Geet Thursday 26th March 2020


Geet 26 March 2020: On Geet Thursday 26 March 2020, Geet is searching for some file and MSK walks in and looks at her.. She is looking at the file’ He heaves the sigh of relief and walks near her..

saying Geet why have you come downstairs I was looking for you upstairs’ Geet says I was looking for some files.. tell me what’s the matter? Maan starts looking at the heaps of files as if looking for some file saying oh I am looking for the file for Noida Projects. Geet looks at his attempt to look for the file and understands what he is trying to do’ She says with a smile.. Maan, since morinign you have already asked for that file twice.. but if you want to the reason to be with me at least search for some new excuses.. Maan searches for proper words saying now, do I need to find excuses to come near to you? Geet says that is exactly what I am saying.. if you want to say something to me then say it.. Maan does not answer her but looks pretty concerned… Geet looks at him and says Maan What’s the matter.. Maan says oh nothing I just came like that.. but he looks more serious and worried and concerned. Geet looks at his serious face and says softly.. Maan, you have always said that I know you better then yourself.. than what are you trying to hide from me.. Maan lifts his concerned gaze to her face… she was softly smiling at him.. Geet insists saying please tell me what is troubling you so much.. Maan looks at her with all the concern expressed in his eyes. Geet keeps reading his eyes.. then says softly.. you are still worried about the last night incident right? Maan says Geet you are staying alone in the outhouse so’ Geet looks at him and says softly Maan I am not alone at all.. and you are there with me then How could your Geet be alone? She says with a soft smile.. I am staying with my whole family around me. You, dadima and Annie’ all are with me.. who could be more fortunate than I whose Myka (Parent’s house) and sasural (In-laws house) both are in the same place’ and who would hurt me in that house? And she smiles softly at him to bring him out of his worried status’. but her reasonably comforting talk does not bring even a flicker of smile on Maan’s concerned face. He still keeps on looking at her with the same concern and worries.. Geet carries on her mission to put him at ease’ she says I am Maan’s Geet’ Geet of Khurana Family …. She softly adds directly looking in to his eyes saying Geet Khurana’ and with that name behind me no one would dare to come to me’ That finally brings smile of Maan’s face and he relaxes a bit. Maan comes back to his MSK mode and with his arms at his hips he says with a smile’ Geet technically we have not done the pheras (taking wedding vows around the fire) yet and so you are still Geet Handa’ Geet says seriously …. Yes I do believe that I am still not yet Geet Khurana but I am not even Geet Handa.. (Brij walks just at that moment out side the office ‘) Geet continues little sadly looking at Maan.. I have lost that name when I left that home’ Maan gets serious once again and looks at Geet’s little sad face.. Geet comes back to her usual mood saying I am only Geet and that only until Pheras’ Maan smiles at her and softly puts his palm on Geet’s resting on the side table.. Brij watches them from the door and gets madder by that’ he talks with himself in his head saying’ putting the family name at stake’trampling Darji’s name in the dust and now she feels ashamed calling herself Handa???’ He adds vehemently that I will give her such a death that no girl in H’pur will dare to repeat this ever.

Annie is also looking at some file and Arjun walks in’ She is so engross in her work that she does not notices Arjun.. She keeps on looking at file playing with pencils in her hand.. Arjun gets mesmerized with her innocent posture and he too keeps on staring at her’

Annie is still on the ladder looking at the files and softly Arjun walks near her and looks at her with a smile’ Suddenly Annie’s gaze falls on him and she gets startle and looses her balance on the ladder and the file goes flying in the air and she goes right in the arms of Arjun.. Arjun catches her and their song sajna ve’ starts in the BG.. with them staring at each other’ Suddenly Brij walks in the room and stands there looking at them’ Arjun catches him standing behind him and softly puts Annie on the floor’ then they both turn to Brij.. Brij tells him that he called him for something.. Arjun tells him about the office party and asks him to get ready for the party.. Brij leaves and Annie/Arjun look at each other’

