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Geet Tuesday 4 February 2020: The episode starts with Maan setting Pari on a seat, and (almost) leaving to get her a doctor – which she blatantly refuses of course.

Geet Tuesday 4 February 2020: She tells him that she doesn’t need a doctor, only him. Maan looks at Pari weirdly, and says her name confusedly, when Geet walks in… Maan quickly changes his tone to one of loving care, and tells Geet to bring Pari some water, while putting a pillow behind Pari, and sitting on the bed with her.

Geet storms off, and complains that these Mumbai girls are like, four steps ahead of Delhi girls! What speed they move with! She walks back with a glass of water, and sees Pari hugging Maan! She claps a hand over her mouth, and Maan smirks when he notices Geet, and hugs Pari right back. Geet almost faints at the sight, but steadies herself. Pari thanks Maan for all he’s done, and tells him she’s getting ready for tonight. She walks off, but not before smiling at Geet and saying “Didn’t I tell you, all I’d need is four hours?” Geet stares at her, and then starts complaining to Babaji.

“It really is true Babaji, what she says, she ends up doing! When I went to her hotel yesterday, she was saying that work is just an excuse, she plans to make a place in his heart for herself… what if she really does that? Huh Babaji?” This is when Geet notices Maan (and his smirk… stop smirking MSK!) and asks him if Pari isn’t just a bit too fast? Maan replies that he likes fast girls (stop right there, I think I need to gasp – you evil person, stop torturing her!), fast girls that already know their intention… he’s walking up towards her, closing that gap between them, saying that these girls move a step forward, instead of moving two back.
Geet stops, and says that it’s not like that. Maan huskily asks to explain then (far out Maan, only in Indian soaps could the girl be any more clueless about what you have planned!).. Geet continues her descent into the wall, and quietly says she was just saying Pari is really fast. Maan, continuing his ascent, says she’s already said that. Geet stammers, and says she’s very close, close to him.. Maan asks close, close? He tells her to say it… MaanEet eyelock #100,000.
Geet breaks off the eyelock, and wonders how she explains to Maan that Pari is shameless… she turns around, and complains that Pari’s hugs aren’t right. Maan wonders what Geet’s trying to say and Geet says that Pari is getting too close… Maan wonders why Geet is complaining… if Pari doesn’t do that, then Dadi will get suspicious, and he doesn’t think there’s any harm in what Pari does, hmm?
He walks off, and Geet complains that he’s not even thinking of Dadi! What spell has this girl put on him? He doesn’t even understand what Geet is trying to tell him. Hmph. She walks into the hallway, and Pari comes decked out in a purple one-shouldered dress, and flats.
Pari comes, and excitedly says that tonight “hona hai jo, ho jaane do…” Geet wonders if that isn’t from a song… and Pari says yeah, whatever romance there was in that song,  it’ll be there tonight between her & Mr.Dreamy. Pari blows kisses at Geet and runs off.
Geet is maha worried about Maan, and wonders what Pari will get up to this time… no, no, Geet has to stop Pari for Maan’s sake, whether he listens or not.

It’s late evening, and Geet is standing at Maan’s desk, pacing. She tells herself that if she had known that Mumbai girls were like that, she wouldn’t have let Maan near under any circumstances.  She wonders where Pari’s taken him, and what state is poor Maan in? Just then Maan’s phone rings, Geet answers. It’s Maan, and he’s like “Oh, so my phone is at home.”
Before he gets another word in, Geet screams into the phone wondering where he is, and what that noise is. Maan replies that he’s at a discotheque, and puts the phone to his mouth, so Geet can clearly hear: “I’m with Pari.” Geet freaks out, and is like “Disco? Where there’s all these naked, paked girls with really little clothes, and who go dhad, dhad? And you’re there with Pari!? What are you doing with crazy people?”
Maan is smirking, and says that he’s doing what guys do… anyway, he only called to check that his phone was still at home, and for Geet to have it sent, or… Geet starts yelling that she’s definitely not going, just thinking about it is making her head spin… she doesn’t belong at discos, and says she’ll have it sent over. Maan retorts that’s what he wanted, and besides he didn’t invite her. Geet hangs up the phone in annoyance. Maan s-m-i-r-k-s and says that in twenty minutes, his phone, and Geet will be here.

In another part of the world (I mean Delhi) Mr.Private Detective is standing outside a door, listening and watching Dev tell the waiter that when Madam comes, all the lights should be off, and only Frank Sinatra should be playing. Mr.PD likes the choice, and quickly calls NT. He tells NT that her husband is preparing for a dinner with someone, NT widens her eyes and flares with anger.

Back at the disco, girls are shown dancing, and PariMaan (it’s cute how their names combine) are sitting at a bar. Maan keeps looking at the door for Geet, and Pari is sitting there bored. She asks Maan to “burn the dancefloor” but Maan doesn’t wanna dance. She tries putting her hand on his, but Maan notices, and Pari smiles bashfully, and takes her hand away. She then says that when Delhi’s Dreamy Dude and Mumbai’s Princess Pari are together, there should be a blast, right?
Maan tells Pari that she’s working for him, so she should keep her feelings to herself.  Pari agrees glumly, and then watches Maan stare at the door. She loudly asks if Maan is waiting for someone. Maan, startled out of his reverie, says he isn’t, and Pari wonders if they could at least have a drink? Maan agrees, and Pari tells him to go reserve a table, and she’ll grab the drinks. Maan reluctantly agrees, and goes off. Pari calls out for a waiter, and lights up (she’s planning something…).

