Geet Saturday 8 February 2020 update


Geet Saturday 8 February 2020 update: Episode starts with Geet opening the door and Maan worrying for Geet, but Rasika stops her saying that she can’t handle violence!

Geet Saturday 8 February 2020 update: Rasika asks Maan to forget everything get back to normal! Maan asks Geet to wait for him while he takes Rasika out! He asks the villagers to stay calm telling that Rasika will not build hotel and will not go against villager’s wishes!

Maan thinks before going to Delhi, he has another work!

Geet is waiting for Maan wondering where he left her and went away! Maan comes calling her; Geet is stunned to Rajji and Titto! Geet remembers wonderful time spent with them! Rajji and Titto hug her and all three start crying! ) Rajji and Titto ask if she remembers them, she says very much! Rajji says she also started plaiting her hair just like her remembering her! Titto says nothing changes, she keeps fighting as usual! Maan gives a cute smile hearing their talks!

Geet asks about her parents, but Rajji and Titto say nothing is like before. Brij is in jail and Darji is handling everything! Her parents have learnt to live without her and they don’t even cry these days!

When Rajji is about to ask something, Maan’s phone rings and He goes away excusing himself. Rajji asks about whereabouts of Dev. Geet says she still doesn’t know! On the other side its Dev asking Maan where he is and he wants to talk to him about an important issue! Maan says he would return that night and then they can talk.

Maan comes back and says it’s getting late and they must leave! He also says that it’s not safe for her to be here and if someone sees her with them then things might get gross! Geet again hugs Rajji and Titto and then bids them adieu!

Maan and Geet are sitting in the car, Geet thanks him for everything…Maan says he is the one who should be thanking her for whatever she did that in this situation.

Geet says she is tired of fighting with him…and asks him can’t we be friends?  Maan says he not taken the decision to fight then how he decide to be friends because till date she had been taking decision and now also she should only take decisions!..Geet extends her hand and asks “Friends”…Maan thinks then he too extends his hands and gives a very cute smile! He starts the car…but the car doesn’t start…they end up fighting with each other that they caused the trouble! Geet calls him “Dusht Daanav” Maan thinks what did he just do and says when she comes near him he doesn’t know what happens to him….Geet takes it the other way that she is responsible for his mistakes.

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Geet says he is dusht but not much…Maan thinks that at least smiled! (Very Caring! Day Dreaming, I love him. Blushing)

Maan tells her that it’s going to rain…..It does! Maan goes out and gets drenched!  Some villagers see Geet and recognize…they immediately call Brij.

Geet drags Maan into a shelter but Maan complains about the smell there. He sarcastically tells that it’s a wonderful place. Geet says she cannot befriend such a person! Geet says her flashback of how she played with Rajji and Titto and stops in between…Maan asks her to continue telling that nothing should be hidden from friends. Geet says she used come stealthily from home to play hide and seek with Rajji and Titto and she knows nook and corner of the place. Maan is about to go a little further but Geet stops him…Maan says he too has dome many camps in jungle and is not new to such places…He goes and falls in a pit…Geet starts laughing!

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP: Someone holds her hand..Geet happily turns back..But it’s one of the killers!…Geet gets the flashback of how they had tried to kill her earlier! That man looks at her threateningly!)

Maan says he fill the pit and she is laughing….Geet says to hold her hand and come up but Maan says he doesn’t want her help! Maan is unable to come up so Geet asks him to stop being stubborn and give his hand and come up….Maan does!

Geet mimics Maan with the same dialogues! Maan looks as though he is going to kill her ROFL She runs away…Maan calls her but she runs…Maan tells he lost and she won but doesn’t listen…Someone holds her hands…Geet turns back happily to find some strange men…The men tells her that she did not do the right thing by sending Brij to jail! Maan in the meanwhile searching for comes and finds an anklet fallen down…he further goes and finds her ear rings….He thinks there is something wrong and follows the footsteps! Here we see few men dragging Geet with her moth closed!Ouch

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: The man says, the previously she was saved but now no one can save her…Geet yells and Maan calls them from behind!)

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The men drag Geet….On the way Maan finds her duppatta too! Maan determinedly says he will not allow anything to happen to her!

Goons, ties geet, she goes in FB of brij’s word , when chaani’s bro tells her last time she has gotten saved, now no one can save her. he is about to hit her with sword, MK holds it, same way he did last time…. he drops the sword and starts fighting with rest, geet is scared like big rabbit. Now 5 goons and one MK fight.. All goons at the floor, Maneet about to run when chaani’s bro stops them and fire, bullet goes touching Mk’s shoulder. Maneet run from there, bro yells do not leave them, kill them. Anddddd the chase starts, maneet on run, goons, behind them, lots of hide and seek, fight, chaani’s bro hit MK and geet yells his first name MAANHeart. Mk turns back in shock. EYE LOCK. Finally Mk hits him and Maneet run away from there holding hands.

D’oh Angry That too playing tennis. He is going in FB about geet. He is on guilt trip, says he will tell all to MK, he did wrong and he needs to get all out. He wonders how MK will react.

Maneet is finally safe, geet sees his shoulder bleeding and says we should stay here. MK denies and says do not worry about it, your life is in danger, bullet just has touched me. Geet is guilty that all happen becoz of her. She cry and says I told you not to follow me, even my shadow is bad for you, see what has happened, she touches his wound.. He replies what did you think that I would leave you and go?? She asks how long you are going to save me. She goes on that my past will never leave me, today you have saved me but what about tomorrow.

Mk grabs her and says as long as I am alive, I’ll be there for you. Mk says as long as I am alive, your past can not come even near to you. My life is incomplete with out you. I am used to of you. Geet thinks why always I want him to go away from me, when destiny brings him again and again in front of me. I met him here first time, and we see FB. Should I feel again what I had suppressed, Why am I stopping my self holding his hand. She holds his hand, eye lock, tie her dupatta on his bleeding hand.

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MK asks her what happened?? BoLO GEET. are you scared that goons might come back, do not worry, I am with you. If you want they should be punished, geet interrupts, saying I had punished whom I should. Mk is confused and asks, punished?? Means, how?? She tells brij wanted to kill her for the sake of fake pride, so she had sent him to jail, so he does not repeat same with any innocent. He replies amusingly you did what I ask, she says yes coz it was right and I wanted to take path of truth. She tells him she has no home and family anymore, it was all illusion, all has changed now. All MK says should we go home??  she is shocked, eye lock, of course with instrumental MAHI and dreamy MK…. Mk holds her hand maneet walk. In miyaa aage biwi peeche style.

Maneet reaches home, but geet is in sleep at passenger front seat… MK says you have to tolerate so much in HP coz of me but this will never happen again… He goes to wake her up, stops, looks dupatta.. He lifts her up, before that did not forget to hug her.

Donkey Dev still on guilt trip, that peace of life has gone the day he cheated. Nt sees him and questions whats up bebe is there any new planning regarding geet. He says yes absolutely new planning, what we did with geet was wrong, we scared of our own shadow, what we achieve doing this…. our relationship is at the verge of breaking, we should tell this to Mk, one day he will know for sure. Nt asks are you thinking to tell MK all this, he replies I actually have called him but he was busy in reuniting geet to her sibling jks apart. He asys MK was busy. NT thinks she needs to do something.

Mk brings geet to out house, need not to mention that while walking all the time he keeps staring at her with their national anthem MAHI. He puts her on the bed, goes in HP FB. MK says I hope one day you sure will trust me to tell all your sorrow and pain. I will wait for that day geet. I will wait. Screen freezes MK staring at sleeping yellow beauty called GEET


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