Geet Tuesday 11 February 2020 update

Geet Tuesday 11 February 2020 update: Geet walking in the corridor when, what all MK said or asked her is going through in her mind as FB.

Geet Tuesday 11 February 2020 update: Basically recap is in FB. Geet thinks if I reply to his questions then I’ll get my answers too..MK in meeting room thoughtfully saying PYAAR KA GHAR, adi repeats him, when MK ka pyaar enters, and banda lost, pyaar aka geet completes his sentence, who is with you whole life and death can also not separate you.

MK in self talk that you have replied to question what does love means to you.
Saasha taunts geet you won’t understand as, we are building house for millionaire, who does not stay at one place for year and not for middle clas, Mk gives stare to saasha. she says MK, I think, he stops her with his traffic police hand and says looking at geet that how long saath will be that depends on the foundation. Stronger the foundation longer the company. adi says right and says KC always use good quality material so foundation has to be strong.

Maneet are busy in their love foundation. Geet adds when wake up in the morning, sunrays show her smiley face, so that whole day can go in her memory.  MK is latoo on answers. Adi says good suggestion, adi in material mode, says first sun ray needs to be in the bed room so it should be in the east. Now Mk’s turn he says and in the night her face will enlightened in front of guest geet remembers moon talk. So says more brighter than moon light, right.

MK keeps staring, taasha yells she gets it.. you want lighted living room as guest will come there. Saasha stops taasha. Mk says good and asks to have blueprints ready.All leave geet says so you took project, Mk says you have given me answers, eye lock with anthem.

Bakra Demello and Co like designs, maneet busy staring… saasha does not like this.. Demello says to Mk, no one can understand love better than you, rose add we see maneet’s love in it, you are made for each other. Maneet give credit each other for design. Demello is amused seeing this, they invite Maneet for their wedding, geet asks wedding??? rose tells at their fifth anniversary they are renewing their vow’s, so they want them to be part of it and rose wants geet as bridesmaid. Maneet decide to say yes.

Donkey dev ( bad DD) trying to reach his female donkey but fails. Daadi comes asks if they fought again, he tells meri gadhi has left me and I can not tell you the reason.

Mk walks in geet’s cabin says this morning you made excuse of being secretary and have come alone but at this late I won’t let you go alone, If you wish, you can come with me as my fiance, geet nodes yes with mahi. maneet walk together, reach at out house.

Geet starts walking when MK says Truth and Trust (TT), she turns, he says you wanted to know what is the meaning of love for me. To me these two are love… he says the relation will be loveless if there is no trust and truth in it. I see truth in your eyes. You always face the truth, just do not run away from it. That is why you have sparkle in eyes, your eyes reflect your clean heart.. Geet looks down, he moves her face to him and says do not look away, your eyes tell me what goes in your heart…You say nothing to me geet that is why I have to all in your eyes and stops.  Mk pulls himself together and leaves.

Geet is in tears thinks, TRUTH is all for him and I have not told him the biggest truth of my life then what foundation our relation has?? Geet is guilty for hiding her past, so decides to tell him.

Bad DD playing squash, remembering good moments and NT’s last convo in FB.  Dev decides not to run away, face it and tell the truth to MK

Geet practicing how to tell past to Mk, imagining him on his chair. She scolds herself for not saying it properly and orders her self to start from the start. She practice like 5 yrs old gal you know that I left HP, came to Delhi, but I never told you why, I wanted to tell you something and MK standing behind her Star. Mk calls her name and thinks so you have decided to speak your heart.

geet says I wanted to tell you something Maan. Both walk to each other, she goes I wanted to tell you, Mk completes the sentence that we are getting lat. so get ready, geet interrupts it’s very important, he says I know… now geet is shocked. He asks her to get ready. Mk to himself that he knows what you want to say whatever feeling you wanted to express, I have read in your eyes… I want that moment to be special so you will have to wait a little, so tom do it nicely, do not screw up.

