Geet Sunday 9th August 2020 Star life update

Geet Sunday 9 August 2020 Star life update

Dev is packing his bags n MSK comes ..n asks what he is doing..! Dev informs he is leaving.. n begs MSK to not stop him … coz no point staying… as he culdn help Nando…n save her life.. as her engagement is today n wedding tomorrow..!! MSK says.. u hv so little faith in ur bro?? We wont stop th engagement..but we wont let the wedding happen..! Dev asks how?? MSK says..Geet has a plan… Dev says what? MSK says..will tell u at right time! Pammi compliments  Nando about looking as beautiful as th moon n asks her to cover her face before going to Daman.. or he will lose sense.! Nando is quiet… Pammi asks..what is the matter..why so quiet?? Nando says.. our misunderstanding just cleared n Beeji is getting me engaged?? Geet comes…n asks Pammi same thing..why engagement so suddenly… ?? Nando says m confused too..! Pammi says.. Daman’s family called n is auspicious for engagement.. n they are coming by! Geet startled to hear..! Beeji comes…n asks Pammi why Nando aint ready.. n sees Nando..n gives her her mothers necklace ..(aka Nandos  nani).. Beeji puts the necklace around Nando n blesses her.. !! Beeji tells Pammi to go to kitchen.. n see all is ready or not n says.. sent Tejjy since ages and he hasnt gotten fruits yet..! Pammi tells Beeji.. that its too sudden..dun u think?? Beeji says.. I agree but Damans family said.they dun wanna see more drama… n i dun wanna lose such a nice relation… ! Geet self this was Damans plan…need to tell MSK.. Babaji please help save my sis life..!
MSK tells Geet that so i was rite.. Daman  n his parents are more intelligent than we thot..they got alert right after Dev opened their secret..! Dev asks what to do now?? MSK says..what we were to do three day later.. Dev asks…what?? MSK says…execute our plan..!
Adi is getting the entry to MSKs side of the living room ready.. n Lucky asks what is up?? Adi says..800 Cr deal client is coming…so getting living room ready..! Lucky says…but engagement?? Adi is imp n ur jij has left a message for u. .n tells something to Lucky and Lucky agrees n leaves..! Adi laufs..! Jugnu welcomes Damans parents.. n seeing them get so many sweets.. Beeji says..what was the need n Damans parents say.. its nothing! Right then MSK shouts from balcony to Adi to make arrangements ready… .as big client is coming..! Beeji n all confused..!Beeji asks Tejjy..! Lucky answers that a big client is coming to finalise deal with MSK!! Geet standing in a yellow saree n lovely haristyle… says.. well she is a big shot… …she handles whole company alone.! Daman n his parents eye light up..! Geet grins..!
Nando wonders why she is feeling so restless… since she likes Daman.. ! Dev comes with water for Nando n Nando thinks its Lachchi n says.. why so late n turns to see Dev n says.. not thirsty anymore..! Dev says.. seems u hvnt forgiven me yet…! Nando says.. u were to leave? Dev says.had to stay for a special reason.. its different that i cant tell u the real deal..! Nando says..always lying..! Dev says.. i dun wanna hide but ..its not time to tell the truth. .but i wont n cant hurt u ever..! What i did was for ur good..! Dev turns to leave n Nando says..u happy for friends happiness wont congratulate her?? Dev turns.. n extends his hand.. n Devini handshake n eyelock n smile..! Dev leaves n Nando wonders what Dev is hiding!
Damans mom says.. shall we start ceremony .. Beeji says still time n asks Pammi to get some refreshments..! Right then Ms. Kapoor comes n everyone stares at mouth..! Adi receives her…n then… MSK comes…! Lucky brags before Daman’s family that…she is big shot.. thats why MSK receiving her..!! Daman watches on with interest! MSK extends his hand to shake but the girl.. hugs MSK n touches MSKs side face with hers… n blows kisses..n me Radhika..! Geet sees n is furious n says.. plan din mandate this.. well MSK only needs excuse to do all this..! MSK then intros Radhika to Daman n Daman checks her out bottom to top n MSK grins..!Adi/Lucky grin as well..!

