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Geet Tuesday 9 June 2020 update: Geet is shocked to see Brij, out side the house all baraati dancing, fircrackers going on. Brij tells geet let him hurry but he can not get here before me, geet screams MAAN, but in vain.

MSK gets down from horse. Geet tries to escape, brij holds her, her blutooth drops, he pushes it out, yells at geet what did you think I would spare you, you brought defame to family, dishonored the purkho ki izzatD’oh you have only one punishment: DEATH. Geet is scared to death, MSK reaches at the door.  Brij grabs geet, tries to drag, she resists, he strangles her saying every time you were saved but not now. There will be your funeral, geet chokes, at the door taasha, pinky stops MSK, asks a fees to cut the ribbon, pinky says jijaji, you can’t get in so easily, MSK turns to adi he nodes in yes, MSK ask how much is fees, she says 50K all boys are shocked on amount.  taasha says no 100K.Shocked Romeo interrupts saying well we can buy all the scissors of Delhi in this amount, so talk about 100-200, taasha says well one can get MONKEY in this amount that too like you  . adi says pinky reduce the amount,D’oh she denies, adi replies fine then we are not cutting it.Unhappy Daadi jumps in the conversation saying if you do not cut it then won’t get entry either,Clap manisha objects that daadi you too with the gals.

Pandey ji plays peace maker saying this the only day for SIL, so give the money. MSK agrees with pandey. Daadi teases you agree with him or in a rush to meet geet. All laugh. Back in geet is still strangled by brij, who is telling her today is your day of death.

Daadi does tikka and arti and let MSK come in.

Geet somehow manges to push brij, picks up blutooth, screams MAAN and runs downstairs. Brij follows MSK hears her scream, tells daadi and runs inside. Brij pushes geet, takes diya, trows oil on her and says I will give you such a horrified death that no gal will dare to defame family ever and will think 100 times before doing it. He ignites the match stick, but by then MSK has reached to hold his hand. He starts beating him up, he lands at floor. Geet sees MSK, smiles, rushes to hug him. MSK keep staring at brij, MSK keeps beating brij until security arrive. He still beating him but others hold him. MSK says I won’t spare you, how dare you have touched geet, I will put you behind the bar forever. Brij says oh so that no one will know about your characterless would be wife. MSK warns him but geet steps in saying stop Maan, let him talk, she turns to brij and asks him to speak up, she questions him what you wanna say brij veerji that it’s my second marriage, all are aware of it. Even if it’s second marriage then what is wrong in it, in your society does not groom get married twice?? Tell me veerji what you wanna say??

Brij says may be people know about previous marriage but do they know, geet cuts him off saying that I am going to be mother??? I am pregnant?? Yes I am. Maan and his family know it. MSK tries to stop, but she is on roll today she says if baby’s father was fraud and ran away then what our fault was. I am proud of being mother. I am going to give some one new life. I am so proud to tell you that I have baby’s father, who will give baby all happiness of life. I have MAAN with me. Mannet look at each other. She smiles at him. She asks brij if he has anything else to blame. Brij says what can I say about gal like you who had left the family, she replies confidently that I was trying to be independent, I dare to find my life partner, else in your society gal are treated like goat, and sheep. Approve and if we stand up then get a label of characterless. She goes on to say that if we express our wish then bro like you will go for kill for the sake of family honor. She finally firmly tells him NO BRIJ HANDA, geet will not bend to anyone. She will live her life according to her wish and I got this right from MAAN. MSK turns to her all surprise but with proud. Geet says one more thing if you have come to spoil my life then let me tell you MSK’s family knows all, our ties are unbroken. She looks at MSK smiles with her eyes.

MSK asks security to take brij out and hand over to cops. Geet feels dizzy and faints, MSK carries her inside.

NE asks daadi to calm down as geet will be conscious soon.. daadi gives her full of ear. Daadi scolds her if she feels responsible towards her SIL or not?? First she took her to parlor of her choice, left her there, MSK some how brought her back but NE still was not there what important preparation was she doing for wedding?? NE is speechless , arjun steps in to cover for NE. makes excuse that she would have stuck if he would have not brought her. Daadi apologizes to him that he is helping them even after personal tragedy

NE and arjun at pool side. She asks him to let her go else, she won’t able to make for jaimaala and daadi will scold again. He says I won’t repeat my mistake. You got scolded becoz of me. He tells her he has brought her here at first date and today again to say sorry. She says do not apologize. He says she is very nice, she asks him not to butter her up and to call her NE. He questions if she really wanna her to call so what all calls her.

Arjun-NE talk more about guy and gal falling in love during wedding. She tells him looking at decoration I feel like getting married, he asks if she has some one in mind, how does he look, she replies that looks does not matter but he is very nice, I can do anything for him. He asks if she loves him so much that can do anything for him.

