Geet update Monday 30th March 2020


Geet 30 March 2020: On Geet Monday 30 March 2020, Maan walks in with long stride and shouts… Security.. The security people come running saying yes sir.

Geet 30 March 2020: He shouts the command saying that new cook sardarji.. find him quickly.. The security people start running at his command and then Maan himself runs to kitchen to see if brij was there. But the kitchen was empty He mumbles.. he is not here nor in the house where did he go? He runs out again.. and his security team also comes back to him. Once again he instructs them to go and see in the servant quarters he adds urgently that they need to find this cook no matter what. In the other room Annie is holding Arjun’s hand and is waiting for his answer but then hears her brother’s voice asking for this cook. Arjun and Annie get startle and look in the direction of Maan’s voice. Annie knows she has not much time.. she asks urgently.. Arjun you did not answer my question yet. Arjun looks back at her and stares at her innocent honest face but he is still in his own dilemma.

Outside in the hall the security people comes and tells Maan that they cannot find the cook anywhere. Maan shouts at them that at any cost they need to find that cook. In the room Arjun once again hears Maan’s angry voice and gets serious.. he looks back in the direction of the voice and then turns back to look at Annie with a really grim expressions.

Outside in the hall Maan is getting angry at his security team saying how did he just vanish away. What kind of lousy job you have been doing all these time.. Annie walks in with Arjun asking what happen bhai? Maan says angrily with grim expressions.. that chef who was in the disguise of sardarji.. Annie adds that yes Ranbir.. Maan says yes that’s the one.. he adds saying he wanted to kill Geet and he was the one who attacked Geet earlier. Annie and Arjun are surprised at the news. She glances at Arjun’s grim face and stammering a little she says what are you saying bhai.. and how can you be so sure. Maan says seriously.. because I know him.. Annie gives him a puzzled look.. Maan adds with the same grave tone that he is the brother of Geet.. Brij. Annie is still puzzled.. Arjun is listening all these without a word. Annnie says being puzzled.. Brother of Geet!!! then why would he want to kill Geet? Maan cuts her off saying that is a long story. I will have to tell you later. Annie says but he seemed to be a nice man when Arjun and I interviewed him. Listening to that Maan’s suspicious on Arjun once again surfaced & he gives him a suspicious look.. While Arjun is thinking deeply about all these Maan walks toward him with an angry look.. He comes in front of Arjun accusing him & saying because of your sister did you send him here?… Annie gives him an unbelievable stare like what in the world bhai is telling Arjun.. she glances at Arjun.. Maan says angrily I know you would betray us like this. It was my grave mistake to trust you.. But Arjun with his full integrity looks straight in the eyes of Maan saying look Maan I do not know who that person is. I just called the company to send some chef over and he was one of them. Maan cuts him off saying don’t lie to me. You must have done this purposely.. no one can make such a big mistake of hiring a criminal on the job… Annie and Arjun look at Maan’s angry and distrusting face with a shock. Maan says whatever you did, you did it on purpose. Arjun says calmly Maan I believe that I did a grave mistake in hiring that cook without checking his background but it does not mean that you will accuse me of hiring him for purpose.. Maan looks angrily at him and advances couple of steps looking menacing at him & says with a gritted teeth.. what did you say that I am accusing you? To the dismay of Annie he starts shouting at Arjun saying because of you he reached our home. He attacked Geet and not only that after that he kept roaming around Geet and the thought makes him so angry at Arjun.. he just takes couple of steps near Arjun and grabs his collar to the dismay of Annie… Annie just looks at that with OMG expressions and steps back seeing the fury in Maan’s eyes.. Arjun looks at Maan’s hands on his collar and lifts his gaze to look at Maan. Arjun keeps on looking in to Maan’s eyes with same straightforwardness while Maan says I do not know what would have happen if I did not increase the security. He looks in to Arjun’s eyes shaking him and asking who would have been responsible If something would have happen to Geet.. Answer me.. Maan and Arjun both look at each other and they all understand the seriousness of Maan’s action.

Suddenly they hear running foot steps and Maan steps back looking at the arriving people. Geet runs in asking Maan, if you were coming home then why you did not bring me with you? and what was that important thing you remembered that you left me alone there? Geet looks around and feels the grim atmosphere and says what is happening here? Maan says oh nothing Geet. Then he looks at Arjun and Annie making sure they follow his lead.. He says I have come here to arrange some wedding preparations.. something special & a surprise for you…. that is why I came home.. Romeo looks at Adi but Adi signals him to stay put..

