Geet 1 September 2020: On Geet Tuesday 1st September 2020 Written update, MSK is in his room and closes the cupboard and goes into the bathroom!! Geet peeks into the room and then sneaks inside…!!

She rues… This naL… dadi said to put the bag in MSKs room and he put it..! Wheres the bag?  Geet spots the bag and goes to lift it..! Geet rues.. If MSK saw me taking the bag out.. dunno what would happen! MSK calls out from the bathroom… na?? Gimme the towel..! Geet rues… He is in the bathroom! MSK streches his hand out and asks for the towel..! MSK calls out again… na is that u?? Gimme the towel..!  Geet decides to dash off and as she lifts her bag, the handle breaks and and all her clothes scatter on the floor!  MSK comes out of the bathroom wiping his face … and dashes into Geet and both fall on the bed…with Geet on top of MSK…! Mahii in bg…!! MSK feels awkward n looks away… but looks back at Geet.. who is struggling to rest her hand on MSKs shoulder.. n slips n falls closer to MSK!! As Geet lifts her hand MSK holds it and Maneet eyelock..!! MSK then pushes Geet from over him and gets up..! MSK asks Geet… What are u doing in my room? Geet says.. My clothes!  Geet bends down and starts lifting the clothes and putting in the bag..!! Suddenly .. the Maneet wedding pic is uncovered…n MSK sees it..! Geet gets up with a start…n MSK starts to leave..!! Geet speaks out… Maan i know i dun have a right to interfere in ur decision.. but the decision u have taken about NT.. of keeping her in this house.. request u to rethink on it! No one has any doubt on ur intelligence.. and for me.. theres no one more intelligent …than u! But NT is misusing the fact that u dun remember anything pertaining to the last 1.5 years…u have no idea what all NT has done in last 1.5yrs… .she gave us so much pain.. she tried to create misunderstandings between us…  she tried to split the family…she tried to kill me…she tried to kill our baby… can u forgive such a female? …Tell me Maan…!  Geet turns around but MSK has already left!
Geet looks down sadly!

Dev tells NT … I know that u were doing drama before everyone! This is ur reality! NT says… U can think whatever u want..i cant do anything about ur thots…! Dev asks… Why did u come back..? What new plot have u laid? NT says… Why are u showing off so much?  U ruined my life.. u left me alone..! And now.. i m warning u..! Before doing anything against me.. just think once! U know.. i can do anything!!  Dev replies… I know…and i will keep a watch on u always…and this time…just coz situation is in ur favour.. dun think u have won.. coz i wont let u win! Just wait for a while..! U will get an answer to every single of ur attacks..! NT says… Wow… so much power in ur voice? So much confidence?? She lifts her hand to touch him but Dev blocks her! NT says… Impressed..!

Geet is passing by MSKs room when MSK, whose sitting on the bed in his black vest and trackies…looking at a file, sneezes! Geet exclaims … He has caught cold completely..!! Right then MSK  stands up and goes to check another file and sneezes again..!! Geet almost calls out.. Maan but stops herself…n rues..He has told me not to come to his room! If i went and he got upset ..then? What should i do? Dunno if he remembers or not.. that he gets allergy coz of medicines..! What if he took the medicine? MSK sneezes again.. and Geet rues.. I cant see him in pain.. ! If he gets angry.. let him be..! MSK sneezes again and Geet comes running to him! MSK asks.. Do u have some work? Geet nods her head and MSK sneezes again..! MSK drops the file..!! Maneet bend down together to lift the file and their heads collide..! MSK glares at Geet and Geet bumps her head again with MSK and says… Now there wont be any more fight! Maneet get up with a start and MSK says.. I asked u if u had some work? Geer replies.. Yes.. u caught cold..and u were sneezing, so thot …MSK interrupts and says.. Give medicine? I know u know a lot about everything about everything in the world..! Let me tell u about myself.. I am allergic to medicines..u mite not be knowing it!!! Geet replies… I know.. i mite not know about everything in the world but i know… that u dun like flowers.. u get irritated upon sniffing musk perfume…u get upset seeing tea… u dun eat after seeing baigan n kaddoo dishes.. ..n pasta is ur fave food! MSK is left amazed..!! As Geet is about to continue.. MSK interrupts and says.. Fine.. but i asked u why did u come here? Geet replies… U should do massage with special (medicinal) oil…Dadima does it as well..! MSK says… Really??? MSK goes and picks up his glass of RUM n says…  I have the medicine for this cold..! MSK drinks the entire thing and Geet makes faces..! MSK gets back to his files..!! Geet turns to leave… n MSK sneezes.! MSK is embarassed..
! Geet says.. Shall i get the oil? MSK says.. No! MSK is about to sneeze.. but controls.. and Geet turns and leaves..!! After Geet leaves.. MSK sneezes again!

