Geet 24 July 2020: On Geet Friday 24 July 2020 Star life update,  MSK holds Geets face and says..u want me to break ur fast…then i will.. before everyone..!! Geet smiles.. !MSK says…but one condition.. Geet says what?? MSK says..when i break ur fast..u will feed me before everyone… with ur own hands!! Geet shocked says what?? MSK says..rule equal..for both! Geet says…well first u open the fast then.. MSK says..ok…Geet says..u do n i will open the fast! MSK says..ok then..lets see! Both shake hands as if they signed a deal!  Nandini comes n sees the decorated stage…n is shocked..! Lucky  says…u too.. well we were shocked..too..! U know who did.. our dear jijaji!! Nandini says..well he spoils 10 works to get one big deal! Lucky says..yes yes ur right..ur so intelligent! Lucky says..this work is  no big deal..!! Jugnu says…what r the first 10 mistakes?? Lucky says..why dun u list it out..! Jugnu says ok i will prepare the list behind my novel!  Geet is in her room and is lost in flashbacks of close moments with MSK…n blushes!! Pammi comes n asks..who u thinking of..! Geet falls silent! Pammi says..i know.. due to whom u got the smile..! Geet diverts Pammi n says…this is KC preparation?? Pammi says..yes.. all married women decorate their own plate. .u take urs.. Geet thanks.. Pammi says…i should thank u…this is my second KC… after marriage only first year.. i celebrated.. rest i used to open seeing his pic at my own house…!! If u werent here.. Beeji wont ever celebrate this grandly! Pammi in tears n Geet assures..n Pammi cheers up n says.. come downstairs in afternoon… as tailor is coming..!!

Geet says.but i already have clothes..! Pammi says..u have to wear new clothes on occassions so..! Lachchi calls n Pammi goes! MSK comes n hugs Geet from behind..n says..good girls shouldn blush thinking of their drivers.. Geet says.. stay away.. ur driver so..n lemme close the door!! MSK says..i m driver..but urs..! Geet smiles..! MSK says.. well i heard that tailor is coming… so i thot i was to decorate u as a bride! Geet says..why dun u say straitforward that u want to dress me up?? MSK says..i m no longer seedha…! Right then Beeji comes n MSK escpaes out of the window…! Beeji says.. i came to give Sargi… Geet surprised..n Beeji says..this is to be given by in laws…but they aint here so i gave..! Geet self thot..if i was in Delhi…Dadi wuld have given.. i should have celebrated this KC at home!  Right then Tejjy calls and MSK curses him n leaves!!

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Its afternoon ..tailor has come n Nandini .. Pammi are selecting.. Beeji asks.. Geet to choose to! MSK too has brought saris for Geet .. n in the guise of choosing the Saree of that the tailor has gotten.. Geet starts selecting  saris that MSK got..n  keeps rejecting! MSK is harried! Beeji says..u chose whichever u want..i m leaving..! Geet tells tailor…loudly gimme RED..! Tailor says.. i dun have any..! MSK shows n Geet loves it..n says..yes that one..! Tailor says.. i din have any.. Geet stammers n says..i already! Pammi says..why u din tell before..making us all slog..! Geet says..sorry! She goes over to take the red saree from MSKs hand..n MSK holds her hand n kisses it.. Geet says.. U ..!! Tailor looks and MSK hides..! Geet says.. nothing..!


Tailor is taking Geets measurements n MSK shooes him off..! Geet says why u did this?? MSK says…u want me to let him take ur measurements?? No way..! Geet is angry n says..if u din want to celebrate KC..then why all this effort… i m going..n leaves.. MSK chases ..trying to appease her..!

Lucky asks Jugnu if he finished the list..n Jungu is drunk n says..found only 3 mistakes..! Jugnu ends up falling…Dev asks…u need help..n Jugnu says n no need i will count the mistakes myself..!! Dev is helping Lucky to fit the curtains…n asks.. whose mistakes he counting?? Lucky ones..n gets a call from his Preeto n leaves the curtain!! Nandini comes n asks..hows it going Jijaji n Dev loses balance n falls n both end up falling on the cot…n bg..n Dev looks at Nandini!! Nandini looks at him too…!!

MSK follows Geet in the room and closes it… and Geet says…if u din let him take measurements.. who wil stitch my suit?? MSK says…dun worry i will set it alright.. ! Geet says..who will stitch..driver Balwant Singh?? MSK says..either me or my Chacha.. will u eat Mangoes dun asks Address of the trees..!! Geet says.ok let u see…MSK says..first give some token amount… n Geet says..go..n MSK says.this is very bad…u r snatching my rights..! MSK leaves grumbling..!

Nandini asks.. Dev what he is doing…n Dev says was helping u! Lucky comes and Dev n Nandini are standing feeling all awkward ..!! Lucky says… i gave u one work Jijaji n u  ruined that too… the rod is somewhere..the curtains are all scattered…what did u do? Dev n Nandini exchange glances at each other…!!

