Geet 1st August 2020 Star life update: On Geet Saturday 1 August 2020 Star life update

Geet is in tears in Beeji’s room..  She is pleading her masi saying he is not like that..  There is some misunderstanding..  but Beeji is too upset to listen..  She tells her that what ever is her wish but right now she should leave.  Geet is still pleading says masi please but Beeji is too upset to listen and shouts at her to leave her alone. 

Maan comes to the door and listens Masi telling Geet to get out and he soflty call out her name.  Tearfully Geet turns and sees him and runs to him calling his name… she holds his hand tightly saying Maan please make her understand…  Maan looks at the rigid back of Masiji and keeps quite..  understanding that she is in no mood to listen..    Distraught Geet looks on at Masi’s rigid back and shakes Maan saying please say something..  Maan slowly turns to Geet and looks in to her eyes and says..  Let’s go Geet..  Geet is still too upset and says no Maan please talk to Masiji.   Beeji’s face is still full of anger and hurt.  Maan does not say a word but encircles Geet’s shoulder and leads her out while Geet keeps on telling him No Maan please make her understand..  but Maan slowly leads her out while Beeji feels them leave and feels more sad and hurt.


Teji is pacing his room and mumbling against Maan saying if he was not the son in law of the family I would have taught him such a lesson that he would never be able to cheat anyone in his life..  Paammi who was crying softly sitting on the bed gets up and says demurely..  why are you getting angry..  he did not just want to disguise as driver for fun’s sake..  he came to placate his wife..   Listening this Teji’s anger irrupts at Pammi and he rushes toward her saying mind your self and do not take the side of that cheater or else I will be really angry..  bu before he explodes more his phone rings..   He picks up and listens for a second and angrily tells the caller that he has more pressing issues at home and the caller as if only cares for his money… saying he disconnects the phone angrily and glaring at Pammi leaves the room..  Tearfully and fearfully Pammi stands there looking after his angry exist.

Geet is standing near the window sadly thinking..   Maan walks in the room without his turban and looks at his wife..  He knows that she is very sad with this turn of events.. he softly comes behind her and raising his hand puts it on her shoulder and softly squeezes.  Then he comes in front of her and turns her slowly to face him.  Geet lifts her eyes to see her husband and asks Maan what happened?  Maan looks at her steadily and says look Geet none of us wanted the way things happened.  In fact we were trying to erase their bad impression about me and win their heart and leave the pleasant memories..  but.  Geet says but what ever the memories we are going to leave are not pleasant at all.  She says getting distress that she has never seen masi cry before.  Maan says seriously that is why we call it a fate.  There is nothing in the hand of human being…  Geet looks at her husband saying why did this happen to us Maan?  Maan keeps on looking at the upset face of his wife.  Geet continues saying you were only trying to win their heart but now how to make them understand this point..  Maan holds the hands of his wife saying look Geet you and I both tired a lot but they are too upset and at this moment they will not understand at all.  Geet says but we will have to make them understand.  Maan looks at her face.  Geet turns a little and says I am not worried that they called me liar but masi was hurt but the main thing is that they called you cheater and a fraud.  Maan looks at his wife…  his expressions softening Geet turns to her husband and says Maan Geet would die but she cannot listen all these for you.

Maan looks at his wife and understands that she feels hurt for his honor and respect.  He holds her shoulder and says with a serious tone.. Geet right now they are hurt and at this moment it is useless to tell them anything or to make them understand anything..  He says softly looking into her eyes..  we will come back at later state but at this moment we will have to go..  more distressed Geet negatively shakes her head.  Maan tries to make her understand saying once their anger subsides we will make them understand but some how Geet is not getting that..  Maan deeply looks at her and tries to make her understand saying Geet get ready to go we will leave this place right away.  I will go and manage the vehicle.  But Geet seems to be still indecisive.  Maan softly cups her face and looks in to her eyes and softly says ok?  Geet looks at him and then tearfully softly nods her head.  Maan then leaves the room but Geet is still tearful and pensive and keeps on thinking..

