Geet Sunday 2 August 2020 Star life update: Some men are bringing in a table inside the house..! Garg says…’Hurry up!’ Tejjy asks Garg..’What are u doing?’ Garg says…’Furniture is being brought in! The new owner..who has purchased this house..

.this all is his luggage!’ Tejjy says…’How can u do this? How can u sell off our house? And we got three months for that loan!!’ Garg says…’Yes.. i did.. but its the third month already..but u have yet to return the money! So who knows? And u tell me..if someone gives me double amount for this house.. then what can i do?’ Beeji chides Garg and says..’U should be ashamed..of urself..! U culd have atleast given some consideration to old relations!’ Garg folds his hands and says…’I respect u just as much as earlier.. but what can i do? Business is business..! If someone pays..2 Crs. for a property worth 1 Cr. what can a poor man like Garg do?’ All – Pammi/Nandini/ Lucky/ Jugnu.. look worried…! Pammi says..’House was sold in 2 Crs.?’ Garg says..’Yes’ Lucky tells Jugnu.. ‘Wonder who this guy is..or what he wants…for he is purchasing our house at double the price..?’ Jugnu says..’Dun worry.. Jugnu will investigate this matter!’ A group of men carry the walker/exercise machine in the house! Jugnu says…’See…small railway tracks…! Now i get the point..this new guy.. he is a trader in the field of Railways..and he will open a new railway station in the house!’ Lucky says..’Good.. now we dun have to go to the station! Gosh…what am i saying..!! I think this is a weighing scale!’ Jugnu says.. ‘No looks like a Railway track… do u wanna bet?’ Lucky says..’Ok!’ Beeji asks Garg..’When is the new owner coming? I will directly talk to him!’ Garg says..’He is coming at sharp 6 pm today evening! He is very punctual about time!’ The clock shows 5.45 pm and all are pacing around in the house! Jugnu goes to Garg and says…’Janab ji.. SP is waiting for me. and i m waiting for ur guy! Where is he?’ Garg replies…’Jugnu ji..he gave the time of 6pm.. And its still 15mins before 6pm! He will be here dot at 6pm..! I m telling u ..he is very punctual about time!’ A black car is shown racing on the road..! Jugnu says…’He must surely be a detective coz only detectives are punctual about time! And if that guy reaches to venues on time like me..then he must be a big shot like me!’ Jugnu asks…Garg.. ‘Whats the time?’ Garg looks at the watch n says…’5.50 pm!’ Jugnu is startled to see the watch and says…’10 mins are left for it to be 6pm !’

Jugnu calls Lachchi..and asks her to get Mustard oil from the Bathroom! Lucky asks Jugnu…’What for? U want to get massage?’ Jugnu says…’Well u dun understand..Such a big guest is coming to our house.. dun we need to make arrangements for his welcome?’ Lucky says…’U din have enouf with one slap…u wanna mess more with Beeji? U r gonna welcome the guest?? Is that guest here to spend his holidays? He has purchased our house!’ Jugnu says..’What.. this house is sold?’ Lucky says…’Yes!’ Lachchi gets the oil and gives to Jugnu..! Jugnu says…’Pour it on my head..! Theres so much of tension going on.. Take it back and do one think make Fries using this oil!’ Its 6pm and Garg says…’Well its 6pm!’ Right then they hear the sound of cars honking..! Everyone is alert and wanna know who is the one who purchased their house..!! The speeding cars stop outside the house and MSK steps out..(in all blacks shirt/formals/tie/vest coat and black shades) MSK set his tie and takes off his shades n grins..!! Adi is accompanying MSK! MSK walks forward and enters the house..! Everyone is startled to see him..!! Geet turns and sees MSK!! Beeji ..glares at MSK.. Tejjy is about to lunge forward but Pammi intervenes..! Lucky and Jugnu are shocked as well..!  Geet self thot.. ‘What is MSK doing here?’ MSK grins at Geet and then turns and glares at Tejjy..! Beeji lunges forward and says…’Maan Singh Khurana.. dun u understand a thing after one explanation? U r back again..!’ Garg says…’Beeji u know him?’ Beeji says…’Unfortunately .. he is our son in law!’

