Geet 2 March 2020: Confident geet gives file to MK says with smile, I have finished all the work by myself with out your help.

Geet 2 March 2020: He is not moved and tells in attitude you are one minute late. Geet tries to speak up but he gives her lesson no 2 that if you do not finish work timely then action will be taken against you,Angry geet tries to protest but he says now on wards you are not CEO but my secretary. geet is shocked. Hug He orders her to get coffee. she says if I refuse, he goes an ordinary secretary has no right to refuse, only boss can say NO.  Peon walks in with coffee.

He asks his name which is Laliya ram and tells him geet’s job is to get coffee, Geet takes a stand tells him sorry I was secretary at KC here I am CEO. He replies in this office there is no importance of post, any one can be any one whether s/he has ability or not and gives sarcastic look to geet and adds when ineligible person can CEO then why not you. So from today you are CEO and geet is secretary of IP. MK you are now officially certifies Moron Sirfira Khuraana (MSK).Nuke Geet is shocked as well as hurt. MSK smirk, tries to shake hand with peon but his whole body shaking and he falls on the floor. Clap Geet gets determine look on her face while MSK giving winner look to her.

Geet walking on the road complaining to babaji that why Zaalim Singh khurrana is in her destiny. She is carrying all the stuff that MSK has asked her to get aka coffee, his dress, files, etc, coz chinise investors are visiting. MSK’s car comes from behind, honk, She gives him coffe, he yells how many times do I need to tell you to have 1 spoon sugar, she says I made it sure, but he gives lesoon no 3 that boss is always right get new coffee. He drives off spilling coffe on her dress. She is frustrated.

Laiya ram trying to get away from pandey and romeo, who is holding him. MSK comes and yells at him why he did not come in when he rings the bell. D’oh Romeo replies coz he got confused whom are you calling CEO or peon. MSK stares at them they run off. MSK babbles all are item in this company and geet !!!she has made me paagal, I made peon , CEO

Geet walks in MSK stares at her lovingly, she stops seeing him, he yells at her for being late in office she tries to say she has gone to get coffee for him, but he throws his fav naara BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Do not argue. He notices staff watching, tells her to go get changed the dress, she replies back you only spoiled it, he goes so do you want me to buy new one for you. Geet says she will never wear dress gifted by him and goes in FB when he bought dress for her in the office. They start their usual fighting staff ko bhool gaye. Hahah  MSK is hurt, says yeah what have you taken from me so, refusing in aatitude. He walks off, geet is hurt too.

Romeo tries his chance with geet, convincing MP ( manish, pandey) that enemy’s enemy is friend. MSK hears and yells are you here to work or make friends, romeo says geet hai hi aisi, he says do not think about geet think about investors those are on their way to be here. Go work and asks for geet. They tell him she is in locker room.

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Geet changing and babbling he is Xerox of raavan, what a trouble, gave me workers dress. MSK comes in shouting her name. she drops the dress. She asks him to stop. He says are you instigating workers against me, come out else I know how to kick you out. He walks in, she yells no, he sees dress on the floor. He asks her who asked you to change here, any one can come, she replies only you are the one who comes behind me without thinking. Both are shocked what she just said.

He gives her dress, she changes, he asks her to come quick and says those three nikaame workers specially and stops. He helps her buttoned her dress and tells her to go and tell those 3 stooges those want you to be CEO, that focus on work than friendship, else you will be the one typing their suspension letters. and you insecure with worker???

Geet decides to be friend with them, goes and do her nautanki. Tries to get their full name and spills the bean boss asked me to type your suspension letters, what to do when workers do not have unity, boss will torture. Geet tells them wish we were united, then at least representative would have talked to boss, so you think who would be fit for this and runs off. 3 stooges screams GEET.

Investors come, geet greets them Sayonaara. MSK tells her they are chinise and what you said means good bye in Japanese.  She says I was just welcoming them he asks her to take notes only.

Msk shows them IP, they ask what is other side, geet writes that too, he asks her what is it, she starts taking notes, he babbles even I do not know what is other side. MSK asks her what is there, she gives him perfect reply I am your ordinary secretary. How would I know, yeah but ECO will know. She calls CEO peon, investors confused. MSK takes them away from there. He introduces them to 3 stooges, geet and them share a thumps up.