In the hall outside decorations are being done…someone drops a silver decoration in the hand of Manish who says in his girlish style’ oh please be careful it is delicate’ saying he moves away in his style’ Tasha walks in and sees Arjun’ she mumbles his name’ and walks near him’ playing with her ponytail’ she goes near him and says wow Arjun your arrangements for the decoration is fantastic’ she drools at him saying whatever you do.. you do the best.. Annie walks in and sees them talking and gets irritated’ She looks and sees Tasha touching Arjun’s jacket.. and him smiling down at her’ She walks away from there and goes near Pinky saying Pinky let’s go.. Pinky says but where? there is lot of work here’ Annie says oh this could be done by the boys.. we girls have some special things to do’ Manish who was decorating near by says oh that is not fair Annie that we boys work hard here and you girls go out and have fun.. Pinky says Manish do not complain all the time.. we are from Bride side and we need to take care of the bride’ and anyway we have to give the bride many special treatments.. then she holds Annie’s hand and says oh come on let’s go’ Adi sir walks in and says hey this wedding is not only just for the bridal party!! Then he winks at Manish saying we are also from the groom side.. we also need to do many preparations.., then he smiles at pinky and says if you think that you girls would go out and we will work here then it is not going to happen.. He then tells Manish let’s go too’ Pinky says oh but now it has no value as we already made plans before you guys so we will go first’ and you boys work here nicely while we go and have our fun’. The girls turn to go’ and Adi calls after Pinky but they all stop as they see MSK standing there looking at them with folded hands’ all get scared and move away.. Pinky walk by him mumbling good morning sir and MSK gaze moves along and he sees Arjun talking with Tasha and looks at him’ Arjun finds his gaze and looks up to see MSK staring at him with his angry stare.. the smile vanishes from his face and he stares back with serious expressions’ Tasha just scurries away.. Almost all leave the hall seeing MSK in that mood.. Seeing animosity between these two Annie looks at both of them with little puzzled expressions’. MSK keeps staring at Arjun with the same penetrating gaze’ Arjun walks away giving a glance at Annie’ MSK stands there with the same expressions’ Annie looks at her brother and smiles a little’ MSK walks near her and looking around asks her what is happening here with all this decorations’ Annie says enthusiastically’ we are arranging a new year party in the office.. we all will welcome the new year together’ MSK looks at her and says new year party on 1st Jan’ Annie nods with a smile’ MSK says the whole world does it on 31st Dec and you want to do it on 1st Jan’ Annie smiles at him and says.. Oh forget about the world’ they can do what ever they want but we are different then them so we will do it today.. MSK smiles a little at her enthusiasm’ but keeps his expression serious.. Annie puts her hands on his shoulders saying and by the way this year my brother is getting married so I want to celebrate it’ but looking at his serious expressions she says please bhai do not be upset.. I should have asked your permission but I just thought of it now and asked Arjun to make arrangements’. MSK’s expressions changes once again.. He brought his arms on his waist and asked in stern voice.. but Arjun is the wedding planner why is he doing the office party?’ Annie says.. Bhai you and Arjun both speak the same language’ (yes I think it so too.. I have been saying it too that in their own world they are very much alike’.) Annie says when I asked him to arrange this he said the same thing’ ditto’ she says anyway he is doing all the preparation for the wedding so he will do one more event what difference does it make’ and anyway his company is an event management so he could do it.. Maan says.. ok what ever he did so let it be.. but he will only do the wedding.. no need to involve him in everything’ I just do not like him to involve in every thing.. I just do not like it’ Annie was surprised and says what happen bhai? Yesterday Geet also was asking me as what kind of a person he is’ MSK looks at his sister seriously and says’ I do not trust that guy at all so you will not involve him in anything except the wedding.. do you understand that??? Saying he just walks away leaving Annie in very thoughtful state’

Pinky walks in the Geet’s office happily calling her Geeet’ Geet looks up from the file saying what happened pinky why are so happy today? Pinky says of course I am happy and why not it is a new year and you are getting married and the happiness is all around.. It is the 1st day of the New year and we girls are having fun while the boys are working’ Then she walks around and goes to Geet and says you know Annie has special plans for you so you need to run and go asap’ Geet says but where are you taking me? Pinky says you need to go home and Annie says not to tell boys, as they will let Maan sir know. And if he knows then party will be cancelled’ Geet looking at the files says but I cannot go anywhere without letting Maan know’. Pinky says oh no you cannot do that way.. you cannot let Maansir know about it’ Pinky says anyway nothing stays a secrete when you are there as you always babble.. Geet looks at pinky’ Pinky says this is a surprise for him as when you get ready and come he will feel that you have specially got ready for him’ Geet feels happy at that idea and says ok I won’t let him know’ Pinky says now hurry and go’ Geet says but aren’t you coming too’ Pinky says No, I need to be here to keep an eye on the boys as they need to complete the work in the office otherwise you guys will get ready there and here’ there will be no party saying she pushes Geet out of the office’