MK is looking for geet, he spots her uncomfortable in western dress. He says you are wearing dress that Mrs Demello has given you and you did not want to say no coz she is our client. You thought if you say no then I’ll feel bad and I only told you that I like gal more in short dress, geet nodes in yes, he says in husky voice but geet you are different than all other gals. You are nice just the way you are. Mk says you do not need any artificial things coz your SIMPLICITY is your BEAUTY.

Nothing is hiding behind your beauty. He asks her to change. He leaves, his words keep echoing geet’s mind.. Geet is more guilty now, she decides that she will not keep quite any more and will tell him complete truth.

the wedding, and the bride asks Maan where her bridesmaid is. Maan says that Geet might be awhile. Just then, Geet appears, wearing a beautiful beige sari. She looks uncertain, and Maan smiles seeing her. As she makes her descent towards the bride&groom, Pee Loon begins.

Pee Loon becomes Maahi moment, and as Geet stands next to Maan, the bride says that Geet looks like the bride – the way she was walking up to Mr. Khurana. The groom says that MaanEet should get married as well. Geet quickly pipes up and says no. Maan’s smile softens into an almost frown, and then the groom says that at least with Geet here, they can get married quickly now.
The priest begins, and MaanEet stare at each other as the bride&groom take their vows. When the priest asks the bride&groom to put on their rings, Geet looks at her engagement ring while the priest. explains the importance of the ring. Maan smiles as she does so.
Geet thinks back to when Maan placed the ring on her finger, and has tears in her eyes, while Maan stares and smiles. The priest tells the groom that he may kiss the bride, and Maan makes his way to Geet, as Pee Loon continues.
Pee Loon again turns into Maahi, as MaanEet stare at each other, and the newlyweds make their way to the guests. Maan thinks that Geet can’t wait to tell him her “dil ki baatein”, and Geet thinks that in one breath, she’ll tell him – but she’s scared he’ll leave her. Geet tells Maan that she wants to say something to him, and Maan agrees, before the bride says that the romantic couple needs to be photographed.
Geet disagrees, and says they need to leave, but the bride gets the photographer to take the pictures. The bride tells MaanEet to get closer, and the last photo is of them looking at each other. The bride then says she wants a photo with her bridesmaid, and Geet turns and looks at Maan while being led away.

The next morning, Dev (sigh) is sleeping, and dreaming of NT. He’s remembering his moments with her, and thoughts turn nasty when NT is talking. He calls of NT, and touches her side of the bed, before waking up and realising she’s not there. He sits up, and dials her number, but she’s not picking up.
He tells himself that NT’s drama isn’t going to stop him from telling Maan the truth. He played with an innocent life, and if he gets punished, well that’s expected. He gets up, and stands there thinking, when Dadi comes in with a glass of juice.
Dadi asks him if NT called or anything, but Dev says no. He then asks where Maan is, and Dadi replies that he’s at a client’s wedding… but why does Dev need to see Maan so badly? Dev says it’s important, and leaves.

The scene cuts to Geet, who’s standing waiting for Maan. She can’t see him, so she walks around, before she hears laughter… she sees Maan happily playing with little girls who are dressed up as brides. Geet looks at him in amazement, and touches her stomach. She says it’s the first time she’s seen Maan helpless at heart, and that too with a little girl. She asks God if He wants to tell her something.
Maan, who’s still playing with the girls, puts one down, and notices Geet. He smiles broadly, gets up, and walks away. Geet tries to call for him, but to no avail. She follows him. She walks into a room, and Maan touches her shoulder. Pee Loon continues.

Pee Loon ends, and Maan is almost about to tell Geet he loves her… but he stops, and tells her to tell him what’s in her heart. He wants her to tell him everything. He’s hoping for her to tell him she loves him. She’s in tears, and he’s urging her.

Geet cannot get the words out, and Maan’s holding her hand, waiting for her to say something. She’s crying, as she’s trying to tell him… she’s pregnant.
Everything stops. Somewhere, Dev opens a door.
Maan is silent… and then he drops his hands.
The episode ends.

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