Doctor  telling MSK if he wanna save geet’s life then abort the baby

Geet is lying on the bed with Maan seated by her side and the a lady Dr. is checking Geet. Maan is looking anxiously at the Dr. asking if Geet is ok. Doctor folds her BP equipment and pulling the stethoscope from her ears signals Maan to come on the other side of the bed. Maan comes and they both step little farther from the bed and softly talk about Geet’s condition. Maan says is Geet OK? Doc says No, Geet is not ok. There are some new complications. She adds, you know that how hard it was to save Geet and the baby both earlier but her condition has worsen with what happened today. Maan says what do you mean? Is Geet not ok? Dr. says look Mr Khurana, Geet is ok for now’ then she takes the deep breath and says but we will have to abort the child as soon as possible. Maan was just too shocked to respond. Dr says I have done many tests on Geet and it proves that this pregnancy is too dangerous for Geet. Then Dr. gives her final verdict saying Mr. Khurana if you want to save Geet then you will have to abort this baby’ As if the sky has fallen on Maan. The words of Dr. keeps echoing in his head with the words of Geet asking him the promise to save the baby if something like this happens again. With a very sad heart Maan says do we have to do it now? Dr. says no I would like to do some more tests on Geet but I do not think it will change anything. Dr. says you can complete your ceremony today but do remember that we have only few days to take this final step’ and you do have to take very good care of Geet as little bit of stress may worsen her condition. Maan stands there and looks at the sleeping form of Geet but turns to say thank you to Dr. Taking all her equipments with her Dr leaves the room but Maan stands there looking in to space with such a heavy heart as if all the world is crashing around him..

Arjun and Annie near the swimming pool. The lights are pretty dim and the walls are decorated with tiny light series hanging from the wall. Pretty secluded and beautiful surrounding’ Arjun advances toward Annie from behind and turns her to him. Annie has tender smile on her face as she expected him to approach her. Arjun asks her again if she could do anything for him. Annie says how many times you would ask me the same question? I already told you so. Arjun holds her arms and brings himself closer to Anne and pits his arm on her waist and as if seductively slides his arm around her back and spreads his palm to touch her bare back with looking deeply in to Annie’s eyes to see her reaction. With the touch of his palm on her back Annie feels starlet and looks at his face and slides her hand on his shoulder to keep her balance.

Arjun caress her back looking at her and brigs his face closer to Annie as if to steal a kiss. Breathlessly Annie keeps on looking at Arjun and face. After a while she pulls back herself Arjun say you said I could do anything’ Annie says but not this saying she pulls her self from his arms and runs away’ Arjun keeps looking at his departing back..

After the Doctor leaves Maan is still standing there staring in the space.. Geet softly opens her eyes and sees him and calls him hoarsely.. Maan.. even though in a deep thought Maan instantly looks at her and comes quickly by her side and sits on the bed. Geet softly holds his arms and looks at him. But Maan was in real dilemma. He keeps on remembering Geet’s asking promise to save the baby in any circumstances and Dr. telling him to abort the baby to save Geet.. But in all these he sees Geet’s eyes filled with tears and the tear was about to roll form her eye. He quickly puts his index finger at the corner of her eyes and catches the tear before it rolls saying Geet please do not make this mistake again. Your tears should not drop from your eyes because these are my treasures. You are going to be my wife and so from now on everything associated with you now belongs to me. So no more tears. He says Geet now our all the problems are over. Brij is also no more in our lives.. I think Dadima was telling us the truth that this is the new beginning of our lives.. One by one the fate has removed all the problems from our lives.. Geet and Maan smile softly at each other. Taking the support of Maan’s strong arms.. Geet tries to sit up and Maan assist her with that. Once again they look at each other. Geet softly cups his right cheek and says with you in my life I only will have happiness in my life. With such sad BG music playing….. Maan keeps on looking at Geet with such a longing as if he just doesn’t want to shut his eyes ( may be he is thinking that I may not have her for a long time per what Dr. says…..) Awww you could feel Maan’s inner struggle in his expressive eyes as if will just keep on looking at his bride for ever.. He was in total turmoil.. but Geet does not know that and says are you going to keep on staring at me like that or let me get ready for the wedding but Maan keeps on staring at her.. She shyly says the auspicious time of the wedding is getting closre.. Maan is still looking at her she shyly averts her eyes with that intensity.. Finally Maan leans forward and lovingly kisses her forehead. Geet lowers her face to take that stamp of his love and feels so special with that loving kiss.. She smiles radiantly at him and he at her..

Out in the hall the every one is waiting for Geet to come. Maan is on the stage softly talking with Dadima Pinky and Tasha..

