Geet Saturday 25 January 2020 Starlife: On one side Maan is imagining Geet in office and throws around his temper on Tasha.

Geet update Saturday 25 January 2020 Starlife: on other hand Geet keeps mentioning Maan and remembers him seeing things in the bedroom and wonders why is she talking or thinking about him.

As Geet goes to bed keeping a stick beside her so that she can use it if any thief comes. Maan lost in thoughts unknown of the fact that Geet is sleeping in his bed and the danda is going to land on his head enters his room. As he sees Geet sleeping on his bed he thinks it is again his imagination. He closes his eyes thinking it’s his imagination and when he opens his eyes she would disappear which doesn’t happen. As the music Behne De plays in the background Maan’s eyes are stuck on Geet who is sleeping innocently. He approaches the bed goes and sits on him. His eyes are on Geet and he has a smile on his face. He reminds him again it’s his imagination nothing else


Maan goes to sleep and then starts blanket pulling competition between Maan and Geet. As their hands meet Maan realizes he was not dreaming while Geet realizes it’s not Pinky but some thief who entered her room

Geet starts hitting Maan with hands pillow and finally danda that land son Maan’s head. She asks him did it hit him zor se and Maan tone is as if he wants to say you just want till I get that stick from your hand first you need to shut up and listen to me which you won’t

Maan gets the stick from Geet’s hand and pushes her on bed. He keeps his hand on her mouth and switches on the light. Geet is shocked to see Maan. Maan and Geet are lost in each other eyes. Maan slowly removes his hand from Geet’s mouth but can’t stop looking at her.

Maaneet have an eye lock when the epi starts, and then they realize that they r not completely covered. Both run to get their respective clothing. Geet’s dupatta is stuck on Maan’s shirt button which he untangles and they both don their clothes, and then their fight starts. Hilarious dialogues I gotta say. I would have written it down but I don’t think I m that good of an epi updater. I would recommend Faz’s bumping sessions. Leave out the punjabi and hindi parts if u don’t understand them. But here is what u wanted to know………

When Maan was on his knees he held Geet’s dupatta and then she asked him to let it go but he in turn asked her what will she do if he doesn’t release her dupatta and then using her dupatta as a means gets close to her and then releases it without Geet noticing it..she again asks him to let go of her dupatta and this time he says that he is not holding it…and then their usual fights starts again in which he tells her to leave his house but she says that Savitri Devi has dogs as big as wolves who will attack Maan if he doesn’t leave to which Maan replies that SD hates dogs and thats the reason y no dogs have ever entered this house, she then says that SD has loads of security guards employed which he denies and says no guard will come to help her as this house has a security system, she then says that she’ll yell and by yelling she’ll gather all the people here. Maan replies to this that this is an outhouse where no one can her house.

Maan by this time has put his arms around her on the bannister behind her making her stuck at one place. She then says ok I’ll call SD myself…this prompts Maan and he says that he won’t allow her to call SD at 3:00 in the morning. He then tugs out the phone from her arms after a bit of persuasion from him. He takes the phone from her hands while she is lost in his eyes, and he discloses that SD is his grandma to which Geet makes an adorable cry babish face


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