Geet Saturday 27 June 2020: On Geet 27 June 2020 Star life, Geet comes near MSK.. but he angrily leaves from there.. after glaring at Dev n Geet..!!

Geet with tears in her eyes..looks as MSK leaves.. Dadi comes…n says..whats wrong?? Geet says..what i feared happened.. MSK found out truth but from someone else.. n shows the pic to Dadi!! Dadi tells Geet to go inside… n Dev to go to outhouse..!! Geet says..i wanted to tell truth to MSK. .but now he wont trust me ever!! Dadi reassures..n says.. u did what was needed for the circumstance.. n i asked u to hide!! Geet says..he wont believe..!! Dadi says.. wait i will go n talk to him rightaway! Geet says.. stop.. he is upset wit i will talk to him! Anne overhears n thinks its Arjun who told the truth! Anne comes at Arjuns place…. n shouts..! Arjun says.. whats ur problem.?? Anne says.. u did what u wanted to.. told truth to MSK.. u ruined my family.. what did u gain..?? I tried changing u.. but u will never change..!! Coz of u Maneet have trouble in paradise.. guess ur happy now.. go celebrate! Arjun silent..!! Anne says.. tell ur lies..why silent? Why dun u admit ur coward..u can only stab our back!! Arjun says.. i know u wont trust think what u want to..!! Its late.u better move!Anne leaves..!

MSK in his room…. Geet comes.. MSK angry ..shirtless doing Tai Chi Wink n recollects Geets changed reactions to Dev..n the pic..! He even does a Fire-Chi with a rod on fire on far ends..and Geets words… of ‘Maan please…. Hot water for whom… all lines!’ Geet watches painfully! Geet says..Maan there is a truth behind the pic.. which u dunno..!!I needed to tell u before but situations din let me! MSK silent..!! Geet tells MSK ..the truth..that Dev n his bloodgroup being same n since he was critical..she asked for Dev’s help!! MSK said..why din u tell from before..?? Geet tells.. coz we were worried how u wuld react… n i wanted to tell u.. but Dadi stopped me saying that till u recover we shouldnt tell u..!! Geet says.. i was also scared to face ur anger.. MSK says.. why not.. u were wrong so..!! Geet says.. Doc said.. it was last option i had to… MSK says..u did have let me die.. but why u took his help?? Death is better than this life! Geet shocked..n says.. u said so easily…but din think once.. what wuld happen to me?? our baby?? But no. u only think of urself..ur anger..!! U din think once.. how in those situation i took that decision? What u think… us being there or not.. doesnt make any diference to u! For u.. ur anger.. matters most.. not Geet or the baby! What wrong did i do..seeking his help to save my husbands life?? What mistake. ?? U r angry coz i took Devs help.. but did u think once what went thru me to face him??? How i begged before him for help? But no.. u will never understand this..! U r not the Maan.. i knew!! Geet leaves.. MSK stands startled

MSK comes in the room n sees Geet standing by window.. crying..!! Geet tells.. Baby.. ur dad has changed totally…. how easily he said.. ‘u had better let me die’ … so much anger n hate? MSK self thot.. Geet is right.. what have i become in anger… n hate?? I din care for Geet n the baby.. if i hadnt been that angry ..we wont have left the hotel.. n accident wont have happened..!! Geet is right.. i m not th Maan..that Geet knew..or i knew!! I have changed! MSK leaves from there.. n is in the alley n recollects what Geet said to him… about his anger..n looks sad n remorseful! MSK says..i have to change before this anger destroys my all…!!


Dadi comes n sees MSK standing alone.. looking sad..!! MSK says i committed a huge mistake. .without thinking i said so much to her.. din much she must have felt bad!! Dadi says.. u did make a big mistake.. if it was hate for Dev.. then i understand. but Geet can never make any mistake.. u have hurt her a lot..! M glad u realised ur mistake..!! MSK says.. whats the use.. i took so much time to understand myself.. Geet did so much for me.. she gave me life.. love.. but i hurt her.. due to hate for Dev..!! Dadi says.. what use repenting alone?? Better go n talk to Geet.. i know its difficult.. but..go!! MSK says.. only talking ..wont help. .have to do a lot more!