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Garg says…’Sir..u din tell us or i wuld have given u a discount of 10-15 lacs..! After all ur Beeji’s Son in law! We too have some responsibility in this regard!’ Lucky asks Garg..’What discount?’ Garg says..’Discount in price..! After all he only has…’ MSK cuts him n says..’Purchased!’ Beeji/Tejjy/Lucky/Jugnu/Geet/Nando/Pammi are all shocked!  MSK continues..’I have purchased this legally i am the owner and i will stay here!’ Beeji says…’So this means..u came to take revenge from us..! U want to throw us out of this house coz we threw u out of here!’ MSK says..’I m not trying to show anyone down… (MSK looks at Geet) I have purchased this house.. so i have come here just to live! I have not come here to ask anyone to leave and i will never ask either..! If anyone wants to leave..they are free to stay!’ Beeji says…’Ur doing favour on us? We dun have a habit of taking favours! Show the power of ur wealth to someone else.. My name is Gurvinder Kaur.. we wont leave from our house just like that..! We have a time period of 1 month! Now u this one month.. if we dun throw all ur money back on ur face and throw u out of this house…then change my name!’ Geet watches in background all worried! Beeji tells Lachchi to get a rope..! Jungu says..’No sis.. no.. Dun leave us and go..!!’ Beeji says..’Shut up!’ Lachchi gets the rope..! Beeji asks Tejjy and Lucky to tie the rope in the middle of the house..! Beeji tells MSK… ‘Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.. half of the house is urs and half is ours..! Till ur here.. u wont come on our side and no one will go in ur side..!’ Nandini looks at Geet..! Beeji says…’Understood?’ Beeji says…’Come all of u!’…and turns to leave..!  Adi says..’Sir..we paid for the whole house…!’ MSK turns and looks at Adi and Adi shuts up! Adi turns to tell Garg..’ Ur payments done right?? U better leave..Thanks!’ MSK tells.. ‘Adi’ and Adi leaves immediately! Geet comes near where MSK is standing and says…’What are u doing?’ MSK says…’What did i do?’  Geet closes in..’What did i do? Maan..dun act innocent.. and why din u tell me ur coming?’ Geet lifts the rope and says…’Now do one thing.. come this side i need to talk to u..!’ MSK puts Geets hand down and says…’Whatever we have to talk..we will..but u do one thing.. u come near to me coz the thing is.. the Lakshman Rekha that ur Maasi has drawn..i m not able to listen past it!’  Geet turns away and says…’I cant come there!’ MSK says…’I cant hear anything..!’ Geet taps on MSKs shoulder and says…’U cant listen?’ MSK says…’Nope!’ Geet says..’Fine then i too dun wanna talk to u..!’ Geet turns to  leave and MSK says…’One minute..! I can hear Geet..but how is it possible that Maan doesnt listen to Geet and Geet doesnt listen to Maan? Lets do one thing.. lets meet up at nite.. I will sleep near u.. n u sleep near me!’ Geet says…’U dun do anything such that Beeji gets upset!’ MSK says…’Nothing like that will happen! Just wait for me!’  Geet says..’No way..i m not gonna wait for u.. Gud nite..!’ Geet turns and leaves..! MSK smiles and says.. ‘The pleasure i get by pestering and irritating Mishty.. !!’

