Geet 21 July 2020: On Geet Tuesday 21 July 2020 Star life update, As Tejjy closes in.. Dev gets up n looks around scared..n greets all! Seeing everyone being rude..

Dev says..what is the matter?? Tejjy says..dun play innocent..we know what all u have done..Our sis told all!! Dev says..whatever ur sis said…is true but its not my fault..! She talked so rudely.. but i m a decent guy so tolerated or else..n Tejjy says… or else ??? Dev sits down n grumbles..  i din do anything to rile these guys up. .dunno what this girl said..! Tejjy says..what u saying?? Beeji says..u made our daughers life hell n now dare to come here at Amritsar?? how dare u..! Dev wonders what he did..! Tejjy shouts that u forced her to leave home… u made Geets life hell!! Dev self thot.. remembers Adis bashing..n his trauma..n says.. oh so these guys are Geets relative..! Right then… Maneet come n Dev says.. Geet…n Maneet wonder what Dev is doing there..!

Beeji asks Geet where she was..n Geet says.. to pray…!! Beeji n Tejjy say .. wherever u go.. go but inform first..!! Tejjy asks Balwant where he was ?? MSK lost for words…n Dev gets irked n tries to defend…Tejjy says…Stop…Mr. MSK our talk is pending..!! Maneet look at Dev all confused..! Tejjy asks MSK..n MSK says..gone to railway station to meet relatives..! Lucky says… why dun u tell truth that u were going to run away! MSK says.. no no.. !! Tejjy says..enouf…next time inform n go!! Tejjy turns to Dev and says…so.. do u want to talk or i shall talk??? Dev says..well i wanna tell that u all are getting it wrong..! Beeji says..maybe we are wrong..but not this girl… my sweet lil kid..has forgotten how to smile..! Tell me now?? Tejjy says..we will equal the pain u gave our sis..!


Dev says..want to talk to her..! Beeji n Tejjy need..!! Pammi says…let them talk.. its a matter between hubby let them sort it..! Tejjy quietens Pammi …but Beeji supports n says.. the decision will be Geets…so let them handle it! Beeji says… so what u wanna say?? Geet says..wanna talk in private..! Beeji agrees! Dev and Geet leave..!! Tejjy asks MSK to go to his room! Lucky tries to show off on MSK but MSK glares n Lucky quitens!  MSK in his room n grumbles. .why is Dev here.. we were to return home..but now..!! Good i din tell truth or dunno what wuld happen! Have to talk to Geet…so she dun misunderstand why i stopped  her to tell truth!! MSK decides to snoop into where Dev n Geet are!

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Geet asks Dev what he is doing there.. Dev says..came to return Nandinis book…! Geet says..where did u meet her?? Dev says in the bus..! Geet is hysterical… !! Here one problem doesnt end..another starts..need to talk to MSK…!! Dev n Geet decide to go to meet MSK! Dev says..u stay.. i wil go or more trouble!! MSK is standing in the alley grumbling n Jugnu comes n says..what u doing here all alone?? MSK says..thinking of u..! But what u doing up so late! Jugnu can a uncle sleep whose niece is in so much pain…! That MSK ruined it all..! Btw (he looks at Balwant) .. i know the real MSK..! MSK says..really??

Dev is walking in the alley holding the book…n Nandini says..what u doing?? Trying to run off?? Dev wanted to return ur book..! Nandini says.when did u steal this?? In the car?? Dev says no i din steal..! Tejjy calls Nandini n Nandini says…the man who can hurt his wife..cheat on her can steal ! She takes the book n leaves..!

Jugnu tells MSK to turn n show his face..!! Jugnu says.u hiding it like u have some secret..n asks MSK to turn.. he says.. only i know that ur face matches to MSK..!! And as Jugnu turns .. Dev n MSK are standing n Jugnu says… 2 instead of 1??  Jugnu is confused!

Jugnu is circling around Balwant..n MSK is trying to hide his face n Jugnu one can be saved from Jugnus sharp eyes..n only Jugnu knows..ur face matches MSK..!! Jugnu turns n Dev is standing beside MSK..n Jugnu tries to shake off his vision but cant! Jugnu says..pointing to MSK n says.. MSK.. Dev says i m MSK… ! Jugnu says..his face matches MSK…he is MSK.. his face.. etc all match MSK! Jugnu tries to shake his vision again n turns n both MSK n Dev are missing n Jugnu thinks he drank too much!