MSK is walking with Radhika towards the living room and says..’Radhika happy occasion..! My Sis in law is getting engaged! (Pointing to Daman) Daman is getting married to Nandini!’ Daman n his family/ Tejjy/Beeji all get up from their seats..! MSK calls Daman.. n Daman comes forward! MSK introes Daman to Radhika..! Radhika extends her hand to greet Daman. n says..’Nice meeting u!’ Daman says..’Same here!’ Radhika says..’Congratulations’ and Daman says..’Thanks!’ Daman’s parents share a knowing smile n MSK sees! Lucky n Adi both grin! Radhika says..’I like ur Indian Attire!’ Daman says..’Thanks again..!’ Daman is lost in Radhika’s eyes.. ! Radhika tells MSK.. ‘Maan.. business deals can keep happening  but the most important work for which i have come to India.. is to get married!’ Jugnu Mama’s eyes pop out! Adi says..’In india.. with an Indian boy? Wow.. what a choice !!’ MSK notices Daman checking out Radhika! MSK says..’God willing u..will find the boy of ur choice ..right here (points at Daman)’ Daman smiles as Radhika turns to his direction n says..’I hope so!’ Jugnu starts to button up his kurti.. ! Adi tells MSK n Radhika… ‘Shall we proceed’… Both nod and start to walk away from the drawing room! Everyone starts to sit down n Jugnu asks Daman to sit and walks in the direction of MSK-Radhika ! MSK and Radhika are walking n are tailed by Adi..! Radhika asks MSK.. ‘I heard ur in Amritsar since long?’ Jugnu starts to tail them as well..!

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Radhika asks..’If there is some plan for business development?’ Adi sees Jugnu tailing them… n is flustered! MSK says..’Yes.. n no..! Had come to meet my in laws. .but sometimes i feel there is very good possibilities!’ Radhika says..’Thats nice..!’ Adi runs to Jugnu n asks him… ‘What are u investigating here?’ Jugnu says..’When u know.. then why asking!’ Adi says..’Then why are u investigating?’ Jugnu says. while keeping his arm around Adi’s neck.. ‘I was trying to find out..  the colors of Foreign girls!’ Adi says..’Please Control… this is a very important client!’ Jugnu says..’Even i m important! Entire Amritsar knows.. how big an IMPOrTENT Jugnu is…’ Adi smiles..! Jugnu again puts his arm on Adi’s shoulder and says…’Tell me.. this girl.. doesnt look like from Amritsar.. where did she come from? Wait lemme ask her..!’ Adi blocks Jugnu and says…’Wait i will tell ya.. come..!’ Adi leads Jugnu away..! Geet sees MSK talking to Radhika n whisperingly signals him to come to her..! MSK notices n Geet starts to call him with her finger.. MSK tells Radhika to ‘Excuse him … since its his wife!’  Geet comes near MSK.. n MSK says..’Geet!’ Geet grins at MSK  n Mahiii in bg! Geet extends her hand and MSK takes it!

Geet firms her grip on MSK’s hand and tugs him along..! MSK is startled..! Adi comes to Radhika..  n leads her forward..!  Geet is tugging  MSK along to the courtyard! MSK asks (raising his eyebrows) ‘What?’ n Geet repeats..! MSK says…’Whats the matter?’ and Geet says..’Looking back.. what were u doing?’ MSK says..’Meaning?’ Geet says..’Meaning? Why did u have to go so near to that girl?’ MSK is exasparated n says..’Geet u..!’  n turns but Geet pulls him around.. to face her.. n says..’Me what?’ Since Geet is holding MSK’s vestcoat.. MSK glares.. n Geet removes her hand..! Geet says..’What i mean is.. the work u have called her to do.. .make her do only that..!’ MSK says..’Thats what she is doing.. Miss Hoshiarpur Express!’ Geet says..’Good.. for u.. n for her or else..!’ MSK says..’Or else what? R u threatening me?’ Geet hits MSK on the shoulder n says…’Scared?’ MSK puts his arms around Geets waist n pulls her closer.. n says..’Have to be scared.. coz dunno on which word u will get upset..!’ Geet rests her hand around MSKs chest n says..’Really?’ MSK says..’By the way… did our planning have any effect on them?’ Geet says..’Seems to ..(Geet rests her other arm on MSKs shoulder) Seeing Miss Kapoor’s wealth.. Daman’s eyes.. went big like a tubelight!’  MSK starts to close in on Geet and says…’So our aim is correct..!’ Geet hits MSK.. n then smiles n hugs him..!’

