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Geet 5 March 2020: On Geet Thursday 5 March 2020, 3 bandars (Pandeyji..Manisha and Romeo) along with other workers of Indian Paints enter KC ….!!

Geet 5 March 2020: Manisha says wow..n Pandeyji says..’is this a workplace or a movie set?’ and Romeo comments on seeing Sasha/Tasha/Pinky….that it has to be a movie set…coz just look…how the dreamgirls are standing in a queue..!! Tasha sees them and points to Sasha…that ‘Mam’ .. Sasha looks at the workers n Tasha comments..’Sasha..i mean Mam..these are the workers of the same factory that DD has just purchased..My God what are they doing here?’ Sasha comes forward and says…’Hello?’ n Manisha…nervous.. Pandeyji..’Covers his eyes..seeing Sasha in skirt’ n Romeo…is introing himself..!! Sasha says… what are u doing here?? Municipal Corporation office is located after three blocks..!!’ n turns to leave… Romeo says..thats why we came three buildings ahead..!! Sasha says….’Theres no peon vacancy in our get going!’ and turns to leave..!!

But right then… Geet enters and says…’No Sasha !!’ n everyone staring at Geet..!! Geet comes ahead and is face to face with Sasha…n says..’U cant throw them out..even if u wanted to..!!’ Sasha says..’Geet…omg…after all that has happened..i din think u wuld return to this office ever again..!! But i was wrong… U r back like a shameless…after all that has happened.. n along with u …u bring the entire crowd of HP!!’ Geet says…’I din bring them…Boss did..!!’ Sasha says..’ I had forgotten…MK luvs to do social service..first he hired u…a poor helpless village girl…n now these 3 specimens..!’ Geet says..’U r right…he does hv a habit of social service…thats why he appointed his family accountants daughter here…..right Sasha!!’ Sasha..says..’How did u get to know? Nyways…however i am..i aint a cheater like u..!’ n turns to go..n Geet says…’Atleast hear the answer Sasha…If u njoy to allege people then u should have the ability to listen to their answers as well..!’ Geet comes forward saying..’One more thing Sasha..’ n gets her eye poked by a plant n is almost about to fall…!! MSK holds her in time… *MSKs shirt n Geets suite are almost color coordinated ..Geet in red..MSK brownish red*….Geets eyes are closed n MSK is staring at her..!!

Geet touches MSKs face..with eyes closed n her hands r touching MSKs cheek n slowly she opens her eyes!! Sasha n Tasha…stare shocked and Pinky smiles..!! Geet suddenly realises where they are and so quickly removes her hand and gets up from MSKs arms with a start..!! MSK looks around and asks everyone to go back to work..!! MSK tells the 3 Bandars and others from Indian Paints to start work from today itself..!! Everyone disperse except Maneet..!! MSK tells Geet that today whole day u will work in the file storage room (Archive) and ensure that all files should be in order and all lists should be complete..!! Geet says..’But there are 1000 files there..!! In one day…all this work??’ MSK says…’So this means u r quitting the battle and turning ur back!!’ Geet says..i’Ok sir…work shall be done..!! Geet leaves from there…!!.. MSK self thot….’That i did call u here..but i know it very well that ur presence near me…affects me..n thats why its better if u work in the file storage room for the entire day..!! By this atleast u will stay away from my sight..!!’

Dev shown walking in a parking along with his bag…!! Meera meets him and hits him on the chest and starts scolding saying..’What do u think of urself?Do u hv any brains or not? Without informing me u came away from the house!! Since morning i m searching u like crazy..and u..u dun care right?’ Meera holds Devs hand..and says..’Come home..!’ Meera realises what she has done and so takes away her hand and says..’Why did u come away like this?’ Dev says..’I had a heavy feeling in my heart…and i thot that i should seek forgiveness from Bro and Dadi..but Dadi din let me meet him!!’ Meera sees the bag..n says..’Where will u go? u r not well..!’ Dev says..’I dunno..but till i locate NT..i wont go anywhere from this city..!!’ Meera says..i knw a detective agency…they can help..!!