Lucky is seated on the swing in the garden.  He looks really sad.  Preeto comes from behind mumbling I am not going to talk to you ever.  You pushed me in such a way out of the window never thinking about me. what would have happen if I would have break my leg???  But Lucky is not in his “lovely dovely” mood.  He looks at Preeto and turns his face sadly..  Preeto was totally surprised and says OMG.. What happened why are you sitting outside the house being so sad..  Lucky says with a tearfully heavy voice..  Beeji has asked Geet didi to leave the house and Geet didi is leaving..   Preeto says yea I know.  I have heard everything as I was out side the window.  But let me tell you something you men are all the same..  never think about the heart of a woman and saying she steps away from him pouting a little.  Lucky gets up from the swing and comes behind her and keeps on looking at her.  Preeto says what are you looking at?  You know I really do not like your jijaji that Maan or Balwant who ever he is..  Saying she comes back and sits on the swing and lucky follows suit.  He sadly looks at Preeto who says first he hurt Geet so much and now he made her look bad in everyone’s eyes..  Lucky says ooye Preeto why are you saying so..  It is not their fault that they love each other so much and he did all this only because of his love..  Preeto slowly turns to him and says yea you are right he did all this for the sake of his love..  she then says oh then why don’t you stop Geet didi  and do not let her go like this..  Lucky says Preeto that is what I cannot do.  Once Beeji gave her decision then what can I do.  Distraught Preeto gets up from the swing saying so one day if Beeji knows about our love then also you would do the same?  Lucky gets up from the swing and comes near her saying when the time will come I will surely answer you question.. Suddenly they hear Maam’s voice calling hey Lukiya zakiya.. and then mama comes with his bottle in hand asking hey Lucky what happened at the house why is everyone crying and what happened to sister that she has asked Geet to leave the house?  He says speak what is the matter.  Lucky gets angry at Maama and jerking his hand almost shouts at him saying, just leave me alone and as if you do not know the details.  Maama was bewildered and says swaying on his feet.. I swear I do not know anything about it.  Then he looks at Preeto saying Jitto do you know what happened at the house..  Preeto did not know what to say..   Looking at that Maama makes crying face saying I feel like crying too..  then taking the sip from his bottle he mumbles today even this does not help..  Lucky gets so irritated by that he jerks the container out of his hand and throws on the floor..  Mama gets angry at Lucky but today Lucky was to upset to appease his uncle he shouts at him to shut up and joining his palms forcefully at mama says for God’s sake just keep quite.  Preeto keeps on looking at Lucky’s upset face..  Lucky says all this was just because of you.  Maama asks innocently what did I do?  Lucky was exasperated he raises his fists in frustration and leaves the premises.. Preeto follows him..   Jungnu mama stands there getting confused by all..  He says wow it is strange that the spirit of Teji came over Lucky..  Jugnu you must have done something really wrong.. but what??  then he picks up his container and wipes it clean on his sleeves saying but this one did not do anything wrong and he lifts it up to take a sip..


Nandini is standing the inner court and looking pensive.  Dev walks behind her and seeing her there a tender smile comes on his face.  He clears his throat to get her attention but she is still in her thoughts.. He approaches closer behind her and once again clear his throat but could not get her attention…  He coughs loudly and that makes her turn to look at him.. He smiles.. Nandini looks at his idiotic smiling face and turns back again waiting for him to speak.  She looks at him from the corner of her eyes…  Dev comes forward and feels awkward…  but says hi..  Nandini says hi???.   Dev feels awkward bringing in the front the things he was carrying..  it almost slips from his hand but he somehow manages to hold that.  Nandini looks at that saying Dupatta??  Is this some kind of your new hobby or what?  Why are you roaming around with dupatta?  Dev fumbles for the words and but offering the dupatta to her he says this is for you.  Nandini looks at that and pushes it away saying oh this is not my dupatta..  Dev says oh I know I know but you tore your dupatta for me in the jungle so I got this for you.  Nandini says oh that’s ok you do not need to do that.  Dev says please take it.  Grudgingly Nandini accepts that.


