Geet update Sunday 1st March 2020

Geet 1 March 2020: Geet shows off the appointment letter in d fact. showing that she is fact incharge….n brahmachari gang are all shocked….

Geet 1 March 2020: Pandeyji.. Manisha are all objecting and decide to discuss n decide wat to do. A client comes complaining abt the problem in an order given. … Pandeyji was to make the chalan n he transfers blame to Romeo ji aka Yadavji….n Geet makes client sit in cabin..n questions abt the status….from all..!!

Phone rings and Manisha *d gayish worker* receives..n declares that Yash is coming wit an investor n says.. he doesnt like flowers..n Geet get Flashback abt flowers wit MSK .. Geet chides herself for thinking abt MSK…. n Yash tells MSK…to come for a tour of new fact.. but MSK says..i will come alone…n Yash says..i will intro u to staff..n MSK says…this can be done by Geet also.. Yash protests.. but MSK cuts him off..n Geet tries to convince client that she will get details in a while n Client threatens to sue..!! Geet grumbling that all is chaos here…n Romeo is staring n smiling at her…n Mansiha offers help…..
Yash tells MSK that …this is a family business so i want to meet my workers before i go..but MSK says..i dun like emotional talks…so u want deal or no…n Yash self thot..that…why m i messing wit MSK….i shld sell n get off…n MSK asks Yash?? Yash says ok n says all the best
Manisha takes Geet to the store room……n tells Geet…to match all the details… since there isnt any ready list..n Geet shocked n appalled n said..m stuck between madmen LOL n Manisha leaves n locks Geet in the storeroom Shocked n Pandeyji says… this is right thing..n all leave for lunch .. Geet sad n recollects ‘hum tum ek kamre’ moment…when Maneet got stuck
Geet says..all time i think of him.. but he wont b here to save me…..n MSK arrives Wink n Geet shouting for help..n MSK over-hears..n says.. Geet handa LOL n Geet decides to go out of window..!!  Geet throws out a ladder behind MSK……….n starts getting down ..n puts her foot on MSK shoulder…..n Maneet eyelock…..n both recollect….the last stmnts of not needing anyones support n Geet falls on top of MSK n as Geet gets up.. she offers hand to MSK….to get up.. but he not accept..n as he gets up.. .asks if she is ok..n she nods..n he start scolding her..but both realise….n stop. n as MSK starts to leave..n a flying cotton stuck in MSK hair..n Geet says.. Maan..n try to remove..but MSK hold her hand n say… MAAN SIR BOLO…i m ur Boss..
MSK tells Geet..that i m u r boss..n i dun like people who talk more….coz those who talk more… forget to think….. so..u will speak only when ur required to…n leaves for the cabin..!! Geet walks in n asks abt Yash….n MSK says..i told u to mind ur language before me…so …come in after knocking..n Geet says… Yash is my boss..this co. is Yashz..n MSK says..a while back i bought this co. n i m the boss ..Geet not ready to believe…n says..u mite hv bought co. not me. MSK stares.
Yash comes to Meeras house…n Meera says…Geet is in office..n Yash says..i knw so i came to meet u n nephew says.. stop line marofying…n Yash says..shut up…. n Yash says..i m going to America..n says..we will make a bakery there…!! Meera says..why r u here.. n Yash says.. MSK has bought my co. n Meera says…what?? Yash says… well since MSK is behavng strangely..i thot to tell u…n Meera can u leave so suddenly?? Yash says…well i m a sucker for luv story isnt done yet…i thot… to help them *Maneet* in their luv story…so came to tell u… my G.F..abt ur friend Geet…LOL n leaves n before that…offer his hand to Meera for shaking n says..’Yash Malhotra..hope u wont forget the name’
Geet says… u keep ur co. wit u..i m leaving this job n going… n MSK advances towards her..n Geet says..dun come forward i will shout..n MSK says..bef shouting..see ur contract…which says..she cant quit company before 2 yrs…n if she did..she hv to return 2 yrs salary…….n if u want to ask Yash..then..also u dun hv choice…coz Yashz flight gone bef 15mins….n says.. so better u go out.. knock n come in.. n Geet says.. me?? MSK says… its ur  first lesson on how to behave before boss…!! Geet stares..shocked…

Geet cribbing tat he wants to teach Geet Handa manners…..well does he himself know anything about manners?? Says ..he is full Double Dusht Danav .. DDD!! And says Today only his true colors came before me..!! That Yash..he sold this co. to anyone just like that… if once i get my hand on him then…n Geet gets up to leave and Meera comes …!! Both say simultaneously that MSK has bought this company.  Meera asks Geet.. how do u know? Geet says …coz that Dusht Danav made an appearance….and this time he has used his several kgs heavy brain to do Dushtata ..!! Meera says.. ‘Why?’ and Geet says.. ‘Maan…theres only one word in his dictionary..but sometimes this Maan transforms into Abhimaan’ ‘I just said him that i dun need his support and so deliberately he is creating problems for me…so that i ask for his help.’ Meera says…well i m finding all this very strange…and that u should work somewhere else.’ Geet says.. ‘No Meera..i cant keep changing my job repeatedly’ *Puts her hand on her tummy* and her phone rings….and Geet says…’Everybody has left for the tomorrow..Gud nite’.

