Geet 16 January 2020: Maan is angry at himself and asks why has he done all this?

Geet update Thursday 16th January 2020 on Starlife: He remembers Geet telling him that since the first day of job she has been trying her best…so that he doesn’t have any difficulties. He then says to himself that I even took her to the dance floor to tell her that her tears did not move me at all! He remembers them having a verbal dance war…he then continues that when she was leaving why did I stop her? Dance flashback = I have wronged her I should apologize!

Ughh Geet is still standing in the middle of the crowd with her pallu off (woman you should have just put it up and walked away with confidence *whacks Sasha for hurting Geet*). Anyways Maan comes in and is shocked to see Geet standing there with tears in her eyes and the spotlight on her. He gives her one look up and down (aka checking her out LOL kidding). Anyways sorry her saari has been tored off…no wonder she can’t put it back on…anyways some idiots start commenting on her condition and that’s when Maan wakes up from his trance like state and walks toward her…wrapping his jacket around her as Geet looks up with tears in her eyes. But Maan, being a gentleman and all, doesn’t look at her! Sasha and her gang of idiots are shocked to see that.


Maan asks her where her dress is? Geet doesn’t answer but continues to cry so Maan clarifies…the same dress that you had worn when you came here. Maan finally looks at her as she says it’s in on the fourth floor’s washroom’s locker. He tells her to come with him…we’ll go get the dress. Geet starts walking but trips…the jacket from one side comes off but Maan puts it back on as the theme song plays in the background. Geet is worried that what if the saari comes off as she walks. Maan says alright…you wait here and I’ll get it! As he is walking away…Geet says please hurry back! Sasha is shocked out of her wits…not to mention Maan as well! :PLOL Aww he looks back at her and nods a yes as some dude gala pharing with Maahi!!! Sasha’s chamchi asks her if this was part of her plan but Sasha is maha angry and walks away! (ha you deserve it!). Ewww! Stupid Rahul (ughh why does he have that name…I can’t insult my Rahul!)…says that wow I am a fan of your’s you look nice with a saari on but even nicer without…Geet asks him to shut up! And runs away as Rahul says be careful LOL

Anyways, Dev and Nainatra are romancing Dead when Dev tells her that even Maan has a party here…Nainatra announces that they will go the party…Dev ka romance ka plan chopat hogayaLOL…anyways Nainatra manipultes him!

Geet is walking away and remembering all the taunts…while DN are walking from the other side! Obviously they don’t see eachother! How original! Anways, Dev and Nainatra look at the running figure of Geet…Nainatra says funny dress…but Dev says that it’s a saari and the jacket…wait the Jacket is bro’s…Nainatra taunts that you love checking out girls! Maan comes running back inside the room…calling out for Geet but doesn’t see her there. He asks Adi where Geet is…Adi replies that left…Maan yells why didn’t you stop her? He tells them to take care of the party while he goes to find Geet. Just as he is walking away…he notices Geet’s saari…he picks it up and leaves!

Geet is sitting on a bench and scolding herself for staying…she should have ran away…as Maan looks around for her. He finally notices her sitting there and crying…He walks up to her and sits next to her (um…personal space anyone!) Geet doesn’t notice him there…so Maan is about to put his hand on her shoulder but stops himself! He clears his throat but she doesn’t acknowledge him…he finally taps her shoulder to get her attention. Geet turns around with a jolt! They both look away and Maan tells her to wipe her tears away! Aww he gives her a handkerchief while the Maahi dude starts singing again! She wipes her tears and when she is about to return it to him…he points at her face and she dabs her face some more. She looks at him again as to ask him if it’s kk but he shakes his head as a no and then to proceed to wipe her tears away himself. They have a staring session and then both of them look away (duh!) He tells her that he got her clothes for her (ooo sumi loves the bag…can she have it :P)…to change! They both look around and Maan very casually tells her let’s go to the hotel room (haww :P). Geet looks at him surprised and say ji? lol poor guy clarifies himself that I mean to say that there is a room where you can change LOL. Geet nods a yes! Maan calls Dev and asks him for his room. Dev says that I am at your party and you are not here but neither is your secratery…Maan gets up in anger and says don’t talk so much! I don’t like faltoo ki baatein…I’ll book another room! Dev tells him don’t be angry…I’ll be there in two minutes! Maan looks at Geet as a sign for her to get up…she tries to get up but is feeling really awkward so Maan offers his hand to her. Geet and him have a staring session again! She takes his hand and doesn’t move…aka more staring session :pLOL. She gets up after he nods a yes to her…but then obviously trips in his arms! When their third staring session in 2 mins ends…Maan hands over her bag to her and they walk away.

