Geet 5th July 2020: On Geet Sunday 5 July 2020 Star life update, Geet combing her hair..when Dadi comes n says..u look beautiful..!! Geet asks Dadi why did MSK call me at farmhouse?? Dadi stammers n idea… he just smsed….!!

Geet says ok..!! Geet looks at MSK pic n says..i know why u called.. to surprise me.. n make me smile…n i wont disappoint..!! I luv u Maan! Dadi comes to Kc looking for MSK..n Adi says..he has gone out for presentation…n his moby is switched off..!! Dadi asks Adi to tell MSK to reach the farmhouse in the afternoon when he comes..!! Adi says ok..!! Dadi calls Dev to inform that Maneet will reach farmhouse in afternoon…Dev says..ok n hurries up arrangements..!

Anne asks Romeo to go visit Sangrams sisters venue…n a boquet comes with message that this is for the most beautiful girl in the world..n Anne thinks its from Arjun..! Anne looks at th roses n lost in thots of Arjun n her times together..!! Right then Arjun comes….. n Anne looks dreamily at him…n Anne starts to offer Arjun a rose…holding Arjuns hand..!! Arjun tells Anne..wheres ur attention??



Right then Sangram arrives n tells Anne…. did u like my roses?? Anne startled…n confused… n Anne says.. its very nice..! Sangram spots blood on Annes finger n realises its from thorn of rose n says..from now on wont send u roses..!! Arjun looks away…!! Anne offers tea… Arjun glares..!

Dev comes to KC n asks Adi.. wheres bro?? Adi Gurgaon office… n is busy..! Dev says.. did u pass any message to him…. Adi says.. how to.. his moby switched off!! Dadi calls Geet and asks..if she reached..n Geet says..yes.. just now..n entering!

Arjun lost in thots of Anne-Sangram getting closer…n Nitya says u ok?? Arjun say yes.. whats the matter?? Nitya says… lighting order is ready.. Anne aint here…so have to give order…n Arjun asks. .. wheres Anne?? Nitya says.. must have gone out with Sangram..!! Arjun says.. so without her lights wont be final… well she doesnt have time… i will do it..!! Nitya says..its in store room …come n finalise.. !! Arjun says ok..!

MSK is giving presentation regarding some scheme for middle class people n that all amneties should be final..!! Dev asks Adi again…. if he talked to MSK!! Adi says.. messaged but no reply!! Geet enters n sees its all decorated in red..n grins… n bg of Mahiiii! Theres a table for two in the center… n Geet smiles! In the center is a redrose on the card MSK had written for Geet….!! Embarrassed A note is also there which reads.. our baby was the foundation of our love… now come lets together start afresh a new life…!! Geet looks around n self thot..MSK where are u?

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The clients compliment MSK for his awesome presentation n concept n to know today why all are ur fans..! MSK switches on his moby n reads message which goes.. ‘Call me immediately’ MSK calls Adi n Adi says.. rush to farmhouse.. Geet is waiting for u …hurry!! MSK says..why there…n Adi says no idea..rush!! MSK wonders..n decides to go..


Geet is sitting patiently n waiting for MSK … flashbacks of all happy times with MSK.. all the hugs… n Geet smiles! Right then she hears footsteps n thinks its MSK n gets up smiling n turns n sees its Dev..n Geet shocked!


Geet shocked to see Dev n says..u .. here??? Dev stammers n says.. i came to say that bro mite not be able to come.. he is busy in a meeting… n i culdn talk to him!! Geet says.. how do u know that MSK called me here..n if he is busy why did he call me here!! Dev says.. bro din get message to come here..!! Geet says..then who did all this?? Dev says.. I ..!! Geet shocked n about to leave..!! Dev says.. please lemme explain!! Geet says.. do u know .. what MSK will do to u ..if he knew u called me here..!! Dev says.. i told Dadi n she n i planned to call u both here..!! Last few days MSK was worried.. n not able to talk to u… this note was written by bro ..but he culdn give u…! So when i saw this distance between u both.. i thot if u meet in solitude u wuld b able to share ur hearts thots…n all will be well!

Dev tells Geet… that i was only trying to clear the distance n misunderstanding between u n bro!! Geet says strictly…who told u theres anything like distance n misunderstanding between Maneet?? Times are touf.. but we have lived together..n are going to be together..!! Whatever be ur intentions.. know one thing… we dun need a third person.. n especially u ….to keep Maneet relation safe..!! Telling u last time… stay away from our life..!! Dev says..i know better than u both.. after the sins i did.. i have no right to come near ur life… even after death..!! How can i help u both m just trying to do penance for the sins i committed!

