Geet Thursday 13 February 2020 update: The Episode starts with Maan untying the dori. He turns off the light and changes her clothes! Shocked.

Geet Thursday 13 February 2020 update: He makes her lie down and is about to leave when Geet holds his hands telling not to leave her and go. He sits next to her and she cozily takes his hand and sleeps.

Next morning, Maaneet are sleeping..Dadi comes in with tea and is shocked to see Geet in. Maan wakes up and tries to justify but Dadi maa looks angry. Maan says that Geet was unwell and so he couldn’t leave her alone!


Dadi checks Geet and says she has high fever..Maan too checks it and confirms…Dadi admits that she had been thinking something else. Dadi tells she will call the doctor both of them at the same time refuse! Geet says she is better now and will go to her room but Dadi tells it’s her room as well and looks at Maan. Maan gives the permission to stay. Maan confesses that he turned off the lights and then changed the clothes. She says she trusts him Maan says such words doesn’t suit her.

Maan angrily goes back , Geet gets up and comes to tell the truth and both of them feel awkward,

Geet again is about to faint…Maan lifts her up and makes her rest on the bed. Maan again scolds her and then tells if she has a hobby of dying then can do it elsewhere and not in front of him!

Maan goes inside the wash room and angrily cursing him…reminded of Geet He curses him for meeting her, saving her, He looks at the mirror, He breaks the mirror! He thinks for Dadi’s sake he has to continue the act. He also thinks that whenever he has left Geet alone she is in trouble..So he cannot leave her alone now also. He is determined to stay with her!

Dev on the other hand is determined to meet Maan and tell the truth! He asks Dadi if Maan is in the room, Dadi says that Maan is with Bhabhi inside and Dev decides to meet him.

Geet is thinking about her flash back of meeting Dev and touches her tummy! She thinks she has to tell him the truth.

Maan comes inside the room…Geet is teary…Dev is walking in the corridor and knocks Maan’s room. Dev tells Maan that he has to tell him an important thing! Dev is about to come in but Maan stops him and he gets out and starts talking. Maan tells that she is not feeling well..Dev enquires about her. Dev tries to say the truth but Maan says he knows everything as Dadi ma said to him. Maan says he knows about Naintara and warns him not to do such a thing that would cut their relationship forever and also he values truth and honesty more than anything! Dev feels uncomfortable and doesn’t tell anything!

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP: Dadi gives Geet papaya telling its good for health…Maan too looks at the fruit and thinks that she is not supposed to eat..Geet wonders who to eat that and looks at Maan.)

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Dev thinks that if he tells this then he will lose trust on him and without saying the truth he leaves. Dadi brings juice and fruits… Dadi gives Geet papaya telling its good for health…Maan too looks at the fruit and thinks that she is not supposed to eat..Geet wonders how to eat that and looks at Maan.

Maan grabs the plate and tells he is hungry and eats it off!  Dadi then gives another plate to Geet telling maan that its specially for Geet! Maan wants to change the subject and talks about making changes in the room for which Dadi puts it away by saying Geet will do it after she comes in as Daughter in law Wink Dadi turns to see the curtains;..that time Maan eats the fruits off! Dadi praises Geet for eating it so quickly, Dadi then offers the sandwich, Maan is stunned when Dadi feeds him!

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP:Maan tells that he can’t see tears in her eyes, and finally says “I hate you”)

Maan eats it with a great difficulty. Geet smiles..Dadi says Cheese omlette is also being made for him and leaves. Geet and Maan both burst out laughing!

Maneet laughing. Geet says why are we fighting?? Can’t we sit to talk, at least give a try.. Mk stands angrily, saying try?? Very easy for you to say, difficult for me to do. I do not want to pretend every moment, I hate every moment of cheating, fraud.  Geet also this time questions him then why are you pretending?? He answers, for you. I can handle daadi, but I know you can not take care of your self. you need support that too mine. Last night that is what you were babbling do not go away from me. Geet is shocked, he sees her and says enf, do not cry, I hate to see you in tears, I hate to see you in pain, I hate you geet. he says this 30000000 times, grabs her. she goes to toch his face, he holds her hand and leaves Broken Heart.

At office taasha ask why has geet’s table shifted to his cabin. Saasha replies coz she is his fiance so they will sat together.. taasha asks if it’s her concern or she is scared, saasha replies those who do nothing gets scared. I will be giving her Hp’s ticket…she adds, to know why Mk is angry with geet, geet needs to be close to MK..Saasha calls pinky, scolds that she should focus on work not on food. Tells her it’s time to pay for friendship, so have flowers on Mk’s desk. Geet will now on sit there.

