Geet Sunday 26 January 2020 Starlife: Geet is shocked to know the truth about daadi. MK tells her in firm tone so you know now that this room and house is mine, so get your stuff and out from here.

Geet update Sunday 26 January 2020 Starlife: Geet starts talking to her self that what all bad she talked about him to her, but she did not say a word, she even had called him raavan with 10 heads. MK asks you called me raaavan she goes well I was angry. MK tells if your brain works so slow then he is glad to fire her and yells at her get out and she comes back to reality. She replies to him that she is not going to go and he can not just kick her out.

Daadi had given her a job so unless she asks me to leave she ( geet) is not leaving, if any one going to go from here it would be him Mk just irritated and tells her she had given a job of my secretary , geet says she does not care as long as knowing truth daadi has no problem why would she mind. Finally MK gives up and says then he is going. Geet is happy that he agrees so fast.


Mk starts going upstairs and geet realizes that he is going to room she yells that it’s cheating and god will never do good fo him. She also runs and gets in to room through window. She sees MK sleeping mumbles he looks so innocent while sleeping, brushes off that every one looks innocent while sleeping. She says I am here struggling and he is sleeping, MK wakes up she starts getting on the bed MK’s eyes move ( yeh band to aise scare hai like geet is going to rape him) She is about to pull his blanket but he pulls strongly and she falls off on him. Mahi moment.

MK breaks the stare, turns on the light and yells what is she doing here, is she want to sleep with him?? She replies do not think that I am scrared of you. I am not going any where this bed is mine too, you are not even my boss, your daadi gave me job and she only told me this is mine. MK is annoyed with her but helpless.

Annoyed MK tells geet that it’s his, house, his room and his bed and why daadi gave her job that he will get to know tomorrow but you go from here. Geet yells back no he can not sleep (you have angle infront of you sir how can you think of sleeping), Mk challenges, she pulls of blanket, they fight for blanket, he yells at her if she wants to stay up all night. Geet replies no first I’ll kick you out then go to sleep. They fight more, start giving killer looks to each other, geet takes blanket, all the pillows,MK falls sleep, geet starts singing so he wakes up, He says nothing, now geet falls sleep, first MK lost staring at sleeping beuty, MAHI moment, then he rings his cell and geet is up NOW, he signals her how was it?? Again now it’s geet turn she uses feather to wake MK up.

MK is up, geet pretends as if nothing happens. She hears voice, goes to see at window and is scared, MK comes from behind and scares her. She is angry, goes to bed and pours water on his side of bed, takes the blanket and goes to sleep MK pulls blanket, put on floor goes to sleep, geet says good night and asks him to turn off the light before he goes to sleep

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At the BF table at haveli, daadi asks dev if he is ready to go to office and adds coz MK has gone for camping so he needs to take care of office. Dev says who told you this, he is here, had come to see you middle of the night, wanted to talk to you. NT says they had sent him back. Daadi questions what Mk gone back to out house?? Holds her hart and goes away.

Mk wakes up on the floor, spots empty bed, things has she gone but where, corrects him self good that she is no where, may be she has come back to her sense as sun rises so gone.  Dev walks in and shocked to see him like that and asks if he was sleeping on the floor. MK makes an excuse that he is doing Yoga, it’s his new hobby. Mk asks why he is here so early, while talking he starts looking for geet, here and there, dev says does n’t he want to go office why is he not ready yet  Mk asks him to go he ‘ll come later and talks to him self was she really here or was I dreaming, dev asks who, all Mk says do not you start about my secretary, dev laughs and says you only said it not me and leaves. MK wlaks back to room and says seems that I have gone mad’

MK runs to open the rest room door but stops, geet starts cursing and he yells are you cursing me. She replies, oh how can I dare that Wink, I was cursing shower, which I can not close it. She adds all things of your like you only aka out of control marji ke maalik. Geet orders him to give her cloths to change, Mk gets mad that how come she is ordering MSK. He babbles sure god must have had problem, so made this type of piece. This gal will drive any one crazy, geet calls for him, sir did you say something?? She is at the door hair are wet, MK turns and lost MAHI.

Geet moves, he turns back, goes to get her cloths, geet babbles he is taking so long, if she would have taken so long so he would have taunted so much by now, MK hears this, really mad, throws the suitcase and thinks enf is enf I’ll have to kick her out at any cost else do not know what will I do in anger.

He put condition to geet that if she needs cloths then she has to leave. Geet refuses bluntly, he says fine then you your self come out and take them, Geet asks him aren’t you ashamed asking me to come out, my cloths are totally wet, MK replies not really, in fact you are the one who is besharam. All I am asking is to leave the house. Geet is like I am shivering in cold and he is putting condition, how would I go out. She thinks for a mnt and gets back to him if she her self gets her cloth then he has to leave. He agrees, but thinks to himself he knows she can not come outSilly.  Geet tells him al rite, am coming out now Mk shocked. Geet steps out with her wet leg first, MK looks down at her leg and runs. We were shown geet is in Mk’s cloths. She is happy that she has won and starts jumping, when MK steps in again, see her MAHI time.