Part 3:


There was little tug at the Dupatta by Dev and Nandini..  at last Dev lets it go and Nandini says thank you… echoes by Dev’s welcome.  Nandini looks at Dev who was still standing there nervously as if wanted to say something..   Nandini looks at him saying do you want to say something??  Dev says no..  Then says actually Nandini every one is misunderstanding bro and Geet but at least you may know that they did not do it purposely.. Nandini looks at his face seriously.. Dev says they did not want to hurt or cheat anyone.  Bro and Geet did not do anything knowingly it was just the circumstances..  Nandini says with a smile look …I do not understand all this deep meaningful talk but to tell you the truth I am really feeling bad that you all are going so suddenly.  Dev says I too do not feel great about it may be it is not in our destiny to be together..  Nandini was totally taken back by that and says what?  What did you just say..  Dev fumbles for the right words and says oh just that may who knows when we will meet again so I wanted to say good bye to you as a friend.. Nandini raises her eyebrow at that but she has a smile now..  Dev then extends his hand toward her saying..  Dev..  Dev Singh Khurana..  Nandini smiles at that and extending her hand she shakes his hand and they both smile at each other.  Dev then turns to go and says bye couple of times and Nandini keeps smiling at him..  Dev almost gets entangles with the dupattas on wash line and Nandini could not help but smile at his awkwardness.  Some how Dev balances himself and looking back once again sheepishly says bye and leaves from there.  Nandini stands there softly smiling at that…

Adi is at some construction site..  his phone rings…  He picks up the phone.  Maan (now in t-shirt) calls him to say that he needs to book the tickets from Amritsar to Delhi on 1st available flight… and adds that he does not need to say anything to Dadima..  Adi says ok and he should not worry about anything he will check and get back to him asap..  Maan is standing in the corridor talking to Adi and Teji walks behind him and stands there glaring at him..  Maan disconnects the phone and turns to see Teji glaring at him..  Maan stands there looking at the hateful glare of Teji.  Teji and Maan starts walking at each other and almost comes face to face and stands glaring at each other.  Teji says rudely are you still here.  Maan turns his face and says just about to go…  Lachchi walks behind them and looks at this hostile situation and mumbles that OMG there would be war here saying she runs inside to call Beeji. 


Teji says that would be better for you.  And says menacingly that I would have teach a lesson for the things you did to us if you were not the son in law of this family.. Maan does not say a word.  Teji says with a grinding teeth do you understand??  Maan turns his face to look at his angry face..  beeji comes running and pulls Teji little away still too angry to look at Maan’s face.  Maan looks at their faces full of hurt and anger and without a word he walks in while Teji still looks angry..

Geet is in her room remembering her conversation with beeji and Beeji’s hurtful voice asking her that Maan was in the house in disguise and you conceal that from us??  It was my mistake that I forgot the old people’s advice not to interfere between husband and wife’s spat..   that hurt in Beeji’s voice making geet more upset and the tears start rolling from her eyes…  she further remembers Beeji saying that what is that to you…  You two have reconciled while Tejji and I now look bad… Geet closes her eyes with painful memory feeling sad..  Maan walks in the room..

Geet is ready to go her suitcase is ready but she looks sad and pensive.  Maan walks in and looks at his wife’s face..  He says c’mon Geet let’s go if we stay here it will worsen the matter and then he bends to pick up the suitcase and then he looks at Geet.  They both look at each other.  Then holding Geet’s hand he leads her out of the room…

Beeji and her family are gathered in the living room..  Very upset and hurt..  Maan is walking holding Geet’s hand leading her out..  They come and stand in front of all..  Maan still holding Geet’s hand..   All look at them..  Geet tearfully look at Beeji but Beeji does not look at her but her face shows the hurt and sense of betrayal ..  Geet’s eyes fills with tears at that her heart in anguish..  she looks at Teji Veerji who loved her more then even her own sister but he also has anger and hurt on his face…  Geet tries to say something but hurt beeji tearfully walks inside followed by Teji.  Geet looks at Nadidni and Pammi Bhabhi who stands their looking at her tearfully but unable to do anything.  Turning Nandini takes her bhabhi inside.  Mamaji and Lucky also go inside without a word and even Lachchi turns to go inside without a word..  all leave Maan and Geet alone..  Maan looks at the empty place and says Geet let’s go..  saying he takes the step to go but Geet extends her hand and holds Maan’s hand to stop him and says Maan I am not going.. I cannot leave my family thus hurt and angery… Surprised Maan stops and turns to look at his wife trying to understand what is that she wants to do..

Maan holding suitcase n says chalo geet but geet holds his hands and apologises as she will not leave the house. She continues how she doesn’t want to upset everyone and reuqests Maan not to misunderstand her.

