Geet 17 February 2020: Maan ask geet what is between us…do you think we are faking..
Geet says We were joined together by fortune.

Geet 17 February 2020:  Maan says i dont want to talk about fate and anything else
i want to talk about what we feel for each other..
We cauld take our relationship to the next level
but i want to hear from you what you feel about me…he wants geet to says I love you!!

he is asking geet to confess geet cant she is shy and hides behing the partion.
she says during all my difficult times you have been there
You have taken me your life with open arms even after knowing about my past
She says you dadi ma is nice she loves me to
And you are a nice human being too


Maan says i have heard that a lot of times….I asked you something els..e
and i need the answer right now

geet says you dont give others a chance to talk…I am trying
and you are pushing me everything goes according to what you say..
argument begains between maan and geet nok jhok
Maan says you always find fault in me
Now i am not going to talk to you untill you confess what i want to hear

Geet going to convince MSK

Maan sitting in a chair…Geet walks toward him and touches him with a finger
Maan looks as if she is going to say those 3 magical words
geet says That …. Blubbering and Say That My Clothes Are Under You
You are sitting on my clothes
Maan says you take care of your clothes i am gonna sleep on the bed
leaves in a huff
geet says again i cauldnt say what i really wanted too

MSK and geet back home its morning
MSK still waiting and wanting geet to confess Says Night to morning she still has not said that
Geet thinking what should i say…how when

MSK asks her geet do you want to say something
We reached home from manali and you still havent said anything
She says i want to say….main aapse ….Dadi intermission

And says where were you guys..I was worried about you..
MSk taunts geet

Some people dont think and dont answer when they have to and dont talk when they have to

Dadi ask what do you mean
geet covers up

thats we were busy in a meeting and there was a storm we stayed alone in someone house alone.
dadi says It’s too much, you guys staying together alone in someone elses house

Maan says It’s too much …
And looks at geet saying i will not wait now to hear anything i am leaving for office

Adi and tasha /Shasha aarive
and say you guys are home…Dadi and office were worried

Sasha taunts…geet I know your maans fiance but you accompanied him as a secreatry did you forget your job as the secreatary and did not inform anyone in the office

If you guys had different plans you should let know…
geet gives her straight accross
saying plans did not change..we were stranded in a storm

Dadi cuts of sasha and send geet to call maan upstairs as she need to talk to him
Geet scared to go in front on MSK
And thinks she will tell him the msg and run off

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Scence of the day Geet opens the door to Maans room
Maan just out of the bathroom in a towel wet hair….

TongueMaan looking at geet woh main keh rahi thi geet goes on..
Maan deadly romantic stare and walks towards geet
Geet moving back

New mahi music…………….
Maan pulls geet toward him and corners her to a walll

Maan says Yes what were you saying, all passionated
Geet blaberring…
Sudeenly I like sasha mind.

maan says what….
geet tries to run maan catches her hand again
She says dadi waiting for you so is adi/sasha and tasha
She tells him no need to go to office today dadi says and work from home
He says this is what you wanna say fine.
Then go
She says come fast dadi is waiting for you

MSK you are worried about Dadi waiting for mew
what about my wait

Geet says Your hair is not white yet
He says so you want me to wait till my hair turns white
She says no
Dadi hair turned white /she is old so i am worried

Geet i am worried about as well
She tries to leave her hand from MSk grip

She looks in his eyes and says What should i say
he says whatever what your heart says
say that today…Maan very close to geet geet runs aways

Dev and meera discussing about geet to find her and dev says how will i confront her
talk to her…and thinks if it wasnt for meera i would have never had the guts to go about
doing this in life

maan downstairs angry stares at geet
Dev /meera waiting in the office to meet geet
Thinks they should meet geet before maans come here
Pinky called in my deveera

Maan downstairs
Dadi today you will not go to office…

Dadi says cancel all appointments for friday and we have to go for shopping
Dadi says arrange a party on friday

Pinky says geet with maan must be busy so not in office Devmeera look on
dev thinks Geet works with maan

dadi says call everyone /your friends As i am getting you and geet engaged on friday

maan and geet look on.


Geet walking back to outhouse doing self talk that one problem has not solved, other comes in. We have n’t sorted out our engagement issues and daadi wants party for it. It’s better I do not go in front of MK else he will stare with his red eyes, she walks in and MK standing right there, she is shocked asks you here??
He orders her to come up but then himself starts coming down from stairs, Mk approaches towards her saying what did you tell daadi, so now she eagerly wants to tell whole world? geet replies she has not said anything and if there is a mistake why it has to be me?? He again asks her tell me?? She goes saasha was taunting her so daadi took this step, now he wants to know what saasha saying?? Geet asks him to leave it. He retorts that he is sick and tired of her habit about not speaking up, He corners her in the book shelf with their anthem, eye lock, and PHATELA, teared, rail way station decoration of jhaalar falls on them.