MSK working on a laptop at his cabin..!! Geet working in the file storage room..!! Its hot…n she is fanning herself wit her dupatta..!! MSK looks at his phone n is about to put his hand on it..!! The phone in the file storage room where Geet is rings..!! Geet keeps the files down and while wiping her head and face goes to pick the phone..n says Hello…!! Its MSK but he is silent..!! Geet realises that its MSK..n keeps saying Hello but MSK doesnt talk and puts down the phone..!! Geet exclaims..’He disconnected?’ Geet goes back to her work but looks at the phone and says…’i m doing my work na…so u also do ur work na…Ring..or u want to stay quiet like him? Look..enouf of rest..Ring..!!’ Geet comes near the phone and picks up th receiver to call..!!’ MSKs phone in the cabin rings..and MSK picks up and says..’Hello!’ but Geet is silent and puts the phone down..!! MSK says angrily..’This girl…neither will she stay at peace nor let me stay at peace.. Till i stay in this office..i will hv the hope of meeting her..i will remain anxious..!!’ Sashas phone rings and Sasha receives n says..’Surprise….NT..when did u come out of th jail?’ NT *in western wear* Sasha says…’N after getting out…how did u remember me?’ NT says..’Sasha..they who know to make or break relations based on situations n not emotions are the ones who are intelligent..! If theres anyone in KC whom i consider a lil bit intelligent..then its U..!!’ Sasha says..’O really? Exactly what do u wanna say?’ NT says..’The matter is very simple..if the enemys enemy becomes a friend..then both are going to get benefited.!! We both hv the same aim.. and the same enemy…GEET…!!’

MSK leaveing office…n Sasha says..i wanna talk to u..! MSK says.. ‘Not now..i m going outside..!’ Sasha says..’MK did my work himself..seems its my lucky day…and that Geet Handas…unlucky day..!!’ While leaving…MSK gets call from the hospital…reminding him of his wifes checkup..!! The appointment is of 2:00pm in the afternoon..for Mrs.. khurana..!! U r coming na sir?’ MSK says..’Yes sister we are coming..!!’ MSK self talk..that in my grudge i forgot that …when i was supposed to take care of her…i m harrasing her more..!! I even forgot that i was supposed to take Geet to the hospital for checkup..!! Dunno if Geet remembers or not…? MSK heads back towards the file storage room..!! Geet keeps wiping her forehead n sits on chair all tired.. n fans herself…She looks exhausted !! While setting her hair..she notices the locket in the thread tied on her left hand and opens it and takes out the ring…*Flashback of taqdeer moment n MSK putting ring on Geet*

Geet is sitting staring at the ring..when MSK comes in n says..’Geet…’ Geet gets startled and gets up with a start..!! Geet is sweating.. n MSK observes.. !! He comes close to almost wipe off the sweat but quickly backs off!! He looks around and says..’This room has fan or ac?’ and Geet says..’Old files dont need fans…n who works with these old files?’ MSK opens the window and th breeze makes the papers blow and Geet struggling to hold on to them…!! MSK stands and watches as Geet struggles with the blowing papers..!! Geet gets up and suddenly feels dizzy and is about to fall when MSK hold her in time..!! Geet is concious.. !! MSK says..Geet u ok? Geet nods..!! MSK says..’I had forgotten..’ and says..’I mean..Geet.. u remember..u had to go for checkup??’ and he hears a noise and sees the ring on the floor..! By the time he looks at Geet… she has fainted..!! MSK says..’Geet open ur eyes..’

MSK makes her sit on the chair and says..’Geet open ur eyes..’ n rubs her hand-feet n keeps calling her name.. n says ‘All this is coz of me..!’ He says..’To keep u away from me..i told u whatever came to my mind.. that why i sent u here… please open ur eyes..!’ MSK gets a glass of water in the room itself and sprinkles a few drops on Geet and says.’Geet.. i m sorry… i m sorry..!’

Sasha locks the door of the record room from outside thinking only Geet is there. n exclaims..that..whatever u say…’NTs more shrewder than me…poor Miss HP…how will she feel when NT opens this door..!!’ MSK still saying..’Geet open ur eyes…’ Geet slowly opens her eyes and MSK holds her shoulder and hugs her and says..’Geet for one moment i was really scared !!’ Geet says..’I m perfectly fine..! U calm down..!! I m perfectly fine..!!’ and puts her hand around Munda and hugs as well..!! Both have a happy smile on their face…and MAHIIII in the bg..!!
Maneet are in almost kissable position n suddenly feel awkward…!! MSK gets up..n as Geet tries to get up. MSK makes her sit….n says….dun get up…understand?? Geet says..’Sir i m perfectly alright…just got a bit dizzy!!’ MSK says…’Bit dizzy? Do u even bother about ur own health? Do u remember that u were supposed to go somewhere today?’ Geet looks away… MSK says..’Geet today u had an appointment with the doc…..she had asked u to come after exactly 15 days..! U always keep talking of big stuff…that u can take care of urself… but such an important stuff ..i have to remind u? ‘ Geet asks..’U remembered?’ MSK falls silent..!!