Geet comes in and sees Beeji pacing around..! Tejjy says…’Dunno what to do? This guy has forcibly entered our house!’ Jugnu says…’Whats there to think.. Lets go and bash him up! I will give him such a whacking that he will remember ..that..!!’ Jungu forgets the name.. Lucky whispers..’Maan Singh Khurana! And u will beat him up.. have u forgotten how he was bashing those wrestlers up in that competition.!’ Jungu recollects and says…’He is the guy?’ Lucky nods agreement..! Jugnu says to Tejjy.. ‘Well our programme is cancelled!’ Tejjy says..’If ur jokes are over..can we talk something useful!!’ Jungu says..’Yes!’ Tejjy says.. ‘Beeji.. i feel we should take the opinion from some good lawyer..! What MSK has done is illegal!’ Nandini says.. ‘But he has only purchased our house.. what illegal in this? If anyone has done anything illegal its Garg! How can he sell off a mortgage property!’ Beeji says…’No dear.. the onus of the mistake lies with us.. Tejjy had signed those papers …It was written that.. Garg can sell off this house!’ Everyone shocked hearing that..! Pammi says..’So theres no solution to this problem?’ Beeji says…’Why wont a solution come.. within one month.. if i dun throw off MSK from here.. then my name is not Gurvinder Kaur!

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Geet tells Beeji…’If u want… i will talk to MSK..but then i have to cross the line..!’ Beeji says…’Listen.. if u want to talk to him..or go and stay with him.. its ur wish…! Which word of mine have u listened to..that ur taking my permission today? But this matter is about THIS house.. ! Dun interfere in this! And about the permission to talk to MSK.. well i m not gonna give u that opportunity at all! Gurvinders head can cut.. not bent… especially before such nut..!! He has a lot of pride on his wealth ? He has challenged me..n i will give him befitting answer for this! He mite have won many times in life.. but now..i will give ur MSK a proper thrashing.. ! I will break his arrogance!’ Geet in tears and is worried!

Geet is pacing in her room wondering ‘Why does MSK have to do this.. He does everything at his own free will! Now someone should ask ..the purpose of buying a house! Beeji and Tejjy are already upset with him…the will get more angry..! Sometimes he talks like an intellectual and sometimes…like a fuel..!’ MSKs voice says.. ‘What to do Geet? Ur love has made me dull..! Geet looks around the room…! Suddenly she sees MSK’s image on the screen!

Geet smiles and excitedly walks forward…towards the screen..!! Geet says..’Maan.. ur image?’ MSK says..’Not my image..its me..! I had promised u that i will meet u at nite.. and talk to u.. so i came!’ Geet smiles..! Geet says..’But Maan.. u did very wrong..! Why did u have to purchase this house?’ MSK says…’Then what should i have done? Should i have left u all alone and keep waiting when u will make ur Maasi.. brothers…ur family much we love each other?  And only then we could meet each other? As such also Garg was selling off this house..i only saved the purchasing this house!’  MSK continues.. ‘Do u remember Geet.. what we had decided? (Geet nods her head saying No) We had decided to try and create a space for us in the hearts of the family! …Explain to them what love is..! And Geet..i have promised to myself… how can i forget it!!’  Geet smiles at MSK..!! MSK says…’When MSK makes a promise.. he never forgets it..! Without ur support and without ur love.. i can never do this..!!’ Geet says…’Maan i trust u.. but after all this.. Beeji and Tejjy veerji will be even more upset with u! They think..that ur throwing them out of their own house..trying to humiliate them!’ MSK says…’Even i din want this!’ Geet says…’Maan.. why did u come back? I had told u… that i wuld try and calm everyones anger..!’ MSK says…’U only had said.. that i should support ur i came to support u here! U sit here.. and i sit alone in Delhi.. thats just not possible!’ Geet smiles..! MSK says…’Well just want to keep seeing u for 24 hours.. Just wanna keep loving u..I will keep my Mishty on my eyelids.!!’ Geet blushes..!! MSK grins..!! Screen freezes..!

Geet says…but MSK why did u come back… i told u .. i wuld appease all..! MSK says.. u said..that i should support u.. so i came i can see u 24×7.. keep my Mishty on my eyelids..forever..! Now ..go and rest…Gud nite..! Geet wishes MSK…!  MSK switch off the lappie…n lies on his sofa…and Geet comes out in the alley to see MSK..! Lucky was eavesdropping on Maneet n says..he is a hero.. he found out English film idea. .n he luvs our Geet didi a lot..!  Tejjy on the phone asks his friend Veer to come in the morning… to help…as someone has forcibly broken in the house… Pammi overhears and asks… and Tejjy says… Nandi Veerji…to teach MSK a lesson..! Pammi says…why did u call him. .he is a cruel fella… why did u do this.. Tejjy scoffs Pammi n says..why u interfering..go get milk for me…! Pammi leaves  n Tejjy u will know Tejjys power!

