Geet 29th June 2020: On Geet Monday 29 June 2020, Geet yawns n gets up… n MSK is sitting staring at her.. Maneet are playing push pull with th cover.. n MSK says..

first wish Good Morning…n Geet time n leaves the cover n MSK pins her on the cupboard n Maneet close moment..!! Mahiiii!! Geet starts to talk slowly n romantically n comes close to MSKs ears n shouts Good Morning..n MSK startled..n MSK says.. i wont let u go now..!! Both start fighting about the color of the room… MSK says.. Pink for Girl ..n Geet says.. Blue for Boy..!! Geet says.. i say its Girl …n no point in arguing with u..!! MSK says.. no its boy n yes no point saying anything before u..(its like Bhais ke age been) Geet says.. i m buffalo??

Anne calls Romeo n Manisha to start work on new clients work.. both ask why separate from Arjun n Anne says.. no questions.. pls. start work! Anne stares at Anne and Arjun discussing..!!


MSK and Geet at breakfast table n MSK says.. what problem in Pink.. guys like Pink..!! Geet says.. boys of Delhi mite like..not shers of Punjab..n MSK says.. yes ur zoo ppl. mite not like!! Geet asks Dadi.. .n Dadi point in discussing with u both.. no one knows when u fight or makeup


Geet serves Paratha to MSK n MSK says.. wont eat.. Geet says..u have to .. coz when my son grows up..i will feed him Paratha n to his dad too..!! MSK Says.. if u feed him this ..then he will blow up like his mom.. n Geet annoyed! Dadi says.. stop whispering n eat!!

Adi calls MSK n says..come on time its 400 Cr deal… n MSK Says..again 400 cr. stop repeating..!! MSK leaves for office..!! Dadi asks Geet what were u discussing.. Geet says.. Boy or Girl..n Dadi says.. well whatever it is.. it wil b very lucky to have u both as parents! Dadi coming out of mansion n Dev comes in… n Dadi smiling.. Dev asks why?? Dadi says..coz Maneet fight like kids on small issues..!! Dev says..they fought again?? Dadi no just for fun n MSK sees Dev n glares at him.. Dev says.. m leaving..!!

Another client leaves Anne-Romeo admist presentation saying overbudget..!! Romeo says.. whats up?? Anne says… keep faith!! Romeo says.. Arjun got a client..!! Someone calls n says.. u arrang wedding?? Anne says yes..come tomorrow.. n Client says ok..! Romeo n Anne delighted!!

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MSK giving presentation to clients and they are delighted!! Adi thanks God for MSK taking interest!! MSKs phone rings..Adi says..God!

Geet has sent list of Baby Boy names …n first name is GURMEET .. Adi prays that let him not get deviated..n stares at MSK.. who glares back!! MSK says..GURMEET is good name n replies!! MSKs presentation gets deviated again.. but Client finalises deal…!!

MSK calls Geet n can u decide baby name alone?? Geet says..i messaged but u din reply.. MSK says..i was busy…!! Geet i will do it alone!! MSK says.. not just boy but girl.. we will decide jointly..!! MSK says..i will keep girls name…n stammers… n Geet says..see no idea..!! MSK says.. well its my girl.. so will take time to in evening..! MSK says.. its my reputation at stake.. have to find out a name!

Adi comes to MSK n papers ready please sign..!! MSK says ok. .n btw now think of baby girl names… adi says why.. MSK says..project name on girl..!! Adi says..will put my team on it!! MSK says.. its better i thot of it myself..


Dev comes to his room tired and worried!! Dadi comes n says..told u to rest but!! Dev says m fine..come sit..!! Dadi asks about interview… n Dev says…gave at 3 places but referred candidates were selected.. Dev says.. if time is bad.. no one can be blamed!! Dadi says..dun give up! Dadi says..i know u hesitate to ask help from MSK … but i will talk to him..!! Dev says.. no .. dun.. he already did lots of favour by letting me stay here.. i dun wanna burden more!

Anne n Manisha excited about new client n Romeo comes n tells its ‘Bhai’ who had taken off our furniture..!! Manisha n Romeo scared… that if they refuse.. Bhai wont spare them..!! Anne says ..what to do now.. Romeo says..have a idea


Geet cooking and servant handsover phone saying its MSK..!! MSK says hi..n starts a list of girls name… n Geet says.. i dun have time..for timepass..!! MSK says.. ur work is work.. mine is timepass ..not fair..say!! Geet says.. coz of u i ruined chili chicken.. made it milk chicken..!! First u come here..n i will show u…!! Geet comes to the hall n sees MSK sitting pretty on a couch n smiling..!

