Geet Tuesday 24th March 2020


Geet 24 March 2020: On Geet Tuesday 24 March 2020, Geet spots the machine from where fake snow is coming..n says.. so u were fooling me??

N m the queen of fools so din realise this was fake.. n so u were more despo to say those three words to me…..n that too only between us….n not before all…so that this moment becomes special???? Geet says..u culd have told me this at hosp or work but u made me wait……so that..i can treasure this moment..for life..!! I m so stupid to have cursed u…..n u did all this for me..i knew…from before that u love me..but today u wrote it on my HEART…..n i promise that after today…i wont force u to do anything against ur wish n will wait for u….n says.. I LOVE U n MSK says…..thats why i luv u ..coz u can read me so well .. u trust me more than myself… my words more than me..even more than nature…. i said its gonna snow…n u believed.. Geet i love u..i cant tell u how much i love u… i dun have enouf words……!! Geet says..ur eyes are enouf to say…. n both hold each other….n are moving closer..n Geet puts a kiss on MSKs cheek… MSK happily delighted n pulls back to look at Geet n she feels shy but MSk makes her see in his eyes..!!…..

Brijjy boy in jail…n inspector come n says..ur bail is done take ur stuff n Brij says…wherever u are Geet i will find u..!!

Arjun n Anne in dangerous position n Arjun moves back n opens Annes blind fold n it shows a path to the candle night dinner near the path decorated with rosepetals……. Anne says..u dun look so romantic n Arjun says..well i m a wedding planner…. i carry romance in my pocket..!! Anne u brought me here to propose..n Arjun says…well din think..but if u want..then go ahead….n Anne says..girls dun propose…. Arjun says..hopefully…u mite regret saying that…so better..think……coz i mite change my thot

Next day morning..n MSK.. Geet and Anne n the breakfast table…… Anne yawns n Dadi says..why u yawning n Anne says..coz i went to a christmas party..!! MSK feet touch Geets n MSK tells Geet…ok i wont take it off…n MSK tells Geet..give me cofee n holds Geets hand..n Geet glares…n messages MSK to leave hand….but Dadi sees n receiving phones……. n Geet again messages MSK n Dadi about to check….n Geet says..its from Wedding designer…so…..n MSK takes the message… n Geet asks MSK to leave her hand..or else n MSK messages back…or else….wat??

N Geet eating wit one hand…n Dadi asks why?? Geet tells Dadi…..i have to eat wit one hand….coz MSK is holding it..n MSK startled n embarassed.. Dadi n Anne comment….u werent like this before..n Geet says…ask me how he was….n Anne he gona be a henpecked hubby….n Dadi says..good he will be in Geets control..n MSK feels embarassed n gets up to leave !! Geet also gets up..!! MSK is ready for office n Geet asks ..what to make for presentation…n MSK is silent..n Geet says..why silent?? MSK says..if u din figure..theres no point in telling ya…!! Geet says….but u got the message that…u cant have ur way always…n MSK turns n closes in on Geet n she is pinned to a wall n MSK keeps both hands locking her…

MSK tells Geet that…u want that…i shouldnt touch u..that i shouldnt come close to u..then i wont touch u…n Geet says..that was a joke…. MSK says..i have decided n so i wont come close to u till marriage ..! Geet says….what is this..n MSK says..i wont listen to u now….this is final…n leaves..n Geet wonders why is he so angry..for such a small joke..!! Arjun at KC n is doing food tasting..n gives a pastry to Tasha to taste. Anne sees n comes n shooes all away !! Anne n Arjun exchange stares..!!

Arjun asks Anne…why did u shoo all away…….u interrupted such an important work for the wedding…!! If things dun go well…then all will blame me..!! Anne says…they will blame u for not this but ur acts..n Arjun says….what was i doing?? i was working….. yesterday i gave u a surprise…n u were acting difficult..n today ur acting jealous…n Anne says u…n Arjun says..u what… Anne says.i will n Arjun says….what??? Both stare n Arjun says….say something n Anne says..i will snatch the contract of this wedding from me..n Arjun says when.. Anne says…shall let u know …n leaves n Arjun Anwesa Khurana….u cant stop me….coz my aim is gonna be complete at MSKs wedding only..!!

