Geet 4 January 2020 update: Geet and Maan leave though not before having a moment with each other Embarrassed

Rajji tends to Gurinder who is hurt…just then they hear Brij coming in

Geet’s dupatta gets stuck on the lever thing…and they have a spat because of it

Gurinder hides under the blanket and Rajji opens the door

Brij is about to uncover but Rajji stops him though he does feel under the blanket just to make sure there is a person underneath it (assuming it’s Geet)

Maan drives really rashly scaring the living daylights out of Geet…they almost hit the school kids because of it

Prospect groom is there to see Geet

Maan wants to drag Geet in the court room

Brij uncovers the blanket and he only sees pillows there…he then notices blood by the window…he confronts Rajji who is crying

Maan goes inside and when he comes back Geet is gone

Geet bumps into Nainatra….they have a confrontation and Nainatra reveals necessary information

Nainatra asks her to get an abortion

Nainatra further emotionally blackmails Geet telling her to abort the child

Geet remembers Brij and her family

Nainatra wants to take Geet to the hospital but Geet says that she wants to meet the father of her child

Nainatra keeps on pestering her but Geet is admant

Nainatra notices Maan and is scared

Maan is maha angry at Geet…he taunts her

Geet is crying…another advice there is no use running away from truth

Maan forces her to the registry thing

Nainatra is worried thinking about Maan and then calls Brij to tell her about Geet

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Geet and Maan visit the Golden Temple


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