Sasha waiting for NT..near the lift..n NT comes out of the lift…! Sasha says..ur work is done NT..!! NT smiles and along with Sasha walks forward…into KC..!! MSK tells Geet…no i din remember.. got a call from the hospital But Geet we should hv remembered..!! MSK puts a reassuring hand on Geets shoulder and hand and says…i will take u to the docs..!! Geet nods…!! NT is approaching..!! MSK tries to open the door of the file storage room…but realises that its locked….n says…while looking at Geet.. ‘Why is the door closed?’
Screen freezes with parallel scenes of Geet on chair …MSK near door n NT walking.

Maneet are in the file record room and MSK is trying to open the door…Geet is sitting in the chair looking at MSK..!! MSK exclaims.. who has locked this door? MSK keeps pushing the door to try and break it open..!! Geet looks around and suddenly spots the ring lying on the floor..n bends down to collect it..!! She quickly takes it in her hand and tries to hide it!! MSK manages to break open the door..!! Geet gets up n MSK turns n says. ‘Geet’ and she quickly sits down..and MSK walks towards Geet and says..’ I told u just now that u wont get up on ur own and that i will carry u myself..!!’ MSK advances towards Geet and she moves a little back..!! MSK says.. ‘Geet can i ..’ n Geet says…’Even if i say no… will u listen to me?’ and MSK says..’I will listen to all u say…n accept too….!! Can i consider ur silence as yes?’ MSK moves forward and picks Geet up in his arms..!!

NT and Sasha approaching and NT tells Sasha to wait right there in the alley…to keep a track so that in case MSK or anyone else came she can alert NT..!! MSK is carrying Geet and NT is approaching..!! Maneet steal glances at each other…!! MSK notices NT approaching and stops in his tracks…! NT too notices MSK n slows down…!! MSK n NT look shocked to see each other..n MSK wondering how did she come out of the jail..n NT wonders.. that Sasha had said that…. MSK has gone out..but he is right here and with Geet..!! MSK about to advance towards NT but stops and thinks that if Geet sees NT she will be hurt!! I cant let Geet see NT! MSK carries Geet away…!! NT watches and self thot that… u had sent me to jail na? However much u try to save Geet..i will do exactly what i have thot of..Maan Veerji…!! MSK brings Geet to a parking entry…and puts Geet down..!! MSK looks around..and Geet says.. ‘Where are we going from this route..the route to go out is on the other side?’ MSK says…’This is a shortcut..from where we can go out..!!’ MSK notices Pinky and says…’Pinky please take Geet to the hospital….and Fast..!!’ Pinky says..’Yes Sir!’

MSK self thot …’I m sorry Geet…but right now i need to stay here and stop NT…i cant let her come before u right now..!!’ Geet asks…’Is everything alright?’ MSK says..’Yes everything is fine.. i have to go for an urgent meeting…and you better go and meet the doctor else it will get late..!!’ MSK leaves from there and Geet…wonders sensing that something is amiss..!! NT is walking in KC office premises and people comment that ‘Wasnt she arrested by the police …how did she come here?’ Another comments that…’When MSK will see her..what will happen?’ Romeo notices NT and goes..’Aaye haye’ his flirty style and says.. ‘Whenever God gives he gives in bounties..’

MSK comes face to face with NT…n he asks her..wat u doing in office n how u got out of office..!! NT says….keep patience…..n well wat u thot…how long i wuld stay in off… as for me coming to office…well this is just a start… just wait n see how many surprise i hv for u.. n well this office is mine as well..!!

MSK and NT walking towards each other..!! MSK comes and blocks NT and says… ‘NT what are u doing in the office? And how did u get out of the prison?’ NT exclaims that ‘So many questions in just one breath? Please try to keep some patience.. Maan Veerji..!!’ MSK glares..!! NT says ‘Ok…dun get angry..i shall answer all ur questions..!! How did i come out of the jail… what did u think Maan Veerji…. how long would i have stayed in prison? Coming to me being in the office.. well this is just a beginning… just wait and many surprises are in store for u..Coz this office is mine too..!!’ MSK says…’Firstly this is not ur but my office….and in this office…only those things happen that MSK wishes for..!! Secondly..maybe ur forgetting….i dun wanna see ur face in my office…so exactly after 10 seconds.. u should not be seen here..! 10 seconds.!’ MSK leaves for his cabin.. ! NT continues to stand where she was..!! Tasha n Sasha look on..n Sasha looks scared as hell!