Suddenly MSK hears some noise n opens his eyes and sees.. its Jugnu.. standing holding his drinks.. n .. MSK says.. ‘Mamaji?’ Geet hits MSK n says..’How can it be Mamaji..!’ MSK turns Geet around and covers his face in Manoj Kumar Style..! Geet copies him as well..! Geet asks MSK.. ‘What is Mamaji doing here? Did he hear our talk?!’ MSK says..’No idea!’ Jugnu keeps staring . n MSK says..’He is staring as if.. he has heard it all.!’ Geet says..’How to get him out of here?’ Jugnu says..’Well son… no need to hide ur face like Manoj Kapoor!’ Geet tells MSK.. ‘Kumar!’  n MSK tells Jugnu n MSK stares at Geet..! Jungu MSK .. ‘If u say.. i wont recognise u both for life..!’ Jugnu holds MSKs hand and says…’Well i hv a small request..!’ MSK nods.. n Jugnu hugs him n kisses him on the cheek..! Geet cleans MSK’s cheek..! Jugnu says..’Get my work done..! Just once ..!’ Jugnu kisses MSK on the cheek again.. n Geet cleans MSK’s cheek!’ Jugnu says…’I m not kidding.. just one request!’ n Jugnu kisses MSK on the cheek again..! Geet is cleaning MSKs face.! Jugnu says..’Listen to me son..!’ n again tries to kiss MSK n MSK resits n says…’Mamajiii… ! What is the matter?’ Jugnu says…’My son.. just get one small thing done.. If u listen to me once.. my sinking bullock cart will hit shore..!’ MSK says..’I will get it done! But what is the matter?’ Jugnu says…’Well.. that Mem type girl.. (Jugnu again kisses MSK on the cheek n Geet cleans MSKs cheek!) Jugnu says…’Get my setting done with her..!’ Geet is aghast.. MSK is shocked..! Jugnu says…’Well.. meaning. .tell her to take me with her to America.. I will go to America and become a very big .. inter state detective..! Son .. just tell her to drop me at the bus stop of America.. rest job.. Jugnu will do himself! And dun tell anyone.. that i have had a word with their PM.. Abraham Clinton .. see this..!! (shows his mobile) ! Jugnu says..’He has messaged their address.. !!’ Geet sees n taps on MSKs shoulder..! Jugnu says…’Get my setting done!’