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Geet wants to solve the misunderstanding or else Beeji will feel cheated. She will not leave unless she pacifys beeji and Co. She continues how Beeji is hurt and as a daughter it her duty to clear the misunderstandings. MSK agrees and wants to stay behind with her but Geet refuses.

Geet says that in this situation will maan help his geet. Will he be there with her. Maan says that what kind of ques is that, you need to ask maan for help. I can give my life for you. He says that i will help you i will not let my wife down. Mrs. MSK will win this battle. Maan says that i have to leave now dev is waiting for me. Maan leaves. maan comes outside, dev ask about geet. Maan says that she will stay back. Dev says that i know you very well you wont leave everything to geet. Maan says that if you know then y are you asking. Maan ask about whether he told about his feelings to nandini. Dev says You said if your love is real then it comes walking to you I will wait for her. Maan and dev leave.

Lucky is sitting like devdas on his bike Jugnu cums blabbing abt how alcohol is a g8 medicine and he follows the principle. Lucky gets angry and tells him not spoil his mood more. Jugnu tries to sit on the bike but he can’t, he sits on something else and continues how he is very angry at tht person who distanced Maaneet. His heart cries tears of blood.

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Lucky says whatever happned was not right. Geet and maan will now live seperatly. Maan and geet love each other so much. Jugnu says but MSK is not a right guy, when he lived here he used to walk wid Fultoo attitude in front of me. Lucky gets more angry and says do you know how much he loved Geet. He helped us so much.. He lived in this house as a driver, such a big person lived here as a driver just for his love. Jugnu gets scared and agress that you are right he gave a lot of sacrifices just like ranjhe-laila tale. Lucky corrects its laila-majnoo, You forget everything. Jugnu insists that he doesn’t so lucky asks him his name and Jugnu is Blank

Lucky’s Dimaag ki Batti lights up and he says MSK has helped us so much. Jugnu thinks he is a mixture fo ranjhe and robinhood singh
He makes up a story that Jugnu was cuaght by police and hung ulta on the fan and MSK helped him he started the jeep and entered the jail. Jugnu comments aahhh he is Daring..Lucky imitate Sunny deol’s Dhai kilo ka haath dialogue how balwant singh said it and saved Maame..Lukcy keep on continuing how MSK even saved Jugnu from Daakus’ Lambi Gun’s goli by sitting on a horse just like Amitji in Shahenshah..
He continues how everyone did Huge Badnaami of this Great maan Singh khurana except jugnu Maame so now you should go and show your Mardaangi to Beeji. He instigates Insaafi ka Khoon on maame’s Head

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Beeji and teji are talking. Teji says that geet didnt go with maan this means she respects you. Beeji says that whatever is but geet hurted me very much. Jugnu comes and says that i need insaaf. How can you do such things with geet and maan as they did so much for the family. Jugnu says how can you do this.Teji says first decide in who team you are in because first you record stuff to show it to us and then you want insaaf. Beeji slaps him.

Lucky and jugnu are there. lucky cant stop laughing as jugnu got slapped. Lucky says that you desreved that. Jugnu says that how can i do this. How can i make geet and maan seperate.

Teji gets a call and someone tells him that he had sold the house. Teji says that how can you d this. Beeji comes and says what happened. Teji says that they sold our house. Everyone is shocked..Teji says that now the person is coming to see the house tomm, who had bought this house.(For sure its non other then MSK)

Geet sitting and thinking that what maan will be doing right now. He must have got ready for the office now. Geet smiles and says that without maan this house seems to empty. She says that please come fast and take me with you to our own house.

Nandini comes and geet sees her upset. Geet ask what happened. Nandini tells her that our house is sold. Geet says that how can they sell our house without any notice. Nandini tells her that Tejji wanted to start a new business so he took loan from someone instead of da house. He couldn’t pay back the loan so without asking anyone our house is sold. She tells nandini that i will talk to maan as he knows alot about the properties and he will look into it.

MSK in formals. Finally Geet calls maan and he smiles. He tells her you remembered me really early. Geet that there is a problem here. Beeji has made this house girvi and now they had sold this house. So what can we do now. Maan says that you know what can happen. as nothing can happen now. He talks about some Business Rules so nothing can happen now. Geet is upset and tell him that she will call him later. MSK tries to talk but Geet hangs up.


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