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Dev tells is this Mama always crazy?? MSK says yes.. n what u doing here?? Dev says… long story. .shall tell u later.. Geet is calling u..! MSK says..u go.. i will sneak in from other side! Dev comes n sees Nandini sitting with Geet… n says..sheeks.. Bro is coming from other!  MSK is climbing rope to reach Geets room! Nandini says..will u forgive him >? Geet says who?? Nandini says.. MSK!  Dev comes in at right time n asks Nandini to leave him n Geet alone.. n Nandini goes after glaring..! Right then MSK reaches n Dev says.bro came..! Geet turns..! Geet rushes to MSK and hugs…n Maneet come to Dev..! Dev says.i m  waiting out.. ! MSK .. i wanna talk to both u n Geet..! MSK closes the door n says..what u doing here?? Told u Geet forgave me already..! Geet says.. MSK he dont know its my house..! MSK says then what u doing here?? Dev tells th whole story..! MSK says..u  should have told me before.. Dev says..wanted to.. but dunno what these ppl think of me..! Geet what?? MSK says..dunno what to do.. new problem is open now! Geet says.. u culd have let me tell the truth… Dev says..Geet is right..!

MSK says great idea… all will end here.n then we can leave with Geet..!! Huh?? MSK tells Geet …ur family loves u so much.. they will let us leave also.. but what will they think of us..?? I entered this house as Balwant… to appease u.. but i wont take u out of here by cheating them.. if they find out .. the will hate MSK more!  I cant offend anyone to get our love..! Dev says..then what to do?? MSK says..we will stay here for a while.. till i change their opinion about me..! MSK says… Geet i will take u with me..holding my head high.. n i dun wanna hurt the family!  Geet says..ok! MSK tells Dev to stay as MSK..n Dev agrees..! Right then Tejjy knocks..n MSK hides..behind the bed..! Dev goes to open …n Tejjy asks..why u closed the door?? Dev says..Geet is not feeling well! Geet is lying on bed..! Tejjy comes to check.. Dev wonders where MSK is..!! MSk is hiding..!!

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Tejjy tells Geet…ur head is aching..u culd have told right?? Geet says..not paining much..! Tejjy says… i m sending meds ..u take them… u take care ..if not well by morning shall take u to hosp! As Tejjy gets up.. his moby falls n is near MSK!  MSK pushes it forward n Tejjy gets it easily n gets up n leaves..! Nandini comes… n Tejjy asks her to stay with Geet n take care of.. her! Tejjy asks Dev to come with him n Dev reluctantly leaves..!  Geet sends Nandini off to get water..! Geet calls MSK out..n MSK assures..dun worry its a matter of few days.. after that we will be one! As MSK leaves.. Geet calls him n hugs him n MSK smiles n leaves..!

Its next day morning.. Dev n Geet come..n whole family is waiting for them..! Beeji asks Geet..what her decision is? (MSK is overlooking) … ! Geet says…i have decided to give MSK one last chance.. Pammi smiles.. Nandini shocked… Tejjy too n Tejjy u forgave MSK?? Geet no..i din forgive him.. just want to give him 1 month time..! For this 1 month we will stay here..n if he can win ur heart ..n u people trust him…then i will leave with him for Delhi..! Tejjy objects… Beeji stops him n says..Geet is right..!  Beeji tells Dev… Mr. MSK… u heard Geet.. in one month if u can win her over…then u can take her… or forget her..! Dev says..yes yes got it..! Beeji takes Geet to the room!

Tejjy tells Dev… the next 1 month wont be less than KALAPANI for u.. brace urself.. next one month.. ur gonna have a very rouf time! Dev gulps! Tejjy leaves..! Lucky apes Tejjy but stammers.. MSK glares..!! Lucky leaves.. ! Nandini too threatens Dev…and says..regretting?? Well u should.. now it will be fun..!! All leave.n Dev stares at Geet n MSK… all worried n scared! Lucky interrupts n says…what are u doing?? Stop staring at come we made special room for u.. n takes Dev! MSK resolves.. need to improve my impression on the family!


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