At the entrance, Geet has finally arrived… she looks around for Maan, who stops and sees her. Maahi plays as Maan thinks that Miss Geet Handa has arrived. Geet looks up, but doesn’t see Maan, and continues walking around. She’s at the dancefloor, and tries to tell herself that these people are no different to her – they all have two arms, two legs… she’s freaking out as she gets bumped.
Maan watches her, and quietly tells the bodyguards not to harm her, as she’s with him. The guys agree, and walk off. Geet notices Pari, who’s telling the waiter…
To mix rum, vodka and all this alcohol in Maan’s drink!  Geet is shocked and vows to make sure that Maan sir doesn’t get the drink, but…
Maan is already there! Pari, who was excitedly thinking that Maan will become fun after this drink, is quite shocked at seeing him. Maan acts all lovey-dovey with Pari, and says that she hasn’t come and sat down yet. Pari agrees, and they both walk off.
Geet quickly walks to the seating area, and doesn’t want to be seen by Maan, otherwise he’ll just start another lecture. She then notices PariMaan walking towards her, and she doesn’t know what to do, so she hides under the table. Unfortunately for her, Maan has seen her, so he guides Pari to where Geet is hiding. They both sit down, and Maan smirks as he knows Geet’s underneath the table.
Pari urges Maan to drink to health and happiness, and Geet is shocked, and she decided to switch the drinks, but she doesn’t know how. An idea hits her in the form of pushing another chair onto the floor, so a guy stumbles over it, and causes PariMaan to wonder if the guy’s alright. Geet quickly switches the drinks, and smiles that Maan’s drink is switched now. She goes to hide under again, but Maan stops her, and drags her out.
Geet uncomfortably smiles and says hello to both of them. Maan continues his trademark look, and Geet stammering, explains that she’s here to give Maan his phone back… and the reason she was under the table was because.. well, oh yeah, she didn’t want to disturb the talk PariMaan were having, so she wanted to quietly put the phone on the table.
Maan smirks  and wants his phone back. Geet hands it over, and says she should go now, and Pari reluctantly says Geet can stay…
Geet excitedly agrees, and sits down. PariMaan look confused and sit down. Geet, dazed, quietly says that no one will keep an eye on them otherwise. Maan tells Geet that if she goes, PariMaan will be alright, and beside doesn’t Geet hate discos?
Pari is amazed, and wonders how Geet can hate them – in a club, night becomes day. Geet agrees, and then Pari urges Maan to drink. Geet also tells Maan to drink… and that’s when Maan gets suspicious. He swaps drinks with Pari, and drinks the original drink meant for him.
Pari walks off, going to dispose of her drink… and Geet sits there watching Maan. Maan, who is in full effects of his drink, wonders why Geet isn’t smiling… and he tells her to smile, and dance.

both of them hugging each other! Blushing. Maan has a smile on his face while hugging …Finally Geet realizes and pushes him and runs off, Maan stops her but she asks him to leave her go…MK asks why she came here. Geet stares at him unable to answer..MK says he knows why she came there…He says that she did not like Pari getting close to him. He corners Geet to the wall and says it was not Pari who has made a place in his heart….Geet is quiet..MK asks if she doesn’t want to know…Geet says she doesn’t want to anything…MK says she wants to know as it makes a difference as Geet keeps refusing to whatever he says ..She says she has no rights…but MK goes on….He says that it does make a difference it her and he is not wrong.

She pushes him so hard and says it doesn’t make any difference to her and stresses it strongly and says however hard she tries to go far away from him, he tries to come close to her and she is tired of fighting with herself! She asks him to leave her and let her go. Maan is bewildered to hear this and says that he did not know that she too felt the same! Maan says he just wanted to know .. But Geet cuts him off and says that what he wanted to know? He asks questions which has no answer! Maan tries to wipe her tears but Geet asks him to stay away from her as she cannot stand it repeats constantly to let her go. Maan is devastated hearing this and sadly looks at her go.

The next morning Geet debates whether to get into the room or not . She sees him sleeping and thinks of what happened the previous night.

Geet is thinking of how the driver got him home getting drunk and driver saying that what would happen if Dadi maa came to know that. Maan wakes up and is thinking about Geet that he was wrong and it doesn’t make a difference to her…He is also tired of her playing hide and seek. He is now determined to stay away from him. Simultaneously Geet is thinking of flash back asking the driver to Maan to the outhouse.

Dev is arranging for the dinner….Naintara comes in and goes hysterical and shouts at Dev..Dev tries to justify that it was wedding anniversary, but Naintara is adamant and doesn’t listen to him at all and says he is making excuses for getting caught! Dev is helpless.

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP: Maan comes downstairs and Pari is happy to see him!)

Geet is talking to herself..saying it all happened because of her…why she went behind him..She is going on talking why she behaved that way and why she was having a problem. She thinks how she would ever Meet MK after all this. Pari comes in greeting Geet and sees Geet crying.

Maan too comes downstairs..Maaneet look sadly at each other. Pari sees this.

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: Maan says that Pari was right…instead of living with such a person, he can live alone…Geet comes to the house…Naintara is shocked to see her there.)

Pari greets Maan to and says that it was fun last night. She asks where he went and she was searching for him all over. Maan says that he went to such a place it was tough for him tolerate, he looks at Geet with bitterness in his eyes Broken Heart


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