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MSK says…’Ok.. i will talk !!’ Jugnu starts to kiss MSK again.. but MSK stops him in time.. n then shows his cheek..  n Mamaji.. kisses him there..!’ Geet is shocked.. n starts to lauf..! Jugnu says..’Long live son..! U have made me so happy.! Now its fixed.. !! Now i m talk for sure!’ Geet says…’Thank God.. !’ (Jaan bachi to lakho paye.. chalo chalke Daman ki band bajaye!)  MSK n Geet say in chorus .. ‘Lets go n whack Daman’ As Geet starts to walk.. MSK holds her hand and pulls her close..  n starts to close in to kiss her.. but Geet turns his face away…n walks away! MSK says..’Learn something from Mama ji!’  Geet gives a light peck on MSK’s cheek..! MSK and Geet are walking with Geets arm around MSKs arm… n MSK says…’Geet.. we got saved by the wire.. !’ Geet says…’Why are u tensed? Even if Mama ji had heard or seen something.. he would have forgotten!’ MSK says…’Thats fine.. but instead of Mama.. if Beeji/Tejjy heard then what would have happened? We need to be careful!’ Geet agrees..! Adi comes running n says..’What to do now?’ MSK says…’U show Radhika around the house! There Lucky will bring Daman.. And there Daman-Radhika shall meet! Understood?’ Geet is aghast and says…’Lucky??? U told him everything?? U told me.. u, Adi, Dev n i only know.. !’ MSK says…’I did say that but Lucky himself wants to help and as such we need a man on whom no one doubts!’ Geet says..’Lucky is a loudspeaker.. !!’ MSK assures…’Lucky wont say anything.. its a matter of Nandini’s life! Adi.. shall u leave?’ Adi starts to turn to leave when Geet interrupts n says…’Tell Radhika.. no need to overact.. she wont get a penny extra for it!’ Adi says…’Can i go?’ Geet says..’Go..!’ Adi leaves..! MSK holds Geets hand n turns her to face him n says…’Well.. when was Radhika overacting?’ Geet says..’Dun joke with me.. u know very well when she was overacting!’ MSK says…’Did anything happen?’ Geet says…’No nothing happened..’ Geet advances towards MSK. .n MSK stares at her..! Geet asks him to step back..! MSK refuses..! Geet says..’When u see her.. u forget the entire world..!’ MSK says…’Mrs. Khurana..!’ Geet says..’Mr. Maan Singh Khurana!’ MSK puts his arms around Geet and says..’Come lets go..!’ Geet says.. ‘Come!’ Both walk away!

Jugnu is sitting in the alley n reading.. while drinking..! Apparently its an English novel n Jugnu isnt able to understand a thing..! Lucky who is passing by.. overhears Jugnu n sits next to him! Jungu says…’Why are English novels written so minutely!’ Lucky starts to check if Jungu has a fever n says…’It doesnt look like .. u have fever.. then why are u reading English instead of Hindi novel?’ Jugnu says…’U think.. i m some lowlife.. well English is nothing for me..! Listen.. just once.. i get married to that foreign girl.. that skirtwali..  i will become world famous when i go to America!’ Lucky laufs n says…’To become  world famous u dun need to go to America.. Hrithink Roshan’s new dance show is coming…’Just Dance!’ just take part in it!’ Jugnu asks Lucky ..’Is Just Dance the name of some English drink?’ Lucky says..’No.. its a new dance show of HR .. it will come every saturday-sunday at 9pm .. on Star One! The one who wins this will get the honor of being the best dancer in the country! But what to do.. i lost this chance.. after all have to handle responsibilities at home.. ! Well in case i had gone.. i wuld have defeated all!’ Lucky does the signature step of HR from ‘Kaho na pyaar hai!’ Adi sees Lucky and says…’Wow.. ur dancing like HR..!’ Lucky thanks Adi.. ! Adi says..’But coz of ur dance.. our plan is incomplete..!  U forgot what u had to do?’ Lucky says..’Shucks.. forgot.. !’ Adi says..’Handle ur responsibilities..!’ Lucky gets pumped up and leaves..while almost whacking Adi!

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Lachchi gets juice for Daman n his family! Beeji tells Daman’s mom.. ‘Dun worry about marriage preps.. Nando is my only daughter..  n u know the importance of only daughters wedding..! Dun worry.. there wont be shortage of anything..!’ Lucky comes… ! Daman’s mom says..’Have we ever talked about shortage or anything.. ! Nor is such thot in our head.. We dun have greed for anything.. We only want our daughter  in law..! ‘ Lucky says..’Our future Bro in law.. u aint taking anything.!’ Daman says..’Thanks.. but i m not at all hungry!’ Lucky says..’How will this be.. how will we serve u.. have these Samosa.. n green chutney.. its delicious!’ Daman says..’i have already had them!’ Lucky sees the juice glasses n says..’Well u have to drink juice.. i will feed u with my own hands..!’ As Lucky starts to feed Daman.. he intentionally spills the juice..! All are aghast to see … Lucky apologises saying..’It slipped from my hand.. by mistake..!’ Tejjy tells Lucky to to take Daman to washroom.. to clean up..! Lucky takes Daman away..!

