Geet 10 March 2020: on Geet tuesday 10 March 2020, Scene starts from where it ended yesterday..!! Geet dangling while holding on to NTs hand..!!

Geet 10 March 2020: Geet is shouting…’Help’ and NT says…’Someone help me…i cant hold on to her myself…please help..!!’ and starts removing her hand from Geets grip..n Geet begs..’No NT..please dont do it’ NT with an evil smile..starts removing her hand !! Geet screams…’Maan sir…’ and MSK sitting in the car hears the scream!! NT removes her hand from Geets grip *Sweety/ Sasha/ Adi and all stare shocked n with OMG expression* !! Geet is about to fall when MSK comes and holds her hand just in time n pulls her up ..n hugs her tightly..!! Geet hugs him back tightly as well !! NT shocked to see MSK n leaves from there!!

MSK asks Geet if she is ok..n she nods…a yes..n MSK says..’If anything..wuld hv happened to u..i wont hv been able to forgive myself ever!!’ Maneet still in the hug and Pindi Queen comes n offers a glass of water to Geet n asks.. Geet if she is fine….!! NT trying to leave n MSK spots her…n asks her to stop n says…..’After all that has happened..u cant run away from here like this..!!’ NTsays..’Wat are u talking about Maan Veerji..Wat did i do…??!’ Geet says..’One minute Maan sir….let me talk to her today..!!’ n says…. ‘U din do anything? Aint u ashamed.. u tried to throw me down before everyone..and now ur lying..!! Even after destroying my life u din get satisfaction u stooped as low as wanting to kill my baby?? *Everyone at the party shocked to hear this* I knew this from before that u wanted to keep me away from Maan sir..but i dint expect that for this..u wuld try to kill an innocent…!! Today for the last time i m warning u that if u try to hurt my baby ever again….i wont spare u..!!’

NT says…’Shut up Geet… Is this how u pay me back for my help?? Everyone saw here that ur life was in danger..!! I tried to help u .!!’ NT asks everyone standing to tell …how she tried to save Geet..! NT says…’It was possible that while pulling u up ..i culd hv fallen..!! I did everything to save ur life.. n ur blaming me?? Ur blaming me only coz i know ur truth??’ Geet n MSK look startled !! NT says..’ I wasnt going to tell anything to anyone..!! But now u have forced me to say everything by leveling such cheap allegations..!!’ NT addresses the crowd at the party and says…’This girl who is blaming me for having attempted to kill her baby…. just ask her…is she even married?’ *Everyone at the party shocked ..Sweety looks exasparated*

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‘From the day she came in my life…she has destroyed it… She put my hubby behind bars..n Dadima doesnt even talk to me….. n she has forced me to fall low in my own eyes..!!’ NT addresses Geet saying… ‘With which right are u playing wit my life…like this?? With which right are u creating distances in my family..!! After all what is ur status… who are u?? U r identity is only coz of ur child..!! U culdn give any name to urself… whose name will u give to this baby..!!’ *Geet in tears n silent* NT says..’Answer me Geet…..!!’ MSK says..’Enouf!!’ He breaks the glass in his hand..n his hand bleeds! MSK says…’Geet was alone then but not now’ n walks forward and applies his blood as sindoor in Geets mang!!..All watch shocked n startled..including Geet !! MSK says…’From today.. MSKs name has been connected wit Geet’..n tells NT ..’Before talking to Geet after today….remember who u talking to!!’ MSK takes Geets hand in his and walks off wit Geet….!!

Sweety n all close in on NT…..n NT says..’Sweety!!’ Sweety tells…’Dun take my name…being a woman.. u tried to abort another womans child…u ought to be ashamed of urself..!!’ NT says..’U believed this girl… she destroyed my family and took my husband away from me!!’ Sweety says..’Well shut up… ur husband mite have left u.. but not for any other reason ….rather for all this evil deeds of urs..!!’ NT says..’My deeds?? Whatever i have done till date is only to save my husband from the lenders..!! And what did i get in return?? Cheating’ NT turns to Sasha n says…’Sasha..u can understand my pain na?’ Sasha says..’If i even remotely knew that this is what u were going to do..i swear i wuldn hv helped u ever..!!’ Tasha says…’And u have used Sasha mam by tricking her.!!’ Adi says…’U r blaming Geet in order to hide ur sins..?’ NT says…’U all are misunderstanding..!! Geet is the real culprit..!! She has made me homeless ! I culdn become a mother…but she is carrying my husbands child in her womb..!! She has humiliated me at every step..!! She is guilty not me..!!’ Sweety says..’ U know what..i m ashamed to call u my friend..Unknowingly as well.. but i m part of this sin.!! After today… believing u is a far off thing ..i dun wanna even see ur face..Naintara!! Listen everybody.. the PARTY IS OVER!!’ Sweety walks off.. NT tries to call Sweety.. Sasha… but everyone leaves..!! Exasperated NT…throws off her hat..!!