Maan continues looking at Arjun saying but he just messed it up & that is the reason I am getting upset with him.. Arjun does not say anything but keeps quite. Geet smiles looking at Arjun’s grim face.. she turns to look at Maan and says Maan stop getting upset in all little things. I am very sure that Arjun is doing his job with as much perfection. Then she smiles broadly at Maan saying now tell me what is my surprise.. Maan smiles at her joyful tone and says if I tell you about the surprise then there is no meaning of surprise.. Then he looks sternly at Arjun and says I was saying the same thing to this people that Geet should not know about this surprise. Arjun also looks at Maan with the same grimness and gets his message. Maan continues saying I will not let you go very easily if this mistake is repeated.. Annie looks at her brother’s grim face with little touch of concern and fear…

Geet says ok then I will wait for my surprise.. Maan smiles at that. Geet says ok then I will go to my Mayka as I am feeling very sleepy. Maan smiles at her and says ok Geet you go and rest.. Geet softly says Good night and turns to leave..

Maan comes back in his MSK mode and walks toward his team of boys and tells angrily…. I told you to keep Geet there .. but Romeo say yes we were trying to but the owner of the party hall wanted to close the premises for the night…

Adi supports Romeo saying he is right sir and also geet was worried about you and she insisted that we bring her home. Maan listens to that and after a while he says that’s ok. but I want to discuss few important things with you guys come with me and he leads them away.. the security team also leaves leaving Annie and Arjun Standing in the hall.

Annie looks at Arjun’s grim face and says softly.. Arjun I am so sorry bhai accused you so much in his anger. Arjun says no, what Maan said was right. Annie gives him a surprised look. Arjun adds It was my mistake I should have done the background check on that chef because this mistake would have been fatal for Geet. Then he looks at Annie and says and you are making even grimmer mistake than that Anwesha.. Annie looks at him.. Arjun adds… by falling in love with me.. He adds gravely that they are like two sides of the sea that can never meet. he then sadly pulls the ring out of his finger and holding the hand of Annie puts it in her palm and closes her fingers around the ring.. Then he looks at Anwesha whose eyes are now getting teary… he looks sadly in to them and says you are making a big mistake I do not love you…. saying he turns and walks out of the hall leaving annie looking after him with tears flooding in her eyes…

Brij is somewhere in the dark hiding. he rubs his neck in his signature gesture saying so Maan Singh Khurana has found me. Now it is better for me as I do not need to attach like a coward from the back.. Now I will kill Geet on her face saying once again he rubs his neck and keeps thinking..

Geet is in her mayka seating on the bed arranging her dresses. Maan walks near window and standing there looks at her …. remembering the night when Geet felt somebody in her room and came running in his arms and Geet lying unconscious in the bathroom. He gets so worried with that memory…he quickly comes around and steps in the room. Geet sees him and keeping her outfit on the bed comes running to him and stands in front of him smiling. Maan is so disturbsed with the thoughts of any harm coming to Geet he takes Geet in his arms and hugs her tightly. His worried eyes have sheen of tears in them. Hugging Geet.. he says passionately.. nothing can happen to you Geet. I will not let anything happen to you.. Geet was hugging him and was getting puzzled by his so worried tone and his voice. surprised she pulls herself out of his embrace and looks at him saying What happened Maan? Why are you saying this? What happened to me Maan?.. Maan as if comes to his senses.. he holds Geet’s arms and saying nothing Geet. Nothing has happened to you Geet but you have seen so much difficulties in your life and has gone through so much in your life.. Geet also starts to get emotional with that. They hold each other and look in to each other’s eyes.. Maan says passionately so many things happened with you but further on I will not let anything happen to you ever…. Moving forward if any difficulty comes to you they will have to face me first.. he adds with same grave voice… after today each wave of breeze which may give you any pain has to take my permission before even touching you… Geet looks at this magnificent man giving her this sincere promises.. her eyes fills with tears and she throws herself in his arms and hugs him tightly… Maan takes her in his arms and holds her firmly in his embrace…

Next morning Khurana Mansion is basking in the morning sunshine.

Maan is seated with Adi and Romeo. Romeo says Sir we have alert the office staff and have shown the picture of Brij so that hey would know him right away.. Adi says he has talked with DIG and he has alerted the police force and he believes that they will be able to catch him soon. Maan leans forward and looks at Adi and Romeo.. says Adi he is a hardcore criminal it is not easy to catch him. If he can reach up to my house in disguise and attack Geet. He definitely would try again..