As they are walking…Geet feels really uncomfortable and keeps on staring at the ground…finally taking a hold of Maan’s arm…He looks at her in shock but doesn’t say anything. They finally come to DN’s room and he points out for her! Geet is about to walk inside but Maan tells her to stop…since the room’s keys are with Dev and he is about to come with it. They keep on switching between Dev walking toward the room…and Geet standing there. Dev is behind Geet…Maan notices him and tells Geet that his brother is here. Geet is still feeling really uncomfortable so Maan tells Dev to wait right there…shocking both D&G :P…Maan tells Geet that he’ll be back with the keys…don’t worry…he won’t come there! Dev has a smirk on his faceAngry. Maan walks up to Dev and takes a key thanking him and explaining that his secratery’s dress got spoiled and she had to change…Dev looks at Geet from the back and says to Maan that isn’t she the one that you don’t like talking about but still you end up talking about her. LOL Dev wants to go meet her but Maan says no since Geet is really troubled! Dev further teases him that your jacket is with her…since when have you started to care for girls? Maan says think before talking! Dev laughs it off saying sorry! Maan walks back up to Geet and opens the door for her as Dev looks on. Just as Geet walks inside the room…Dev looks away aka doesn’t get to see her face.

Maan stays outside of the room…Geet turns around to look at him but he doesn’t look at her! Without looking at her he tells her don’t worry I’ll be right here! As Geet walks away he shuts the door behind them! Nainatra comes back to Dev and tells him that you were right…it was a really boring party…let’s go! But Dev stops her and points at Maan’s direction…Maan notices Naiantra and walks toward her as she says Maan. (hmm…daal mein kuch kala hai :P)….and then both of them stare at each other in anger as Nainatra says Vade Veerji! Maan thanks Dev and Dev asks him if his secratery is alright? Maan nods a yes!

Geet is in the room and notices the flower petals…aww she remembers Dev spreading the rose petals for her!Cry. She notices a pair of glasses and picks it up…aww she remembers Dev wearing them! She drops them immediately and then convinces herself that they can’t belong to Dev! Geet sort of freaks out and touches her stomach! DN have their back towards the room…lol how did they make a 360 turn? Anyways…Geet comes out of the room…she sees them and says to herself that it seems as if Maan is with his brother…I can’t go in front of anyone! Geet starts to walk away when Maan notices her…he starts to leave after telling Dev that he’ll see him later. Dev stops him and says I have to meet her…the one who has forced Maan Khurana to follow her! Maan says stop talking rubbish! Dev jokes I was just kidding! Maan and Geet are walking outside of the hotel…as Geet remembers all the incidents at the party! Maan tells her that he’ll drop her home but she replies no! She keeps on walking…but Maan puts his hand infront of her to stop her. He says please listen to me…it’s really late…I should…but Geet interupts and says please sir! I have to learn to live without help and even you have told me this several times! Maan says yes I did say that but whatever happened today I….Geet interupts again and says whatever happened today was wrong…but it was my fault too…I just stood there crying! I don’t know…I couldn’t move because of embarassment! Maan tells her not to think too much about it! Just forget it! It was just an accident and no one is ever ready for an accident. But Geet remembers what Rahul said! Geet gets angry and says but that Rahul…when he came I wanted to slap him! Maan is angry as well! Geet continues that he is a client and even I got a worried! Maan says Rahul in anger! Geet says yes! But he was just one Rahul…if I want to live alone…I am going to find many Rahul’s in my life…and I can’t run away from all of them! I have to take them on myself since you won’t be there with me always! They both have a mini staring contest again! Geet walks away as Maan looks on!

Geet reaches home in Taxi, wonders how will she face office staff ( like lioness betaLOL) while mann follows her to make sure she reaches safely (uffo what should I call this love?? Sahha bhi na jaaye rahaa bhi na jaayWink). He immediately calls Mr chopra to tell that he can not work with rahul on the project, so he will do it only if Rahul is out of it ( good. earlier Mr Chopra had terms to have geet on it, now he puts condition not to have rahul. Account Even. Rahul can go flirt with saasha).

What a eye candy ROFL Embarrassed MK back to his martial art and recollects all incidents in party and her words. ( yaar do not fight with your feeling. Kya ego hai go and tell her ILU. If I were you by now I would have told you millions time LOL LOL) He talks to himself that why would she lie??? Why would she not order correct food, why would she say she did not know time of arrival??Why I never give her chance to speak He is remorseful how badly he behaved with her

Geet back at her home saying to herself that she is right and saasha did wrong, but how will she face staff tomorrow. Maan holding taaveez thinking this reminds him every wrong doing to geet. He vows to get to the bottom of story.ClapClap

Next day in office he calls all at central area ( abba what is with dubbed voice. Seems like jagira’s voice from Jungle Book) He asks staff that some one must know what happen in party?? Why would geet order Indian food and not know the time. adi wants to say, but saasha cuts him off saying that geet has no cell so she had left message at reception desk and they are good in their service ( MK abhi ke abhi call reception desk to verify, you will get the culprit Angry) she goes on to say that email for food was gone from geet’s id ( check the time of email sent, do not buy her version) young naagin ( taasha) jumps in to say that geet must have stepped in on her saree any ways it is difficult to dance in saree  MK stares at her she shuushhh. Saahsa says oh she is also waiting for geet to come and fill her in. Pinky says that geet is not coming to office MK seems concern. He warns all that no one is going to talk or discuss about what happened in party. He dislikes gossip.

