GEET TUESDAY 8 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Geet is in her room trying to pack for her journey to Mumbai..  She is taking her outfits from the closet and arranging them in the suitcase mumbles to herself that she has almost packed half of her suitcase and still Maan has not said a word about going to Mumbai.

and then she hears Maan’s voice calling Geet?  She looks back and sees Maan walking in the room with a slight smile.  Seeing him she also softly smiles and slowly walks toward him.  Here Maan is walking toward her and that also with a slight smile…  He comes and tells her since long I wanted to say something to you but I keep on forgetting.  Geet is all smiles and nods her head at him.  Maan looks at her expectant face and says softly we are going to Mumbai..  Geet face as if lights up and she broadly smiles at him.  Maan says we will go to attend the wedding.  Geet just could not hide her excitement and she says grinning from ear to ear..  are we really going to Mumbai?  Maan tenderly smiles at her and says yes Geet we are.  He looks at her radiant face and says softly only you and I for 4 days..  the roads of Mumbai and the rain of Mumbai.   Then to her sheer surprise Maan lovingly holds her arms and softly leads her to bed and sits with her and says I know Geet that lately we are not able to spend time with each other at all.  But Geet from now on I will keep you happy and while we are in Mumbai,   my entire time will be yours… Geet softly smiles at her husband…  Maan looks at her teary eyes and then softly holds her hands in his and envelops her palms with his and looking in to her eyes he says and holding each others hand we will go for a along walk and get wet in the rain.  Geet keeps on looking at his smiling face.  And he adds with a smile and yes Geet we also will go to Chowpati and eat all those tasty and spicy delicacy you love so much.   Geet smiles at him and he says we will do all per your wish.  Geet’s eyes are welling up with tears.  Maan looks at her and then softly cups her face and says Geet after today I do not want to see any tears in your eyes.  Then he softly lifts his hand and tenderly wipes the tears with his thumb from Geet’s face.  Geet gives him teary smile.  He cups her face in between both his palms and says from now on we will have the new beginning of our happiness.  We will have the beginning of our new life together and we will start that from Mumbai.  They both sit there savoring the moments with each other.  Then Maan says now start your packing asap as our flight is early in the morning.   Geet also springs from the bed saying says yea I need to do a lots of packing and I am confused as what to pack.  Then she goes to her closet and says Maan just tell me what to pack and then pulling the blue saree she asks him if he would take that.  and turning she sees the room empty.  She looks around but no one is there..  and then she gets upset at herself saying Oh Gosh I was just daydreaming about going to mumbai..  The she pouts and says Maan has not said anything till now nor will he say anything and getting upset she starts to stuff her sarees angrily back in the closet.  (Geet we already knew that you were daydreaming as Maan was smiling too much when he entered the room and that look totally out of place he he he…

But to her surprise Maan exactly enteres the room calling her name exactly the same manner as she was dreaming about it..  She looks at him and softly smiles at him and walks toward him.  Maan also was walking toward her.  Geet is being happy thinking Gosh my dream is really coming true..  But Maan pulls the file from his hand and says this file…  Keep this file in safe keeping.  This is really very important file and we do not have another copy of this file so keep it in a secure place..  Geet’s bubble of joy as if got punctured right away.  The smile just gets wiped off from her face right away.  She takes the file from his hand and hopelessly twists her lips a little Maan looks at that and says do you understand.  She nods her head saying oh ok.  Maan give her piercing look and turns to leave the room.  Then she gets too upset with herself saying oh you were dreaming about going to Mumbai and look you got this stupid file.  Then really getting agitated and annoyed at herself, she throws the file on the floor and leaves the room in a huffy.  And we see that important file without having any backup copy lying on the floor with other waste papers.

