Geet Thursday 6 August 2020: MSK is hugging Lucky n right then Beeji comes n says.. ‘Great..!!’ Both are startled.. Beeji says..’By ruining ur moms repute.. now celebrate…with strangers… !

U were careless u have become shameless!’ MSK tries to defend…Beeji interrupts n says..coz of u my family has turned on me..!  Lucky says…i fought for my love..n redemed ur repute…!’ Beeji says..what about the work i gave u?? Dev comes n says.. ‘Thats done too..!’ Beeji sees Nando n glares..! Beeji tells Lucky… i gave u one work n u gave it to someone else…! U r not worthy of being called my son..! All are shocked to hear…! Lucky turns n says..’Ur right! I dun deserve to be called ur son …coz i have never given u any happiness…but what to do.. i tried a lot…to give u one happiness.. but i culdn!’  Lucky says..’I dun have ny more strength!’  Lucky holds Preeto’s hand…n says..’I got my life…n my direction too in life..! After today if u feel u can call me ur son. .or forgive me.. then just call out from the adjacent half of our house.. Lucky singh will come!’ Lucky leaves with Preeto… MSK /Dev follow!

Beeji calls Tejjy n asks him to come soon.. as she is all alone..n is hurting..! Nando is sitting in the room overhearing..! Jugnu is walking out..n Beeji interrupts him n asks …where he is off..?? Jugnu says..i cant stay without my Nephew… so i m going off to MSKs house..! Jugnu says..gimme some money for the travel…!! Beeji says… he left me for a stranger?? Nando says.. he is Geets hubby,.! Beeji says..i dun wanna hear Maneets name ever..! Beeji says..its my fault ..that i loved her so much.. she kept meeting him…n lying to me!! Pammi says.. .if Geet wanted .. she culd hv left for MSK… she stayed for ur repute..! Beeji says..coz of those two.. my son has rebelled… whatever has happened coz of both of them..!
Preetos dad says..he is sure Lucky will keep Preeto happy… but something has to be seen to ensure her good future!! MSK says… dun worry.. Lucky is a hardworking chap.. he will manage! Jugnu arrives n says.. when MSK is there.. dun u worry..! Geet comes right then n congratulates Lucky… n says.. its a great day… Lucky has got his love… n now a job with Jija ji… ..tho he has to leave his mom… but who needs mom when ur older… she is required in childhood only..! Tho mom mite need u .. but u dun worry.. Tejjy will take care..n if Tejjy leaves.. we daughters will take care of her..! So what if u left our mother.. we will be her daughter..! U guys celebrate.. i m going..! Preeto’s dad says.. was she congratulating u or taunting?? MSK says..Geet is right… u fulfiled duty of a lover.. but what about being a good son?? Love is like a worship.. it  will be complete when u win Beejis heart n she accepts Preeto..! Lucky agrees.. n asks for 1 year time to become a good son..!  Preeto’s dad agrees! MSK assures his support to Lucky!
Preeto is in the courtyard.. n Lucky comes..  n opens his arms wide.. n Preeto runs into his arms n he twirls her around n asks..will u wait for me?? Preeto says.. even if death comes i will wait..! Preetos dad calls n she says.. Dads voice is louder than death have to go. .n leaves! Jugnu comes n hits Lucky n says..why u looking lost…?? Well gotta tell u.. i took big panga.. i took panga with Ballu ..who is a big man. MSK..! Btw why do i have the bag with me..?? Lucky says..drink less… u forget a lot… nyways go n rest!
Geet is in her room n cribs.. i sounded Lucky so much. .dunno what will MSK think.. but what culd i do ..cant see Beeji being humiliated like this..! Need to talk to  MSK…n tries to call him..! MSK is sitting at his desk.. n sees that the no. is of the house n it mite be Geet n neglects!  Geet comes out n sees MSK in his seat n starts to leave her message in his mailbox n he hears..! I had to say all that coz … Lucky has to be  a good son also…i stayed back here to be a good daughter. .n i have to fulfil my duty.. i know in this birth. .u will support the daughter in me…
 right?? Geet asks..answer me..! But MSK gets up n picks the phone n says.. ‘What did u  say. .that i dun care for ur words and ur opinion n feelings??’ MSK slams the phone angrily n leaves!  Geet says..he took it to what to do??
