Geet 8 March 2020: On Geet Sunday 8 March 2020 star life update, Geet entering the lift and she prays to Babaji and says…’Babaji…shall i tell u something….

Geet 8 March 2020: well i m feeling very weird to go before MSK after yesterday.!! *Flashback of last epis Maneet scenes* and says…i m feeling embarrassed by the mere thot of going before him..!!’ Geet has eyes closed and MSK enters..!! *Both Maneet in matching blue color* and Geet says..’Babaji ….coz of this emabarssment..please dont make me do something weird before him..ok!!’ Geet opens eyes and is about to leave and sees MSK… and Maneet eyelock..!! Lift door closes..!! MSK says… ‘Geet …so where was our talk left out yesterday??’ Geet stammering and says.. ‘Yesterday….. the talk… well it was over na?’ MSK says..’Where was it over… main thing was pending..!!’

MSK hits the STOP button of the lift..!! MSK starts closing in on Geet and says.. ‘Geet yesterday we cleared all our misunderstandings and eliminated our distance..but our relation is still where it was..!! Dont u think Geet..that our relation should progress if not more then atleast a little..!! There should be some name to our relation ..a small one …atleast i should know that… when i pass near u.. ur heart beats faster or not?? when i go away from ur sight …do ur eyes search for me or not?? If the answer to all this is YES.. .then say those words…. those words…which will give our relation a new height.!! Those 3 words that … every lover wants to hear from his beloved..!! Say Geet….. !! Geet nods her head sideways in disagreement …tho she is shyly smiling..!! Geet tries to leave but MSK blocks her… Geet bends a little and gets out of the locking…!! MSK says.. ‘So this means u wont say??’ Geet nods …!! MSK says..’Ok fine..we shall be stuck in this lift.. till u dont say something..!!’

MSK says…. ‘Say Geet.. now say it..!’ Geet gets irritated and says…’Why should i say…u say first..!! Tell me till date have u told me even once….?? No …right..!! And as such ur a boy and boys say these things first… so u have to say this first..!!’ MSK says…’Really?? Well i m Maan Singh Khurana and i do what my heart wishes to..!! I asked u to say u will say first..!!’ Geet says..’Well dont show me this attitude..and u have to say first!!’ MSK says…’I am ur boss Geet…u will refuse my orders??’ Geet says…’Well new tactics.. right?? Well right now..neither are u my boss ..nor am i ur Secretary… so u have to say first..’ and both Maneet bickering..!!! Lift opens..and Sweety enters saying…. I Love U on phone to someone and passes kisses saying… My baby .. My Shona.. i luv u …. !! MSK nods head to Geet and points showing… ‘See’ !! Sweety spots MSK n hugs him..then hugs Geet..!! Geet asks Sweety if she was talking to her hubby ..n Sweety says…’Look what she is talking..i was talking to Tommy….my Dog !!’ Geet bursts out laufing but puts hand on her mouth n MSK is taken aback..!!

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Sweety tells Geet that she needs her help for arranging the party…for her music launch…!! MSK who is walking ahead of Geet and Sweety…stops midway hearing this..and then walks off..!! Sasha informs MSK about the urgency to meet the Gurgaon client..!! Geet looks at MSK..n Sweety says..i know MSK is ur boss but i will manage all..!! Geet agrees n says..i shall be there in a few minutes..and leaves..!! Sweety has a relieved and Evil expression on her face..!! On the other side.. MSK tells Sasha to schedule the meeting and inform the client that he shall be reaching for the meeting..!! Sasha says ok and hands over the Guragon project file to MSK..!! MSK enters his cabin..!! The 3 witches.. Sweety Sasha n NT share.. give each other winning….glances…n smirks..!!

Geet standing outside MSKs cabin and thinks about informing him about going out with Pindi Queen..and that whole day she wont be able to meet him..!! MSK in cabin thinks of telling Geet about his meeting..!! Geet thinks that… if i leave without telling him.. he will keep looking for me..and whole office will have to bear the brunt of his anger..!! Geet about to enter MSKs cabin and MSK coming out..!! Maneet eyelock..n MAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..!! Both Maneet speak simultaneously and say… ‘Well i wanted to say….’ and stop… MSK wonders if Geet had come to say the ‘thing they talked about in the Lift’.. and smiles and thinks….so finally she did agree to say her hearts feelings..’ Geet wonders if MSK had come to say those three words and smiles thinking..well thats the way it should be.. boys only say this first..!!

MSK self thot…’U only have to say it first Geet..!!’ Geet wonders ‘He is not saying anything!!’ MSK wonders.. ‘Well she has fallen totally silent..!!’ Both Maneet start to leave…and stop and turn and speak simultaneously… ‘I have to go outside..!!’ Both startled and disappointed..!! Geet self thot…so he had come to me to say this?? MSK wonders…she had to say only this?? Both turn back to leave and Geets dupatta falls and she stops…and turns and sees MSK looking at her..!! Maneet share eyelock and Geet feels shy..and both see that Geets dupatta is stuck at MSKs cabin door..!! LOL As her Dupatta falls.. both start to get it..but MSK gets it first and holds it !! Geet stretches her hand to ask for the dupatta…..!! MSK asks.. ‘U want the dupatta?’ Geet smiles and nods…!!