3 stooges go on uncooperative movement,Big smile aka machine down, store room door jam etc. he gets the game. Investors leave. MSK asks all out but geet. He asks geet what is the price to get all right?? Your CEO post to you right?? She says if you do so then I will try to get all right soon. He agrees to give her CEO post back. She smiles. He tells her but I promise one day your dream of being CEO will be heavy for you.

Phone rings.. its Dadi ..n Geet receives….n Dadi introes herself as Savitri Devi…n informs abt Puja wit Party for diwali..n invites all employees including her…n Geet says.. Dadima…n Dadi says.. Geet is it u?? Geet says..yes! n Dadi says…’Oh ok then i m putting down the phone’ ..n says now i get it why MSK bought that company…n why since yesterday he is back to his old self..!! Its night and Mansion is decorated for Diwali and Adi n Pinky come n Adi touches Dadiz feet and wishes Dadi…and Dadi blesses him and wishes them back…!! Dadi is looking at the door expectantly…!! The 3 Bandars (Pandeyji… Manisha n Romeo) arrive and …Manisha comments…omg ..this is amazing.. !! Looks like a palace and Pandeyji says that who can say by looking at this beautiful place that ‘Devil aka Rakshas’ type person lives here..!! Romeo sees Tasha and says… the environ of this place is Fullon rocking..!!

Romeo comes to Tasha and starts flirting..!! He says..’Romeo naam hai mera chori hai kaam mera’ (Romeo is my name n stealing is my game) stealing hearts that is..!! Tasha says..’How tacky’ n comments ‘ I had thot only office employees have been invited here ..but for entertainment whom did they bring from the zoo’ and all the girls standing with Tasha start laufing..!! Romeo says..pointing to one of the girls wit Tasha ..’Seems she is talking to u’ and goes away..!! Tasha n girls lauf..!!

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Dadi keeps looking at the entrance door and … n Adi says.. ‘Dont worry Dadima..the one ur waiting for will surely come’ .. Dadi says..’I m hoping th same..that they come’ * All are in white/cream.Confused*….. Munda all black with red lining on coat..!! As Munda is walking down the stairs he recollects the engagement nite…of how Dadi was saying..’Pinky has looked all around..but no news of Geet’ and Dadi saying ‘We should end the wait ..she wont come now’…n Adi tells Dadi..that look he is here..!! Dadi turns around and sees Munda..n turns back and says..’The one i m waiting for ..they..havent come yet!!’ Munda self thot…’Forget the past’ and Munda comes to Dadi.. n touches her feet and hugs Dadi to wish her…..n Dadi blesses and says..i thot u wont come..n Munda says..why wuldn i come…u keep this party every year… so the question of me not coming doesnt arise…!! Dadi looks at the door expectantly and MSK follows her gaze..!! Dadi says..’Maan u look lost?? Well are u thinking of..’ and Munda says..’If u thinking that i m thinking abt Geet then ur wrong…she isnt that important that my life has to stop without her..!! The truth is…in my life..*Geet comes in ..looking resplendent in red salwar kurti with Golden pattern* ..she has no value…!! MSK looks around and sees Geet..n is shocked…Dadi turns and sees her as well. Geet looks around and self thot..’Wat are u thinking Geet..u din come here at ur own will..Dadi called u here..!! She called u specially by inviting u on phone..!! Tasha sees Geet n is startled !! MSK looks as Geet enters and Geet looks at MSK as well..!!

Maneet eyelock as Geet comes towards Dadi n MSK… n Romeo spots Geet n it a dream or reality walking in…..its like a Angel walking down from the !! Geet comes to where Dadi n MSK are standing..!!.. Munda walks a bit forward and Maneet are standing face to face…n MSK says…’Why have u come here Geet.?? I dun want any drama Geet.. Go away from here!! Maneet eyelock……n Dadi promptly comes and says..’Maan…I have called Geet’ n.. Munda shocked.. n Maneet stare match continues..!! Dadi says..’Come Geet ‘ and Dadi takes Geet wit her…!! Tasha taunts that.. ‘After all that has happened..she came here like a shameless’ and Pandeyji says..’I feel that this girl has some very deep bond/link with this family’ and Romeo says ‘And there seems to be a long story behind this deep bond/link’!!

