Geet Thursday 12th March 2020 star life

Geet 12 March 2020: On Geet thursday 12 March 2020, Geet sitting on the bed lonely n wonders why MSK hasnt returned or called…

Geet 12 March 2020: MSK comes right then before him n asks..ur again wondering… well i told u before all will b well from now on!! Geet says..i know. .but i get scared when ur not around.. MSK says..i m always there around n near u.. come Geet its time to go home…n u wil stay there not here !! MSK extends hand n Geet comes to take it.. but he is not there..only her imagination..!! Dadi tell MSK that i wanna talk to u about ur decision…. but ur one decision is very wrong…. about NT…. she is the DIL of this family n she is fighting for her life… so if u can wait for a while to get married til NT gets well….

MSK says..i do everything for Geet..n i dun want that NT does anything to harm Geet.. so i wil do as u say..!! MSK recollects his promise to Geet…n is quiet..!! Phone rings n its MSK..n asks Geet what are u doing.. Geet says… ur wait…!! MSK says..i need to talk to u n Geet says..i know u wanted to tell me smthng..but u dun need to.. i know ur regreting…that u need some more time to fulfil ur promise… so dun worry take ur time….n finish ur job.. coz i trust u..!! U hv done so much for me so i need to wait for u a while as well..!! Dev comes to th parking lot but MSK doesnt acknowledge n drive away!! NT manages to get up n out of her room…by fooling a nurse!!

MSK comes to outhouse n wonders what he will tell her since Geet mite b waiting for him wit high hopes..n Geet wonders why i feel he is here….. n as MSK goes to knock.. Geet opens door n rests her head on his shoulders upfront…n MSK moves Geet a bit away n says i need to say smthng n Geet says..since u filled my maang (forehead) u hv started to think a lot before speaking..!! I know wat u gonna say..that its time to go home?? Geet says..i knew so i hv made the arrangements from before..!! MSK holds Geets hand and says…we cant go home right now..we hv to wait..!! Geet removes her hand from his grip! MSK says…i dun hv words to say ..i know u hv been waiting for this moment..but i culdn fulfil my promise.. Geet in tears n says..i can understand..sometimes situations are not in our control.. .its not ur fault.. maybe i had hoped more..i had forgotten that dreams dun come true so soon!!

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Geet starts to unpack n says.. i need to finish my work at u go out n leeme change n turns n sees that MSK has left already.!

MSK shirtles n doing Wood-Chi and recollects his promises to Geet….n Dadis talk about waiting til NT is ok…..n says..for first time in life i hvnt been able to fulfil a promise given to Geet… everytime i fail to fulfil promises to her….. first time MSK feels helpless!! Meera comes to sit next to Dev and talks about NT…n assures Dev not to worry since Maneet have become one! Dev goes to check bills n NT comes face to face with Meera and starts to shouts n blames her for breaking her home

Meera tells why making a scene?? NT says that she just recovered n that ur ( Meera) keeping my hubby wit her in her home….!! NT tells Meera its better that u leave from here n go away from my hubby..else u dunno how much i can insult u…..

MSK walking in Mansion alley after workout in black vest n trousers..!! Dadi sees MSK n thinks.. someone is paying for someone elses sins..!! Geet recollects MSK promises n feels MSks presence in outhouse n goes to check n Dadi comes…. n Geet starts justifying why she is staying there n Dadi says…i hv no objection to u staying here…n Dadi explains that situation at hosp were very critical n that NT had called police blaming Khurana family….n i knew that NT wuld hv trapped u as well..n hence i asked u both to wait…n Geet apologises

Dadi says i m worried for MSK n Geet assures she will take care of MSK n not let him blame himself for the delay in wedding!! Meera walking to her home n Dev following n asks whats wrong…but she is quiet..!! Geet comes to mansion n self thot he must b thinking of me only n sees MSK standing near window..n Geet self do i cheer him up… n m clueless n n turns to leave n MSK feels Geets presence !! MSK thinks Geet must hv seen him upset n hence left… so decides to go to meet her!! Meera in tears n Dev asks what wrong n why she is upset but Meera doesnt tell …n Dev says..i share everything wit u… so atleast u share ur sadness wit me..n touches her n Meera says.. who are u of mine… ur no one of mine… we stay here but hv no relation…n this is truth…. that ur married ..n that does he know what world will think about their relation!

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Dev suspects NT..n Meera says that..she is right… how many ppl will we explain that we stay in same house but as friends.. n turns to leave!! Dev thinks that..all is starting n ending wit NT so some ending is required.! Geet lost in MSk thots n MSK comes n Geet shouts..why u knocking on my door at nite…n says..i m sleepy n closes door on MSKs face !! MSK knocks on n tries to talk to her…but Geet doesnt open..!! MSK sees Geet near window n says… i know ur upset but Geet corrects n says she is not angry n that .. boy n girl cant meet til they get married…n that outhouse is her mayka..!! MSK for delay in wedding ur punishing me..!! MSK keeps hand on Glass pane n Geet too… (like old promo) n come close …..n MSK stops n says..this is ur mayka so i shldnt b here n leaves n Geet gets disappointed n MSK peeps back LOL

Geet sitting on bed n says… as much as he pretends to be shareef (innocent) he is not.. n lights go off of outhouse n Geet screams… n MSK comes to light the candles from across the window n comes with candle outside Geets room n Geet opens n asks.. how do u know my hearts feeling without any words…n MSK says..just like u do… n how u came earlier to see me n then tried to cheer me..when i was sad..!! Geet says..u should go… its quite late n wat if Dadi finds out… MSK says..i m standing out of ur mayka… so i will stand here…till light comes n Geet says… its gonna rain..n MSK says… i will stand even if storm comes n asks Geet to sleep n gives candle to her n closes the door!! Geet says..he cares for me so much!!

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NT surprised to see Dev…n says…sarcastically that.. Dev khurana finally found time to meet his wife…..n Dev says. this is our last meeting… n hence i wanted to meet at peace..!! Dev throws some paper on NTs face n NT asks whats this n he says..this is a thank u for all the good deeds u made me do.. … its divorce papers n NT is shocked.. Dev says..dun try to play games n just sign these papers by tomorrow or b ready to go to jail from here….n leaves..!! NT in tears…


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