Geet Saturday 8 August 2020 Star life update,

Nandini comes crying to Beeji and she asks her what happened. Everyone gathers around and Dev comes and says he will tell them what happened. He starts narrating the incident and everyone is shocked. Beeji denies accepting what happened because she thinks Daman is a very decent guy from a good family background. Nandini says dev is right because the girl confessed teh entire truth in front of me.. Right then Daman’s parents enter wid him and everyone looks at them, they decide to talk to everyone.
Daman’s mother asks whether she accepted the marriage to insult them and Beeji is worried. They asks who dev is and why is he interfering in Daman and Nandini’s relationship? They ask them who gave him the right to blame my son. Daman’s father describes how this might lead to tiffs between their relations. Beeji asks Daman whether he recognises the girl who was at the restaurant? Daman pretends to be hurt with the question because she believed Dev over him. BUt he decides to answer the question anyway and with evidence so he leaves to being the evidence. Everyone is waiting for the evidence and are really tensed. Maan looks at Dev who is scared about the next dhamaka that Daman is gonna create.
Daman comes back with the same girl who blamed Daman for being a fraud. Everyone looks on at the girl with several questions in their minds. Daman asks Nandini if she is the same girl whom she saw at the restaurant? He adresses her as Didi and asks her to reveal the truth to everyone. Dev is confused about Daman’s behaviour, The Girl apologises for saying anything against Daman but she said all that because Dev khurana Told her too..Everyone Pops their Eyeballs out…Dev stammers and asks what are you saying? The Girl says Yes he gave me Rs. 50,000 and told me to say all this.. Nandini Beeji and everyone are equally shocked.
She continues that she never met Daman and she has never even seen him, nandini is heartbroken. The Girl returns the money to dev and He fights back that its not his money what are you saying. She apologises to Nandini again about the trouble that her family went through coz of her. Nandini is disgusted with Dev’s behaviour. Dev Tries to defend himself but Beeji hushes him saying how MSK wasn’t less to trouble them and now you too started the same. Beeji apologises to daman’s parents from her and Dev’s behalf. Daman folds his hands in front of Beeji and says he respects her but no one else from the house trusts him at all and says how only ppl lyk dev are trusted so he is going to think about the marriage again.. Everyone is shocked , Daman Leaves with his parents.
Dev protests but beeji hushes him and she goes to maan and blames him for the act. Geet is hurt but she keeps quiet as usual
She calls Maan Ocha sumfin(sowiee I don;t knw english to tht) she was waiting for Teji but now Maan has to leave the house just today as she will pay him back wid all the money and kick him out of the house..
MSK looks on quietly and Geet is just quiet as if sumody pulled her tongue out, beeji glares at Geet and leaves. Dev tries to explain the truth to Nandini but she is firm, she leaves with Lucky. Maaneet stare at Dev and he turns his face around. Maan asks Dev why he did all this, inspite of his love for nandini he shouldn’t have done anything like this. Dev reminds MSK about the time when he asked him whether he confessed his love to Nandini or not because at that time he said he is happy wid Nandini;s happiness. he still wishes the Same but he knows that daman is betraying nandini. MSK confirms that Daman has already proved to everyone that Dev is wrong. Dev becomes a crybaby and says he is hurt that Maan thinks he did sumfin lyk that to break nandini;s marraige Dev’s emotional atyachaar works and Maan says he trusts Dev and he knows he loves Nandini a lot. He thanks Maan but is worried about nandini;s future. Maan conitinues that he is worried about the same but if they try to take any step right now, they will be blamed for everything. Maan tells dev to leave from there for now and then they can think about daman from where they can expose him in front of everyone.
Beeji rues that Dev spoilt Nandini’s rishta, Pammi comforts her saying how neither Nandini or anyone else was at fault but she trusts Daman not to break the relationship and is wondering why did dev do all this. Beeji curses Khurana Khaandaan because they love to light fire in everyone’s houses. She blames Maan for everything. Geet  stands at the door QUIETLY listening to Beeji curse her Husband
Pammi asks for the solution Beeji says they will have to now go to Daman’s house as they are from the bride’s side and its their fault so she will request them and beg them..Nandini is sobbing and Beeji blames Maan for tha happenings again (I am losing my patience wid this khadoos woman right now)Oh and Don’t forget his wife is standing there and listening to every Curse by keeping her mouth zipped. Beeji continues that she will make sure the relationship doesn’t break and after that she will deal with maan singh khurana. Pammi Consoles Nandini.
Now is the time to talk when no one is around so Geet Mam realises that Beeji is blaming Maan for everything without any reason. But wait she thinks Beeji is not at fault because Beeji;s Head has never been bent in front fo anyone and when Geet is there she won;t let anything like that happen to her Beeji (Pati Jaaye Bhaad Mein). The Sherni decides to go and beg Daman’s Parents to not cancel the relationship because Beeji;s repute is at stake , she leaves. Nandini is standing alone and is really upset, Dev cums and calls her she gets really uncomfortable. He wants to tell her something, nandini turns around to leave but then stops and asks him why did he do that. Dev says you already think I am wrong then my thinking does not matter. She says how hurt she is because of what he did and confronts Dev that he thought of him as a friend and trusted him then why did he do something like thta. Dev says you already think I am  the culprit then why doe you want to know anything else. Deva Baba didn’t want to hurt anyone he understands her pain whatever she thinks of him he is still her friend and is still worried about her. He will pray for her happiness if he is far or close, he is going but he wants Nandini to always stay happy (Deva Baba kitne mahaan hai na, ash is so emosanal ryt now)
Maan asks Lucky if he saw Geet anywhere, Lucky says yes he saw her going out of the house an hour before. Maan wonders where she can go, Lucky asks if there is any work Maan denies. Then he asks if Maan knew about dev’s so called Kartoot, Maan answers that if he knew anything lyk that he woudln;t let it happen. Lucky believes him but still wonders why dev did this. Maan tells him they will talk about this later. Maan calls geet but she is not picking her phone up he is worried because Geet knew he was going to leave today it is impossible that she would go away without meeting him.