Arjun is on the phone with NT’ he says NT I am working according to our plan.. what I have come to do I will do’

Arjun is still on the phone with his sis’ He says yes’ He adds look NT I do not think this people are as bad as you have portrayed but after meeting Geet I felt like’ NT does not let him finish and says something on the other end’ Arjun is listening to her’ then he says ok NT I will do as you say’ (Maan walks down the stairs at this time and he overhears what Arjun is saying on the phone ) Arjun continues saying but right now I have lots of work and I need to go bye’ Maan stops at the stairs and looks down at Arjun talking on the phone’ He comes down one step very softly keeping his eyes on Arjun’ He then comes down the stairs looking at Arjun with piercing eyes’ Arjun sees him climbing down and looks at his angry stare’and stays where he is waiting for Maan to come to him… Maan comes down the stairs and walks around to go to Arjun with the same angry stare.. Arjun looks at his angry stare’. He comes forward with the truth’ He says.. before you ask me whom I was talking to standing here.. let me tell you that I was talking to NT’ Maan just gives him angry penetrating stare’. Arjun says now I hope you wouldn’t object in that’ Maan comes forward giving him hard stern stare’ he says with a menacing words’ I do not have any concern with anybody’s personal life.. and specially not at all with yours and your sister’s’ Arjun keeps on looking at him’ Maan walks near him and say.. only keep this thing very clear in your mind.. I have given you this chance only for the sake of Dadima and Geet otherwise I will not let you even walk near by my family. So just do you work.. plan the wedding and leave and after that there will be no relations between our families’ Arjun just keeps on staring at Maan with the same expressions’ he also tells Maan in the same attitude’ he says.. I wish that you would not talk to me like that’ may be you are forgetting that I already rejected this proposal of working on your wedding but I have taken this project only at the request of your family’ MSK does not change his expression of anger and distrust on his face’ Both of them stare each other the same way’. Arjun tells him that it will be better if you talk with me with that consideration’ Saying he gives MSK a hard stare and walks away from there’ Maan keeps on looking at him and remembers his words to NT saying that ok I will do as you wish NT’. Maan thinks why did he say like that and what did he mean by that??? And he looks really worried and thoughtful’ he thinks surely Arjun must be responsible behind all the happening at home yesterday’ Geet was terrified by someone’ someone was passing by the window and those running foot steps??? must be his work’ now I want to know what Arjun is planning to do’

Here in Annie’s room at KM.. Annie and Geet are taking the pedicure treatment’ Geet feels happy saying Now it feels that all the rituals of the wedding have really started and that is all because of you Annie’ She then turns to look at Annie and says Thank you Annie.. but Annie was really thoughtful and does not listen to Geet. Geet then shakes Annie and asks what happened Annie? What are you thinking?.. Annie comes back to the present and looks at Geet and says oh nothing I was thinking about your wedding preparatioms.. Geet looks at her and says softly.. we really consider each other sisters right? Annie nods her head.. Geet says softly then sisters do not hide anything from each other and looks at annie and asks now tell me what are you thinking? Annie says actually I was talking to bhai in the morning and I could feel from his talk that he does not like Arjun.. Geet looks down’ Annie looks at Geet and says and yesterday you also told me that Bhai has problem with Arjun but why does he have this problem with Arjun’ Geet looks at Annie and asks Annie why are you so curious about it? Why do you want to know about Arjun that much? Annie smartly evades the main reason saying.. I work with him everyday but if you and bhai both dislike him then I should not be working with him at all’ Annie says if he is such a wrong person then why keep any relation to him at all’ Geet could not evade the answer anymore so she comes out with the straight answer’ looking at Annie.. she says softly.. Annie Arjun is NayanTara’s brother.. Annie says what??? she looks at geet and says and knowing all these things you have given the wedding contract to him?? Geet says softly.. no Annie we cannot punish Arjun for his sister. It is not necessary that Arjun is also wrong cause he is the brother of NT. Annie takes this in very seriously and looks really thoughtful.. Geet says and we have seen that Arjun did not do anything wrong but in fact he has done all the preparation very nicely but Maan still does not trust him and accept that.. Annie looks really worried and thoughtful while Geet keeps on looking at her..

