Geet 20 February 2020: All are talking and looking for geet. She is on the roa, pinky is worried talking to adi how can geet do this, how can she leave Maan sir.

Geet 20 February 2020: Daadi, MK both are feeling bad and embarrass. Tasha bad mouthing about geet. Daadi suggests MK to end the party, geet won’t return. MK says nothing and walks off.Cool

Geet is on the road still dev-MK words echoing in her mind, crying, we see Monday vaala MK scene walking, searching for geet with flash backs specially taveez connecting maneet and their promise to each other. Finally geet looks at her ring and thinks she is doing same to MK, what dev did to her. How can she leave MK in this situation.


Deveera also on the road but in car, dev tells meera that we have to find her else all will be finished and MK will never come out of this shock.  meera says but where would we find her. Geet is back to see party has finished, shocked that all are gone… she says she made big mistake and has come very late.

Servant asks if he can remove the table, gets answer yes no need of it, geet and arpi both are rooted to ground speechless kaali billi with big ear ring is back. Yes she is NT who has just answered.Censored Geet goes in FB with NT ki nautanki bhari bhaabhi mode with dev.

NT bashes geet about her dare, she says geet is incredible, after getting betrayed she found a way to live, got love that too in same house. geet tries to go but she holds her hand. Geet retorts back boldly that someone has taught me we need to fight and find happiness, there is no point shredding crocodile tears. We need to learn to live else we will end up having tears.

Nt replies rudely even though she is from small town but she has very smartl y, trapped MK in her web, coz she can not get it even with dev. Geet warns her do not you dare to say a word about Maan Sir… NT tells her party is over, her place is out of the mansion. Geet gives her back that relation is not over, they are not like thread that can break easily. NT tells her that relation and heart both have broken, MK will not listen to you. Geet replies you better not talk about heart, relation and MK, you do not understand them at all.

Geet tells NT, she will tell whole truth to him. NT says what truth?? I have told him all and he won’t listen to you.. geet asks what truth did you tell him??? We both know what is truth and reality. I always follow truth and honesty and have you told him truth then you will be th one who would be out of the house.. geet runs from there calling MK to find him no where. NT follows her to room and tells, he has gone, but you did not believe me,,geet confidently replies he can not leave wih out talking to me. She runs to look for daadi Nt laughs sarcastically saying daadi maa.

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Daadi tells geet why has she come now after finishing all??? How dare she has come here. Geet begs to let her explain. Daadi scolds what will you explain, I misunderstood you. I trusted you, but everything is over now.Broken Heart

Geet says whatever NT told you, daadi cuts her off saying she was right, your betrayed has left us no where.Broken Heart I was hoping that gal like you would bring happiness in the house and Mk’s life. Geet says let me meet MK once, daadi retorts no you won’t get to see him again.even I do not know where has he gone, and I won’t let you come close to MK…. now you go away from here. She pleads while crying to let her meet MK. Daadi refuses and asks her to leave and says who always follow truth and honesty that is why you do not have him with you today. Geet is left in tears thinks daadi also knows about dev . geet goes away from there with her anthem in dukhi mode.

Now maneet both are on the road. MK searching her, thinking where are you come and say once what have you in heart.

Geet is going fb abt what daadi, NT just told her. She thinks she wanted to have all straighten out, wanted to tell the truth. Maneet both thinking abt each other in FB with jag soona soona laage song.

Geet thinks he does not even want to meet me once and has believed NT. Other side MK thinking your eyes do not lie. You will have to tell me why have you gone like this. You just can not go away from me.

Daadi is heart broken, NT says you did right by kicking geet out. Daadi replies I have never expected this from geet. My trust has broken. Screen freezes on NT with smirk.

We see HP vaala MK, in the jungle, cutting wood, remembering promises from the confession day, daadi’s words about geet leaving, guest talking abt her running away etc.. MK wonders she is not at home or office, then where could she go in night? Geet sitting on bench, crying. thinks, could not see or talk to you last time and you have left??? No. Our relation can not be like this.

MK thinking how come I made such a big mistake, not reading her eyes. I could not see beyond my happiness, she was looking disturbed in the room. He remembers her coming and telling him she wants to talk to him. He says to him self, if I did not get it, then why have you not told me geet.  geet says to her self you will have to talk to me once, will have to give me one chance to tell the truth, at any cost I’ll find you.  MK other side, that’s all we had?? This much trust you had in me that left with out telling me. Geet to her self I refuse to accept that you believed devtaara over truth. You will have to hear out once from me and support the truth You always told me you support the truth and NT is wrong then how can you believe NT.

