Geet Thursday 6th February 2020 update

Geet Thursday 6 February 2020 update: Magical night starts with Maneet in circle, it starts raining pari’s voice over about rain.

Geet Thursday 6 February 2020 update: MSK asks about pari, she tells pari has gone, he sees geet hiding something tries to find out what it is, geet struggles for not to give, and throws, that ends on candle to catch the flame. Geet tells him the letter was not meant for him. MK angrily ask what was in it that he can not read??. Geet replies nothing, he asks what did you tell pari so she has left. Geet says what makes you think that I always do some thing wrong, I said nothing to her. MK says you did nothing oki, now do something. Your job was find gal for me, so find a gal in half an hour.

Geet is shocked and asks how can she find a gal in half an hour, MSK replies not my problem, daadi waiting, do your job. He warns her that find a gal who does not run away after saying me ILU.  and do not find gal who likes me, as I do not like complications.

Geet disappointingly asks him where were you find a gal, who does not like you, needs job, will agree to act as your fiance and is ready to meet daadi right now. MK screens her through his eyes says geet you need job, do not like me either so if you can not find gal then you will do this job. you will be my fiance.  solid eyelock geet lowers glaze, MK’s eyes in pain, she looks up to him again, gathers courage and says I’m sorry I can not be your fiance, nodes her head in big NO. Mk has taken a back bit.

Voice over of MK about gal making place in his heart and rest of the talk in FB, while they stare.

Geet walks off. MK holds her hand, pulls her close to him, she struggles, pledges him silently to let her go. Mk angrily tells her your NO means nothing to me, you have habit to say no to me, I am in trouble coz of you, so you will have to do this, She says please, I wont act as your fiancee, Mk says your answer is NO to my each question. A bangle breaks, he leaves her hand, she walks off, he holds pallu, eyes turn dreamy, he walks close to her, mahi tune in BG, he wraps it around, covering her shoulder with it, hand on tummy asks huskily why not?? What problem do you have to act, what do you think I am not eligible for you, would a prince on white horse come having rose in one and ring in other hand, do you want to live in that dream.

Get asks him to stop, in return he questions why did you say NO to me, am I not laayak for you. All geet could say let me go, I have no answers for your questions, he says I am not holding you. Geet runs, talks to her self that he is increasing my trouble, why he not understand, pauses, says I just go from here, turn to see MK walking towards her candle in hand, he says this is it, we were supposed to be together till now. I always have helped you in trouble, but you may not remember that if I would have not saved you, then you would have not survived. Geet says I can never forget that my life is your amanaanat, but I can not help you in this he asks why?? She says coz I do not want you to get burden of my life.

He put off candle, says angrily do not talk shallow and give me lame excuses, you do not want to do coz you have developed feeling for me. IS not that the reason for it?? Do not you scared of your self that while acting you would not able to control your emotions and your self?? Tell me, you love me?? she says YESS. EYE LOCK with mahi.

MK smiles, geet turns her face, lowers gaze, anddddddddddd twists her yes ki I am ready to do your job, MK ki smile fades,  geet looks back straight in to MK’s eyes. Now Mk is the one who is shocked. Geet says slowly, I am ready to act as your fiance in front of daadi. MK is speechless due to shock. Geet runs away leaving MK behind who probably is thinking usually it’s maneka who breaks viswamitra but this is going other way round. Man am I going to be one who changes history?? For now nothing is working.ROFL

Geet gets hurt while running ( not new, but M”am where is your sandles??) MK sees, lifts her, geet is fine with it. MSK walks in corridor lifting geet. daadi comes from no where to say her doubt was right. MSK looks at geet who signals him to get her down.

MSK does not let geet down but says daadi, daadi says she has no objection, but if you would have brought her after wedding like this, MK interrupts that she has hurt her feet, daadi says she is joking and she knew from the beginning  that you gal is GEET. Maneet stare at each other. Daadi adds further that no gal will be better for him than geet. Geet again signals him to get her down, he asks what?? He is about to leave her, daadi says no no if you want to lift her like this fine by me.  Geet is embarrass, again says to him neeche utaariya, finally he gets her down. daadi smiles. MK says please, she asks when is he going to introduce geet to her first hubby??oh she means his bro

Mannet look at each other, Mk says tomorrow, daadi says. She is very happy today. Maneet looks at each other, geet looks down and tells him she will go by her self. bechaari daadi pata hi nahi hai geet is like do pati vaali draupadi. for now MK and dev do no ki biwi. Mk walks off. Geet left thinking about her and MK’s convo. She thinks what has she done she supposed to go away and she said yes. Now I am his fiance.

Geet waking up from her beauty Sleep’..She Gets Up Prays and remembers what all happened the other evening’.She says to herself that till yesterday she was Maan Sir’s Secretary and today she is his (Fiancee)’even if it’s a Drama
She looks up to her Babaji and asks him’.

