Geet 2 January 2020 update: The Lawyer wants Geet to come to Chandigardh even when Maan asks him to do something about this matter…Maan is not quite happy about this development

Geet Thursday 2 January 2020 Written update: Geet and Rajji look for Gurwinder…she wants to find out if he was right about Brij…she is scared for herself

While she is looking…Maan finds her…they have a showdown


Rajji finds out Geet is pregnant and questions her about it…asking her why does she still want to talk to the man who ruined her life…but Geet requests her to not say anything

The episode starts off with Geet sitting on her bed, touching her tummy and telling her baby that she won’t let anything happen to them – that baby will definitely make its way into the world. Just then, she gets a message – from Dev! It says: “I’m sorry Geet, because of me, you have faced a lot of problems. Tomorrow I am coming to India, we shall meet in Amristar, but until then don’t tell your family. Dev.”
However, it turns out that Naintara sent the message. She says that now she will see Geet only in Amritsar. And then she gets a reply, and gets confused by what’s written (“court?”)
Geet is satisfied with her message, and muses that without telling anyone, she needs to get to Dev in Amritsar – there’s only one way. And there’s a flashback of Maan telling Geet that she’s coming with him to Amritsar the next day.
She wonders to herself, that although she doesn’t want him, he always ends up being the one to help her with her problems – flashbacks of Maan saving Geet in the water; stopping the car from running into the water; driving off with Geet in the jeep which saves her from Brij; picking her up after she had fainted in her plot; Maan telling her she needs to stand up for herself; telling her that in order to use her brain, she needs to stop crying..

The scene cuts to Brij who gets a phone call saying they’ve found Gurwinder. Rajji is hiding behind a window, listening to him. He tells the person on the phone that he will finish him as well tonight. He goes to his wardrobe and takes out a sword. Rajji freaks out, and because she’s trembling so much, the glass she’s holding slips out of her hand and resonates in a loud clang. Brij calls out, and moves towards the window.. but no one’s there. He moves away, and Rajji thinks she needs to tell Geet.

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The scene cuts back to Geet, who’s running out of her house, when she sees her father walking her way. She freaks, and decides to take the “raw” road. As she’s running, Gurwinder is being chased by the floor lover (Brij) and his men. Geet makes her escape, but Gurwinder is caught by Brij.
As Gurwinder gets hit, he thinks of Channi – a flashback is shown of her running through the fields, and then pleading with Brij to spare her. He strikes her with the sword…
Gurwinder gathers up strength and turns to Brij, who punches him in the face, and Gurwinder topples. He faces Brij, and Brij asks him to run – what did he think, that he would get away from Brij? Gurwinder taunts him – “What are you going to do? Kill me like you killed my Channi?”
Brij replies that he killed her, of course he killed her – because she was with a man who wasn’t related to her in any shape or form. She had caused the pind embarrassment. He gave her an easy death, but he won’t spare Gurwinder – he’ll cut him up in such a way that all who see with shrink with fear. He moves to strike Gurwinder, but Gurwinder moves in the nick of time, and gets away, with Brij’s men looking around the forest confused.

The scene cuts to Geet, who is stealthly making her way towards Maan. She notices he’s under his Jeep, so she beeps the horn, and Maan hits his head. (cute scene, if only Maan didn’t get so angry at the drop of a hat) He asks who it is, and when he sees her, he stares for a little while. (Awwwwwww. Realise you love her Maan, hurry up.) He advances towards her, and she walks backward, worried of what he might do. He reaches towards her, only to grab a cloth to wipe his arm.
Maan begins by taunting her a bit – “I didn’t think you wanted to see my face again..” He riles her up, and she haughtily replies that she’s only here to tell him that she’ll come with him to Amritsar.

The scene cuts back to Gurwinder, who is hurt from Brij’s slashing. He hears Brij telling his men to look for Gurwinder, and Gurwinder creeps alongside the wall, when someone pulls him away.

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Back to ManEet, and Maan is smiling and tells her that he had already decided that she would be coming with him to Amritsar, and as for what she has planned there – he doesn’t care. Geet asks how he can make a decision on whether or not she goes to Amritsar, and Maan replies he can, because he already has. Everything in his life is planned – and if there’s someone else in his plan, well they have to follow his planning, no matter if they feel good or bad about it, to which Geet looks up sharply.
ManEet stare at each other for a bit, before Maan gets pissed, and says something (help here), and tells her they’ll meet the next day. He starts walking away when Geet tells him to meet her at her land. He angrily walks back and screams that it’s his land! He will meet her at her house, understand? He again starts to walk off, and Geet tells him that if he had had everything planned in his life, he wouldn’t be looking so alone and depressed today. Maan turns back, as this replays in his mind, and Geet looks at him defiantly, and walks away.

The scene cuts to Dev (and his creepy b/g music) as he sees something broken on the floor, and calls for Naintara. Kamya walks in, as Dev mutters that Naintara is always angry. He asks Kamya where her bhabi is, and she replies which one? Dev looks at her angrily, and Kamya complains “Look at the highlight. Don’t get angry at me, you’re the one who got married twice..”
Dev tells her to shut up, and stay within her limits. Kamya tells him that Naintara went away with her friends for two days. Dev wonders which friend, and goes to call his wife, when Kamya interrupts saying that Naintara mentioned her phone would be switched off, as she’s very angry and wants to be left alone for a few days.
It turns out that Naintara is going to India, who thinks to herself that Geet is going to be very upset that she ever called Dev.

The scene cuts to Rajji, who is pacing up and down, when Geet comes back. She tells Rajji that it’s fixed – she’s going to see Dev in Amritsar the next day. Geet then notices Rajji looking very worried, and while stuttering all the whle, Rajji drags Geet to the spare room, where Gurwinder is sitting there in a lot of pain. Geet is shocked.
Geet goes towards Gurwinder, and Rajji is very worried, saying she didn’t know what to do, so she brought him here. Geet tells Rajji not to worry, and to bring water and a clean cloth. While Rajji is grabbing everything, Geet looks at his wounds and realises Gurwinder was saying the truth. Brij really killed Channi – but Geet rationalises that meeting Dev right now is more important.
Rajji comes back, and wonders where they’re going to hide Gurwinder. Geet mentions that Brij won’t think to look for Gurwinder in his own house, and that until Gurwinder gets better, he needs to stay with them. Rajji agrees, but tears up, and Gurwinder looks up at her (the start of a new love story – I’m going to call them GurJi from now on ;]).
Geet tells Rajji to look after him for the time being because she has something important to do – and Rajji asks if she’s really going to see Devji. Geet says not Devji, only Dev. He is her child’s only option of living. She hasn’t got any respect or love for him, as he used her for money. Whatever needs to be done to protect her baby, Geet will do.

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The next morning, Geet creeps down the stairs (in white, no more yellow :]) hoping that no one will see her. As she walks out, she accidentally knocks over a vase, and Brij hears. He comes inside asking who’s there, and Geet runs to the other side of the stairs to hide. He comes towards the vase, and looks around, while Geet is cowering in fear.
Brij realises that the person might be hiding next to the stairs, and walks towards it.. but no one’s there. He then notices the front doors open.. and muses that it’s open. He wonders if Geet.. and goes up the stairs..
Geet, on the other hand, has made her way outside, and towards Maan’s waiting Jeep. She anxiously tells him let’s go. He turns towards her, and drinks in her appearance. The episode ends on Maan.


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