Lucky is leading Daman… n says. ‘My dear Jiju .. makes great schemes.. but always complicated one.. half things fly above my head..! Now see.. he tied this Dhakkan with me..!’ Daman says..’Did u say something?’ Lucky says…’No.. well actually i have a habit of talking to myself..!’ Daman says..’U are looking a  bit flustered!’ Lucky says…’Me.. well just like that..! For pleasure.. so that ur not troubled..! Now see.. ur clothes got dirty coz of me.. ! Now if again. .from up.. if any bird/crow/pigeon pooped on u.. then i have to take u out to get ur hair cut..! So isnt it a trouble?’ Daman stares blank faced! Lucky says…’Leave it.. come. the washroom is here.. u go and clean ur Sherwani!’ Adi / Geet / Radhika / MSK …all peep across at Lucky ! Lucky gives a thumbs up..  n comes to MSK n says..’I did my job. .now u handle.. !’ Geet tells Radhika.. ‘Lucky has done his job.. now ur turn.. !’ Radhika goes n stands behind MSK n says..’Be relaxed.. i will handle it all..!’ Geet pushes MSK away from Radhika.. n says..’MSK doesnt worry about anybody.. so u dun need to worry! U recollect ur dialogues n go..!’  Daman comes out of the washroom..!

As Radhika walks towards Daman.. Geet hits MSK n stands next to him! Daman sees Radhika.. again.. bottom to top.. n is grinning..! Geet tells MSK.. ‘Langoor slipped seeing Angoor’ (The monkey slipped seeing the grape) Adi says.. ‘MSKs plan can never flop .. see!’ Radhika says..’Hi Daman’ n as she walks forward she trips.. n Daman catches her in time..! Eyelock..! Seeing this.. Geet repeats the pose n falls in MSKs arm..! Geet says..’Well it was my idea to defame this guy (munne ko badnaam)’ Adi grins seeing Maneet..! Adi says..’See how pink he has turned!’ Geet says..’Lets go n sacrifice this lamb!’ MSK says…’Thats fine..but why do u get so upset seeing her?’ Daman says..’Hope u din get hurt..!’ Radhika says..’The way u took me in ur arms.. nothing can happen to me…! Ur very sweet!’ Daman says..’Thanks..but ur sweet!’ Geet says..’I m jealous.. i m jealous..!’ Geet hits MSK and then hits Adi on the head.. n says..’U guys wont be able to do anything..lemme go!’ Geet sees Daman n Radhika n taps on Daman’s shoulder.. n says..’Wow.. Daman ji.. ur Rab’s own man.. .. just how amazingly u saved the girl with both hands..! Seeing it felt like..seeing Ranjha holding his Heer! I told Nando… that she is very lucky.. to get a boy like Daman! I mean..these days..where do u get girls like u.!’

Right then MSK n Adi come.. Geet smiles at them..! MSK says..’Geet do u know.. Radhika has come to India for one other thing along with business!’ Geet says..’Really?’ MSK says..’She is searching for a groom for herself!’ Geet says..’Wow..!’ MSK says..’Well to tell u the truth.. u should get a boy like Daman.. educated… typical Indian Male.. who loves u  a lot!’ Adi smiles..! MSK glares n Adi stops! Radhika says..’To tell u honestly.. seeing Daman i felt that the work for which i  came to India is done..  but then u told me his engagement is done.. so i was shattered! If i had my way..i wuld marry u today itself and take u with me..! But anyways. Congrats.. n i hope i get a guy just like u.. ..!’  Daman is lost in staring at Radhika..! Maneet share a smile..!

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