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Geet comes to hall n sees MSK n taps his shoulder and says.. u culdn have come to kitchen to talk..?? U ruined my food..!! MSK says..u ruined my meeting so i did same..!! Geet says ok my son will take revenge… n MSK says..not possible coz it will be girl..!! MSK says lets play chits n will get to know boy or girl..n Geet prays for boy n picks up chit n its girl..n Geet says..lost..!! MSK says..see god wants girl… n gets up…n leaves..!! Geet sees the other chit n its girl as well n says.. u cheat..n chases MSK n about to fall when Dev n MSK both scream.. GEET..!! MSK stares at Dev… n MSK says..u never take care of urself… u sit i will call Doc..!! Geet says m fine.. ! MSK says from now on i will take care of u n baby..! Geet says who wil run company?? our neighbors?? MSK says m not in mood for jokes!! Dadi comes n says whats wrong n MSK says.. !! Dadi says take care.. MSK says..doesnt even take vitamins n milk….. n Geet says din..!! MSK says sit i will get!! Dadi says..take food on time!! MSK heating milk in a huge tumbler for Geet…LOL !! MSK adds fistful of sugar…n is about to add hing thinking its kesar..n Dadi stops n gives kesar! Dadi says now will add dry fruit..!!

MSK tastes the milk first n Dadi smiles.. n says..ur a good hubby ..but its time u become a good brother as well! I know u wont like what i say! Dev is running from pillar to post for a job.. atleast u give him a good job! MSK remains quiet n pours the milk n takes to Geet! Dadi sad!

Geet in baby room seeing the babys toys.. n smiling..!! MSK comes n sees Geet lost in thots n MSK says..why u came up here? Geet says.. my heart said so.. MSK says..ur heart says a lot these days..we need to do something! MSK offers milk n Geet says dun want.. MSK says its for baby.. or i will call dadi like u do n Geet challenges but MSK shouts n Geet stops ..n says..ok ..u drink half n i will drink half..!! MSK says..this is strange n i dun like milk n Geet says drink or i call Dadi..! MSK looks in a fix n Geet says u can escape this if u color the room blue.. MSK disagrees n drinks! Geet drinks as well n MSK says why u drank? Geet says seeing ur angry face n MSk glares n both start smiling..LOL n leave room with MSK holding Geets shoulder!

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Geet wakes up n wonders where MSK so early?? Geet sees MSK working on computer n reads a site…’How to be good dad’ ..n Geet self thot ..he is doing so much to be a good dad! Geet squeezes MSks shoulder!! Geet says from today i will listen to all u say..! MSK says can i ask …will..the color of the room will be pink?? Geet says no..i said yes from today ..n color was ydays topic! Romeo meets up Nitya and gives the no. of Bhai..


Part 2
MSK writes a cheque to Mr. Kapoor and is about to leave when Mr. Kapoor says.. that is Dev working with u or not?? MSK shocked..!! Mr. Kapoor says..he came to me begging for job n to few others too.. doesnt look nice that Mr. MSK bro asking for job… !! MSK says..thanks to know..!! Kapoor says what to do of Dev?? MSK says say no n leaves..! Dev calls Mr. Kapoor who turns him down

Arjun compliments Nitya about getting new contracts n Nitya talks about the Bhai saying its some corporate n Arjun sees th no. n realises that its Bhai n says..who gave u the no. n Nitya says Romeo! Arjun comes to Anne n asks ..u did this on purpose.. Anne plays innocent n Arjun says.. dun play games! Arjun says ..dunno why Bhai wants to plan the wedding by us..!! Right then the new entry opp. Anne enters..n all stare… he says..if u cant figure ask me!


Part 3
Arjun comes n asks the person who he is ..n he replies.. Babu Gujjars younger son…!! He asks are u the wedding planner n Arjun says yes!

Geet making cudi n search for Methi n realises its kept in cupboard above..n tries to take it out.. n as she tries to rise high.. Dev comes n stops her..n Geet freezes


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