Its MSK on the phone and he says…’So then wat u doing there …..after al u should get a gold medal for running away from troubles’ Geet says..’I will surely get Gold medal but not for running away from trouble but for winning after facing troubles.’ and MSK says ‘So u staying back’ and Geet says..’U only had shown me the contract na?’ and MSK says..’Well yes i did..but breaking promises is ur habit’ and Geet says..’There is no point in discussing who has broken promise and trust and that there is no need to taunt coz i m not going anywhere……i m right here …near u so Gud nite’ *Geet puts the phone down* MSK looks on..!! Meera tells Geet..that i had told u before to talk to MSK…. Dev is still in jail n yet u two are fighting..!! Geet says.. ‘Dev went to jail coz of me and not him… if i had agreed to his plans of marriage then Dev wuld hv been free today also. ‘ Meera says….why do u want to stay so close to the one who is giving u so much pain?? Leave this job and come home…n Geet replies…No ..i wont let him win like this..What does he think..that without his help…i cant survive in the office?? I knw very well what he will do tmrw morning. ..but i wont accept defeat. … if he wants to declare war..then i m also ready..!!

MSK is working out… taichi…n recollecting Geets words of him breaking her trust..n her refusal to marry him…!! *MSKs angry workout* Dadi comes.. n says..i culdn imagine ..but m so happy to see u do ‘Wo-ha’….and to see u..go to office on time…!! Everything is like before….seeing all this makes me so happy..!! This despite of all that happened last week..n MSK cuts off n says.. i m not interested to discuss anything about watever happened last week ..and about whoever were involved…!! Dadi says..’Maan beta…may be ur forgetting one thing..that out of them one is ur brother and Geet is ur..would be’..and MSK looks at Dadi and Dadi says…however much u try..u cant turn ur back on truth….u cant run away. !! Dadi leaves…n MSK says “I m not running away from anyone Dadi ma…and neither can anyone run away from me. Life needs a purpose and from tomorrow…MSKs sole purpose would be ‘Geet Handa’ Shocked

Next day morning.. Geet is asleep on her desk with files lying open on her table…!! MSK comes n sees Geet is asleep on her desk..n he stares…n Mahii in the bg.!! MSK recollects *Hum tum ek kamre mein where he helped Geet to sleep by supporting her head on his shoulder* and MSK yells Geet..!! Geet wakes up…and gets up.!! MSK says..’Every Company wants a CEO who doesnt knw the difference between office and bedroom. Thats why the Companys are in such bad shape. Bring Coffee for me.’ Geet says ….Sorry sir..i cant get coffee !! MSK turns back and says..’What did u say?’ Geet repeats and says…’What wuld u like to say about the one who doesnt knw the difference between CEO and Secretary?? Coffee is brought by Secretary..not CEO. ‘ MSK says.. ‘Oh.. CEO?? So Miss CEO..tell me.. about the financials of the Company..’ Geet answers all the questions correctly.. Clap *MSK taken aback* MSK asks about the number of client and as Geet answers.. MSK interrupts to correct but Geet cuts him off instead LOL

MSK says…’Ok then u contact all clients n make them happy..n finish all orders by today afternoon.. ‘ Geet looks at the watch and says……in 4 hrs?? But one has to see the files and..’ MSK says…’Just by mugging few files one doesnt become the CEO of the company….this can be done by a kid also. And all work..u shall need my help right?’ Geet says..’U dont hv to worry for me…I shall do my work myself ..!! U are new around here..maybe u mite need my help.’ MSK says….’Time will tell..who will need whose help…in just 4 hours..decision will come’. Maneet stare at each other. MSK leaves from there.

Romeo is adjusting the paint buckets…n Pandeyji comes..and wishing ‘Ram Ram’ to all..!! Manisha tries to hug Pandeyji..but he manages to duck..!! Geet walking thru the factory and self thot..that u had promised urself that u will do things urself…right….then no point regretting…just go n do smthng..Geet.!

