Geet Sunday 11 October 2020 Star life Written update: Geet is running in the jungle. Vikram is chasing name, calling her name. MSK is in jungle also looking for her, calls out for her. He hears sound of vehicle and thinks way to go out is close by.

Geet’s dupatta gets stuck in the tree, vikram is closing, and she hears his voice. She puuls her dupatta hard, it gets torn, runs, and piece o f it has left behind. Vikram notices. MSK and vikram both are calling her name loudly. MSK finds piece of dupatta too calls her name again.

Cops arrived in the jungle in the search of vikram and spot him. Now the cops are chasing vikram where as maneet are running in the jungle. Vikram trips over the big stone. It was shown that he is falling, then scene is shifted that a trolley has run over a body who is wearing same dress as vikram face is not shown. The person lying on the ground seriously injured is lying back sided. Cops are out of jungle while chasing him point the finger towards body.
The person is dead, cop informs the commissioner that vikram has dies in road rage. Face is still not shown so I say cop made a mistake to identify vikram ( woh body Vikram ki chod ke kisi ki bhi hai, itni jaldi stalker bhaiyaa kaise jaa sakte hai abhi abhi toh aaye hai). Maneet is calling each others name. They come in front of each other, finally maneet hug. Geet notices bandage in MSK’s arm, she is in tears again tight hug ( two hugs ka daily quota complete. But this time cheating hua, BD hug thaa) .
Maneet are back in the KM. MSK is sleeping. Chipkali chipku expressionless nano is there with adi and maamu. MSK wakes up tells her I had seen enough of tears of you. I want you happy now. He says for one second I thought I lost you, but then I remembered our love and vows of marriage and I am sure no one can separate us. Nano jumps in between to say yeah not any evil eye fall on your love. He inquires about dev, nano replies he is in London and due to bad weather is not able to back. ( I wonder ki male MP ki chaheti demands for screen time and that is why unwanted unnecessary scenes are given to her. ). Preeto comes to say medicine time, lucky tells a nurse will be here for dressing everyday, Doctor has suggested him one week rest. MSk wants to talk about work with adi, geet interrupts saying adi sir you neither you will come nor will call MSK for next 10 days. She tells determining voice to MSK that he will follow her advice. MSk looks at adi and nodes in yes. After everyone has lefet she apologizes to MSK saying she can not see him anymore in the pain. MSK does same and says he will now onwards listen to her, do as what she asks and will not move with out her permission.
Nano-preeto faltu blabbering. Nano gives preeto gyaan that when love is real and true after problems it becomes strong. She also fako gyaan over relation and love looking devini picture. Preeto consoles soon old days will be back. Dev calls nano. One sided conversation with dev was shown. About when he will be back and she misses him a lot. Preeto listens and thinks she shpuld also spend some time with lucky and they should go out for few days ( please whole circus ko bhejo. They are not welcome).
MSK is sleeping. Geet brings soup for him, touches his cheek, he opens his eyes. She makes him sit and starts feeding.( MP has no creativity in scene) geet smiles, MK asks the reason, she wipes soup that has spilled on his lips. She goes to wash her hands. MK spills more on purpose and acts as sleeping. Geet is back and notices. She blurts out again MSK acts innocent. Geet says you think you are smart. He still acts innocent, she gives him tissue to wipe. He is about to wipe, she holds his hand and does it. This time she on purpose spills the soup and wipes it with smile. MSk does same to her aka tries to feed and spills so he can wipe, He wipes it, geet gets shy, he closes her face and screen freezes ( no nono, do not get your hopes up or no day dreaming for maneet fans. No kiss coming tomorrow. Actually it will be cliff hanger about vikram’s not so death. Dekhna BHES badal ke aayega kyuki he will think maneet ko aise alag karna mushkil hi nahi asambhav hei, isliye foot daalo geet le jaao karna hoga, so woh aayega jarur aayega saath mein sammy aunty ko bhi laayega).
Part 1
MSK tries to close in n Geet pushes him behind! MSK smiles! She feeds him water and touches his face! Lucky is searching for Jugnu! Jugnu is angry on him ..but Lucky appeases him n asks him to care for his nephew too..who got hit at the jungle..!! Mama-Bhanje.. yap goes on! Lucky suggests to do some party like.. Amritsar style.. Tandoori Roti-Butter Chicken! Preeto overhears and thinks Lucky is taking her outside and decides to get ready.. ! Lucky decides to tell Preeto but Jugnu says that its not needed since Preeto has Kittie party to go to, so they can also have their bachelor party!
Nurse comes to give MSKs sponge bath! Geet offers to do herself! MSK grins! Geet comes to MSK and asks if he is ok? MSK says yes..a bit seriously n Geet chides him for.. wanting to get that sponge bath from nurse ! She says that she has understood his ‘sickness’ games all too well! He gets a package deal- nurse/sponge bath et all! She snaps her fingers n says that she knows it all.. as she is Geet Singh Khurana! MSK asks. if Geet was feeling tensed seeing the tray in nurses hands?He holds her hand and says that he is happy she was feeling such! Geet slaps his hand away n says that she was teasing him! She says she rather call the nurse to give sponge bath! MSK nods his head in agreement! Geet gets angry seeing him agreeing! She comments that he will never improve and starts to get up when MSK holds her hand n says if Geet was teasing him or getting worked up herself? Geet again tries to get up n MSK stops her n says he was joking! Maneet eyelock! Geet gives sponge bath! As she tries to lift his injured arm, MSK cringes n Geet blows air over it ! MSK watches ! Mahi!! She bandages his arm! Maneet eyelock.. grin. .n smiles! Maneet hug and Geet n MSK fall asleep in each others arms
Preeto comes all decked up to Lucky .. n Lucky compliments her for looking good..!! Preeto thinks Lucky is taking her out.. n Lucky thinks she knows that he n Jugnu are going out! Lucky-Preeto are back to squabbling! Geet is getting ready n MSK watches her! She picks up sindoor to apply but MSK gets up n comes near her n applies! MSK pulls Geets face closer for a kiss!
Part 2
Preeto runs in calling Geet didi n seeing Maneet gets embarassed n closes eyes.. Maneet too turn away.. n act innocent! MSK leaves..! Preeto manages to open her eyes.. n teases Geet about how she has seen such LAAV stories in pictures only! Preeto comes to wake Lucky up! Lucky refuses to get up..Preeto puts his finger in hot tea n he gets up screaming n taunts her on her weight! She cires. n he tries to appease her! Preeto asks sorry for fighting with him the previous nite.. n Lucky begs for forgiveness n says.. that Jugnu ruined the plan to go out so..! Preeto asks what Lucky can do for her on his own? Lucky is struggling n Preeto cribs again!
Part 3
Geet is sleeping like an angel.. all cuddled up! MSK comes with a tea/coffee mugs! MSK wishes her good morning! Geet gets up with a start n says.. he din wake her up..?? MSK says..coz he din see her sleep for 10 days..! Geet says.. she can listen to his sweet talk while staying in his arms for the rest of her life! MSK says.. they can but first should drink tea.. n Geet says..tea?? MSK says..tea for her.. coffee for him! MSK tells Geet that even if their choices are different.. they just need to be together! Whether they drink tea or coffee.. if its with Geet.. MSK’s day n life both wuld be awesome!
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