Dadi n Geet standing near the mandir and Dadi tells Geet..i got u here wit a purpose…. i dunno wat happened and Maan doesnt talk about this at all..!! Whatever i know ..its thru the newspapers..!! Geet starts to explain and Dadi says..’No beta i din call u to explain the facts of ur relation with Maan… all i want is that.. u both shld b able to MOVE ON in ur life……n Geet says..i m trying….Dadi says i knw..n its coz of u that Maan bought that factory n Geet as to continue the fight and teach me a lesson and Dadi says…..i m very worried for Maan.. hv never seen MSK like this. before…..!! Dadi says..once before also..someone had hurt him n stops *Geet looks startled*…. n says i m very scared …..i dun want him to reach to a point of no return..!! Pls. help me..!! Geet says… ‘Me?’ and Dadi says.. ‘Please.. consider this as a request..’

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Dadi clears that i had supported Dev despite of knowing that he is guilty but what culd i do beta.. i was weak owing to motherhood/ emotions..!! And today again..for that same motherhood/emotions.. i m asking something from u.. Please talk to Maan once..!! Geet says.. ‘Its not ur fault..please dont blame urself..!!’ and Dadi says.. ‘Please to Maan just once..!’ Geet says..’Ok Dadima’ and Geet hugs Dadi..!!

Dev comes… all wet in rain…*.Confused * n sits on a bench in the garden outside the mansion!! Dev says…’What have i turned my life into with my own hands? I hv fallen so deeply in my own eyes..that i feel embarassed to go before others..!! *Dev coufs* and says ‘Being in jail was my punishment but NT din even let that happen..!!’ In this celebration of light i . m sittin all alone in this darkness..outside my own house..!! Meera comes out of car and sees him n wonders..when he got out of jail…n wants to go away ignoring Dev but cant.. n looks at Dev..!!

Dadi is doing Arti and Geet is standing with folded hands with others..!! MSK standing as well staring at Geet..!! Dadi turns n gives Arti thali to Geet to do Arti..!! Geet is doing Arti….n Munda continues to stare ..n Manisha comments that ‘This girl has some connection ..she is doing Arti at bossz house..’!! After Arti finishes…. Geet giving Arti to all.. MSK looks at her..but by th time Geet looks at him he is looking away….!! Finally she comes to him.. n Mahiiiiiii

Geet offers thali to MSK n says.. ‘Arti sir’ but MSK is silent.!! Geet turns to leave but…MSK holding on to Arti thali…n Geet stops!! MSK puts his hand on the Arti diya n Geet stares at him!! MSK says.. i asked u to leave..then why u din leave?? Geet says ‘Sir’ n MSK says.. ‘Go away from here’ ! Geet says…’Sir what are u doing? Listen Dadi ma..’…n MSK says…..’Go away from here’..n Geet says….’Ur hand will burn’ and tries to snatch the thali from Mundas grip…but not able to..!! Geet says ..”Leave the thali or ur hand will get burnt’….but MSK not ready.. !! And while trying to take the thali away…it drops…!! All look on shocked!! Dadi is worried n sad…Tasha has an OMG expression n 3 Bandars are also shocked..!!Both Maneet look at the thali on the floor and at each other..!! MSKs eyes are raining fire….and Geet looks on shocked and hurt..!! MSK leaves…n Geet stands…with a sad expression..!! All in the bg…keep staring n wondering abt the incident..

Meera comes to Dev. in the rains……. n Dev shiveringly looks away and then says..u wondering that i had gone to do my penance then how i came out.. well that NT..n Meera says..Dev please…stop blaming NT for everything..!! Agreed that she was about to do all this with her lawyers but then why u din do anything at that time??Answer! Dev explaining that ‘He tried a lot…but NT with help of fake documents proved that when the incident happened with Geet we were in Canada. Dev further says that he is not worried for himself but for Maneet. NT has come out..n she can do anything. Meera turns to leave n Dev faints….n Meera turns right back and comes to him……n says.. ‘Dev..get up..’

MSK shown standing in common area of the mansion n its all decked up by diyas.n looks at his burnt hand n then looks straight on…. Geet comes n walks towards him looking at him and stands next to him and says.. MAAN….!! MSK turns n looks at her angrily…! Geet monday 2 March 2020


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