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He stares her, her wet hair touch his face, he throws cloths on her and shrieks daadi maa, but geet stops him. Mahi moment. He removes her wet hair from face, geet feels it closes her fist. He breaks the stare and asks her why has she come in front of him. She replies, she will join too, who knows if he put all blame on her, I got a job with difficulty. Mk tells agree that my granny is broad minded, does not mean you face her in my cloths. I need to worry abt my reputation. She tells him stay here, I’ll change and come.  He goes in quick FB of geet, runs and says the more I tried to get rid of her more she comes in front of me. Seems destiny has decided for me to have this problem forever.  then he explains to him self nothing like destiny all is in MSK’s hand, immediately corrects himself no all is in daadi’s hane.

Geet asking her baabaji, she left a job thinking now at least life will be peaceful but here also she has to deal with dusht daanav, any ways now destiny will decide only. She is determine that some how she needs to save the job and now she can not even go back to pinky’s house.

Back at office, dev looking for adi, tells whole staff that adi is smart, he just acts as seedha saadha, so that no gal follows him. Taasha is now latoo on dev, says to other asha that there is something in khuraana genes, seeing dev current runs in my body. Tasha asks MK has not come to office, saasha says yeah he has called to tell he is not coming today, Dev laughing with staff, when he spots NT, laughter replaces with scare . He silently follows her.

Daadi sitting on bed like smiley statue that moves eyes, MK pacing in hall and questioning daadi in anger, how come she has brought secretary for him, when he had refused, that too geet. Whole world she could not find any other gal?? at least she should have asked him once, but no why would she do that. He warns her that I am telling you stop interfering in my life ( yeah so that you can enjoy life with your GF naaa) he says kick her out right now and tell her that house is mine. Daadi is shocked but says nothing, MK asks her to speak up. Suddenly one panditji comes in who tells MK she has maun vrat for week ( means will not speak to any one for week) for the peace of this house  daadi smiles mischievously , MK is exasperated, tells daadi nice trick to harass me. so now are you happy, that I need to tolerate that gal.

Geet comes running calling daadi, realizes what she said, goes back to M’aam, apologize for not knowing her true identity and tells you also did not stop me. Geet questions that wouldn’t she be the one who gave her job, daadi nodes in yes, she adds up then who is he to fire her, you know he wants to kick me out from out house too, you are the one who told me to stay there, tell him he can not kick me out. MK is mad. Daadi is quite. Geet thinks that MK has brainwashed daadi, so she says you can not listen to him, you know he is big dusht daanav, and MK looks like he is ready to eat geet raw, but MK says dusht what did you say, geet says to daadi, you know better he is your grandson. MK tells that she has maun vrat,so she can not help you. Geet is shocked babble maun vrat ?? again pandit comes saying that toooo for a week. Geet is too shocked coz now the decision will be done after one week.

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Mk takes different road now, asks daadi if she won’t speak for a week. Daadi nodes yes. He says very good this means I am the boss for week and things will be done my way for a week). Geet is almost in tears now. Mk turns to geet and says so miss geet Handa daadi has given you the job, so I— but geet puts her hands on her ears , says noooo and runs from there, MK calls for her name, she runs anyways, daadi laughs. Mk turns back to daadi, tells see, that is why her, I from my life—–, stops, says are you smiling. He angrily tells her that her maun vrat can not bother him, what does she think that he will have geet in his out house as secretary, then she is wrong. He will not let that happen. He calls geet’s name and goes.

Dev trying to pacify NT by saying that bro has office atmosphere too formal I was just trying to ease it out, I was trying to give them hand as friend. NT replies stop wasting time in this , think how can you have control on business. If you use brain then whole empire will be ours. She goes that her dream is to see him at Mk’s chair and she thinks if she let him come office alone everyday, then dream will not full fill.

Geet is drawing a line when Mk walks in. she stops him and tells, that this is geet and he can not cross it. MK has full anger in eyes, says stop making excuse, she is the one who is crossing line, so leave his way, Geet is adamant tells him no this is geet rekha ( geet line) and show me the papers as proof that say this house is yours. He says MSK does not need to show any paper, savitri devi is my granny this house is mine that is enf. She says fine then show me the birth certificate to prove she is your granny ( OMG geet you are worse than US immigration and homeland security. who will have granny’s name on birth certificate) MK says show you and grabs her arm twists it and holds, geet tells him to leave as it hurts. He replies you do not understand sharafat ki juba

He goes you will exactly do what I want, understand, geet again asks him to leave her arm..

He leaves it, about to go she again stops him telling that she will not listen to him coz he is not her boss. MK warns her not to mess with him as she does not know him, geet replies he does not know her either. MK in firm tone tells her he will make her like hell here. Geet replies that she will fight for it boldly. He turns to her, they both stare.


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