And I am sure he has come to Delhi to attack Geet so we need to be extra careful and alert. Adi says sure sir.. Romeo says we have kept extra cameras on the main gate and added few more around the house. Maan seems satisfied and nods his head.. He then ask what about NT saying did you get any news of NT? Adi says yes sir she is not in India since long. Then Adi turns to Romeo and ask you did talk with immigration officer right? Romeo says yes sir he told me that he will inform us as soon as she arrives in India.. Maan says very good.. Adi says we will take you leave sir we have lot to do.. Maan nods his head..

Adi and Romeo leave.. Maan also stands to go but stops seeing Arjun. Arjun comes near and says politely Maan I have come to let you know. Maan completes his sentence for him saying that how Brij was successful in getting this close to us. Maan looks a bit relaxed today and tells Arjun that he murdered the head chef of the company you hired and thus was able to come here. Arjun listens to that gravely. Maan says and now police is also sure that he committed that murder. And the agency you hired also did not know that he has referenced them to reach you. Maan says softly…. I know that you are not responsible for any of that.. Arjun looks at him and sees that Maan now does not have that angry look on him.. They both stare at each other without a word but their looks says that they understand each other perfectly..

Geet is seated on her bed… thinking loudly about the gender of the baby….

She says what it would be? a girl or a boy? She says it should better be a boy as when he gets little older he can take care of me, as Maan would be always busy with office work and anyway all the man changes after the wedding so it would be great to have a baby boy.. then she feels happy.. but suddenly she says no babaji not a boy if he turns out to be like him??

Then she smiles saying no baby girl would be ok.. We mother and daughter can take care of each other and her papa? we will get him somehow. then she mumbles how would I know if it is a girl or a boy? She says.. I will toss a coin and if it is head it would be boy and if it is tail it would be a girl.

Saying that she takes the coin at the tip of her thumb and tosses it in the air and catches it but before she opens her palm to see what is it.. Maan walks in and says in his MSK tone.. what is that you cannot decide.. Geet tries to hide the fact saying nothing I was just playing with the coin saying she tosses the coin again to prove her point.. Maan walks toward her around the bed saying if you do not want to tell me then it’s ok then he slides smoothly on the bed to sit near her saying but why are you lying? Geet turns to him and says you always find whatever I say is to be a lie. so it does not matter. Maan says teasingly oh not all the things only those which you say without meeting my eyes. Geet turns to look at him and says now I am looking at you. Maan traps her and says so now tell me the truth why were you tossing the coin. Geet stammers a little and tries to smiles at him.. saying Maan I told you it is not a big deal at all I was just playing with it.. Maan squints his eyes and leans toward her looking sharply at her saying if it is not a big deal then tell me.. Geet is now trapped she pushes him back saying do not play games with me ok I will tell you but with one condition you will have to tell me what was the surprise for me. Maan says you have totally become as if you were from Delhi putting condition each time. then he folds his arms across his chest and sits straight and says I will not tell you about the surprise. Geet also folds her arms and says then I also will not tell you anything. Maan looks at her cute expressions and says ok let’s do one thing I will guess and you just say yes or no.. Geet says but you may ask me 100 questions and any one may be a hit.. Maan says how about only three question.. just say yes or no. Geet thinks a bit and says with a smile then it is ok. Maan slides back and rest his back on the headboard folding his arms saying so here is my first guess.. that you were missing me.. (geet smiles at that) Maan adds and you were thinking how much I will love you after our wedding.. Geet smiles and says wrong.. Maan cranes his neck to look at her and says then you were thinking when will be our next fight.. Geet says totally wrong.. then she also slides back and rests her back to the headboard and says this is not something new.. You love to fight with me and if you do not do that three or four times a day you cannot digest your food.. Maan unfolds his arms and turns to look at her with narrow eyes saying softly I fight with you? She nods her head… Maan then brings himself near her and pointing his finger at her says little heatedly.. you are the one who fights. Geet looks coolly at him and says what are you doing now? Maan looks at his own posture and gets calmer. Geet says ok now tell me the third guess.. saying she smiles and shakes her shoulders in her HP style and smiles cheekily. Maan looks at her and smiles a little then he comes closer to her and very softly says near her ear that my third and last guess is this…. then he looks lovingly at her and says softly you were thinking about the baby. Geet just could not understand how he guessed it right. She happily turns to him and looks at him with little surprise. Maan says my guess is right isn’t. Geet smiles at him. Maan says actually last night I was also thinking the same whether it will be girl or boy. then he sweetly asks Geet.. what would you want. Geet says does not matter whether it is boy or a girl but the baby should have your intelligent and smartness. Maan smiles at that.. Geet adds but the baby should not have your anger issue.. Maan says oh then the baby should have your habit of crying in everything? Geet says do I cry in everything? Maan says yes you do? Geet pouts and with that she just folds her arms and stops talking with him… Maan looks at her pouting endearing face and holds her shoulders and tells her softly looking in to her eyes.. that he loves her in any situations. then adds softly Geet I want a baby just like you who will love us deeply.. Geet looks at him and feels really happy with that but then Maan as if he leans forward to steal a kiss.. but Geet pushes him away saying do not try to be mischievous on account of baby. She then pushes him off the bed and gets up with him saying c’mon get going and pushing him toward the door she says you better go Dadima is waiting for you for haldi. Maan then suddenly turns to her and advancing toward her says wait till we get married.. Geet says oh ok we will think about it after the wedding but for now you better go. Maan goes but then turns back from the door and calls.. Geet and comes toward her. He holds her shoulder and looks at her.. Geet sees the expression on his face and says breathlessly Maan..

