Geet update Saturday 15th February 2020


Geet 15 February 2020: Geet turning and MK looking at his watch+jhaalar. He goes in FB moments, saving geet, first hug, dance , jhumka etc.

Geet 15 February 2020:  MSK bents on his knees with their anthem and puts the ring in her finger at New Delhi railway Station in Mumbai. Public clap, so do arpi, geet smiles through her tears.

MAneet goes back to mansion via India gate, geet wonders she has returned but does her past in real does not affect MSK?? MSK asks geet to tell the truth that whether she was leaving or not leaving the city, was not it to torture him???  Geet replies she was leaving in real, MSK goes really?? Then why did not you go??  She says I had to stay back coz my bag got stolen; MSK tells her did not I tell you that with out my help you can not go a step forward.

He goes to pick her bag, giving her time to respond. Geet thinks and goes I am gal of this era, I can manage my own; I came to Delhi alone from HP and have managed all by myself. MK says yeah sure, I did not give you job in KC. Geet gets irritated  and says oh so you think I did all becoz of you?? Wait I tell you what I did without getting help from you. Geet tries, MSK smirks finally she tells she will think and let him know. MSK self talks at least she got distracted of leaving from here.

She eventually remembers and says yeah I did party project my own, MK stares back she gets nervous and responds yes, there was a bit problem, MK replies a bit, geet accepts okay a lot but you do not need to make an issue, I can do my work and asks him to give her bag. MK says do not get so angry, bag is heavy I will take it up stairs.

Geet gets irritated and walks from there saying she has helped him too. He goes yes and when ever you have helped me, I got in to trouble, so tell me when you help with out getting me in trouble..daadi comes calling her name even before geet replies. Daadi asks her where has she gone?? She was searching her every where, daadi asks her if MK has fought, geet denies, daadi questions then why bag is packed?? Where were you going??  maneet are shocked, MK puts bag on desk, geet gives excuse of room cleaning.

Mk tells daadi they were not going anywhere but coming from station. geet is like why he has to talk abt station???. Daadi is in supaa confusion??? Statement does not match???  daadi says I am asking why did you go to station?? Answer me?? Mk fumbles, geet traps him yeah tell??  he replies for business?? Daadi more confuse?? Geet to herself he does not know how to lie, but still kulhaadi maarega pair pe

Finally Mk says the truth in twisted way that I went to stop geet as she was going out of station. Daadi replies means you indeed fought with her. Mk says No and drags geet in conversation to tell daadi he did not fight. geet says so what were you saying?? I do not help you?? Right?? Then you solve this one too. Mk comes up with new version of I was thinking to go for meeting via plane but geet took trains tickets, right geet. daadi says you get caught when twists the things and leave.

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Geet starts bashing MK she has come up with nice excuse of cleaning but why he needs to interfere?? What are we going to tell her tomorrow? MK goes in MSK mode telling her he will take care of all. She does not need to worry. Good night.

Next day Mk is in conference room, self talk that I want to take her pain out, but my question should not re open her old wounds, how should I ask the name of guy??? Did she punish him??  geet walks in with 2 suit cases, he scolds her why is she carrying them. She replies you have come to office. You made mistake by leaving me alone at home. .Daadi have sent bags for us as we are leaving for business trip, he goes and you have brought them. Mk says means daadi giving big importance to it. Al rite we will shift to hotel for couple of days.  Geet angrily says one more lie.

Mk calls adi to ask out side delhi where are the meeting adi fills in there is annual meeting at Lonavala. Mk asks him to inform they are coming, adi says it’s very low level, so he asks any other meeting and asks about saasha. Taasha says she has gone to sign a deal of tyco. Mk says he will go as it’s important and saasha won’t be able to do that, geet interrupts saying deal has finalized and saasha will be here in 2 hours.

He yells back at her saying if you know all then why do not you decide?? Geet rubs on him saying it means you asking help from me??? Adi laughs, Mk stops him and asks them to leave.  Mk asks geet to leave too. She does not like that at all. Mk thinks what I was thinking to talk to her and as soon as she came in she distracted me in useless talk. This gal makes me do that I never even think. I wanted to share her pain and have ended up fighting with her. Now how do I talk, ask her about him???