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Dev and Geet are shown n Geet is silent!! As Geet starts to go.. Dev holds her hand n says..m dying daily for the sins i did..n Geet glares.. Dev removes hand n Dev says..m sorry! Right then MSK comes n sees.. Geet telling Dev… ok i forgive u! A shocked MSK leaves!! Geet says.. what u did is unforgivable but seeing u burning in the fire of penance i forgive u! Dunno what type of punishment Babaji is giving me by snatching my baby.. but now i no longer have the guts to lose anything i forgive u! Geet leaves from there!

Anne n Sangram are smiling n chatting…!! Anne says..wuld b better if ur sis comes here… Sangram says.. why wanna complaint about me?? Anne want her to chose her wedding saree..!! Sangram says..she is in village n i can chose …Anne says no.. a wedding is most important for a she should chose!! Sangram says… well u have no idea about how much a bro cares for his sis dun fret ..just make the arrangements!


Sangram shows the band-aids he has brought for Anne n Anne says.. the hurt is dried …where u got this from?? Sangram says.. m a bhai… .n Anne shocked n Sangram says not urs… n both lauf… Arjun sees n is furious!

Geet decides to talk to MSK …n self thot.. he tried to talk so many times..but i din understand him.. need to talk to him! Geet looks at MSK pic n says.. m sorry MSK..i took the biggest decision of my life without asking u..i forgave Dev.. dunno how u will react after hearing this! MSK i wanna make a fresh start with u for our new life.. a life where th past wont shadow us… any hurtful memory wont tail us..!! Hence i forgave Dev…. i dun want him to live in burden… i want a life like a clean pure water..which doesnt have any blots..! A fresh start..thats what i want!

Manisha is trying out the saree…. n Sangram is busy staring at her..! Anne says..look what beautiful dupatta… ! Manisha is excited…n Sangram says… oye dumroo …n Manisha thanks Sangram for the nickname..!! Sangram says..dunno what to chose..all are pretty n gives a rose without thorns to Anne..! Romeo tells that someone wearing saree will only help to know if saree is good or not…n Sangram tells Anne that saree looks more pretty if someone wears!! Anne says…so should ask whom to wear?? Romeo says.. Nitya…n Sangram says.. Anne u wear….

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Dev comes to Dadi all happy..!! Dadi says whats the matter… Dev says.. something happened that i prayed for all along.. . Geet forgave me..!! Dadi says.thats great but how?? Dev narrates the whole thing! Dadi smiling! Dadi says..u did penance from heart so God helped u!

Geet near baby room n sees toy baby ..n Geet says..our happiness will come back now!! U did so much for me… now i will give u happiness.. we will make fresh start in our life!


Sangram n Anne chatting…n are all smiles…. !! Sangram says.. i will ask u to do something.. hope u dun say no..!! Sangram says.. wanna take u out for dinner!! Anne startled.. Sangram says.. dun misunderstand ..its to say thanks…. my sis wedding in few ….!! Anne agrees! Arjun overhears!

Geet in the hall n wondering… he is taking so much time to come home! Geet falls asleep waiting for MSK…!! She hears boot sound n wakes up… n turns.. its servant.. who says.. why sleeping here?? Geet says.. waiting for MSK.. Servant says.. he came since long.. saw u sleeping n then went to his room!! Geet confused


Anne and Sangram in the restaurant… n Sangram says..m so happy u came..!! Anne says we are friends need! Nitya tells Arjun wow.. seems u changed ur mind.. so u got me to restaurant..anything special..!! Arjun says yes…!! Arjun n Nitya at restaurant!! Sangram asks Anne to show her hurt..n holds her hand.. n inspects.. !! Anne uncomfortable! Sangram u dun like me a lil?? Anne says.. told u before… n starts to leave n Sangram grabs her hand… n says.. .. seems u dun understand language of love… n right then Arjun punches Sangram n goes on pounding him as Anne /Nitya stare shocked!

Geet comes n sees MSK asleep already. .n Self thot..this is last nite…when there will be sadness on ur face..!! tomorrow is holi… with festival of colors.. our life too will be filled with colors..!! Tomorrow morning first thing i wil tel u that i have forgiven Dev..n now u too forget all n see life in a new perspective from tomorrow morning! Geet smiles!


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