Geet sitting by the bed.. MSK comes… n kneels down before her n says.. ‘I m sorry…Geet.. i made a mistake’ Geet gets up to leave.. MSK holds her hand..n says.. ‘Be angry on me… but dun turn away from me..’ I know i hurt u… but i made a huge mistake in anger..!! Give me any punishment.. but to me.. Geet remains quiet.. MSK touches his ears.. but Geet turns away..!! MSK self thot.. this time she wont agree just by words..!! Geet turns n sleeps on the bed!! Dadi.. Anne with Dev..n Dev says..see what happened?? Hence i wanted to go.. i was here so those goons were tailing me.. n came here n ruined Maneet happiness..!! Dadi says.. but its not ur fault..! Anne self Arjun din tell MSK.. what did i do..!!

Next day morning.. MSK comes to breakfast table.. Dadi.. Anne.. Geet sitting.. Geet doesnt look at him! MSK looks on sadly! MSK has breakfast n compliments Geet that its good.. Dadi says.. Nacool made on Geets instructions..!! Dev comes and says.. i m going..!! Dadi. Anne shocked..!! Dev MSK.. i know i shouldnt have come here.. but i wanted to meet u all ..last time..!! I know m guilty.. but if u can.. please forgive me..!! Dadi gets up..n says..What are u saying..u aint well.. stay here..! Dev says. please lemme go.. i wanna do something..that doesnt feel like a sin!! Dev turns to leave.. Dadi looks at MSK!! MSK says.. Stop Dev! All stare! MSK says.. till u recover fully u can stay here..!


Dev says…. i know. ur heart is big.. but i dun want any trouble between u n Geet..!! MSK says.. first u remove that doubt that coz of anyone else.. there culd be any problem between me n Geet..!! Our relation is above all… in this.. anyone being there or not.. doesnt have ny effect..!! Dev says..i din mean that..!! MSK says.. i m letting u stay..for Dadi …. n that i cant see Dadi sad..! Secondly.. MSK cant keep any i m repaying it by letting u stay here..!! Dev thanks n leaves!! Dadi pats MSK shoulder..n MSK squeeze her hand..n looks at Geet..!! Geet gets up n leaves..!! Dadi says.. this time it wont be easy to pacify Geet..!!

MSK comes to th room following Geet n apologises… !! Geet silent. .gives his wallet. .keys.. hanky…!! Geet silent..n leaves..!! MSK thinks..she is still angry.!! Adi calls come to office as its imp. day.. signing 400 Cr rupees deal..!!


Nitya comes to Arjuns cabin n sees him looking lost n offers to get coffee.. Arjun hesitates but Nitya insists to get coffee in the cabin…!! Anne calls Arjun.. but he doesnt receive..!! Anne realises that she made a mistake..shouting on Arjun..!! She decides to go to office n talk to him! Nitya offers to get coffee for Arjun..!! Arjun says.. i wanna stay alone please.. Nitya agrees!

Adi giving presentation to clients.. MSK lost in thots to appease Geet..n thinks have to do something to please her..!! Adi breaks his trance and asks to talk.. MSK excuses himself saying have an important call n leaves!


MSK calls Geet.. she disconnects..!! MSK calls again… same thing..! MSK messages Geet..that she hasnt sent his lunch and that he is very hungry! Geet replies..that i havent cooked lunch.! Geet sends ‘Aiyyapa’ Restaurant number.. MSK agitated on seeing that..LOL n says.. wherever u get food from..i will eat when u feed me!! Geet doesnt reply… MSK wonders why not..!! Adi comes n says.. waiting for u… presentation held up..!! MSK it important?? Adi gwaffs n says.. Rs.400 Cr project it is..!!

Anne comes to Arjun n apologises that she misunderstood…… from how he was saying he wuld have told MSK n that at home it was tense so.. she thot he told MSK.. n so she fought.. n begs forgiveness n hugs him..!! Nitya comes..n apologises for barging in… Arjun says.. no probs n Nitya gets choco cake for Arjun n feeds him… !! Anne feels ignored n leaves!

Adi says.. its a big project.. so we need a big financial team.. n asks MSK.. MSK says. have to ask Dadi.. so will call n come..!! MSK calls mansion.. n says.. need to talk to Geet …! Dadi says.. u aint with Geet?? Its her checkup day.. MSK thinks.. another mistake..!! Adi comes to call him saying its a 400 Cr. project.. clients are restless…! MSK says.. if i dun go where i need to.. my life will b ruined n u worried for ur project?? Adi says.. ok..!! MSK decides to leave as early to get Geet!


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