Geet update Saturday 28th March 2020


Geet 28 March 2020: On Geet Saturday 28 March 2020, MSK is buttoning his shirt n wondering…what will Geet think if she knew of his decision..n Adi n Manisha comes n says…

all girls have captured ur room n we were searching u…n Pandeyji comes n says…thats why i m a bachelor…all girls destroy life n take over it…Anne is dressing up Geet n Geet says..m tired…lemme go n Anne says..cant…!! Anne calls Tasha to pass the dress..!! Anne puts ghunghat on Geet (she in green-red combo) and says..if i make u wear a drag also he will love u…..n Tasha says..he luvs u so much n Anne says..wish someone loved me so much..!! Adi shows script to MSK n says..its ur n Geets story…we will show a skit where we will show ur n Geets story..wit music n dance..n we will show how u met n fell in love…

Anne tells Geet an idea n says..u too come on stage to dance..n pull MSK along… Geet says..but it isnt safe to dance n Anne says.doc said u can..n Geet says..ok n hi-5.. MSK agrees as well n Manisha about to hug him..n Adi says…u have to do something more special… as well..n says..u have to make Geet dance on stage…..!! Servant comes to call others to rehearse …!! Geet messages MSK saying..u promised to fill my life wit happiness n today wit my wedding preps starting u have done just that..i never imagined thanks n i luv u..!! MSK grins.. !! Geet wonders why MSK hasnt replied..!! Geet decides to go n talk to him n that..he had promised to help me to chose my clothes….n stops herself saying..u r gonna be his wife..n stil u searching for reasons to meet him?? Geet comes in the stage area..all is decorated n seating arrangement inbetween n Geet admires it.. MSK comes as well n stares at Geet..both smile n eyelock..!! Geet asks MSK..why u din reply?? MSK says..coz u dun need to thank..n Geet says..u should have replied …people are right…by marriage.. love is over..n we aint married n u started ignoring me..n MSK says..ur tikka is falling…n arranges it on Geet!!

Geet holding another tikka n MSK says..u wanted to ask what to wear?? Geet says…ur style kills me…n corrects n says… we both have same choices..Babaji has tied us strongly together.. …!! MSK turns Geet around n is the arangement..n Geet is about bride n groom boths happiness but……..n MSK says..why am i not happy?? Geet…i have read ur eyes…they seem sad..tell me what is the matter..n MSK says..nothing… Geet says..u lying?? Tell me whats wrong ..what r u hiding?? n holds his face n MSK looks sad but says nothing is wrong..n why wuld i hide….n says…i m not out of the fear of losing u when u lay unconscious before me…. n Geet says..look i m before u..all well…!! Its our wedding..if u are not happy can i be…?? Geet says..promise me u will fill this nite with happiness like everytime…. by smiling…for me..!! MSK holds Geets hand n hugs Geet..n self can i smile after such a huge baggage lies on my mind..??

All staff discussing about who will play what in skit.n Anne to play Geet .. Manisha offers to play Tasha..n Romeo says no…n everyone wondering who will play Maan n Arjun comes n offers to play MSK…Anne Arjun eyelock…Tasha offers to play Geet n Anne says…rather play Arjuns sister aka Maans sister i.e. me ..n Tasha shocked..!!

Scene begins… Arjun n Anne face to face n Arjun says..whenever u first made coffee…it was too sweet..but first i was hating it…later started to luv it… n eyelock n Romeo says..he isnt reading script n Adi burst decorations n Pandeyji blows air….n Arjun says..i came wit a purpose but forgot about it when i saw u…. n Anne-Arjun intense eyelock !! Romeo says its out of script n Adi says..its gud let it be..!! Arjun says…whenever i see u ..i forget all..n i want u in my dreams..n both close in n Adi cuts it..n says..these lines werent in the script n Arjun says..script was weak so i changed it..n says..gotta go n leaves..n Anne looks away…lost..!!

Arjun stands at a corner questioning himself about what he said..n Anne comes n says..u act well n Arjun says thanks n Anne says…tell me..what were u doing inside was it acting or ??? Arjun looks away n Anne says…. Look at me… Anne says..will u be my partner in sangeet..?? Pinky comes to call her…Anne looks at Arjun..!!

The World’s a Dance Stage and Backstage “Inner” Battles are being Waged!
The Sangeet act began today. Geet is happy, but Maan is adrift in guilt. How can he “act” happy? He choose Geet when he should have fought for baby. And how will Geet feel when she learns his choice. Will he be condemned for it? He wonders while she watches Arjun & Annie enact Maaneet’s lovestory from the office staff’s perspective.

On Stage, Annie’s duppatta catches, Arjun’s mind stops and their eye lock. To make them stop, Romeo provides a Mahiiiiiii break. The two wannabe Maaneet then fight over red and white roses and are in each other caught. Adi becomes fraught will the scene end or not, but eventually the “actors” regain thought.

Arjun tries to make Annie jealous (dancing with Tasha), but gets lost in his own plot. Watching her dance with Rome, he becomes overwrought. Emotions cannot be fought. In dance, solace is sought. As the dance ends Arjun determinedly walks off, but it appears his heart is caught.

Maan also exits the sangeet without so much as a sorry leaving Geet to worry. In the hallway, Geet asks Daadimaa what is Maan’s worry. Daadimaa calmly explains that it is not her role to do so, as this is Maaneet’s story.

In his bedroom, Geet confronts her guilty groom. She questions why he is all gloom. On bended knee Maan explains why he is sorry to the baby in her womb. That he opted to send it to the tomb when the doctor suggested its existence could mean his Geet’s doom. Geet does not let his guilt loom. She quietly comforts her groom, but makes him promise that if it the choice arises again then for the baby he will risk her doom. She knows that for Maan she is ehem, but for her her baby is ehem. (If you don’t watch then find a way to watch this scene, it will make your heart steam).

Arjun escapes from the staff’s applause, but cannot his conscience nor Annie evade. In the hall, Annie ponders if his eyes lie or his actions. Which should she follow? Arjun tells her to follow her heart, but is himself debating between mind and heart as they part.


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