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Nando is sitting in the courtyard and is looking sad! Dev comes n  self thot.. Even if Nando is not asking me anything.. its my duty to talk to her once! Nando spots Dev and gets up..! Dev says.. Nando .. i want to talk to u..! Nando says.. Yes..! Dev says.. Well the thing is..n suddenly NT  comes and says.. Dev..!! Devini are startled to see NT! NT says… U here?? Nando looks at NT feeling awkward! NT looks at Nando and says… Nandini..!! Dev glares at NT..!! NT looks at Dev n says… I m so sorry.. u were not discussing anything important right? I din disturb right? Dev glares at NT!!

Jugnu mama is walking in the drawing room looking thru his binocular… and is searching for his QUOTA (drinks) while looking under the sofa..!! Geet is sitting on the sofa and jumps seeing him…! Mamaji says… Turn around.. and starts searching again..! Geet gets up with a start and says… Please dun harass me… ! Jungu says.. I m myself in trouble and … Geet interrupts and says…pointing her finger.. Dun u understand in one shot?? Do u know how much problems i have..?? MSK is not well..he needs a foot massage.. but instead he is sitting and having RUM! Jugnu says… RUM?? Well u know RUM stands for Randomly Used Medicine!! Geet says.. Enouf..! Dun gimme more tension and leave..! Jugnu follows and says… I m troubling u?? Geet charges at Jugnu and Jugnu says.. My sweet child.. ur in so much tension.. can i do some help? Geet says.. U will help me?? If u go from here.. that did be the biggest help! Geet cribs .. Since when i m praying to Babaji so that i can help MSK but instead.. Mamaji comes.. n Lucky Veerji..! Jugnu says.. Detective work n her?? Well theres such a big Detective in the house and she will do the work?? Now u need Jugnu Jasoos ..USA… now see my magic!!


Jugnu peeps into MSKs room while watching him thru his binoculars..!! MSK is lying on the bed and going thru his files..! Jugnu self tho.. This oppurtunity should not be lost..Chak de phatte..! Jugnu mama squats near MSKs bed and takes the glass of RUM n drinks it..!
MSK stretches his hand for the glass of RUM and is surprised to see it empty! MSK says… Over already?? Just poured right now! MSK sneezes..and gets up from the bed ..! In the meantime.. Jugnu picks up the glass and puts some pills in it..! Jugnu quickly sneaks out of the room and watches as MSK brings a bottle of RUM and pours it in the glass..! Geet spots Jugnu peeping in MSKs room and comes to him and asks… Mamaji what are u doing?? If MSK saw u, do u know what would happen? Jugnu says… It will happen if he sees us..! Now u see what happens ahead..!! MSK is drinking and Mamaji counts..1,2,3… ! MSK slowly passes out..! Jugnu celebrates..! Geet asks.. What have u mixed in MSKs drink? Jugnu says.. Small packet of magic.. U told that u wanted to do Foot massage…of his.. so i used a scheme.. ! Now he is in deep sleep. . u can do his foot massage whole nite! He wont even realise..! Geet says.. I feel MSK has become unconcious..! Geet asks Jungu to leave and enters the bedroom…n touches MSKs forehead..n exclaims.. His entire body has gone cold..! Mamaji.. !! Geet quickly runs out of the room..!!

NT says… (looking at Nando) Now that we have met.. lets have a formal intro coz Dev wont intro us! Nando says… M Nandini .. i m Geets cousin..!! NT says… and Devs?? Devini stare at each other and then at NT and NT says.. FRIEND?? right?? Thank God Dev.. u started to make friends.. U know Nando.. Dev has such few friends.. dun ask..! Btw i thot i m the only friend Dev has.. (Dev glares at NT)! Btw do u know Nando.. in college.. Dev used to keep hovering around me.. all my friends used to call him NTs shadow! But u know Nando.. everyone used to praise our pair a lot! Everyone used to say.. we are perfect couple! Made for each other..!! NT rests her head on Devs arms..! Nando feels awkward and says.. M feeling sleepy.. i m going! Bye NT! NT says.. Bye..n then tells Dev… U r friend is so sweet! Dev says.. Stop this drama..and dun come near me..! NT shows the moby..! Dev says.. This threat.. of urs makes no difference to me! If i m quite.. its coz of Dadimas health..! Once Dadi is ok.. then i will deal with u!! Dev leaves..!