Annie walks in mumbling….. where I did I keep it? Where did I keep the Bride and Grrom’s garlands? And she poses there to think. Arjun comes behind him now with a change of dress looking handsome and puts his arm on her shoulder.. Annie turns to him.. Arjun says what are you looking for.. Annie says that.. Arjun brings the tray with garland from behind him and says were you looking for this.. Annie softly laughs saying yes, how did you know?. Arjun says yes I knew it and that is why I arranged for it. He says hold on for a second saying he moves away with the tray..

Suddenly I feel like shouting hey All rise.. Maan’s bride is coming……

From the other side of the stage Geet, Maan’s bride is approaching slowly with a down cast eyes, a soft smile and radiant face looking just breathtaking….. with her special four brothers we could say….. holding the big wedding scarf over her head.. Manisha and Romeo holding the two corners in the front and Adisir and Pandeji holding the two corners in the back.. Near the steps, Romeo extends his hand and escorts her down.. On the stage tasha looks at the bride first and points her hand for all to see that bride is coming.. Maan turns to look at his bride and his gaze stays transfixed on her face….. Geet lifts her eyes and sees her Groom and shyly smiles at him.. Maan keeps on looking at his bride approaching him shylyv Geet comes near the stage and Maan bends little and extends his hand for his bride. Geet graciously puts her hand in his and lifts herself to come on the stage. And comes and stands near Maan.. Maan’s eyes does not move from her face.. The boys extends the scarf on Maan’s head also and then slides in down from the front.. Bride and Groom just keeps on staring at each other oblivious of all’ Pinky tries to nudge Geet but she is in her own world looking at Maan.. Pinky then snaps her fingers in front of Geet and says Geet you guys are going to look at each other all the time after the wedding but meanwhile please at least look around too’ all laugh at that. Romeo says exactly then he says if it was in there hand they would just drive us away from here.. Maan gives him and MSK stare and Romeo fumbles for the words.. Tasha says you boys only would say such things.. Our bride would not think that way’

Arjun who was standing with Annie mumbles saying hmm you girls have rules of your own.. You talk big but then step away when it is time to act.. (Now why is Annie standing with Arjun among the guest??? It is her own brother who is getting married and Isn’t she Groom’s only real sister and promised to Geet that she would be on bridal side?? Very bad Annie you should be on the stage enjoying with your brother and his to be wife and Dadima and the girls… )

Two girl approach the stage with the tray of garland for each bride and the groom.. Romeo takes the tray for the Groom side and Tash takes it for the bride. Then they bring the tray in front of Maan and Geet. They both turn and lift the garland from the tray.. dadima who is standing next to Geet assist her in lifting the beautiful garland. They both now turn to each other holding the garland in their hands. Once again Maan keeps on looking at the face of his happy radiant bride.. Geet also looks at her handsome prince and smiles at him and keeps on looking but with Maan’s intense gaze she feels shy and looks down curtaining her eyes…..

Geet smiles shyly and looks at Maan and stepping closer she lifts her arms to put the garland over his head.. Suddenly the boys lift Maan high in the air and keep him there for a while…..Geet eyes gets widen in surprise with her hands still lifted up she looks up at Maan who was looking down at her surprise wide eyes with a smile.. Then he looks at the boys and signals to bring him down.. They bring Maan down and once again Geet tries to put the garland over his head and once again the boys lift him high in the air and Geet misses him again.. Now Geet is really getting upset.. her face clearly shows how upset she is. The boys bring Maan down but Geet stands in her place with garland still in her hand but does not approach Maan.. Maan looks at that and he so slowly steps forward near her but Geet still does not come to him with garland. Maan observes that and then very softly still standing there in front of Geet he bends his head a little and stands there in receiving position with down cast eyes.. Suddenly Geet looks at his posture and a slow smile comes on her face.. She happily steps forward and puts the garland over his head and slides on his neck. Then only Maan looks up to see her blushing smiling face. They both looks at each other with a tender smile and every one around them feel really happy and showers them with red rose petals, including Arjun and Annie…..

Now it was Maan’s turn to put the garland on Geet. Geet stands there waiting for him to put the garland.. Maan lift his arms to put it over Geet’s head.. but the girls were waiting for the same and play the same trick which boys played with Geet. Before Maan could put the garland over Geet…..they grab Geet’s arm and pull her back.. Geet looks back at them and smiles. Maan gives them MSK stare but no one cares today.. ha ha ha and the girls just laugh at him.. Geet then stands in front of Maan again to received the garland.. Maan looks at that and lifts his hand to put the garland but one again the girls pull Geet back failing his 2nd attempt.. Girls then push her back to Maan but Maan pretends to discuss something with boys. Geet looks at that and then at girls asking with her eyes as what is going on there? Her face was turned to girls.. and suddenly Maan turns and puts the garland over her head and tugs at it so that it rest well on her neck…..Surprised at this sudden movement.. Geet just looks at Maan with wide eyes.. while Maan smiles down at her as if saying you cannot run away from me Geet.. The girls objects at that but then whole heartedly laugh at his technique and showers them with rose petals.. Dadima had wonderful time with this fun filled varmala ceremony she laughs softly and showers her grandson and grand DIL with rose petals.. while Maan and Geet keeps on looking at each other. Then the arrival of photographer who wanted to take their picture.. All pose to take the picture.. There was a gap between Maaneet so he instruct the groom to come near to bride. Maan looks at Geet and instantly encircles her shoulders and brings her closer to him and poses fro the pictures. The photographer takes pictures of Maaneet in different poses.. including DDLJ..