The she suddenly remembers something and digs under her Pillow to pull out the Taveez and she remembers the PanditJi’s Words when he gave her the Taveez-That her life partner/soul mate will meet her today and she remembers how she first met Maan

Then Her Phone rings and she picks it up to say her ever sweet Hello to Mann’.Maan gets carried away hearing her Hello’and He calls out her name actually fumbles with her Name’.She goes on to sayI mean Maan. I mean Maan Sir. Leaving Maan confused at the Other end’.

He tells her that will be working at the office today’and Geet is like so you wont be coming to the out house today right???And he says Yes that’s Right and she cuts the Phone’.

Maan Calls her Back and when Geet Picks up he starts to yell but then calms up and tells her not to cut the call until the conversation was over’.she says Ji Sir’.He tells her that he forgot a File at the Desk at the Out house and he wants them urgently and asks her to bring it’.She says she will be there in no time’..end of convo

Geet talks to her self and tells her that You are Maan’s Fiancee but its just a fake one….This is also a part of your Job…..on the other Hand Maan is thinking and talking to himself that Geet should stop calling her Sir and call him Maan else Dadi will get suspicious’..And then he reasons with himself that she is working for you’you are still her Boss and so she has to Listen to You’..and then Goes on to add but its Geet Handa we are talking about and to get her to do this is not so easy’

Geet arrives at Khurana Constructions and is Shocked to see everyone Greet her..with Hello Ma’am and Good Morning Ma’am’.She gets angry that Maan told everyone that she is his Fiance’she hits her Leg while walking and that’s when she realizes that she was Day-Dreaming and nothing of that sort Happened’.She spots Pinky and asks her “Did You Hear something’ And Pinky goes on to say “Yes’ Geet tells Pinky’.how come she came to know to which pinky says not only her but the whole staff knows about it’.And Geet questions if its Maan who said this’.and Pinky Goes on to say'”Why would Maan Sir Say anything'” the court orders came in’.Police Came for Pooch Thaaj (to ask certain things)’.etc’.

Geet is a little shocked and surprised at her new Findings and she enquirers what Pinky is talking about’..Pinky says that Rasika Rathod has Filed a Case against Maan for the Hoshiyarpur Project’.and Geet remembers (flashbacks) of how Maan spoke up for Geet in front of Rasika and canceled the Deal”

She decides she has to speak to Maan and Goes to His Cabin’.Maan is Busy talking to two Guys he has Hired for this Case’.and Geet is standing at the Door not knowing what to call him’.and she ends up calling him “Suniye”(A way of adressing some one with respect when you dont want to call him by name) (Which was absolutely superb)’Maan’s reactions were worth watching”She goes on to Give the file but does not let go of it’Maan looks at her questioningly and Geet gives him Isharas(Clues) that she wants to talk to him’.and he asks her what’.They have a cute Hush hush Talk’..and Geet asks him if she can help him in any way on the case and the Mess he is in because of her,”Maan politely refuses and asks her to leave,’..She asks him shall she Get Black-Coffee for him while leaving and he says Yes!!!….

Geet is coming back with the Coffee and hears the same two Guys Coming out of Maan’s Cabin talking to each other asking “Who is this Geet’and why is Maan Sir doing all this for her’.Maan Sir does not even know how big a Problem this can be’etc etc “Geet hears all this and gets Worried”That’s when Taasha comes in and introduces Geet to these two Guys and insults her and says ill about her and her relationship with Maan’.Adi and Pinky come in to help Geet and starts to shut Taasha but Taasha does not give up’.and also goes onto say that Geet is staying with Maan in the same Out house etc”Tasha questions Geet as to what’s her relationship with Maan ‘.(Insults her in Short)’when the Great Maan Singh Khurana intervenes and says “She is my fiancee)

Everybody is shocked and Maan says stop Looking at Geet Like That’..and Get back to your Job’

Maan goes to his Cabin’ Geet Follows and they have a convo there where Geet asks him why he had to say all this in front of the staff’..Taasha Comes in and on seeing her’Maan Hugs Geet’.Geet is shocked but Maan tells her (Through his eyes) that Peechey Someone is Behind”Geet Turns back to find Taasha and so does not say anything to Maan and stays still in the Hug’..Taasha is shocked to see the two hug and after a few seconds Leaves from there’..

Maan and Geet Breaks apart’and neither of them are embarrassed about the Hug”Maan asks Geet what’s it that she wants’.and Geet says she wants to help him in this project/case and everything related to it’.Maan says there is nothing she has to do and not to think about it’Geet Nods and leaves”

Geet is in her Cabin and she gets a Call its from Rasika Rathod’..Rasika warns her to tell Maan that if Maan does not reach Hoshiyaarpur By today evening’.She will definitely make arrangements to send him to Jail’.Geet Gets Worried and she tries to reason with Raskia but Rasika Disconnects the call”

Geet Resolves to Leave for Hoshiyaarpur as she knows Maan would never go to Hoshiyaarpur’.Maan comes out of his cabin and is wondering why is Geet Blaming herself for this Mess’and in the process is also looking for Geet when he can’t find her he asks Adi and Pinky and finds out from Adi that Geet has left for Hoshiyaarpur’..

Episode Ends at Maan’s Face who is angry and agitated that Geet Left just likes that’..

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