Dev tries to come in to meera’s house, she won’t let him but gunda dev still manages to get in. Meera asks him to leave but besharam says I stayed quite when NT left, not anymore. I won’t let you go any where, he goes you were away for 3 yrs but I had satisfaction to have you as friend and I would have not made mistake. if you were with me,  He says do not go away I need you, my friend. I know I made mistake and will do anything to correct it.

meera questions him if he will go to jail for his crime??  this is the punishment for your deed, tell me would you do it??. OMG He says YES. He asks if she hates her she denies, she says one thing in my life I can not do that is I can not hate you. You did wrong. I know what guilt you feeling now, what pain you feeling it’s true, you want to repent and I’ll support Ms Sunday always helped funguy in his naughtiness… They hug

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Geet is back calling hubby dusht daanav. She babbles it was clear on his face that he needed help, but he won’t say it. She sits and babbles why do I bother if he does not care, fine now his clients will save him from daadi.  She decides to relax. Can’t as Mk has helped her many time with out saying. She things what to do and goes to take file from shelf, standing on stool. Mk notices wonders what is she trying to do?? She is about to fall, MK holds her and staring with anthem is back with BANG. he gets file for her, brings her down from stool and asks what are you trying to do?? If you can not take care of your self then at least let me take care of you?? geet asks what??

Mk gets nervous and says if you have problem in doing any work then tell me. He adds further, actually I wanted to ask you something means wanted to tell something. Geet replies do not talk to me till you accept that you may need my help even if it’s by mistake.  She walks away from there. Screen freezes on MK with what to do with this gal type expression.

Geet waiting for Maan and scolding him, She looks at her reflection in the fountain and sees Maan’s behind as well…She turns back to see him Day Dreaming.. Geet asks him if he will start talking or not..Maan says only if she allows, Maan says till now he has never asked for from anyone because he feels that he is telling his weakness…Then Geet leaves, but Maan pulls her and she falls with a jerk that water splashes on his face…Geet gets scared, but Maan takes her duppatta and wipes is face Day Dreaming Maan says there is some connection with the water which always unites them…They remember the flashback(first meeting, rain scene etc)..And Maan says today also.

Maan finally says he has to tell her something important….Ask something important…He falters without knowing what words to choose, Geet wonders what he wants to ask and if it’s about Dev.

Maan says that till now what he has not done he is doing today…that is asking help from her.  He asks her if she would help him. Geet says she would help him..i.e the files which she was about to take was Manali, client’s files only….Geet leaves telling she has to pack….Maan asks if the tickets are ready..She says yes and is about to leave but Maan stops her and asks if the hotel is ready…She says Yes and is about to leave but Maan again stops her..Turns her around and asks her if he has to search the person who betrayed her?! He finally says that he wanted ask that question. He asks her to answer.

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Geet asks if she troubles him…Maan asks her not to misunderstand him and tells that he gets troubled by one who troubles her…tells only by her will she will pursue the search but he tells that he knows that she wants justification…that she wants to know the truth…she wants to know the reason behind it. Geet is quietly listening to him

Just for her…Geet wonders if he is facing this the situation in asking one question like staying troubled the entire night.. Then there is nothing more than his happiness for her, she will not trouble him..Maan asks her to give an answer. Geet replies NO and there is no need to search anyone and it’s her past and she doesn’t want to turn and see. Now she is starting a new life. Maan gives a cute smile and tells that she is telling the truth..Geet thanks him for thinking about her so much…She then leaves. Maan stares at her.

Dev asks Meera wh is she quiet..Meera asks him if he trusts her..She inquires everything about Geet..Dev says that even he wants apologize and repent but after her coming, his courage has grown up. Dev compares Naintara and Meera..and says aloud that Geet is in Delhi.

Geet sitting in her room and thinking about Maan how troubled he was the entire night. She thinks if she tells about Dev then it will be his main goal.

Maan here thinks about Geet that he troubled her unnecessarily and he will not be asking further questions.

Geet again thinks that the fight is hers, and she has to do it alone and not trouble Maan.

Dev and Meera search for Geet’s file as Dev remembers that Naintara had got it home. Dev finds the file where Meera reads the address and calls Pinky’s house. Meera farces telling that Geet won in a prize contest..Pinky says that Geet is out of town on business.

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP:.Maan sees the number and thinks that its Dev’s Canada phone number and wonders how she got it and asks her about the phone Number )

Geet remembers what Maan said..she drops the paper…Maan comes from behind and asks her to get ready soon as they would gate late for the flight..Maan sees the paper and picks it…..He sees the number and recognizes it as Dev’s Canada Phone number and wonders where it came from.

Geet wonders what just happened..just few minutes back she had told him she had forgotten everything!

Maan asks her about the number. (If only Maan comes to know..God! I’m waiting to see Dev thrown out…and Naintara behind bars!)

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: Roop Tera mastana..same as yesterdays Unhappy )

Geet stammers and says this number but Maan says that the code is Canada’s and asks how it came to her…Episode freezes on their faces. Geet Saturday 15 February 2020

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