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Jugnumama is in his room with his container of his favorite drink.  He sees Dev’s letter and thinks he has destroy Nandini’s bill.  He thinks he can rewrite it.  So he starts to read and comes to know it is a love letter.   He gets angry someone has written love letter to his girl.  He remembers Beeji telling him to take care of nando and lucky and he decides that he will deal severely with the writer of that letter.  He comes upon Nandini talking happily with someone on the phone.  She says how are you?  and then says happily oh so you are coming here oh that is great I am waiting for you since long and since I got your mail I am dying to see you.  Listening to this convo Jugnumama’s eyeballs are becoming as big as rasgulla..  Nandini disconnects the phone saying come soon ok.  J mama is thinking about getting the mail as what Nando will do with the trains may be this is the mail by computer.  So he concludes that it means Nando is having a love affair with that boy… he thinks the case had become more complicated…

Geet is in the kitchen chopping the vegetable with such a force as if she would chop even the cutting board.  She mumbles..  he can talk about everything except the important talk I wanted to know.  Poor Deepak comes to ask about the menu of the day beside Italian but she gets mad at him telling him no Italian and no foreign food today only pure Punjabi food that also cooked in deshi ghee.  Looking at her anger Deepak says but Maansir he needs Italian food.   Geet tells him that the kitchen belongs to her she will cook whatever she wants and Deepak leaves the room terrified by her anger.  Lucky comes asking what is cooking and Geet gives him the same treatment telling him that nothing special he has to eat whatever is cooked and keeps on mumbling being really agitated.   Lucky turns and stands little farther thinking Oh Gosh Didi looks really upset today.  He stands there and says I just came to tell you that Beeji got a good proposal for Nandini and she is sending the boy over here.  But Geet is in her own agitated state and still mumbling that Maan did not tell her anything about going to Mumbai.   Lucky then sees that she has calm down a little so he comes behind her asking if she got what he said..  she says angrily lucky veerji I told you once the food is ready come and eat but do not bother me before that and she points her knife in his face.  and Lucky runs away from there.  Geet keeps on mumbling saying oh everyone gives me order to cook this and that and pasta and Italian and nobody wants to do as I want…  oh man she has worked up a tornado…  Deepak comes asking about waste papers and she gets irritated again saying whatever is in the room just get it out and don’t ask me again…    but then she realized that she is getting angry at everyone without any reason and she puts the knife away and starts taking deep breath to calm herself down.  She inhales and exhales deeply couple of times telling herself to clam down as she is unfairly getting angry at others.  She asks lucky veerji and Deepak what did you guys say but turning she finds nobody.  She tries to recall what Lucky and Deepak were asking her but cannot remember what they said.

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Mama in his room is getting upset at what he heard from Nandini’s room he also starts his rant on the modern technology being bad.  Dev walks in and asks why he is getting mad and at whom.  Mamu tells him that Nando has a boyfriend and she was telling him on the phone that she has received his letter.  Dev thought about his letter but he tells himself that but nando did not call me.  So he asks Mama and he drags him to show him the details.

Deepak is in Geet’s room gathering the waste paper from the floor.  He picks up all the old files from the floor and then sees that red important file on the floor and picks it up with other unimportant old files and leaves the room..

Nando is in her room looking in the mirror getting ready for her visitor.  She is brushing her hair and Maamji walks near the window with Dev and tells him that she is getting ready to meet her boyfriend.  Dev gets bit upset and leaves him there to his detective work.

All are gathering for the dinner..   Nando is watching the time and glancing at the door.  Mamu tells Dev to look at what Nando is doing as she if is waiting for someone.

Maan comes and sees the Punjabi food and asks why there is no continental food for him.  Geet comes and goes to the kitchen counter and start chopping the vegetables fiercely saying in a curt tone that today is Tuesday and dadima has gone to Vaishnavdevi so there will be only vegetarian food in the house.  Maan does not say a word.  Lucky calls him saying Jijaji may I suggest something.  Maan nods and brings his head toward Lucky.  Lucky whispers softly saying it is better not to cross didi today as for some reason she is really not in a good mood and in everything she gets upset and points the knife at you.  Maan thinks that it is a good idea. He says it may be possible that she is upset about something and adds he really does not know what is going on in the house so he will eat whatever is there on the table.   So he picks up the rice bowl and serves himself a portion.  Geet looks at that and feels bad saying Oh man he is eating all that without any complain.  She goes to him and says do not eat this I will cook something for you.  Maan says oh do not worry Geet I will eat this.  Maan starts eating and she feels remorseful and scolds herself that he has come home from all day work and now I am serving this kind of food?  But then she remembers the invitation card and again gets upset saying oh nothing is going to happen to him if he eats this food for one day.  Saying she as if stamps her foot and moves away from the table.   Maan looks at her tantrum but cannot figure out what must be the cause and he simply starts eating the food.

