Vikram tells Geet..that he cant believe that she is here.. he he got all things her fave.. in there..! Geet tells Vikram that she fulfilled her promise..that if she came. .he will leave forever.. n asks him to fulfill his promise! Vikram laufs sarcastically and says that.. after ages a wayward traveller has found his destination n ur saying that he should go back to waywardness?? Thirsty should leave Manna ??
Geet tells Vikram ..ur a cheater.. n Vikram says.. nope.. its called love! He says..everything is fair in love n war.. i love u.. n war is with MSK! Geet turns to leave but finds door closed! She asks him to open! He laufs n says..dun say please or i will melt! He comes near her! Geet is walking behind.. Vikram closing in! Geet asks him to stay away!! Vikram says for how long?? After ages.these distances.. have reduced.. why withdraw.. come to ur love Geet..! Vikram ..smells Geets dupatta! Geet is freaked out! Vikram says how he used to dream of smelling her dupatta! Vikram this dewana will end all distances between us.. n today Geet will be mine forever! He is about to touch Geet when MSK comes n holds his hand! He says… before reaching Geet.. u have to cross..the wall called MSK! MSK says.. u made a smart move..u lied to Geet n Geet was forced to come for family.. but i overheard. .u before..! I kept quiet..coz i know cowards like u… have to be caught like this only! Now i will teach u manly language! Suddenly light goes off.. n Vikram escapes!! Police come n MSK says.. he seems to have run off!! Maan assures Geet.that what she did was for family! Cops ask for facial description! Maneet at the police station getting sketch ready! News channels run the news for catching Vikram! Servant comes n says.. a courier has come.. n Geet is shocked! MSK opens n its a CD! Lucky wonders if its from MSK!
Maneet put the CD on… Vikram says.. by now his sketch is made n flashed.. now he has no option but to die.. n he has to die coz he dared to love her..! He says..he wont die at the hands of cops… since he has loved her… he will die in front of her so she remembers him forever! Vikram pours kerosene/petrol all around ! He says he is in the same cottage where she came first time… which smells of her! MSK informs the cops! Vikram says he knows that MSK has sent cops after him! Maneet surprised! Vikram then ignites the matchstickVikram immolates himself. .saying.. ‘I love u’ Geet! Geet is scared
Geet is in her room n crying..! MSK sees n comes.. ! He turns Geet around.. Maneet hug! MSK asks Geet why she is crying n that all is well … Geet hesitates.. ! MSK says..the guy between us.. is gone! Geet agrees but hesitates.! MSK hugs her n says.. all is fine.. now its u me n our love n happiness!
Vikram is making a painting of Geet! He cuts his finger n puts sindoor of blood on Geets pic! Vikram says.. u mus b sad.. to see me dying before ur eyes. .but what to do. .we have to be i had to fake this death! In a few days.. Vikram will be Geets.. n Geet will be Vikrams..!! Both will be with each other..for life! Preeto comes to Nandos room and Nando says.. dev.. n Preeto says.. u said he is at bangalore for a few days..what happened? Nando tells about the incident..with Dev.. n how she reacted! She is sad n Preeto peps her up! Nando rues that she was so selfish.. at the time of need! Preeto asks her to smile n forget all! Geet is praying to Babaji.. n thanks him that all troubles ended.. n all is hale n hearty n begs him to keep his blessing in her family! She requests to keep MSK before her eyes! MSK comes! MSK turns Geet around n says.. i wanna b kajal of ur eyes ! Maneet hug..! MSK tells her not to remember bad times.. n that now .. its them.. their happiness n no one else! Geet agrees! Maneet hug! MSK self thot.. my heart says.. all is well but head says that..the guy.. who was stalking us.. din look like someone who wuld committ suicide!!
Jugnu is yapping… n bragging to servants how the stalker .committed suicide.. coz of his scare..! Lucky teases him ..! A guy comes seeking meeting with MSK to get job.. he requests.. Jugnu-Lucky .. Lucky asks him to come to office! The guy looks suspicious! Nando is pacing around.. n wondering why Dev is not receiving her calls! Preeto teases her! Preeto suggests Nando to give them a surprise treat of their fave dishes.. Nando agrees! She says.. to send Maneet off to a trip for a few days..!Both wonder where to send Maneet… Nando suggests.. Chaatarpur Farm house.. Preeto agrees! Both decide to convince Maneet! Vikram.. tears a Maneet pic n puts Geet pic in a cage n MSKs on fire! Vikram says that.. 48 hrs more n this cage will close forever.. n it will be Vikram n Geets residence..!
Geet offers MSK coffee.. n Maneet eyelock… at the dining table n all notice! Nano teases.. MSK saying.. either ur drowned in work or on drooling on Geet didi..! MSK asks…ok.. so what to do now?? Nando suggests farmhouse trip over the weekend..! MSK agrees to take all.. but Nando refuses.. n Lucky agrees.. ! Jugnu comes n says.. he is feeling sick..n asks Lucky to stay back!
Lucky gives instructions to servant to tell Driver to pack clothes for a day or two.. as Maneet are going to Farm! That suspicious guy overhears n informs Vikram! Vikram is outside n near the setting sun.. looks at the cage n says..wait will end before 48 hrs. .itself.. M coming to meet u Geet.. at ur Farmhouse!


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