MSK asks Sasha.. has NT left?? Sasha fumbles!! MSK says..’I m asking u something..Has NT left or not?!!’ Sasha again fumbles and says..’I had asked her to leave…but..she refused!!’ MSK asks Sasha to get the throw her out !! Sasha says…’But MK she is ur Sister in law!’ MSK says..’If i m not worried about her..why are u?’ and Sasha says..’I will do it..!’ MSK says..’Ask Tasha to call my lawyer and find out how NT got out of prison..and ask her to do it as early as possible!’ Sasha says..’Ok’ and leaves..!! MSK wonders that if Geet saw NT..her misunderstandings will increase…as already due to Dev she is doubting……n wonders if NT is out of prison …whether Dev is out too?!! NT in her cabin and sits on her chair wit a triumphant smile on her face..!! Sasha n Tasha come to NT…n say..MSK wants me to throw u out.. n if he found out i m wit u…then he will throw me out…my career my job.. all will be gone….. wat will happen…!! NT says..relax.. if MSK owns the company…then i hold shares of the company as well……!! N in case ur still scared…then remain loyal to MSK on his face and behind his back be faithful to me..!! Remember one thing Sasha…Geet is not only mine but ur enemy too..!!

MSK’s phone rings …its Geet calling from th hospital..!! Geet tells MSK that her check up is done and that all is ok and normal…and that she is coming to office in 1 hr.. !! MSK sees NT walking around the office and is lost..!! Geet sasy.. ‘Hello..Sir?’ and MSK says…’Geet dont come to office..!’ Geet says..’I m perfectly fine’ and MSK says..’Well your not well and your feeling dizzy too …go home and rest..!!’ Geet protests and MSK says…’Dont argue..go home and rest’ and disconnects the call..!! Geet wonders.. ‘Disconnected?? What has happened to sir suddenly?’

NT barges into MSK’s cabin tagged by Sasha and Tasha who act as if they are trying to stop NT..!! NT says.. i din come here to go.. so it will be better if u sit and talk to me..!! MSK glares at Sasha n Tasha n they leave..!! NT goes to sit and MSK says… i din give u permission to sit..and no one can sit on their own chair… without MSK’s permission..!! NT says…those days are gone… a person is God till they have a weakness but now u hv a weakness n its Geet.. !! MSK gets up with a start and says… Dare u take Geets name..n now listen to each and every word i say coz after this i wont talk..and whatever i will do.. u wont like it at all..!! U hv done watever u culd.. created as many troubles in Geets life as possible..!! But now Geet is not alone.. coz.. MSK is with her..and to reach her. u hv to pass thru me… and thats something u cant do… n tats my promise..!! Meera on the mobile trying to find out abt NT n her whereabouts…..but cant locate..!! Dev is frustrated that he cant find NT…n says.. i hope its not too late by the time we find NT……but why do i feel that its already too late..! Once i find her… whatever be her motives i wont let them succeed!

MSK tells NT…that u know very well…that i dun like to waste my time..n NT says..may be u dunno that i dun like to make big decisions hastily… n says…i hv thot enouf…n i m not gonna go away coz Dev ur brother n my husband is a shareholder in this company and no one can stop me from working in this company and he has given me the power of attorney.!!

MSK says..i hv majority stake of the company and so i m the boss and it will be my decision as to who works in my company n NT says..not u.. only Board of Directors can decide….n MSK says…’And Board of directors will listen to only to that which will be beneficial to them..!!’ NT says..’Oh is ti? Then lets convene a meeting of the Board of Directors and lets c what they say.. but till the meeting is done..i will continue to work…n if u hv any work wit me..come to my cabin without any worries….n u knw my cabin where it is..right where Dev used to sit..!!’ NT leaves from there..!

Geet calls MSK..but he doesnt pick up thinking that… ‘I shouldnt talk to Geet else she will figure out from my voice that i m in tension and she will come here…..!!’ Geet says..’Something has happened for sure…else MSK sir not picking up my call is not possible. and specially when he knows i m in hospital..!!’ NT self thot that…let MSK do anything but i wont leave u Geet..!! Just wait and watch…how i attack… ! Geet and n KC both will be in my control..! MSK in cabin and self thot that.. let NT bring any document….i wont let NT win…n MSK takes out Taveez n recollects his promises of HP……for not letting any trouble come near Geet..n lake side promises of day n nite with her..!!

MSK comes in NT’s cabin n NT says.. that… just a while back i said that if u have any work feel free to come in my cabin n ur here already..!! MSK says…..Board of Directors will meet when they hv to… but right now i m owner of company..n no one can be here without my wit me here…theres no place for u…!! So come …get out of here….n takes NTs hand n drags her out of the cabin n in the KC alley…

MSK brings NT to KC entrance n says…NT….that neither do u hv any place in the Khurana family or KC….ur place is only outside…n dont u dare to enter my office ever again…!! So leave…n NT sees Geet approaching..n smirks..!! MSK goes away…n as Geet enters KC.. NT greets her. saying.. Geet how r u?? Surprised to see me here..?? Geet shocked…….. Geet thursday 5 March 2020


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