GEET Tuesday update 17th December 2019 Starlife

GEET Tuesday update 17 December 2019 Starlife, The episode begins with Dev telling everyone that it doesn’t matter what happened with Geet that day. He wants to marry her. Dar ji turns to Pammi and asks for her opinion.

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She says that if the children are happy, then so is she. Naintara says that if Dev is happy with Geet, then they will accept her as a daughter-in-law. Everyone is really happy, except Geet. Dev notices this and asks Dar ji for Geet’s opinion to be heard. Everyone stops and stares. Geet’s dad (Vrinder) says “Why not, of course” and goes to Geet. Geet falters, but nothing comes out. Dar ji interferes and says “Enough… What the elders in the family have decided, the girl has decided the same.” Brij asks Geet if she accepts the rishta, to which Geet doesn’t reply…

Kamna congratulates Rano, and says “Now our work is done”. Everyone looks at her, and Naintara corrects her – “it’s not work, but a new relationship.” Rano then tells Geet to ask Pammi for her blessings. Naintara teases Dev, and asks him if he’s just going to stare at his new bride instead of asking his mother for blessings.
Dev & Geet (hereby known as D&G for now) touch Pammi’s feet at the same time, and Geet quickly takes back her hand. Dev asks “Why did you stop?” D&G look into each other’s eyes… (ai hai.. I’m definitely falling in love with this jodi!)

GEET Tuesday update 17 December 2019 Starlife

GEET Tuesday update 17 December 2019 Starlife

Naintara prompts Pammi to give her bangle to Geet as a form of shagun, and Pammi blesses Geet. Dar ji gives money to Dev as a small gift, and Dev at first refuses, but Rajinder tells him that it’s a blessing from the elders, to which Dev agrees. Naintara says that they don’t have words to express their happiness, and Kamna says that they must have a roka. Geet’s family is shocked, and Rano silently tells Vrinder not yet. Vrinder tries to make excuses, but Pammi says that the children are right in saying there should be a roka. Dar ji says there will be a roka, and Dev just looks at Geet.. which prompts him to ask if he could speak to Geet in private…

Geet looks up, worried.. and Brij tells Dev that Punjab isn’t Canada where girls & guys can talk before marriage. Dev says that he isn’t trying to be disrespectful, but he just wants to know Geet’s opinion. Brij tells him that Dar ji has already made it clear that whatever the elder/s decide, goes; and that girls & guys do NOT talk before marriage. But Dar ji stops Brij, and relents for D&G to talk. Brij tries to tell Dar ji, but Dar ji replies that sometimes one has to move ahead with the times. He tells D&G to talk on the terrace.. and Brij looks angry at this.

Dolly leads D&G onto the terrace, and tells them to go to the far side of the terrace, and that she will wait there. Geet still looks worried, so Dolly takes her aside and says “Why are you still worried Geet, it’s not as if he’ll eat you!” Dev looks on, smiling. (God, this woman makes me laugh..)

Geet has her head down (I swear at this rate, she’ll have massive neck pains), and Dev starts by saying that ever since their marriage has been finalised, she’s been looking apprehensive. He understands that it’s only been 2hrs since they’ve met, and already their roka has been set. He wonders if she doesn’t like him… but all this while Geet has her head down. He mentions that when he saw her on the road, in b/w her anxiety, there was a smile.. but ever since the marriage has been mentioned, her smile has gone. He says “it’s obvious you’re not happy with the marriage.” To which Geet looks up and says no and hurts her foot on a piece of wood. She cries in pain, and Dev tends to her wound, telling her to close her eyes while he pulls out the splinter. She reacts to the sudden pain, and Dev makes a bandage out of his hankie. Geet watches him as he tends to her foot…

Cut back to the families sitting down as Rajinder passes around food. Someone calls out Brij’s name, and he goes to them (I think the guy was the brother of that girl who got killed.) Brij asks him what he’s doing here, as there’s guests, and that he’ll talk to him later. Rajinder starts telling Dev’s family that b/w the roka and the wedding, they won’t have to worry about a thing. Nurpinder notices that Naintara & Pammi are a bit distressed, and calls them out on it (nicely of course). Pammi replies in the negative, but says that she has a suggestion about the wedding – “Every wedding that has happened in our family has happened at Jaddipind (I think that’s what it’s called)… I would like for D&G’s wedding to happen there as well.” Geet’s family are shocked (gosh, they definitely get shocked easily). Vrinder doesn’t want it to happen there, but Nurpinder & Rajinder say it’s okay. Rano asks for Dar ji’s say in this matter. Dar ji agrees to have the wedding over there as long as all the traditions are followed, Vrinder looks upset…