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Adi is the blueprint of Gurgaon project..n MSK says..good ask Romeo to be on the site.. 24×7.. Adi laufs. .seeing MSK glare.. he stops..! Lucky calls MSK with signal n says..u r style master… i want to get clothes like urs.. MSK says..this time when i go to Delhi.. i will take u with me.. n get u as well..! Lucky says..everyone in this house are very simple.. they dunno people…n Lucky has identified.. u…ur a gem..! Let Tejjy n Beeji say. .whatever.. i will help u out..! MSK says…why do i have to worry… if u r here..! Lucky says..we luv our sis the most..n u luv our sis so much.. Lucky will give his life for u..!  Geet comes n stands in bg..n overhears.. MSK sees n says..Ur sis doesnt luv me at all.. she doesnt even look at me… Lucky no .she has to act in front of all so.. n Geet glares..

Police aka Tejjys friend arrives with cops…and he says… who dare to break law in our area… ?? Dimpy Singh Dhillon will teach a lesson…!! Adi says..we havent broken any law… Police says..take these fellas in the vehicle…! Adi says..u can get in trouble for this.. Police guy says..rush him in..! MSK says..dare u touch this fella…show warrant… As police asks who he is.. MSK says.. Maan Singh Khurana.. .. Adi says.. he is MSK of KC…!! Police shocked..and apologises.!! Police says…go back all of u… please forgive us…we are leaving..! Tejjy n Beeji shocked..! Police says to Tejjy…u almost got me jobless… he is a very big fella..!! Annoyed Tejjy gets his sword out fight with MSK…and Pammi n Beeji try to stop..!! Beeji says..Nandini relation just finalised…if her in law find out…relations will be broken..!! Tejjy says..if they find out..our house got occupied..they wuld agree?? Beeji says..calm down.. throw sword..we are contacting lawyers…

Geet is drying Chillies in the courtyard..n MSK stares..! As Geet tries to settle a flying hair lock… MSK coufs n Geet stares n starts coufing..! She turns around to avoid MSKs eyes…but cant stop looking at MSK…!! MSK grins..!

As MSK checks the coast is clear.. he tries to cross the Lakshman Rekha.. Lucky comes and sees… n stops MSK… n offers him bananas
Geet is busy sneezing..! MSK tells Lucky ..wanna talk…to ur sis.. Lucky goes to talk… to Geet.. but Geet is angry..n keeps sneezing n leaves giving chilles to give to MSK..!  Lucky says..u wait.i will get her.. n MSK need..i will handle…! Lucky says…if u need anything.. ‘eemejetly’ tell me…!! Adi comes n grabs a banana…but Lucky takes away..! Adi tells MSK…that a client wants to meet u… MSK her here ‘immejetly’!!!

Adi leaves.. Tejjy looks ..n self thot.. have to talk to this guy.. after that…shall see..! Tejjy comes and says… Maan Singh wanna talk to u.. MSK says.. Ur style seems to be of shouting more n talking less Tejendar Singh..! MSK says..if u wanna talk.. come across n talk..!! Tejjy says..i wuld have talked in morning…but Beeji stopped me! MSK says..u should learn manners to talk..! Tejjy says..i dun need to learn from u …who bought my house for false pride at a time when Nando is about to be married..! MSK says.. m worried for her wedding too..!! Tejjy says…i havent come here to talk..or fight..i m here to warn u..that if coz of u my sis relation gets broken..i will CHOP ur head off..!! MSK glares…
MSK says…this is MSKs neck… think before u touch… maybe ur hands will get sprained… Tejjy stares.. MSK glares..!! MSK says..if Nandos relation wuld b coz of ur stupidity not mine..! I m here to stay as a member..n if u have a problem with that.. its UR PROBLEM not MINE.. UNDERSTAND..!! Tejjy stares..!!


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