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Kaali Naagin ( NT)Nuke poisons daadi, that geet was using us, I made mistake, I was being childish and left home, shud not have done that, Daadi questions her that dev was telling, you wanted separation from him??? Is it right? She replies no, we fought and this time I wanted him to come to me and make it up. It was always other way round. When I heard about engagement I came to be a part of it for the happiness of family, I did not know geet will take all happiness. Daadi says you have opened my eyes, she insulted us, MK, there is no reason for her not to show up on her own engagement

Daadi says I will never forgive geet and sadly says I can handle my self but am worried about MK, it took him many years to forget sameera…NT smirks behind daadi, Nt tells her not to worry I am back, we will take care of him… NT selfpraises perfect timing of her return and for poisoning daadi about geet. She says the past no one knows will get bury just like this,

Worried deveera back with out geet, myra asks him to calm down when she sees her sautan Winkaka NT. All are shocked, dev asks her why is she here, she replies while staring at meera I have come to fix everything right.  dev says no yellsat her taht there is nothing left to fix, we have nothing between us. I do not want to talk to you coz the day you have left home and me, we were done. OMG can not believe NT gave him back same dialog what geet gave her yesterday about relation is not weak thread that breaks with little strain.  She hugs dev, says missed him so much, deveera is confused myara takes leave, now NT ki nautanki with meera, she apologizes to myra and sarcastically says I have not even noticed that third person standing btwn us. It’s been so long, so strange I left for few days and he found you, after all friends are for giving company in loneliness. She tells her to move on with life, dev jumps in between and says not to worry about meera and my advice is you move on with life, you have no place here, NT replies do not you think this shud be btwn hubby and wife, finally meera abt to leave, but dev stops her and says I know she is here to talk about geet. She is here to spoil Maneet’s life. Meera knows all, unlike you she had shown me correct path.

Adi at pinky’s place, pinky’s daady all excited to know about geet’s engagement. He asks them why are they quite?? Adinky tells him geet has left, pinky says she wonders how can geet leave. Daady says who know where did she go, he remembers her word abt being pregg. He says perhaps I know the reason, adi requests him to tell them, so that after knowing it probably they can get maneet together.  he tells them she perhaps wanted to tell same what she has told me that she is pregg. Adinky is shocked.

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NT says repenting??? She insults meera more, taunts her about her being just friend and she being his wife etc. meera says she was helping and thinking abt dev. NT does not buy it. Dev tries to shut NT, but she turns table to him and demands to know what does he like family or some thing else?? She manipulates him for the sake of daadi and MK. If they know the truth then they will be dead. Dev blackmailed geet for MK now NT blackmails dev for his family. This blackmailing part is the best in episode. Dev is remote operated dog of NT, that meera has malfunctioned for some time.

Meera looks at dev in disbelief, dev turns his face, NT smirks, meera takes leave saying NT is right this is btwn hubby and wife.

Adi says uncle, how is this possible?? She is not even married. Uncleji replies sadly that a guy had cheated, betrayed, geet and her family. She has come to Delhi to search the cheater. He goes away from there crying loudly. Pinky tells adi yeah that is why she has gone,Thumbs Up who know what MK thinking about her. Pinky says to adi that we should go and talk to MK.

Geet is still sitting on bench, wonders where she should and would go. Meera spots her, both see each other. Geet remembers first meeting. geet tells her you were right, we should speak our heart but I could not so am sitting here all alone. the day that supposed to be happiest day in my life, has become saddest due to my stupidity. Meera asks stupidity??? Geet replies yes, suddenly my past had come in front of me and I could not tell him about it. Meera says past never leave us, geet says but one needs to leave past behind in order to move on in life, else one will be regret for life. They both say one by one yes you feel sorry, for loosing, feel sad when he believes some one else, let world misunderstand, but hope that he will be with us, but when he turns face, then heart breaks like mirror. geet at the end says we two can write poem for sure.

Meera says poet was Majnu not laila. Geet says do you know why gals can not be poet like Majnu. Meera asks why?? Geet smilingly says coz to be poet one needs brain and we gal has bigger heart than brain. Meera says what’s the point having big heart that gives sadness. Geet disagree and says if we listen to our heart and believes in it then it will show us right path and heart says why should tolerate them, why I let him go away, he needs to hear me out once. Meera asks where will you find him?? Geet in reply questions back how do you know that he has gone. Meera is speechless. Jks apart screen freezes on questioning look on geet’s face.

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