Cut to D&G. Dev asks Geet if her feet hurts, and helps her to her feet. He asks again if she’s happy with the rishta.. and says that marriage is very important for a girl.. he tells Geet to say what’s on her mind without any worry. Geet falters but tells him that she doesn’t want to go to Canada. Dev looks slightly annoyed.

Dolly watches D&G and Rajji comes to see what’s going on. D&G hear them, and Geet walks away leaving Dev staring after her.

Geet & Dev comes back in the hall then Kamna says there must be very long conversation on the roof she ask Geet to tell something new sister-in-law what u talk?
Dev says to his mom its late we should leave. Then Rano say to Geet’s father now we are going tomorrow we’ll tell u the Roka date after consulting to priest.Daaji told Dev mother i forget to tell you important thing that in the evening
there is lohri party we always celebrate it on big scale this time we all want that in today’s evening you all celebrate lohri with us
All were happy.then Rani say we have little request that till that roka isn’t done we dont want this news to spread in society
All geet’s family look worried then Dev’s mother says when people hear that boy is from canada they seem panic already our experiences are very bad & you know that people ‘ll be jealous about this.Daaji agreed that till then roka’s date
wont fixed we’ll not tell to anyone then Geet & Dev look at each other & Dev family left.
Then Geet father ask not telling people thing i dont understand then Daaji says we are giving them our daughter its better we agree with them Geet’s father ask why our geet is perfect she dont have any problem then geet’s brother say isn’t it enough that she is a girl its better that she early go to her house
Geet goes on terrace thinks about Dev how he care for her.Geet’s mother comes there & told her i bring some clothes for you choose one

GEET Tuesday update 17 December 2019 Starlife

GEET Tuesday update 17 December 2019 Starlife

Geets mother says that my daughter should look the beautifu you are going to marry
be happy the she asks you both are made for eachother then she ask you like boy? Geet say yes her mother ask if u like then what you talk with him Geet say i think i talk too much infront of him her mother ask what you say tell me? Geet says i told him i dont want to go Canada leaving my family.
Her mother becomes angry & told her girls love that sort of boys & you reject him what you’ll gonna do after studying alot girls study to get good husbands.She says if Daaji comes to know abt this
Geet says i didn’t say anything wrong he asks me to say whats in yours heart tell me i tell him truth.Her mother scolds her about this then when Geets mother about to go back she sees that her sister-in-law standing behind she ask that what to do she tell i can go & tell them all she said o you cant all ‘ll be ruined & if men come to know they ‘ll be angry
they left from there

In the Lori party all peoples celebrating Daaji was happy & talk about fields.Geet’s mother & her aunty talk her mother says i m very fear if boys family ‘ll come?
In the room geet thinks about her mother then she thinks about her talk to Dev.she takes Dev’s handkercheif & thinks about Dev then her younger sister comes & drag her to outside
Her aunty pissed that she comes out.In the room Geet’s sister gets frustrated that why they sent us back?they talk about her friend then Geet say dont talk about this.Geet says hope Deev’s family arrive her sister tease her
Daaji ask Brij call boy’s family & ask them where are they?Brij’s mother ask him to do house work he say Daaji told him to call De’s family then Daaji ask what you both are talking? then one women arrive & shouts

One women arrives & asks where is my chunni she cries please tell someone where is she?
Womens in party talk with eachother she is someones wife why she is shouting like this?If her chunni lost why she is asking to Daaji’s family
Chunni’s mother says i know you hide her Daaji shouts what the hell is going on how we know where is yours daughter?She shouts if you dont know then ask to yours grand son.
Brij thinks about beating some girl that girl crying & begging please leave me.That women says i know you hide her.In Brij’s imagination he kills that girl.That women ask tell where is she?Brij shouts why you dont stop yours daughter when she was affairing with low cast boy
she have to pay for that?Chunni’s mother stunned saying my daughteri know you kill my daughter?she falls down saying my Chunni then Dev’s family arrive all family sees them & gets tense

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