Geet Tuesday 14 April 2020 Starlife: On Geet Tuesday 14 April 2020, Geet giving order for Maan near the reception n Dev comes in the alley n sees n hides!

Geet leaves n remembers she forgot to tell to make food less spicy!! Dev near the reception n tells to call the meeting for all housekeeping!! Dev sees Geet n turns to leave..n Geet follows n stumbles n Dev turns n calls out. Gith..!! Geet shocked… Flashbacks of Dev cheating her…n Dev-Geet scenes from HP!! Geet starts to faint n is about to fall…..n Dev holds her in time..!! Dev calls the doc n doc says…who is she? Dev says..guest… n Doc says..she is pregnant… n asks for who is with her..n Dev says…tell me whats wrong n Doc says..this is a special case..i need to know medical history.. Dev says..whats wrong n Doc says..blood pressure is too high.. i need to talk to her hubby before she is given meds!! Dev says..i will call her hubby…n asks receptionist to call MSK!! MSK comes n stares at Dev n asks Doc whats the matter n Geet says..i m fine..just felt light on feet…!! MSK says..u relax..dun speak..n asks Doc…!! Doc says…she fainted…n had a fit…which usually comes due to bad memory..or foul smell..! Please keep her stress free n keep her happy.. i will come in evening n doc leaves!

MSK asks Geet to relax n goes to meet Dev..!! Geet wonders….if MSK left to fight with Dev..!! MSK tells Dev….what do u want? Dev says..what do i want… n MSK says…u have never done anything without a why were u chasing.. n since how long? Answer….!! Dev says..its ur imagination… i want ur n Geets happiness at all left for Canada.. but debtors sold off all my property so came here for livelihood…n became Manager here in my friends hotel!! MSK says..lies..all lies.. u were following us n Dev says..i have done so many sins..i cant see u both in the eye…!! MSK says..i m leaving right now…!! Dev says…why u ruining ur honeymoon.. u both stay.. u have problem with me..i wil leave..!


At KC ..Arjun comes to meet those goons n asks whats the matter..?? Goons say call Anne n Arjun says she is outside! Goons say…how dare call police…n Arjun says..what to do… u took over all our! Goons say..police will give u back? Arjun says no..but what point in fighting n says..if ur bhais sis luvs this furniture keep it..but get us replacement..thats all n Goons agree n leave..!! Anne compliments Arjun for his smartness in dealing with th goons! Anne asks Arjun about Manav…n Arjun says dunno!! Peon comes to give a bunch of flowers…with a note from Manav which reads..tat he has to go out of town…for work n Anne weird.. n Arjun says..yep…he is! Arjun teases Anne..n says..u must be missing him right? Anne angry n says..what do u mean…!! Arjun gets a call from Bhai..n requests bhai to arrange for the furniture..n that the farmhouse owner is overcharging n bhai agrees to help n Anne is impressed..!! Arjun says..this is called business…i saved new furniture n other costs…by giving furniture!! Anne says…i m impressed..! Arjun says..i do this for this company.. not u…i can build a company in a day… but i m working for this company! Anne self thot.when will u tell the truth.. u dun wanna go coz u luv me!

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Pinky asks Manisha why he is sad n Rmoeo asks too..n Manisha says…Manav din turn up or neither did he call..!! Romeo says…Manav is a client..spare him…n Manisha says..yes yes..n he is not my type! A new client (Mr. Nigam) comes…for meeting the wedding planners…… n its a punjabi family n they say..our daughters wedding is there…n we heard u plan small budget wedding too ..n Anne says yes….! Anne asks for wedding details to decide the schedule! Anne introes Arjun to the clients… n Arjun asks…whats the theme…n Clients say.. least cost… n Arjun much n Mr. Nigam says…4.5lacs..n Arjun says..sorry cant plan! Anne tries to interfere..but Arjun not ready..!! Client says..u culd hv told before….n leaves in a huff!! Anne shouts on Arjun….