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MSK drives Geet to Meeras house..n stops the car outside !! In the car… MSK turns to look at Geet who is lost in a trance and touches her forehead *Flashback of MSK filling her Maang* and feels it ..! MSK looks away….

Adi wit 2 office and n says….’Well its good that the event is over..but it was a very bad day..!!’ Romeo says…’All this happened coz of NT..!! I thot..we did meet girls in the party n have lots of fun…but it was an anticlimax!!’ Manisha says…’Hope NT gets attacked by pests..!! U know guys..this is the reason why i dun trust girls..! But i can trust u both so much *Jumps towards Adi ..who promptly goes away on the other side behind Romeo* Romeo says…’Manishaji ..ur wrong.. not all girls are same..!!’ Manisha says..’Romeo..’ and Adi says..’Oh i just remembered..from girls that.. Alka is coming from New York, America’ *Promotion of Dhoondh Legi Manzil Hume* Wacko

MSK gets out of the car and comes towards Geets side and opens the door …n offers his hand to Geet to hold and come out……n she turns after a while n takes it..!! Geet gets out of the car n starts walking while leaving MSKs hand……n MSK tries to hold on …but Geet continues to walk n MSK watches on.. Geet walks as if in a trance.. MSK looks on!!!!

MSK n Geet walking in the entrance near the garden of the outhouse..n Geet realises where they are n says… this is outhouse..n MSK u will stay before my eyes..i wont let u out of my sight..! *Flashback of NTs threat* Geet feels dizzy n about to collapse n MSK holds her in time! MSK picks her up n carries her inside n says..enouf Geet…. forget abt the past…. after this..there wil b only hapiness n in my arms…

Dev comes to Meeras house….n Meera says..come in.. Geet aint here. n Dev with his luggage enters n Meera asks.. if he got any proofs?? Dev says no….. no one is ready to talk about NT..n Geets family has also gone missing…. n Meera we cant collect any evidences?? Dev i guess..!! Meera tells Dev that MSK filled Geets mang before all…n Dev smiles!! Geet sitting on her bed n recollects the khoon bhari segment… MSK comes!! Geet self thot..looking at MSK… why u did this ?? MSK says…i shld hv done this before…. then there wont hv been so many questioins asked!! Maneet stand aamne samne… MAHIIIIIIIIIIIII n Geet says…before taking such a huge risk.. u should hv thot of urself atleast once… but u only think of me…. n has her hand on his heart….n says… u only doing that ppl dun ask questions to me… that i dun think of being alone..!! U hv made me n my happiness the aim of ur life

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MSK lifts Geets chin n then..makes her sit on the bed n covers her wit the bedsheet… n sits next to her….n MSK says..i hv made ur life….. so wat u said was totally wrong…! I m still ur Dusht Danav..who does what he pleases to…. if i hv filled ur mang…it was for my selfish interest.. ….u were my habit first…but now….ur my need..!! I cant survive without u in my life..!! I m desiring u not for this life..but for all coming lifes..! I m doing this for myself Geet . Geet hugs Munda!! Munda hugs her back Embarrassed

MSK tells Geet…that u need rest..i will just come..till then u change..n starts to leave n Geet holds on .. MSK assures i m not going anywhere…i m right here.. u change..!!

Dev tells Meera… this is the best news in days…. Geet will get her hapiness n bro will get a companion…. !! U dunno how much u hv relieved me…..n Meera says….seems the old Dev i know is back..u want her happiness n u also repent..! I m sure u will get the forgiveness some day for ur sins..n Dev thanks her… n says..i must hv done smthng good to hv a friend like u in my life!! Deveera eyelock..!! Meera asks Dev to change….n goes to get food ready..!!

MSK sits down n starts to remove Geets earrings…. forehead tikka…..then her dupatta….n Geet looks startled….n MSK kisses her hand….. n about to get up but Geet holds on n MSK makes Geet lie down n cover her wit the bedsheet n asks her to sleep.. .as he wont go anywhere… n then kisses her eyes..n forehead..!! Scene ends wit MSK staring at Geet..sleeping n yet holding on to his hand..


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