Geet comes to get her dupatta but MSK takes it away…!! Geet says…’Look …please dont tease like this..if anyone sees then??’ MSK says…’Where am i teasing..i am only asking if u want the dupatta or not.. so come take the dupatta..!!’ Geet tries to take it.. but MSK hides it back again.. and says… ‘Well theres only one small condition to get the dupatta…. U have to say those three words..!!’ Geet startled ..but smiles..n looks down shyly..and says..’U r again saying the same things..if anyone saw me without dupatta..what will they think??’ and takes dupatta from MSKs hand but MSK holds on and brings Geet closer…. n holds her hand……….!! MSK says..’People seeing doesnt make any difference to me…..if u want the dupatta..then u have to say..!!’ Geet looks down shyly..n smiles..and says..’OK’

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Geet puts hand on MSKs face..n then on to his shoulder.. n says.. i wanna say something to u..n MSK looks on eagerly……… n Geet says….. well… ….i hv taken my dupatta from u.. n smiles n turns to leave..but before leaving says… u hv to say those three words first..n smiles..and says.. ‘Bye sir..’ and leaves..!!!! MSK angry n says.. ‘Geet’ and smiles n says..’These mischiefs have brought u closer to me…let me see how long u keep hiding behind these mischiefs..!! How long u keep stopping urself from saying those those three words…!!!’

Dev on phone n chiding someone…n says…’What do u mean u cant do anything?? Those shares were mine.. NT only had a power of attorney…r u my lawyer or hers??’ n throws the phone away and it ends up hurting Meera on her hand..!! Dev comes and holds Meeras hand and says..’M really sorry ..i dinno u were here..!!’.*Deveera eyelock*.n Meera takes her hand away and says..’I am fine Dev..n u need not apologise…after all u din do anything intentionally…’ Meera asks Dev as to why he is looking so troubled and Dev says…’My lawyer says..that the shares on NTs name cant b transferred back…..useless guys..!! U know Meera..i m myself the cause of all this troubles..!! Bcoz of me ..NT has become a threat to me n my family..!! I dinno that my close ones will have to pay for my sins..!!’

Meera comes n puts a hand on Devs shoulder and Dev says..’Meera even u are having to bear so much coz of me…Geet is now a good friend of urs and coz of me u hv to lie to her..!! I know how much u hate lying..but coz of me..!! Meera i cant see anyone in trouble coz of me..!!’ Dev starts to leave and.. Meera says…’God Dev dun take any wrong decision in haste..!!’ and as Dev opens door … sees Dadi…

Dadi tells Dev that..ever since ur out of jail .. MSK doesnt wanna see ur face!! Dev says..but Dadi..!! Dadi says…i know Dev u wanna talk about NT..but just talking wont solve the problem………. listen Son… if u wanna help Maneet then..get NT behind bars…after u collect proofs against her.. !! May be after that MSK would agree to talk to u..!!

Dev says.. ur right.. if i hv to help bro …then i have to make some arrangement for NT..!! NT started all this in HP ….and to end it..i have to go to collect proofs against NT…!! I will go today itself..!!

Geet comes to party venue wit Adi n 3 bandars.. n Sweety welcomes…n Sweety informs NT…that Geet is here wit Office ppl..n NT says…. dun worry abt them..i only hv to ensure tat MSK is away from her….n tells her to harass Geet… n so asks to send Geet in store room alone…. since she is scared of darkness… n NT cuts phone n says… even Sweety dont know wat full proof plan i have..!!

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Sweety thanks Geet to b there…n all others too..n Romeo starts flirting…n Sweety diverts all to work on decorations….n Geet agrees to do all arrangements… n Romeo says..if Tasha is wit me..i will climb everest..n Tasha kicks him… n Manisha flirting wit Adi…n Sweety asks all to go out to do decorations… Sweety sends Geet to store room n she enters..n two doves are sitting… n the chandelier over Geets head starts to move.. n is balanced on the weight of cartons wit decorations..n as Geet removes a box… the chandelier starts coming down… n just when it culd fall Adi comes n says.. MSK called and so.. Geet leaves th box as it is n talks on moby…!! Geet says.. so u miss me..!! MSK says…. yes.. but i called to knw abt…. what u were to say.. n Geet says… well u r the one who has to say..n starts fidgeting wit dupatta..n MSK says…. why play wit dupatta… tell me..the 3 words..n Geet thinks..that MSK is near..n asks.. him to come over…n promises to say the words when he is there

MSK comes in store room Shocked Geet thinks she is dreaming..but MSK is there…only Embarrassed n Geet asks how he got there..n MSK says..u said u will say the words when i come..n Geet says..i was joking..n MSK says…dun cheat… tell the words..n Geet says…. ur cheating….. n btw..u were to go on meeting..n MSK says..u had promised n nothing is more important that that ….n Geet says..well i hv to work…so let me finish it..n MSK asks..leave it..i will pick it n ends up touching Geets hand on the carton.. Maneet eyelock..n Geet asks MSK to leave her hand..n MSK says i m not holding it..!! MSK starts to take away the cartons n as he turns to keep it… in mirror sees the chandelier falling n saves Geet in time….n hugs her tight.. n asks if she is ok or not..n Geet assures

MSK screams n asks all as to how this happened….. n starts shouting on Sweety…..n she is stammering….. n MSK fires her..n Geet tries to cool him down.. but he is angry.. but finally relents n says…come wit me… i.e. go home n rest.. n Geet says..we cant keep work pending..n MSK orders Pindi to get workers n Pindi says sorry

Pindy calls NT n says…its gods grace that MSK reached in time..else who wuld hv saved Geet..n NT is angry..but maintains composure..n finds out that Geet is fine…n ask Pindy to work on her launch n cuts off the phone n then throws the phone n says…nooo….. guess i only hv to do the work myself now….but i will get rid of ur baby Geet..n that too in this party…


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