Taasha in fact is smarty asks saasha she never seen MK concern about anyone, is something going on btwn Mannet. Saasha replies that he is just helping a helpless gal

Let’s get geet back to office: Now or never

Adi walks (BB) in maan’s office and tells him that geet really was not aware about the change in time and anyone could have sent email from her id ( BRILLIANTLLY brainy). Maan as khadoos scientist asks him to show the data aka says that it’s not good to say such thing with out proof. BB still believes that his results are correct, but all he says that he has no proof against a person who did this. Pinky comes to give files that geet sends. MK asks if she had talked to her over phone pinky says no, Mk questions then how she told her, gets funny answer by her mouth, ( I love pinky what a breeze of fresh air) MK is annoyed now, when adi tells him geet is paying guest in her house  Adinky ( Adi+Pinky) leave.

MK in office says I know geet that you were not at fault so I’ll not let you run away. ( hmm let saasha run away fire kar yaar use fire one get fired other for free taasha)

Taasha asks saasha if she thinks that Mk has doubt. Saasha is overconfident tells her to relax does not matter no one will know. ( beta itna underestimation is not good for your health)

Pinky calls geet and starts telling her how Mk calls meeting then took class of all. ( of course he will. After all uske GF ki insult hui) Door bell rings geet asks her to hold, gets the door, MK at the door, she shuts it on his face.Ouch  Geet goes back to phone convo ,tells pinky to stop talking about DD coz she gets hallucinated about him being at the door.

Pinky is on earth so wonders oh teri DD at their home. Geet again opens the door Majnu khuraana still there. LOL Clap Clap. She is shocked to see him there Mahi in BG with regular checkup aka staring.Wink

MK asks her if there is a tradition in her house to shut the door at guest’s face or sometime they call him in too. All she could say sir but still blocking the door he asks her to move, she goes I’m alone, he gives back that I am not stranger, why are you scared of me Finally she invites him in.  asks him to have a seat by then she will get tea

He stops her and tells that he has not come for tea party but came for work that has no importance to her. He demands to know where is 4 th file of the the project, she had sent only three( ahhha kya excuse hai, you only hide it in drawer). Geet tells she sent all, he denies  Pinky is listening all over phone ( abe geet disconnect na. Oh sorry forgot pinky called you so you can’t, line will still on) and wonders she gave all four why is he lying ( all is legal in war and love Embarrassed).

He notices phone is on asks if she is talking to anyone she says no and switched off in front of him. Pinky on other side is disappointed. Finally geet request him to sit while she will check it.

She comes back with nothing, says may be it’s in office. He asks her to come to office and find it. She firmly tells him that she can not come. He uses reverse psychology, tells her how can he keep forgetting that her biggest hobby is to run away from problems ( and your Mk is to bash geet all the time), today she has taken off, next she will resign, he asks her what is she looking at him ( at you yaar) what ever is he saying true.

He does not stop there tells that yeah whatever happen was bad. But rather then finding out how why it had happened she is hiding home. If he would have known about her action he would have never helped her. He softens a bit and tells her if she does not face today she would never able to face it. He goes more sarcastic that any ways it’s your life. Do what she feels like, quit if she wishes,  I knew that you will accept defeat. While saying this he is disturb seeing her tears, he says so it does not affect him if she comes to office or not. After standard stare he turns to leave, gives him self winning smile ( like saying wow ford is mine next 10 mnts she will be in office).

Poison Kills the Poison: Anti venom for saasha bite.

Saasha says to MK that she thinks Geet can not come to office for few days and we can not stop work for some one, Mr Chopra has called to inquire about project so you only tell who will handle in her absence  Mk quietly listening all.( he knows geet would be here any mnt what you know saasha) Saahs smiles at her chamchi taasha, excitedly tells MK that she studied all, prepared blue prints and it goes like, turns and almost gets a heart attack seeing geet entering in. ( aaya majaa saasha. Now you know who is boss). Mk has subtle smile seeing his GF back.

Geet walks in confidently, apologizes to Mk for being late. Taasha says we thought after last night incident you won’t show up. Geet says she thought same too, MK look on  but then it was not her fault after all you all are her friends. Adi says yes. Then geet turns to saasha thanks her for opening her eyes and for stepping in to help her last minute. She tells her very sarcastically that she is thankful the way she had handled situation, looks like that she knew these all mistakes would happen. Saasha ki bolti band MK proud on geet.

Geet walks to MK gives him 4th file says sorry for leaving it at home. Now Mk wonders that file was at his desk how come she has it ( hahhaha she is giving you taste of your own medicine, reverse psychology works both ways LOL) He looks at her, she is smiling. ( MK clean bold)

Geet walks to saasha now tells her she will finish rest of the demo, any ways it’s her responsibility and this time there will be no mistake. SHe’ll keep her eyes open, give back marker. MK is silent viewer.

Geet gives presentation after getting Mk’s permission. Ahhha he was too lost to stare new determine, confident geet. Adi happy, saasha frustrated, annoyed (who cares) Mk is lost in her presentation, all smileys, very proud. Screen freezes Maan looking at geet.

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