MSK comes in th main room n Adi n Pinky come…n say they got all files n MSK sends off Adi to attend hyderabad clients.. ! MSK tells Pinky to come wit him to take notes….n Pinky stammers..n MSK says…meet me after 15mins…..!! Pinky fumbling…as to how she will take dictation..!! Geet suggest Adi to go wit MSK…n Geet asks Pinky to give her the file!! Geet comes to MSK n MSK says….where is Pinky?? Geet says..she doesnt know how to take notes so..let me do my job..n MSK says…u will teach me how to allocate work??? Geet says…no … MSK says…..u need to know..that i m Maan only for u…i smile n lauf wit u…n for others i still am.. Maan singh khurana..they are the staff n i m their boss!! Geet says..but where this issue happened…only house people there…so?? MSK says..gimme file n Geet handsover…. MSK asks Geet to keep file on table near pool n Geet says..OK MAAN SIR n MSK gets flashback of tailor moment..where he said if u call me Maan sir again i will….n starts advancing towards Geet…n comes real close but takes file n leaves..!!

MSK n Geet in car ….n steal glances.. n MSK self thot..i know what u trynna do… n Geet self thot.. i will also show him..!! Geet says..stop car i m hungry n MSK ..i m getting late…!! Geet says i want sweets.. MSK thinks..Geet is hungry coz of pregnancy n offers chocolates in box in car… n Geet says Thanks..n as she eats a piece at the corner of her mouth..!! Both at a signal… Brij in parallel car…n both miss each other..!! At office Geet cant open seatbelt….as both hands MSK opens.. Maneet close moment..

Arjun n Anne are tasting food..n whatever dishes Arjun likes… Anne hates n vice versa..!! Both are cribbing..n Arjun says…if u wanna keep finding fault…then i cant work like this.. n Anne says..u have to work as per my wish n Arjun says..i dun listen to others.. n Anne says…u have to..!! Arjun says..i will plan this wedding at my free will or i will leave it….so tell..!! Anne startled n then says..ok go ahead n do as u wish…n says..if u ruin his wedding u wont get a penny…!!

Brijjy in white attire n Red pagdi enters KC… Arjun says to his assistant….i wanna meet Sardar caterers…boss and its Brij. who comes from front……..n Arjun says..this is a big i want this taste n quality..n Brij says..i will handle all..!! Arjun says but i havent seen u before n Brij says..well i came in place of owner coz he isnt well .. n Brij asks when to start n Arjun!!

Geet….comes to Anne..n finds her agitated about boys…n Anne says..todays boy have egos swollen like ballons..n attitude like a new hairstyle… n if they dun agree i dun care..!! Geet says..who u talking off…plus we cant be so careless…coz we have to handle these boys..!! Geet says..i plan to make a dish for him….n wonders who Anne talking of..! Anne says..u talking of bro?? Geet says yes..since morning he is peeved.. dunno what to do…..!! Anne suggest to watch movies to get ideas..n they see a movie on ‘Dating Techniques’

Geet decorates the tub n bathroom……n is in red mini…n wonders if she is doing right..!! Geet is putting rose petals in the tub..n she sprinkles water on her face n hair…!! MSK returns to his room n hears noise n comes in the bathroom n asks Geet what she doing here..n Geet says… outhouse bath not working so..!! MSK everyday u take bath wit candles n rose petals?? Geet is silent n recollects…the answer from the show….. n says ofcourse n MSK says..when did u start saying english?? Geet stammers…..MSK says..ok.. then…..go ahead….. n stands firm n Geet wonders..why he isnt closing in?? MSK says…u taking the bath?? Geet says…yes… n MSK says..then take ur bath

Geet walks towards the bath..seductively n keeps turning at MSK who stares..!! Geet gets in the tub n tells MSK till u go will i take my bath n slips n falls in the tub n MSK comes near Geet n sits on the side of the tub..!! Geet is cleaning the rose petals from her face n keeps sprinkling water on MSKs face as she sets her hair n MSK extends his hand to touch Geets face/hair..!!

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