Nandini n Geet are grumbling about their respective Maan…!! Nandini says… he is so shameless always makes weird actions…holds hands..or eyelocks… he doesnt even realise that i m Geet didis sis..! When she will find out the truth..dunno what will happen.. n its my duty to tell her whole truth! Geet says… MSK has become so lafanga… always making big statements..! Geet n Nandini meet each other in the alley…! Geet sees Nandini lost in thots n asks..whats the matter.. Nandini says…life is so weird.. Geet says…u fought with someone?? Nandini self thot… well fought with ur Sahela (ur frand) Nandini asks.. Geet  what about u?? Geet says..came from meeting Maan..!! Geet cuts herself realising she has just made a slip.n Nandini says…but he is there..n u came from here..! Geet says..oh i was going to meet him so..!! Geet leaves.. Nandini self thot…Geet loves MSK so much n he is so shameless!! Jugnu is listing out the mistakes of Dev…and decides to appoint Lachchi as a assistant like big detectives..! Dev is fixing the curtains..n asks.. Jugnus help n Jugnu is blabbering n falls..n Dev self thot..who m i asking help from?? Right then Geet comes! Dev loses balance..n is about to fall but stables himself..n Jugnu is sad that Dev din make any mistake n leaves..! Geet asks.. Dev what he is doing?? Dev says.. changing curtains… ! Dev asks Geet what are they doing here if she n MSK have made up…! Geet says..u know MSK.. he always cares for all. …n he wont leave till he changes their impression about him…!! Jugnu overhears n says…Geet talking of MSK in front of MSK??? Dev says..sorry.. i realise ..n i will do anything for u n bro.. Jugnu wonders…which language word Bro belongs to..!!
Dev says.. please tell Bro to do all before i go crazy.. Geet assures..n leaves..!! Jugnu wonders.. Geet is standing before MSK n talking about is it possible..n now third person named Bro in picture..who is this. it looks like a big conspiracy.. i have to go to the depth of this..!  Jugnu says…get ready for Mission Possible!!! Beeji asks Pammi about all the sweets ordered n their status.. Pammi says..all has come.. Beeji asks..about some Flour having come or not..n Pammi says.on the way.. Beeji chides n Pammi leaves sadly!  Jugnu comes n sits next to Beeji n Beeji asks..whats the matter..! Jugnu says..its important..but u wont trust me..n Beeji is about to leave..n Jugnu stops her..n repeats.. ! Beeji says…tell me in 2 mins or i will slap u under ur ear..! Jugnu cries..that Mum is not here that i can complaint about…n u threatening me..!  Beeji says..ok..tell me wat is the matter…?? Jugnu says..that girl.. Geet was talking to MSK.. Beeji says..he is her hubby so..?? Jugnu says..she was talking of MSk before MSK…!! Beeji says..whats ur issue?? Right then Geet comes..!! Jugnu asks Geet u were talking to MSK?? Geet says yes..! Jugnu asks… Geet if she was talking to MSK about MSK.. Geet says yes.. n whats wrong?? If i asked MSK if MSK had food..whats wrong?? Jugnu repeats..n Beeji shooes him off!!  Right then Lachchi comes to say… Mehendi person has come..! Beeji asks Geet to come with her n they leave..! Jugnu is still stuck with the MSK MSK thing!!
Geet comes n sees Pammi having gotten Mehendi..and says…its beautiful.. Nandini shows hers..n Right then Dev comes n sees n eyelock n approves…n Nandini glares..!! Geet n Pammi nod for Nandini that its beautiful!! MSK comes as well n symbols Dev to ask Geet to show hers..n Dev asks Geet to show her mehendi to Nandini n to raise her hand n MSK sees n approves.. Maneet eyelock n smile!! Nandini says..its so amazing that when theres a function everything is so beautiful..!! (Nandini talks about Dhoond Legi Manzil Hame wedding/sangeet promotion ) Lachchi gets food for Geet n Pammi…n all…n Pammi says..we have mehendi on our will we eat?? Lachchi says..i dunno!! Nandini says…u guys keep fast for ur ur hubbies should keep fast also na.. Dev n MSK stare shocked..!! Pammi/Geet/Nandini look at each other…n Geet to MSK.. Nandini to Dev!
Dev starts to leave..n Nandini says..wont u feed Sis?? Dev shocked..n Geet says.. i already had food so..! Dev says…well i will be right back n leaves! Geet looks at Pammi n says..even u havent eaten Tejjy..bro!! Pammi no.. ! U dont understand Geet… he thinks all this is useless.. he wont feed me ever! Balwant calls Tejjy n winks at Geet..n she smiles!! Tejjy asks whats the matter?? Geet says..called u to help sis in law!! Tejjy says whats th issue?? Pammi says nothing…! Geet says…u feed sis in law.. Tejjy Tejjy shocked..but says..i have more important work…i cant..! Geet says..sis in law kept fast for u.. kept mehendi for u… if we hadnt kept mehendi we wuld have fed her..if u  dun…she wuld be hungry till evening.. will u like it?? Balwant supports Geet..! Tejjy looks at Pammi ..who looks at him…!!
Geet insists Tejjy to feed Pammi..!Tejjy feeds Pammi a lil disinterested..!! Nandini says..u guys look so cute sitting together. n says..lemme get the camera!! Tejjy asks pammi is it done?? Pammi gulps n says..yes …i had only that much hunger! Geet n MSK exchange knowing n content smile!!


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