Geet Tuesday 13 October 2020 Star life Written update

Geet Tuesday 13 October 2020 Star life Written update: Adi asks MSK about his business tour n Geet n MSK glare and Adi stops talking midway! He is utterly confused and says yes to whatever Maneet say! MSK leaves with Adi… n lets the girl do the packing! Adi asks MSK what trip it is… n

MSK says honeymoon n that they wont tell anyone! Adi says that he wont tell anyone! MSK tells Adi to tell everyone after they leave where they are!! Adi confused! Geet asks Preeto why she is sad? Preeto says.. she suspects Lucky is having an affair! Preeto says how she saw him talking to a girl n how he left for a trip! Geet consoles Preeto and assures that he wont cheat on Preeto ever! Jugnu asks Lucky why he is looking so happy? Jugnu decides to snoop! Jugnu manages to sneak a letter from Lucky and is shocked reading it n smirks! Maneet are sneaking out n Geet is excited about running away from home! MSK says..from now on.. everything will be new and beautiful! Lucky too packs his stuff n walks out. .saying he is going out for a few days!

Preeto is in tears.. Jugnu comes to fan her suspicions more! He sends her after Lucky with the address from the letter he had sneaked out from Luckys pocket! Maneet arrive at the hotel…room no. 105! Lucky arrives there as well n his room no. is 106! Preeto arrives too! Some guy comes n asks for some guest who was to come in 109! Receptionist informs he hasnt come! Receptionist takes a break! Jugnu arrives too n new guy gives him room no. 109! Room service leaves! Maneet alone! Geet gets a ILU card from MSK and Maneet hug!
MSK says.. he wants that smile remains on her face forever…!! MSK says.. lets have tea n Geet says.. no we will drink coffee!! MSK sees phone is now working n goes to order at reception! Geet goes to get fresh!
MSK comes to reception n says.. phone not working…! MSK thinks he saw Lucky! As he goes near.. he finds out its someone else! Jugnu orders food and gives room no.! A hitman comes there to take down the guy in Room no. 109 … n goes there! MSK comes to his room, calls out for Geet.. n then asks her to come out! She refuses! MSK challenges her to come out or he will come in! He does countdown.. 1-2-3 and Geet steps out of the bathroom wearing.. trainers and MSKs white shirt!MSK laufs..! Geet gets angry.. n MSK pulls her close!
MSK asks Geet why she was wearing his clothes?? Geet says out of lack of option as her bag got exchanged! MSK teases her.. n Geet fires him n says.. to get her bag! MSK comes to inform reception that .. Geets luggage got exchanged .! Receptionist says that.. the ones who have it have left for Mumbai! He wonders where to get clothes from for Geet..! Receptionist suggests 24 hrs shop.. having western dresses.. n MSK smirks!
Lucky thanks someone on phone n enters his room! Preeto comes! She tries to open the door. but it doesnt open! She enters the room .. n its decorated with rose petals..! Preeto shouts.. ! Lucky comes and starts flirting with Preeto! He shows her HER image in the mirror.. as the girl with whom he had come for Honeymoon!! Jugnu comes out of his room n while closing the door the number changes from 109 to 106! Waiter informs that he has kept the order Jugnu had given! Jugnu comes back to his room n sees.. room becomes 106! He is confused! He changes number of Luckys room to 109 n leaves..! Hitman is in search of room 109! Lucky n Preeto are kissing.. when the hitman comes n asks for Bhimrao to kill! Geet is waiting for MSK! Devini are in the hotel too. .n Nando asks Dev why he called her there? Dev says..come to room 110… ! Nando sees Geet. .n hides.. she wonders if Geet saw her since Dev asked her not to tell anyone! Nando sees MSK too ! Hitman is questioning .. Lucky n Preeto and they are stammering! As Hitman tries to forcibly take Luckto.. Preeto loses balance n falls on Lucky n he on hitman! Hitman has passed out!
LuckTo are worried …what to do.. as Hitman seems dead! Geet is cribbing..! MSK comes and hugs her! Geet chides him for coming late n how.. the servant laufed on her n her attire! MSK asks her to cool down! As she sees him smile.. she threatens him n he says.. Punjab ki Sherni jag uthi! She asks for her bag n MSK says.. her bag is stolen! Geet tells MSK what she will wear since her clothes got stolen n MSK grins n says.. he got something for her! Geet takes the packet n goes to change!
Jugnu is eating.. n decides to go to the washroom to get fresh! Nando sneaks into his room! Jugnu sees her leaving his room! Dev is shocked to hear that Geet is there! He goes to his room n mixes it up. .as 106! Geet shouts on MSK for the kind of dress he got! Geet chides him for getting such clothes for her… n MSK pulls her and hugs her! He asks.. if she wont wear it for him even?? He says he will prepare for the date.. n Geet shyly smiles n leaves to change!
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