At office Arjun is discussing Partt menu with Brij.. Mann walks behind them with Adi and looks at them discussing the menu’ As if he thinks of something’ He as if received a call from Geet and says yes Geet in fact I was about to call you in a moment.. Today I am extremely busy at office and and I also have two meetings at the office so go to CBC mall by yourself.. Arjun is saying to Brij to add more vegetarian dishes but keep only one item of mushroom in the main course’ but Brij is listening to Maan talking to Geet.. from behind them Maan adds looking at Arjun saying oh and you also have to meet the designer alone’ Hearing that Brij thinks Geet is going to go outside alone and I just need that chance’

Maan is in his car parked in the parking lot.. and he calls Geet. Geet is in her room and picks up the phone.. seeing it is Maan she feels happy’ she says oh you are going to live for 1000 years as I was just thinking about you. Maan says liar’ if you were thinking about me then you would not have leave me alone in the office’ Geet says ‘ I didn’t come by myself, annie brought me here’ and adds cutely and do not call me liar again I was really thinking about you.. Maan keeps on looking around and says oh there must be some reason that you were thinking about me otherwise why would you do so’ She says ok’ remember that I do not think of you except for the work’ Maan is listening her with a smile while people are honking around..

Geet says but tell me where are you roaming around?? Maan says who told you that I am outside.. Geet says smartly’ we do not hear any honking in our office’ Maan smiles at that and says’ you are getting smarter being with me… Geet says oh gosh you think of yourself so highly’ but please tell me where are you? Maan says oh I am in the CBC mall to meet our designer’ Geet says oh yes today you were suppose to get your outfit right?.. I could have gone with you if you would have let me know in advance’ Maan’s eyes keeps on scanning the area.. He says oh it does not matter.. I was suppose to come to Noida so I thought I will pick up the outfit too’ Maan asks softly with a smile now tell me how is your girl’s party going on’ Geet smiles and says oh I am enjoying a lot.. Annie has made nice arrangements..

Maan smiles at her joyful tone’ Suddenly he sees something and he tells her.. Geet I need to go as there is some urgent call coming in’

Maan was waiting in the parking lot and sees Arjun’s car pulling.. He looks at Arjun and mumbles that he had to lie to Geet because of Arjun. while Maan puts his phone down… Arjun embarks from his car and starts walking’ Maan also steps out of his car to follow Arjun.. Maan is about 20 ft behind him following Arjun in the middle aisle ‘ From the sides Brij is coming toward Maan and passes Maan but they do not see each other’ Brij is walking quickly to come around’ He sees something and stops’

She feels as if everything fades around her and she sees Maan coming toward her dressed up in full attire as a Groom riding the horse emerging from the clouds’ she gets up looking at him with a dreamy smile’ she hears him saying I have come for you leaving the world behind me’ She comes around the table and stands in the middle waiting for him.. He comes toward her and gets on his keens offering his hand to her’ he tells her softly come with me we will make our world amongst the stars’ She puts her hand in Maans’ Maan takes her hand in his and getting up he pulls her to him and with a fluid motion lifts her in his arms’ Geet also willingly goes in his arms with a smile’ while Maan is walking away carrying her… Geet thinks that this is my dream’ that my prince charming will come on the white horse and will carry me off with him on his white horse’ Is my dream going to come true?? There is a difference between reality and dream’ do dreams come true???’

Dream do get fulfilled’ Maan carries Geet off on his white horse where Geet is seated in front him with her arms entwined around his neck and both looking in to each other’s eyes’. While Maan’s hand around her waist with the reins of that white beautifully decorated Arabian stallion moving forward on his command’.

Oh wow what a beautiful dream of Geet being carried away among the star by her prince charming on his white big beautiful Arabian stallion’ Gosh Gurmeet just looked so very handsome riding the horse’. May our Geet’s dream come true to ride with her prince charming on white horse’..