Mk has come in office, tie guy checks his tie, Adi says to himself not to laugh else will get scolding, Mk walks in the cabin sees pinky arranging white flower in red dress. He asks what is she doing?? She tells in soft voice, I decorated for geet, as she will sit here. He scolds who told you this and how dare you bring this flowers in my cabin?? Do not you know I have not given this rite to any one other than geet not even myself.oops sowii he does not say line in blue I made it up.

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He tells her your job is to take care of reception not to decorate my office, those who do not do there job, not needed, so you are fired.  Pinky says saasha M’am ne, he calls saasha but tells her to dismiss her immediately He tells pinky to get lost and asks sassha to take table out.

Saasah things pinky lost the job, he has kicked out HP express’s desk, means something big has happened. I have to find out more.Angry

Dev is in swimming pool, going through MK’s word when gets a call from meera, she tells him it’s Mayraa. she orders him to note the address and be there in 10 mnts

Geet is in office, pinky pouring her heart out to adi and geet, that all she has done, put the flowers to welcome geet coz saasha has asked her to do so… she questions geet to tell if it was her fault. Geet denies saying all is my fault. Whatever is happening due to me. Adinky get alarmed. Adi asks tell me geet has something happened between you and MK? Geet asks them if we are friend, then would you guys help me with out questioning?? Gets affirmative answer, so she tells pinky you will have your job back, all you need to remember that Mk should not know I am in the office. Adi asks what we suppose to do??

CV cut us back to saasha_MK while geet explains her plan to adinky. sassaha explaining project to MK, he is lost, geet coming from side, Mk thinks why am I feeling geet is around.. he looks but by then geet has hidden. Saasha asks if he is hearing he says do the constriction, she says but I was talking abt donation. He starts walking towards geet. Geet is in her lucky green dress and he is in shirt with 3 top buttons open.

Adi to rescue geet, he walks, bumps to Mk, apologize tells him the difference of C and D aka asks how much donation needed to be given. Mk asks her to decide with saasha, goes from there. Adi is relieved Mk back to his cabin thinks what am I doing. how can geet be here, why can’t I take her out of my mind.

He sees her at his window, calls geet, she hides again. Hmmm so they play little hide and seek in office with their anthem. Mk is in tears. Geet thinks you are not ready to listen so I have to work it out other way aka ungli tedi karni hogi. You have to listen to me today else public peetegi, promo is already on the air. There hands touch, her dupatta blows on his face like hum tum sequence, he removes it, says geet, but she is gone, leaving her dupatta.

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Dev reaches at meera maaar naa place, which looks like she has just moved in. he helps her in boxes..he asks why has she called him. She asks what is wrong with you?? Do not lie to me. She gives mk ka dialogue that she can read his face. He helps her settling asks what is it?? She tells it’s my home as I can not stay with you like geet staying with MK coz NT will be jealous.

Pinky is in burkha telling adi, she can not do it. Adi says he has come. MK is in devdaas mode but with dupatta not with glass of wine. Wink adi calls MK and gives excuse that Shekh Abdulla from duabi wants to meet him for construction of his palace. Mk asks is he shekh Abdulla. adi patched up saying he was busy so has sent his wife. Mk introduces him self as MSK pinky says nothing, just shakes hand. Mk says hope you have been taken care of nicely , what type of architecture would you like Mogul, French, modern?? Adi comes up another excuse that she does not understand hindi and can not speak English. Mk asks obvious question then how do we convers, adi says we have interpreter in the conference room

MK goes to meeting room, dupatta abhi bhi haath main, sees no one there. He says adi when some one closes the door from out side. he tries to open, wonders how did it get close, voice over says won’t open,  He turns to see geet standing there with out dupatta. He says you?? She reminds him that he knows about malfunctioning lock. MK goes in FB abt lock. She walks towards him, after short eye lock, she says you have my dupatta, now he is back to his senses, gives it to her nanan do not get happy cover nahi karta hai.

She straight asks him, why are you taking out my anger on others. why are you punishing pinky for my mistake. He asks where is the key. She replies it’s like your heart who knows where is the key . Mk is shocked to hear this, geet is all teary. He stops her says do not talk rubbish, tries to open the door, door does not open but his brain cells do. He says so it’s your plan you made adi to lie and get me here, but if you think you can hold me here then you are rong. coz no one can get done anything against MSK’s wish other than geet this he says in his heart. Do you understand.

She says I am not asking you to go against your wish. Just listen to me, marji aapki hi chalegi, he says yes wish will be mine and you have lost the right to decide between us. Geet is shocked and screen freezes at MK’s determine face


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