GEET SATURDAY 5 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE: MSK is standing recollecting Geets words… of feelings growing in MSK n Devs words…! MSK saying that he cant do the fake drama…n Dev saying that Geet has sworn not to break fast…till MSK comes…n Geet saying…

he thinks its fake..but for me i have his names mangalsutra on my neck! MSK sees a couple n the guy comes n begs for money for the treatment of his wife.. as she is his lifepartner..!! He says..that had promised to be by her side for life..n for her m asking for alms…!! MSK recollects Devs words of saying.. Geet is ur wife! MSK gives the money to the beggar…n the beggar blesses MSK n his wife…that their pair be happy forever..! Suddenly the lady cringes in pain n the beggar runs to her…n gives her water..!! MSK lost in flashback of Geet saying..that her fast will be opened by MSK!! MSK self thot..that Geet is not at fault that i dun remember anything..maybe i m making a mistake!!

MSK returns to KM…n remembers hiimself saying…that i cant do this fake drama to Geet! The beggars words…! Geet lost  in MSKs words.. that think from my angle…n is looking sad! NT sees MSK!! Dadi comes to Geet n says… that MSK wont give u water..please accept…to fake illness so that MSK can give u water…n break ur fast!! NT tells MSK that she feels sad for him that he is left isolated..!! MSK asks whats up?? NT says.. talking of Geet.. who has won over the whole family. .n made them agree to her plan of faking her illness so u feed her water! Geet refuses… that she cant break her fast on a lie…n more than that she cant cheat MSK n that she is confident MSK will return.. as she trusts on God!!  MSK is shocked n NT says.. only  i care for u… n thats why telling u the truth… n that i tried to tell Dev but he is won over by Geet..!! MSK refuses to believe…!

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Geet starts getting dizzy n Dadi is worried…! MSK sees n thinks NT was right n that Geet is faking it…!! Nando comes n asks her to eat…Dev too says..!Dadi notices MSK and asks  him to call Doc..  but Geet refuses…! MSK says.. if she is ok.. why she took table …n then again gets dizzy..!! MSK starts accusing her..that she is shameless..that she is faking it.n deserves it!! Dadi starts to explain but MSK stops n says.. u too are supporting her..!! Geet begs him not to allege…but MSK says.. he hates lie..!! Geet faints! Dadi asks for Doc n Dev tells MSK that she aint faking..!! Doc tells that Geets bp has fallen..n asks Dadi to give her some food! MSK realises his folly!

NT is filing her nails when Dev comes n pulls her n starts shouting on her..for poisoning MSK against Geet! NT says.. she was under misconception n so told MSK … n that Geet isnt dead n Dev slaps her..!! NT is shocked n says.. u made a big mistake.. very big.. n u will pay for this! MSK in his room n is feeling sad for what he did…! Dadi comes n  chides MSK n says..till he breaks Geets fast ..she too wont eat or drink do as u please ..n i will do as i please!

Nando is in tears.. n Dev comes to her..! Dev assures her…saying that if she loses hope who will give hope to Geet… handle Dadi n also support him..!! NT sees Dev hugging Nando!!  Nando brings food for Geet.. but Geet refuses! Nando tells Dadi has sworn to be on hunger strike..till she opens her fast..!! Geet shocked..!

MK is remorseful, lost in thoughts, basically revisiting of
Y’day episode.
About geet and daadi hunger strike, geet fainting, daadi
scolding etc.  Geet knocks at the door,
before coming in and yeah eyelock too she at the door he turned head staring
her with anthem mahi lol.
She tells MK do not worry, I have come to talk. She
nicely and softly explains to him that daadi is just recovering and for now
only solution to problem is you make me drink water.
MK is quite, she adds by giving two drops of
water you aer not bound in any relation just consider it water and for me it
will be blessing,
beshram nurse nandini
(BNN)and daadi at the door. They both nodes to MK in yes go ahead break her
fast.  ( Daadi I understand but why
BNN,nodding her head
as if MK will listen to her
). Mk hesitantly finally gives
water to geet and goes away. Geet is in tears. Daadi happy.  She touches the ground where Mk was standing
as if touching his feet ( hmm clear indication that screenplay and story is
from ekta ka camper

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Nandini messaging someone ( who else I know dev
), she hears ring turns to see NT has dev ka cell. ( bingo
ab aaya majaa
NT reads SMS loud that says ” dev where are you I wanna talk to you” ( great
chalo ab finally NT time being geet chod ke nandini ki class legi
). NT demands to know what nandini wants to talk to him?? Nanidini tries to say but NT cuts her off says why are you lost for the words but she knows very well, how the gals from small town, looks simple but what their intentions are. Nandini tries to defend but NT tells her clearly that you are shameless ( Nt please add no self-respect too
), who knowing that dev is married still wants to go close to him ( excellent NT.
Yep she should have not hug dev Y’day,
infact she should have long back told dev to step back when she had come to know Nt is his wife,
lekin nahi she was smiling Y’day in teej function
). Nt says you and geet both are same, you better not go near dev else consequences will be severe.  ( haiii NT did I say ILU. You are great. Only you can put dev in his place).

Geet in her room, taking off the bangles, she is sad, MK at
the door knocks it this time it is geet’s turn to turn the head and see who is
at the door.  ( wow in one episode loop
). Mk says he wants to talk to her, he comes in says geet whatever has
happened so far, whatever I did or say did not mean to  hurt you. It was unintentional; I myself do
not know what to do. After the accident I remember nothing, I feel nothing for
you, whatever I hear about you or us is by either dev, or daadi or some time
your silence ( perfect dialogus, voice modulation and acting). That all is just
a story for me, you can understand how I feel, how can I accept you as wife
because you know everything.  I tried
hard but my heart refuse to accept you as my wife, as I have no memory of it,
but whatever has happened or happening is not making me happy. ( boy what a
performance, I was just glued to screen)
Mk is about to go, but geet says it
feels good.

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Hearing geet’s voice he turns, she says I like your truthfulness,
the way you are upfront and clearly told me what your heart feel. Our relation
is story for you, but for me name Maan and Babaji are synonym. I can forget to
pray babji after I wake up but maan will always be on my lip and heart. She
says she did want to talk to him and share her thoughts about it (excellent mature
open conversation, feels like old geet is back
She tells him do not worry, I
will not cliam my rights of wife, until you feel it. Now everything up to babji
if he wants geet to smile I will
.  MK is
startled, turns and goes away.  Geet self
talk I will not stop waiting, till I breath last I will wait. ( OMG
is it
indication of RC track??


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