Geet comes to MSKs room with the oil..! She sits by MSKs feet on the bed and takes MSKs feet in her lap and starts to apply the oil..! She keeps glancing at MSK! She gets up and goes near MSKs chest and touches his hands..! Geet rues.. His hands have gone so cold! U dun take care of urself at all! Geet starts to massage MSKs hands! Geet gets flashbacks of past…MSK pinning her.. pulling her close.. hugging her! Geet self thot… There was a time when u wont let me be away from u for a second.. and now.. to come near u.. i have to find excuses! Geet holds MSKs hand and rests her face on it..! Geet puts back MSKs hand on his chest but MSK grabs her hand.. and says.. Gith… Dun leave me n go Gith! Mahii in bg!! Geet is shocked!

Geet comes in the room n MSK is asleep..!! she is in green suite.. n recollects flashbacks of MSK seeing dun leave me n go!She smiles.. n sets th files aside n sits beside MSK! As she pulls curtains aside.. sunlight on MSK n he is irritated n Geet stands as shadow! Servant brings MSKs clothes n Geet takes.. it n she recollects looking at the shirt..this one i gifted…his fave..!! She rues.. that those were different times.. n now.. he cant remember.. Geet so how to remember her gifts! MSK wakes up.. n thinks.. cold is ok n so seems Rum worked n Geet rues.. so i serve him n credit to Rum? MSK wakes up and takes the coffee mug n sees time n rues that he is late.. n then he sees a shirt n says.. this is my fave shirt lemme wear… n Geet watches..! Geet says.. so he hasnt forgotten all. .somewhere in his heart n head..those memories are alive.. Babaji…one day.. like this shirt.. let him recollect me!

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MSK asks servant.. about Dadis breakfast n servant says.. Geet suggested she will eat with family at breakfast table..!! MSK is furious n calls Geet n shouts on Geet..that how she decided to call Dadi to the table? She needs rest.. she says.. dun interfere…!! Dadi says.. she hasnt interfered..this is my decision!! MSK says..why standing?? Dadi says..was feeling suffocated thats why i told Geet! As MSK tries to take breakfast Geet says… u r not well so have cornflakes n milk .. MSK glares!

Dev joins them at the table too… Dadi asks…ur eyes are swollen. u din sleep.. Dev coz of sinus! Dev fires the servant for paratha n pasta.. n Dadi says..why so upset.. n Dev says.. m not hungry going! NT stops him n says. i made Daliya.. have it.. Dev says.. no thanks n NT says.. dun take out ur anger on food… Dadi..Maan Veerji.. pls. explain Dev! MSK asks Dev.. to eat. .n that NT is right! Dadi agrees too! Dev says.. Daliya looks Good .. so NT make food for NT.. .!! Dev asks MSK if he has had NTs handmade food n says. .now taste now!! Dev asks NT to make food n says.. make special. .n Geet says.. with special dish make Baigan Bhartha..! NT agrees! MSK says..going to office..!!

Geet n Dadi r having coffee n Jugnu comes.. n asks Geet to tell Dadi what karnama he did n Geet says.. yes lemme tell n Geet narrates…! Jungu asks money from Dadi.. n Lucky chides for asking money from girls in laws! Dadi says.. ok. .u have food n go rest…! Dadi says.. good idea.. btw n Geet says.. whats th use.. when conscious.. doesnt know me.. n when unconscious. .is asleep!

NT is rueing. .in the kitchen.. Dev comes n taunts.. ! NT says.. i will see u n Dev says..look at ur sabji. .if burnt u have to make again..! Dev says..u mite be in the house.. but i wont let ur plans succeed..! NT says.. i will answer this later.. n says.. ask some servant to make food! Dev says..u have to! MSK tells an assistant to make some arrngmnts for some meeting..!! His moby buzzes! MSK wonders if Dadi is unwell..!

MSK comes n meets NT n asks for Dadi… NT says..she is fine..!! MSK rues.. Geet is joking with me?? She joked about Dadis sickness.. now i need to teach her a lesson! NT grins …that now its gonna b fun..!! MSK comes n pulls Geet n shouts.. n can u joke about Dadis health.. how dare u… n says.. NT told me.. u were with Dadi.. n joking..!! Dadi intervenes… MSK says.. why u support her?? Geet tries to explain n MSK says..told u to keep quiet..! MSK tells Geet.. if u repeat this again.. i will forget i made any promise to Dadi.. Geet glares too..!! Glare session…!! Dadi fakes fainting..!


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