Maan then looks down and goes on his knees and puts his left hand on Geet’s abdomen and caresses it saying softly bye baby see you soon.. Geet was looking at him with complete surprise and a total pleasure. Maan stands and smiling softly at her goes away from there..

Annie is sitting in the garden looking extremely sad.. In deep thoughts she is playing with the ring in of her necklace. she must be thinking about arjun and the fresh tears rolls from her eyes. Arjun walks in there and watches her from far and really feels sad seeing her crying her heart out.. he walks near her with a file in his hand. Annie is so deep in her thoughts she does not see him standing there.. Arjun calls her Anwesha… Annie quickly wipes her tears and stands up from the bench wiping some more tears.. Arjun says Annie I needed to talk to you about some arrangements.. Annie does not look at him but says with heavy voice yes what is it? but some more tears just roll down her eyes. Arjun says I was thinking as what would you say if we keep the rituals of haldi out in the lawn instead of indoors. Arjun adds and we also can make the shamiyana and do arrangement for refreshments. and he looks at Annie… but Annie is too straightforward.. To the surprise of Arjun she snatches the file away from him and throws it on the bench and looks at Arjun saying we already discussed this arrangements yesterday then why have you come to discuss it again? Arjun sadly looks at her teary face… Annie adds have you come to me feeling pity for me? That poor Annie would be sitting alone somewhere so let me go and show bit of sympathy to her??? Annie adds with a small voice saying if you have come with those thoughts then you are mistaken. Arjun turns his face knowing she had hit the spot correctly.. Annie then adds with little bit more spirit saying I do not need any one to pity me including you.. Arjun turns to look at her sad face.

Arjun looks at Annie and his gaze falls on the ring in Annie’s chain around her neck.. He looks at the ring and hold it between his fingers and rotates it then he looks piercingly at Annie and says if you do not want any answer from me Anwesha then why are you wearing this ring around your neck? Arjun looks at her and asks her the same question asking answer me Anwesha why are you wearing this ring? Annie does not answer him but holds the ring and looks at Arjun with fresh tears rolling down her eyes. she looks at Arjun with teary eyes and says very clearly that I have wore this ring because I can remember my mistakes that I have loved some one. She adds holding the ring that I may feel all the time that it is a great mistake to fall in love. Arjun just could not bear her tears. He holds her arms and turns her to him saying please do not cry Anwesha I am not worthy of your love.. He says you think it is love but then he could not say anything further and Annie shakes his arns from her saying tearfully Arjun if this is not love then what is it? You may not be able to understand your feelings but I am very sure of mine. Then she adds with a conviction and very sure voice…. she says whether you want to believe it or not but I am in love with you… NT enters at the same moment to over hear what Annie said to Arjun and she smiles at that and says in her mind wow what a wonderful work you did ASR. You have captured the softest spot of MSK now I will show MSK for all the troubles he has put me through… She adds vehemently… Maan veerji will you will see now, NT’s check and mate saying she smiles her crooked smile looking at Annie and Arjun staring at each other. NT adds that I have tolerated you long enough now it is time for you and Geet to suffer………..
MSK is MSK….. He is alert and he has tightened the securities…. He is very much alert and does not allow anybody to slack in any assumptions about security.. He is even trying to track NT… Good move MSK..

Another thing I like about it he was ahead of Arjun to find out about how Brij got in to the chef disguise… So before Arjun prove his innocence to him he himself gives him the proof of his innocence.. and his expression shows that he has put Arjun off the hook of all the incidents and all the happening at KM…. The way Arjun and Maan stare at each other shows clearly that those two understood each other perfectly. I truly wish that if these two come on the same side because if these tow are on the same side then it would be totally impossible to break any wall… but let’s see with the entry of NT how it goes…

Loved the scene with Maan and Geet… and specially loved the way Maan so lovingly knelt down to say bye to baby… That was absolutely the sweetest.. thing.. and If at all Geet loved him little less she will love him completely after this..