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After eye lock she tries to run he holds her hand and says you always find a way to run away from me every time and you must be happy now that daadi throwing party and you have valid excuse to stay away from me, you can stay here with peace, now whole world will know about us without you speaking up, now you are saved for not to say the truth. While he says all these to her he keeps removing JHALLAR from her, untie her hair.

He tells her you do not want to speak your heart and if you want me to beg for that then this is not going to happen.

Geet replies in soft tone I wish you could have understood me. You have claimed to read my eyes, this is what have you read??. MSK is shocked, eyes fill up, she leaves

We are at KC now, where pinky gives file to dev, he asks you told staff is happy then where is every body  pinky fills him in your daadi has called so all are at your mansion, Meera Bail pretends and the gal what is her name yeah geet where is she) pinky tells she is on business trip, she supposed to be back today, but sure she has some work and any ways now she is with MK so she must have stuck with work.

Dev is shocked, meera asks what’s wrong, he says geet works with bro??  who knows if she has come to take revenge

May be she would have told all to bro.

Meera bai suggest he dev should talk to MK and find out what and how much MK knows about dev and geet, there is no point sitting alone and getting stress. He agrees says yeah I need to find out what all MK knows. Meera tells she will go find geet, so that we will know why has she come here.

MK self talk. Geet is incredible, she has turned the table, I understand her, what ever I am doing doing it for her  and proving me wrong. Geet sitting some where in garden, going through FB with MK manaali and recent one.

Dev comes to talk to MK. Dev says did not I tell you I want to talk about past?? MK says do not talk about them few people try to play with sentiments by talking past. coz they have few spots in past, so they think others emotions are not important. Dev thinks why is he talking like that. does he know the truth?? He asks whose past are you talking?? Did some one say something ,he goes FB with NT abt telling MK past. Dev says he never seen MK so concern for some one’s past. MK replies no one never has palyed hide and seek with me.

What a co incidence??? from no where meera also comes where geet is sitting,goes and sit next to her starts talking nothing is big thing, do we meet before, gives her chocolate, says god has sent me as your saviour

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Meera social worker questions geet why life is complicated?? Geet says coz we would not know then real meaning of happiness if life is straight, meera gets nothing, geet tells her I had seen lots of sadness, so do not have courage to accept the happiness.

Back at home MK says I hate when people do not finish talk, dev does not understand, Mk replies yeah the biggest problem is it’s very difficult to understand her. Dev asks whom??? MK is back in his sense, replies no one and asks dev if he wanted to talk about some one. Dev is relieved that MK knows nothing about geet’s past. He says he does not know about whom Mk is talking but give some time, some time it’s tough to over come past and speak up. MK goes in FB with geet about him reading her eyes. Dev leaves MK is left behind thoughtful. Out side dev thinks geet told nothing, so he needs to find her.

Meera tells geet you and I have same problem MAN. Geet asks how does she know, she goes I know. She adds boys are duffer, every thing needed to be told, so you have to be bold. Geet says he is not dhakkan , other than this he understood all. Meera says yeah he is zero about understanding what is in heart, so go close to him tells all in his ear loudly, then he will get it.  geet aks what if anything goes wrong, I do not even know you. Meera encourages her that stranger’s advice is never wrong coz what will she achieve misguiding her, so listen to her and tell him DIL KI BAAT. Meera takes leave saying her that I feel we will meet again.

Geet decides to see Mk, MK decides to give her time.

Maneet walks towards each other with out noticing and bump. MK gets chocolate on his cheek. Geet says sorry, he yells you have to tell me, why every time I see you some thing goes wrong, today you will not say or do any thing. I need to talk to you. She tries to wipe chocolate, he holds her hand, she gives him chocolate saying, have it, this improves mood and gives energy. MK says neither he has interest in chocolate nor in some one else. He has interest only in one and to talk that we need to go out, away from people. Geet says I also want to say same SIR.

Mk says very good, now do one thing, be ready at 8 pm, we are meeting outside alone. Geet blurts out alone, in night that too out???

MK says yes geet, alone, you and I going for dinner. Geet says this means, MK interrupts her saying the meaning is clear that you and I are going out on DATE.

MK turns back to see shocked geet, she offers him chocolate, he tells her to keep it for strength and walks off.


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