Geet update Thursday 30 January 2020 Starlife

Geet 30 January 2020 Starlife: Geet is crying, goes in FB with all MK moments . She talks to herself that when a feeling of love hits a 18yrs old.

Geet Thursday 30 January 2020 Starlife: she gets happy but she is crying as she does not deserve happiness, she has bigger responsibility. She is married but virgin, it’s her fight that she has to fight alone, she has to go away before MK feels anything for her BTW drshti was very good in scene.

New day, haila what did I see old episode ki mixing where MK watching geet leaving????? I rub my eyes then realize oh it’s cut paste of old shot kyu ki MK toh beemar hai, jks apart MK watching geet drying her hair, he thinks first time am feeling that I am loosing to my self, but not feeling afraid of loosing. Geet looks at white rose, Gardner signals her if she wants, she says yes but from MK sir where do you come from NO NO she just nodes yes rest arpita made it up. She spots MK, short eyelock, she leaves with out getting rose, leaving maali confused.

Now apun ka Shahjaada salim aka MK has rose for his anarkali, remembers old rose scene, decides to give rose to her coz he does not want to loose her. talks to himself that as soon as see her just give it to her, any wyas you are giving just rose and not going to hug her. He immediately stops him self saying have I gone mad what non sense am I talking. Geet comes out side, news paper in one hand and shoes in other. she sees him thinks how come he is early, how can I face him, if he reads my eyes then, MK thinks he thought he can read her, but no today he is not understanding any thing. He thinks if some one comes, what office staff will think, I should take her to bedroom and give.

Geet comes down, MK says god morning to biwi, geet says good morning in return, MK ki bolti band, aka he babbles flower, flower pot Vass, office , geet is confused. He is about to give rose, staff enters. D’oh

Geet thinks some how she needs to control, go away, once daadi is better, she should leave, mean while she could find a job. MK curses staff needed to come in time today only, MK thinks why he is so worried, it’s his office, his staff, his flower then he should go and give. Geet calling to her possible employer, when MK comes there and gives her rose in robot style. Geet gets angry, yells at him how dare he does this, may be gal from delhi does this not her  all staff is shocked. Adi laughs and our MK comes back to land. He was dreaming.  MK looks around to make sure he indeed was dreaming and staff is busy doing work.

Geet asks if he needs anything, he makes excuse of news paper, takes it and leaves.

NT-dev unpacking phone rings, Dev asks NT makes excuse of reporter calling for daadi’s health, NT goes, cell rings, dev picks up, comes to know NT looking for geet.

Back at office cum outhouse, geet worried what if MK sees circle on job ad, some how she needs to get paper back. She tells adi she will go get signature of MK on file. MK thinks it’s his duty to give her flower. he sees her coming, thinks now he sure will give rose.

MK puts rose in file, geet focusing how to get paper, so basically both could not notice what other doing. Before he could returns file, witch saasha comes and takes it that she needs to check it. Now Mk ka face showing 12 o’clock time ki how to get file back from saasha. Paper get drops at the floor, geet is relaxed when MK asks what is she doing here she says nothing goes away.

Geet update Thursday 30th January 2020

Saasha gives file to taasha, she gives to adi back. adi asks geet why she has not gotten signature of MK, she tells him what saasha told, he insists, but geet bumps to saasha and rose and file both on the floor. Saasha gets hyper, starts blaming to geet, who points finger to adi, who in turn says it’s Tsaasha and parcel back to saasha, who is about to say MK’s name, he stops her and says what’s a big deal over rose??

Saasaha completes his sentence aka tells geet to throw it in dustbin. Geet goes and throws it. MK closes his eyes in frustration, notices papers on the floor picks it up, shocked to see that geet looking for another job

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