Anne screams on Arjun as to how he dared to insult her…n Arjun i dared to save this company from loss by dealing with bhais..!! Anne says…watever it is… u cant talk to me like this. i got the first client….n Arjun says…why not… u got client by putting company profit at stake..!! All attack Arjun for his behaviour…n Arjun says…if u dun like what i did.. its ur problem..i cant do anything n turns to leave..!! All stare…

Maan comes n Geet looks at him worried…Geet tells ..MSK not to be so angry n MSK says.. u forgetting what Dev did to u n us… n turns.. Geet gives a kiss on the cheek MSK sets Geets hair n pats her face n says…pack..we are going..!! Dev in his cabin..packing his stuff..n Staff ask where he is going n Dev says…its important so… n asks Staff to take good care of Maneet…! Maneet walking on the road…n Geet wonders that his anger isnt less so asks him why going by road n not flight..n MSK ticket. .so! Anne talking to Pinky and staff about arrangements being ok at Khanna’s place..!! Pinky says..all well but caterers not supplying food! Anne says..why n staff says..Arjun changed caterers..n Anne says..where is he..he aint here! A designer comes with some new designs… n Anne rejects all….n says..make new ones…n come..!!Designer says..not possible…. n Anne says….whatever..get new!! Manisha says…design aint that bad.. n Anne says i know..but need to teach a lesson to Arjun..!! Romeo n all try to counsel Anne at not ruining Arjuns work …n Anne says…he doesnt listen so..!! Anne-Arjun tussle about caterers.. n Anne says..u changed Caterers for profit..i changed designs for Quality n leaves off!! Romeo says…if these two keep bickering wedding wil b ruined..n all think about doing something..!!

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Maneet driving n Geet silent n MSK wonders what to do to make Geet happy..n MSK spots the golgappa wala….that they stopped at while coming to Shimla…n Geet says..why stop n MSK n Geet says..u will eat Golgappa n from the guy whose wife was preggers?? MSK says…yes..the one who became mom already…n Geet says..if u had ur way u wuld make delivery in 9 days…LOL The golgappa walla welcomes Maneet n offers golgappa..n Geet says u sure MSK n he says yes n Geet says..we will eat from one plate.. n as golgappa wala gives.. Geet eats all n finally MSK manages to eat one..LOL n Geet u want me to make something for u n says..papdi chat n MSK coufs…LOL Geet says..Papdi chat… n makes for MSK n he eats n says.. ‘Superb’ Geet delighted!! MSK offers money to the golgappa wala !! All smile!!

Anne wonders where Manav has disappeared..n that somethings Amiss…n Romeo.. Manisha also says..yes something is wrong…. suddenly he is missing..!! Anne decides to call Manav n decides to call Mrs. Khanna…. n gets to know that no one knows where he is..! Everyone confused!

MSK putting water in radiator…n Geet keeps asking questions…why car run on petrol then why put water….n MSK irritated..n says…keep quiet lemme do!! Geet says..u r so intelligent n MSK says..everyone who drives knows…! Geet says..i drove tractor but dunno ..n gets into driver seat..n MSK says..what are u doing… i cant risk baby n ur life….so come.. n Geet is adamant n says..i wont get up…till u teach n MSK says..ok for two mins n agrees to teach..!

Anne gets a message from Manav wherein he says..i m sorry to go but ur bro is chasing n Anne wonders…bhai doesnt know him then?? Arjun comes to inform about caterers n Anne shows Manavs message to Arjun…n says…he thot Babu bhai to be Maan bhai n ran off….n Arjun says maybe.. !! Anne says..who can he have such misunderstanding n Arjun idea n Anne self thot… its ur doing..i know u..! Arjun says..why wuld i do..n Anne says..coz u love me just say it once..n i liked what u did..!! Arjun walks off with a huff..

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Anne comes to Arjun n says..why running away ..from truth that u love me..n so u scared Manav away n Arjun says no..!! Anne says..who many lies will u say…?? Arjun says..dun u get in one word…i dun love u…! Anne says…what do u think.. by saying intensely u will scare me off.. i know ur a nice guy….. i know i mean to u n ur life a lot..!! Arjun says..thats it.. i dun love it..!! Anne to believe u.. ur eyes say something else… how to forget that when Manav was near me..u used to get worked up..!! Arjun says..all this is ur imagination….n Anne says..then when Manav put the ring on why u left.. Arjun says..i had work….. n Anne says..why ur doing this to me? Arjun says..ask ur bro!

Geet driving n MSK instructing…n Maneet busy driving n dun see the truck approaching!! The truck driver blows horn n when the truck is quite near.. MSK sees n screams… Geet truck n Geet leaves the steering…n MSK steers the car on the side ! Car… loses control n bangs into a tree… Geet shown screaming Maan…n sound of glass breaking…n MSK shown with blood on his forehead n falls out of the front glass of the car…


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