by doing things tat ur mind doesnt approve of?? MSK says..whats wrong i m only dancing!! Geet is wrong..wat happened..wats happening..! MSK turns her around n says…..u hvng problem.. seeing me getting close to someone else… u hvng problem that i give importance to someone else in ur presence..!!

MSK tells Geet…it make a diff to u…n Geet asks him to leave her..she continues to fight..but MSK touches her all over….n forcibly makes her dance with him.. *Rouf Salsa* Wink n Geet says..leave me..n he presses Geet closer to him…..n continues…forcing himself on Geet..n Geet slaps MSK… MSK startled.. Geet shocked n hand on her mouth..WitH OMG expression n MSK looks up straight away from Geet n is looking like a volcano to erupt…

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