Annie and daadi talking how happy both are about wedding. Random guest calls daadi for help and annie goes to check with tashha about her BF, aka asks her about haldi preparation. She asks taasha if she knows where is arjun. Tassha denies and annie remembers arjun’s word and returning of ring.

MSK walking in the corridor, enters in the kitchen, starts searching something  he spots haldi bottle , takes haldi.. he adds water in it makes paste, daadi comes in, he hides paste behind, she wonders what is he doing here??? He makes an excuse of coffee. She tells him make it quick and join us for rasam out side, but MK ka work done, he goes out saying forget about coffee, leaving daadi confuse.

All the gals are at out house, MSK sees and wonders how to get in as it is difficult to get in from the front.Ouch Geet getting ready in the room, suddenly window opens, she hides with vase in her hand ready to hit the stranger, a guy jumps in, geet hits him but shocked it’s no stranger but her praan naath MSK.D’oh She gets hyper, he asks her to get ice. While putting ice she notices MSK enjoying, she starts bickering, she was worried and here he is having fun, If it was not hurting, should he say like this, but no you giving me boby deol type smile. He says yeah you hit me hard, she replies should I show you what hard hitting is, He stops her saying may be I should cancel the wedding, a gal who hitting before wedding what would she do after wards. Geet tells him do not you talk about canceling wedding, may be it’s time for some action. He asks her what did you say action and start approaching her, she sits on bed and pushes him.

She questions him what is the need to get in from window why not door??? He innocently tells her you have guards at the door, she goes to find; he holds her and says I deliberately have come from there. She asks if he does not know about bridegroom not seeing each other after haldi?? He replies I know and haldi is not done yet, plus I want to put haldi first. She wonders how it is possible when there is no haldi in the out house, MSK pretends to wonder too, she tells him it’s his problem. He takes haldi and put on her cheek saying MSK is always prepared..geet asks him if he is Rajnikant’s cousin,both laugh, Maneet eyelock, geet put haldi on his cheek too.

Gals knock the door, she tries to shoo him away, he tells her even if I am gone all would know I was here and wipes her haldi. She tells him may be you wipe mine but do not you even try to think of wiping your haldi off, anyways no one will dare to ask you. MSK goes away from jahaa se aaya tha aka window. She gets the door pinky starts asking why late what was she doing ( romancing with BF what else) tassha asks what stain on her cheek she makes an excuse about getting stain from store room.

Arjun comes home and shocked to see smiley NT, he asks when did she come??? Badboli NT tells when annie was confessing. He gets it and says oh you do not trust anyone therefore have come to check on me. NT goes in lovely sister mode says you are my only support how can I not trust you and you have found MSK’s weak point Annie. Arjun firmly tells her annie is innocent and I will not use her. She emotionally blackmails him how she was innocent too but dev left her and no one in khuraana khaandaan gave a d*** about her innocence.  hugs her and says do not cry, I will take a revenge but not by using Annie. She is not at fault and I can not punish her for MSK’s mistake it’s against my principle, He leaves. NT’s self talk seems arjun has fallen in love with Annie, I will not accept defeat again by Mannet, so I have to take revenge of zulm on me.) I can not let geet live in peace. She needs to be punished. I will destroy geet’s life.

Haldi ceremony going on Daadi put haldi and kisses geet’s forehead. MSK comes, manisha says he will be the one who put haldi first, adi objects saying when tough work needs to get done you take back seat and for haldi you wanna lead, no I will be the first ,romeo whispers in adi’s ear that no need to fight with each other some one has already did the honor of putting haldi on MK. Adi goes close to MK to see that, as soon as MK turns he backs off..Gals put haldi on geet and guys on MK. Annie, pinky taasha tease geet. Daadi stops them. NT gets in the house. watches haldi, thinks to her self this house, family all was mine. I can not let geet take away . I am DIL of this family, she can not be

NT is at swimming pool, self talk, geet you made me homeless and dreaming to be queen of house. No that will never happen. No matter what ever my fate is I will destroy you. She calls geet, geet picks up and shocked to hear NT’s voice. NT taunts her well you must be flying today, you are sure not on earth, has it shocked you hearing my voice?? You must be thought that you kicked me out and I won’t come back, but you have forgotten that I am NT rathor and I never learn to loose. Geet is hyperventilating, NT tells her you may have trapped MK in your love web, but I will make account equal, do not dream of wedding. When there will be no groom, how will wedding happen ?? Screen freezes on geet’s crying face.

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