Starts with Maan all tensed why geet isnt picking up the phone and is worried where has she gone.
Geet reached Daman’s house and prays that this relationship doesnt break. The girl is crying and says that i dont belive you anymore. Geet is watching all this. The girl and daman hug. Geet all shocked, watching daman supporting that girl. Daman says that just give me few time and everything will be ok. Geet thinks that it means that dev was saying the truth and i have to tell this to maan, i have to stop maan from going.
Maan still trying geet’s number and is all tensed. Dev and Adi comes and watches this. Adi says that packing is done, now we should leave. Maan agrees.
Geet comes in the car and the driver hands her the phone and says that it was ringing. She sees its maan. She tells the driver to go fast.

Lucky wonders who putted this ladder in the way, He trys to move it and then jugnu screems.Jugnu on a ladder doing something. Lucky says what are you doing here are you finding any pigion.Jugnu says that i m searching the truth. Lucky says that is the truth kept for drying on the terrace(Lmao
Hahahaha lucky, nice one) Lucky tells him to come down. Jugnu says that stop disturbing me, as i m thinking something, He syas that here it a proper network and my memory speed is running here much faster. Lucky says that there is so much happening in this house and he is busy here doing crap things. Jugnu coming downstairs. Lucky ask what were you thinking. Jugnu says that i was thinking about the problems in the house. Jugnu says that the person dev’s case is not that straight, which it seems to be(Yeh baat koi hamare dil se pooche
Lucky also agrees that i even dont feel that dev can do all this. Jugnu says that what about that daman. Lucky says that even he doesnt seem to be a bad boy.  Jugnu says that between two one is wrong. Lucky says yes thats right, one is wrong. Jugnu says that this means that this case is getting complicated and i have to investigate this case from depth. and for this i have to take atleast 8-9 bottles. He ask money from lucky. But lucky says that these days even i dont have money, so how can i give to you. Jugnu says that think once again otherwise i have to sell your second Dumbell too. Lucky gets shocked and chases him.

Geet in car and is thinking y maan’s number is not working.
Maan says that i m taking very nice memories from here but only wished that before leaving i could see geet. Dev and adi comes. Dev says that its time for the flight, now lets go. Geet in car rushing, on the other hand maan is coming out of the house. Geet comes and stops maan, and says that please dont go. Geet says that i need you(Mahiii
) Maan says that what happened. Geet says that dev was right,daman is wrong. She says that i went to daman’s house and tells him what they were talking about. Dev says that now what will happen, beeji went to finialise everything. Maan says that now whatever happens i wont let this marriage happen. Dev says that we dont have any reason to stay in this house. Maan says that i have a reason but we need to have a plan too. Geet says that i have a plan. Maan looks at Geet.

Beeji and pammi entering the house and beeji says that thank god they didnt break the relationship. Teji enters and takes the blessing from biji. Biji say sthat today is a very good day as saman’s family agrred for the marriage and you came here with money. Teji upset. Beeji tells teji that i wont let MSK stay in this house anymore. Beeji says that how many money got arranged. Teji says that everyone ditched us a the last moment.

Maan comes and says that now there is no need to ask money from anyone else. Maan looks at geet and geet nodes. Maan takes of the rope that was between the house. And comes with a file to beeji and hands over the file to her. Beeji takes the file and maan says that this is the house papers. Beeji and teji are shocked.

Part 2

Maan says that this house is yours and everything is yours. He says that i just came into the house to take geet back home, just to give you all happiness. He says that but i couldnt do all this, i failed to win your hearts, and i knew this. He says that my heart wasnt listening to me. Maan says that i dont know whats in this house that i got attached to this house and this is the biggest mistake. I came here as a son-in-law but was trying to become a son. But i should have been a son-in-law only as in that way i could stay with you all and our relationship would have been more stronger. He says that i know you want me to go from here and i will go from here but i have a small request. Maan tells Biji that its my wish to stay in this house as i want to see Nandini’s marriage. Maan says that i know in punjab a son-in law has full respect and if he request something then everyone agrees too. He says that i promise that dev wont even come in front of you. Teji, pammi, lucky says that we should agree what a son-in-law says and let him stay here. Beeji agrees and tells teji that i want to talk to you lets go. Everyone leaves.
Geet comes close to Maan. Maan grabs Geet and tells her that till this i knew what will happen, but now what. Geet puts her arms around his neack and says that i will tell you what we have to do ext. Both smiles

Next day morning. Everyone is at wor. Teji tells everyone to work fast. Teji leaves. Jugnu comes and copies what teji says. Maan,adi,dev comes and maan wonders what all this is happening. Maan ask jugnu what is happening here. Jugnu says that its a very big occassion as its my birthday today. Adi, maan, dev makes faces. Lucky comes and tells jugnu that u r wasting your time here and i gave you some work regarding the ordering of the sweets. Jugnu leaves.
Maan ask Lukcy what going on here. Lukcy says that its Nandini’s enagement today and they are coming here with teh shagun. All of them gets shocked. Dev leaves. Lucky too leaves. Adi says how come this sudden engagement. Maan says that its all coz of daman’s wish. Adi says that now what we will do, dev got upset. Adi leaves. MSK wonders.

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