Nando is pacing in the foyer looking at her watch occasionally as if waiting impatiently for someone to come.  Dev comes and looks at the scene in front of his eyes and mumbles saying he should not trust mamaji but what if it is true.  Then he thinks it is better to get cleared from Nandini.   he was about to go but hears the doorbell ring. He stops in his track and Nando expectantly looks at the door and the person who just walks in.  She mouths his name Ranbeer with a broad smile.  Ranbeer smiles at her and she runs to him and asks him how you are?  And then saying I missed you so much she gives him a big hug.  Crestfallen Dev looks at that scene before his eyes and feels totally sad.  He watches with a dejected expressions nandini talking cheerfully with Ranbeer. She says I really missed you.  Ranbeer says I missed you too..  Nandini then invites him in the foyer and they walk hand in hand.  Dev watches everything getting sadder and sadder.   Nandini and Ranbeer stand in the foyer and Ranbeer tells her that she is forgetting something.  Nando then remembers her special hand clapping with Ranbeer and they perform their special ritual of clapping each other hands and touching their nose.  Ranbeer says what is happening with your engineering she says oh no I am going for my PHD.  He asks what happen to the plane you were creating…  Nando says oh it went down the pit.   They both laugh comfortably with each other and Dev watches them getting upset.  Mamu comes and bumps in to him saying remember the boy who wrote the letter to Nando he came on the door and I sent him away.  Dev point at the Nando talking to Ranbeer and says then who is that?  Mamu says oh let me go and ask.  But Dev stops him.  Lucky comes and smiles saying oh this must be the boy whom Beeji must have sent for Nandini.  Dev looks at Lucky getting more agitated saying oh so this is that boy.  They watch nando talking and laughing with the Ranbeer.

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Ranveer comes, lucky is  like same guy whom Biji has selected for

great  geet has
stepped in NT’s shoe. NT asked dev to marry geet, now geet suggesting him for
nandini) lucky asks if those two know each other, dev is shocked.  Lucky is happy for biji’s
choice, as he is nandini ka friend.
Ranveer asks lucky abt his hobbies which is gymming.  Mk comes nandini introduces him
to ranveer. Maamji, dev all get their introduction. Lucky suggests he must be
tired should eat and rest, Ranveer agrees as he is starving, naidni
suggests to go out for coffee as she has a lot to talk. Dev id not happy, but cannot
do anything.

Geet is blabbering in her room as AC is not working, dev
comes saying how come you did not tell me.
Geet replies what is there to tell about nonfunctioning
AC.  Dev annoyingly says am talking about
the potential groom for nandini, geet tells she is not aware of it. She gives
her 2 cents of wisdom how does it matter who fixed the marriage, nandini will
be the one who will decide. She also adds knowing some one and having him as life
partner is two different things.
She tells dev to confess his feelings.
He goes away.

Geet could not get
start Ac, goes to MK’s room and decide to sleep there for 10 minutes before he
comes back. She set an alarm and sleeps.

Lucky-maamu are happy the guy is from Canada and now these
two can go there too once nandini gets married. Dev comes to
instigate them how can they let nandini go with unknown guy. Lucky defends that
he is good, biji knows and childhood friend of nandini. dev then plays Daman cards about how they trusted him too,
lucky-mammu falls for it and says we do not know anything abt M’bai street so
please help us. Dev pretends he is busy, but agrees.

Mk talking to adi, instructs him to have everything prepared
and he will bring other file which he had given geet to keep. Daadi calls to tell MK do satya naarayan pooja after 2 days, as
she wished and instruct those two to sit in pooja. She tells him just tell geet and she will manage all MK cribs.

Mk decides to take file now, goes to look for geet in her
room, asks servents who replies AC is in her room not working, Mk scolds to get
it fixed and he goes in his room without listening rest.  He finds geet sleeping on the bed, hesitant
but sits on chair to work, adjust temperature according to his comfort but then
geet moves, so he decides to go out. He takes blanket and about to go, geet
wakes up, says you sleep in you room I will go back to my room. They argue a
bit but finally agrees that he will be on sofa-she will be on bed. MK tries to sleep on sofa, very uncomfortable
but manages.

Geet notices he is uncomfortable, tells him to sleep on the
bed as he is taller. He replies I listened you now you need to listen to me.
The argue, geet goes back ward-Mk approaches her while arhument going on, she
is about to fall, holds on to his collar, he catches her, their hand touches,
national anthem mahi in BG and strong eyelock.




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