Have a wonderful dreamy day’. Love to all eva…


Absolutely stunning start of the new year…

Preparations of New Year in the office..
At home heart to heart talk of Annie and Geet… where Annie knowing the real reasons of her brother’s dislike of Arjun… That will make her cautious around him and he would ask the reasons… Also she was amazed at Geet’s goodness in hiring Arjun and that has impacted her a lot and I am sure she will let arjun know that… As in a way she is also an honest person and tells what is right…
Maan over hearing Arjun talking with NT saying he will exactly do as she wishes… so now he is more cautious with Arjun and will keep a tab on him…
Meanwhile Brij is looking for a chance to get Geet alone and punish her for the disgrace to his family and Darji…
As Geet said while hiring Arjun that they need to know the person before they judge him so it goes the same way for Arjun too… As dadima and Geet feel that he is an honest person… He also felt that Maan and his family are not bad as NT has portrayed them and he also feels specially that Geet is not at all like that. So his honest logical mind has already taken that in to account that Khuranas are decent people… but right now he still is under the influence of NT’s manipulations but I think Annie will be able to tell him the whole truth… Let’s see who brings him the truth and how that changes his attitude toward Khuranas..
Maan is determind to find what are the intentions of Arjun and what are his plans… so he has planned this CBC mall thing… Let’s see if he finds something here or in all this Brij escapes from exposure… Brij suddenly stops… will he see NT and will find out that Arjun is related to NT…

hmmm the plot is thickening with wedding in few days…

But oh absolutely loved Geet’s dream where her prince charming came on the white horse to carry her in the world beyond the stars to make their own world in that dreamy world… Maan looked absolutely gorgeous in that attire….

Three Machos are in the parking lot. MSk follows arjun, brij sees MK and Hides. He thinks what is MK doing here, only geet should be here, hmm so he is trying to act smart. MSK watches arjun and notices that he is here to meet client. He wonders if he misunderstood arjun and if he is innocent then who was behind geet. He needs to find that out. MSK walks out side and sees a fakir giving taveez to guy with blessing for his lover and their love life. MSK stops but chides what is he thinking??? Fakir notices him and says do not think take it if you want to, it is just not black thread, it will save your lover from all the odds and will relieve you from your biggest worry.  MSk is touched and takes it. He tries to pay, fakir stops him saying I am distributing love, which is priceless.

At KM brij is on mission kill geet with other way. He puts soup in the freez, spoon in the microwave, tempers with microwave wiring His self talk geet you are finished, you will pay price for defaming family respect as soon as you will touch the microwave you will be electro lute and if you miss it and open the door microwave will blast, no one can save you. He goes to give coffee to daadi and tells dinner is ready but he has to go to office for party preparation, daadi is impressed and says she will take care of all.

Geet comes down, daadi praises her and says she should take care of her health. She asks geet to have soup before leaving for party. Geet is about to go to take soup but daadi says stay here nakul will bring geet says she will get it and goes. Brij happy Angry He watches geet, who is looking for soup, other side sparking going on in the microwave. Geet takes soup out from freeze and is about to warm it in the microwave but stops coz of nausea and she decides to have it later. Brij is disappointed. distributing work to his subordinates, taasha comes and says that all done, now we can go to Goa but arjun denies saying he has many things to take care, NE who is listening the conversation from behind interrupts and says what has left to get done??? You have done great arrangements and am sure your staff will handle rest, there fore please go and finish if you have any personal work with anyone.

MSK is back at home and apologizes to geet for being late, geet says do not be. He asks her to come as he wants to show her some thing. They go in MK’s room. He tells her do not be surprise seeing what have I brought for you. He shows taveez. Geet has you are unbelievable look on her face. She says when did he start believing all these, he never believes religion and GOD. She says you are wearing taveez just becoz I had given it to you. I know you are worried about my security. I want you too enjoy the wedding, it was my delusion, else there would have been another attempt.

MSK replies this is not just for your security but for our happiness, destiny and luck. This will bind us together. The fakir who has given me said all will be fine. I will not lie to you, yes I am very much worried about you. Do not why but today I want to believe every saint and fakir, take it and consider it as my request. Geet is speechless but says you do not need to request your word is everything for me. You said it that is all. She takes the taveez. Geet tells him we should wear taveez after getting blessing from GOD. MSK says fine I will go, geet questions what you will go to temple, he replies yes it won’t take long to change a person and if I need to change myself for your security I will. Only for you. He goes leaving geet in his room.

Brij is frustrated, thinks he can not let chance go, what to do?? He notices geet sitting in MK’s room feeling nauseated. she goes in side, washes her face where as brij lock the door from out side and increases the heat and/ or steam temperature. His self talk rich people themselves arrange for their death, I have to do nothing. He repeats izzat defame dialogue again. Geet is shocked who has closed the door, Geet knocks on the door, calls MK’s name and faints at the floor due to heat/steam.  The only question is who opens the door???? MSK or daadi??? How brij will able to flee???

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