Geet comes to the main part of the factory and comes near the brahmachari gang..!! Ppl all look at her unhappily…and annoyed..except for Romeo. She tells..that…yesterday i had asked the client list from u all..but instead of helping me..what u all did is not worth forgiving…but i m still ready to frogive u..!! But for that…u all hv to help me..only then i will forgive u..!! Romeo excited to help..n says yes..but Brahmachari gang stare n so he stops..!! Geet tries to convince…..n tells that Boss wants us to finish this work today…or we all will end up losing our jobs..!! Geet says that if we dont finish our work then our boss will eat us alive…!! Maan overhears!! Manisha says.. dun try to scare us..if anyone gets removed from here..its u..n thats wat we want!! Geet shocked !! Romeo takes out the file and asks Pandeyji if thats the file…and he winks at Geet..!! Pandeyji and Manisha shout ..’Romeo’ and MSK comes n shouts.. ‘Whats happening here? Is this office or a kids classroom and tells u come here to work or FLIRT?? Just keep concern till ur work..and send him off to prepare some report’. Maneet stare at each other..!!

Geet stands before mirror..n rues..where m i stuck.. between the well dug up by brahmachariz and the pit prepared by MSK … Wat do i do Babaji?? I cant accept defeat from him..and these ppl wont show me a way to win!! Wat do i do now?? Geet looks on to the mirror n sees MSKs shadow and MSK comes!! Geet says..’U..wat u doin here?’ MSK says..’This is my company..i can go wherever i wish..understand??’ and Geet looks away ..wit tears in eyes..n MSK says..’How did i forget that….u prefer crying than thinking’…n MSK comes close to Geet and puts his hand on the slab of th washbasin near mirror.. Maneet are really close.. MSK raises his left hand n Geet thinks he is going to touch her face and she closes her eyes in anticipation.

MSK taking a tissue and Geet looks like she expects him to wipe her tears..!! But MSK says..’ I hv stopped dirtying my hanky Shocked ‘ n Geet looks down hurt and about to walk off …when she stumbles across MSKs foot and is about to fall……..!! Geet clutches on to MSKs vestcoat for support and MSK puts his hand on her waist to balance her. MSK gives angry stares to Geet. Geet looks at her hand holding on to MSKs vestcoat and MSK follows her gaze. MSK puts his hand on Geets and says..’Why dun u say it Geet…that u need my help…Its clearly visible that u need my help’. *MSK keeps squeezing Geets fingers Shocked* MSK says.. ‘Answer me Geet..but u’ MSK sees his hand holding on to Geets and both Maneet exchange stares….and MSK sees tht the engagement ring he gave Geet is missing……Shocked *FB of taqdeer moment* *MSK looks hurt* and he removes her hand and says.. Geet… u dun hv anything except these tears. Enouf Geet.. .there wont be any effect of ur crocodile tears on me…!!’

Geet is really hurt and leaves. *MSK looks on angrily* But apparently..Geet is carrying th engagement ring in a small locket wrapped around her left hand Confused and looks on to the ring and self thot.. ‘This last bond..i culdn break..i culdn… but if he has levelled allegations on me..then i shall very well make the mistake’ and recollects MSK saying *the crocodile tears line*

Geet sneaks into the main working area of the fact. and comes near Manisha *after stumbling* who is talking about finishing the letter to b sent to client fast and Geet drops the phone to divert attention.!! Manisha and Geet both jump and Geet says.. Sorry..Manisha ji and returns phone receiver to Manisha. Geet starts crying and goes from there. Watching this Manisha exclaims.. ‘She is crying Pandeyji’. Romeo comes near Geet and he too says…’Pandeyji ..that we need to sort this out’. MSK comes right there and watches the whole thing from afar. Pandeyji still refuses to relent. Geet says.. ‘U ppl hate me very much and want me to leave forever..well ur wish is coming true today…boss will throw me out of job today. Boss told me that ..all the delivery of all clients should be finished today itself. ..*Geet standing near Pandeyjis table* And neither do i hv the delivery list or client list.. how will a helpless girl do all this in one day?’ Romeo comes near Geet with his hanky n in SRK style says… dun cry…i will do smthng. ..i promise..just dun cry.!!

Geet says in this city..after so much trouble i got one job….n that too i lost the next day…n Geet keeps wailing and Pandeyji..says.. enouf stop it ….n tells Romeo to give the file to Geet and end her wailing.!! Romeo takes out the file and gives to Geet and while giving says.. my name is Romeo but my first name is Ramesh Ojha..n ppl out of luv call me Romeo *Both Romeo and Geet holding the file and MSK stares angrily* !! Finally Geet manages to take the file out of Romeos hand and says.. ‘Thank u’ and returns Romeos hanky. !! Geet leaves from there and as she is about to come to the cabin …she sees MSK in the way….and Geet shows the file with an air of victory and MSK stares back……!! Geet sunday 1 March 2020

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