Adi comes to MSK n u eat?? Adi says.. erm i mean.. will u eat?? MSK early.. after its time then…! Adi tries to explain that he wakes up early so is hungry..! MSK agrees..! Adi starts singing… ‘Khana kha lo. bhook mit jaegi…’
 n MSK says.. should i eat or listen to u?? Adi! MSK sees..Pasta in the plate… n asks but our chef left?? Adi says yes.. kicked them out. .erm i mean.. kept one..!  MSK eats n realises its cooked by Geet…n MSK says.. to Adi ..tell ur chef salt is more in Pasta..! Geet squirms her face n leaves…!  Jungu is talking to someone while drinking n wants to talk to PM/President/CM/Police/Hawaldar..n the other person asks.whats the problem?? Jugnu says.. m Jugnu jasoos.. Matrick Passed with high marks…i heard PM worried about where country is going.. if he needs help.. ask him to talk to me..! Beeji comes n says.. ur standing in our half..n Jungu says.. i wont go leaving u ever..!! Beeji asks..who were u talking to?? Jungu says.. working on secret project.. Lal Gobi da phool for PM! Lucky comes n stands..behind them n Jugnu says.. we are standing on wrong side.. Lucky is here but he is in MSKs side n we are here too… its wrong side!! Lucky says.. no u guys are on right side.. i was on wrong side.. Beeji forgive me.. in passion i said so many things.. i hv realised my mistake… in ignorance i took a wrong step..! I always wanted Preeto’s love but din think that without  mom’s love how will my love succeed! Whether u forgive me or not.. i will become a worthy son.. like u wanted! And whatever happened between us was not coz of Maneet.. they only brought me to right path..! Geet didi thinks u as more than mom!  Jugnu compliments Geet.. but Beeji is firm!
Geet comes n sits in living room n tries to draw MSKs attention… but MSK looks away… Dev n Adi watch the show..!! Pammi comes and asks. .about Nando n says.. Daman sent designs book to chose for Nando. .n Nando comes.. n starts to chose..! Dev leaves..! Pammi asks Geet to see as well n Geet says. .who will buy me clothes.. Maasi gave me food n a place to stay.. .now i cant ask for clothes from her..!! MSK overhears..! Nando says..u come with me to market… n Pammi says.. i will get u clothes as well..! Geet says no need.. i hv decided to buy sanyasi clothes n spend life at the steps of a gurudwara.. coz one who has to care doesnt care!! MSK gets up n leaves.. n Geet is peeved n leaves in a huff!! Dev is wondering in the garden why Daman lied to Nando?? Nando .. .comes n asks Dev why he sitting in hot sun n Dev says.. to realise value of shade.. n thinks that he needs to tell Nando about Daman..!! Dev starts .. but diverts to complimenting Nando on her attire..! He makes a plan n asks Nando to ask Daman to get special type of Dupatta for Nando n she agrees n goes to make a call!!
Geet is dusting n prays to Babaji to help her to appease MSK as all she said was to rile up Lucky n not hurt MSK!  MSK is eating banana n Adi gets clothes for Geet. .. n Geet says..why he din come himself?? Adi says.. well MSK says. .not to act all bechara before all.. n Geet fumes… n says.. i m hurt.. my heart is hurting but why wuld ppl care.. they are busy eating banana n apple.. dun even look at me! MSK gets up n calls Adi to give the fruits to Geet . n Adi obliges n Geet says.dun need! Nando comes n sees the dresses.. n awesome suits.. wear Rajasthani dupatta.. i will ask Daman to get! Dev grins overhearing n leaves..! Nando says.. u will have to appease him! Geet says..but how n both cook up something n agree..!!
MSK in his room ..dabs himself dry.. n suddenly sees a shadow outside the window of his room  n opens the window saying GEET. .n its Nando…! Nando says.. nope its me.. need to talk to u urgently.. about Daman…need ur guidance..! MSK says.. thats fine.. but if Beeji finds out ur here …it will be trouble!! Nando says i please come in courtyard.. MSK agrees! MSK comes out of the house in white shirt n trousers n calls out Nandos name..suddenly door slams shut n MSK stares startled..!
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