Annie was watching from far mumbling if this photographer would take anybody else’s picture….. (Dear lady you need to be there to come in the picture frame.. Standing afar would not bring you in the frame…..) She takes a step to go near the stage but Arjun holds her hand and pulls her aside. She says softly what are you doing someone will notice that. He says softly no one will..

Girls and boys all wanted to take the picture with them and they discuss how they will stand with them.. Behind them Maan was still holding Geet’s hand so she says photographer did not tell you to hold my hand so why you are holding my hand. Maan

Maan leads Geet in the corridor and standing there he holds her lovingly.. Geet says why did you bring me here Maan? See all the guests have arrived and we simply cannot be here. Let’s go back. Maan smiles down at her and says little huskily Geet with this garland ceremony we have completed half the rituals of wedding so now before the wedding I wanted to spend some time with you. Geet lifts her eyes to look at him.. Then he says normally and after that I will just have to listen the scolding of my wife.. Geet lifts his gaze to look in to his laughing eyes.. She says sternly now reform yourself.. then she smiles and says in her cute way by the way may I say something? Maan looks at her.. she continues in her innocent way saying until the wedding songs I was bit skeptical that after the wedding our relation will change and I have also heard that after the wedding the relationship changes and instead of love the couple starts fighting.. then she adds shyly but I am really happy that today even after the half wedding is conducted you are as mischievous as before. Maan looks at her and says and your pouting?? Geet delicately blushes at that.. Maan teases her and says now that you are so happy.. let me increase your happiness.. Geet says what do you mean? Maan says Geet I promised you that I will full fill all your dreams and give you all the happiness.. then advancing toward her….. he says so I am just full filling my promise. Looking at his face bending a little bit toward her Geet says at this time I have no desire like that.. Maan just looks at her breathless face and takes one more step toward her and geet steps back.. she says breathlessly Maan do not come near me.. but Maan just keeps on looking at her blushing face and very softly slides his palm on her bare stomach.. with the touch of his warm hands Geet feels more breathless….. she sucks in her breath and slowly closes her eyes with that sensation.. Maan keeps on advancing toward her and keeps his gaze roaming on her face and lips.. She as if is waiting for the touch of his lips still stands there with closed eyes.. Maan so softly let his fingers glide on her bare stomach sending the shivers of sensation up her spine and stands there looking at her with his hand on his back.. Geet’s eyes are still closed and Maan is looking at her with the same intensity

Arjun brings Annie out and closes the door.. Annie ask why did you bring me here.. Arjun just looks at her and as if seducing her with his eyes….. Annie looks at him and says Arjun please.. but Arjun advances toward her till her back is to the wall.. Annie stands still there while Arjun strokes her hair back from her face and tucks it behind her ear and holding her chin lifts her gaze to himv (Gosh why he is behaving like MSK????? CVs please stop him….. He is just imitating MSK exactly.. As if his twin’. If you want to make him Maan’s twin then Annie would be to him???… So please do not let him imitate Maan.. Maan has his own signature styles and please keep it that way’we simply cannot let anyone copy Maan’s style)

Arjun’s seduction speech is on….. He says he has seen many girls in his life but none like Annie. That brings smile to Annie’s face

He says you only say what you heart tells you and do only what your heart tells you to do. He says usually girls wait for boy’s proposal but you did not. You did not wait for me to come to you but you came and proposed me.. Annie feels shy and lowers her gaze. Arjun says you told me you will do anything for me because your heart said and now when I wanted to advance further you stopped me. Annie lifts her gaze to him and says softly I am still standing by my promise that I will do anything for you but in my boundaries’ Arjun softly says I know that Anwesha and I truly appreciate your principle. He then adds I am sorry that I did not understand your views earlier.. Annie lifts her happy gaze to him.. He says and now I want to do something for you.. Looking at him Annie says what? He says bit hoarsely you always instantly want to know what it is but you will have to wait for that.. saying he acts as if he is going to kiss her but Annie runs away from him.. Arjun looks at her departing back and says now Anwesha see what I will do.. and when I will do what I am intending to do then nothing will be left and you will be so sorry and you will regret it so much but your brother will regret it more then you….. Saying he just scratches his eyebrow smiling crookedly…..


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