Geet Saturday 10 October 2020 Star life Written update: MSK is remembering how geet was dragged by vikram and she was screaming his name, he gains consciousness calling geet’s name.

Nano asks cop how come geet has just disappeared, cop replies they are trying hard to find out. MSK tries to run away from the hospital, nurses hold him and one runs to tell doctor. All is in MSK’s room, he is uncontrollable says, I have to go and save geet. She has captured by vikram. As usually dumbo circus do not get that this means vikram is alive so jokers wonder how come geet is under vikram’s control when he was dead. Finally lucky says oh so he is alive, cops replies alright we will go find him and geet ( wow, vikram ka pata lagaa lo baad mein geet ki sochna for her MSK is enf ). Nano tries to call dev to update about the situation ( hey bhaggu, yeh show se kyu nahi jaati , THE GAL CAN NOT ACT. Period ).

Vikram brings geet in one room, she bags her to leave her and let it go, he tries to calm her down and approaches towards her, she faints. He pours water on her face, she gains conscious calling MSK’s name, to find vickky baabu there. She pushes him as his hand was on her hair. He says you must be hungry, let me go get food for you, take rest else you will fall sick.
Back at hospital nano is still trying to contact dev and cribs to dev about it. (
please yaar koi is ladki ko show se nikaalo). Luckky says try later.
Nurse comes to tell them for medicine and informs few of them will only be available at mehroli. Lucky goes to get them.
Geet is tied up. She tries to free herself and notices scissors ( oh yeah so clich,
tie kar ke jaan booz ke scissor vahi choda hai so that you can run away .)
Vikram on bike goes to dhaaba to get food, lucky is passing from there obviously spots vikram, calls nano says vikram is alive (
gadhe when MSK said she is in his control samjh nahi aaya kya?? He was not speaking English ) he also asks nano to inform police and tells the location. Lucky chases vikram.
Geet frees herself, tries to run but figures out she has locked up (
obviously he would locked the door, scissors chodne ka matlab yeh nahi ki darwaaza bhi khula chod dega ) She breaks the glass of window, tries to jump and inorder to do that cuts her hand with galss. MSK feels the pain back in the hospital. Finally she jumps out of it and runs.
Vikram reaches at dead end; he hides his bike in hay and goes to house. Lucky comes to and gets out to find vikram, of course he finds hidden bike. He tells driver to wait and asks him to give a call if he sees vikram. Vikram goes inside calling geet’s name but chidiya toh bhaag gayi. She is missing. Right then lucky gets in starts calling geet’s name ( sahi mein number ka gadha hai. Oh Man when you knowvikram is inside too, why on earth you need to call?? Who does that?? Was it just so that vikram can catch him too??). Lucky is still calling geet’s name and as expected
Nano says why our family has to go through sad and rough patch. ( because you are in there like you and male MP is curse for the show. Until you guys came all were well in geet world, so please leave) preeto says we should do pooja. ( yeah we fans should do pooja too so you guys leave) . Pretto says it’s time for MSK’s medicine, they walk in his room but panchi yaha bhi ud gaya. MSk has gone. Both jokeraniya are shocked. ( nano ko acting hi nahi aati tab shocking expression bhool jaoo, I thought ki she was shocked).
Vikram in jungle calling her name. geet is running in the jungle. She stops and thinks how to convey MSk about her. She prays babaji to save her. Vikram is also still running, his self talk how lone you are going to run, no one can save you from me ( oye chup, babaji se ooper and bada hai kya) and this jungle is so long that even if you wish you can not get out of it ( nahii maneet has history of running , getting lost, trapped in jungle and get out safe after romancing in the jungle. So they are expert you worry about your self ). Vikram says I will find you. Geet and vikram both are running in jungle. She gets very tired and thirsty too finda tape and tries to drink water but none comes. Suddenly some one offers her water in bottle, she calls out MSk, he holds hand, but geet is shocked to see he is Vikram. He nodes in no and like youc can not run away.
Geet thinks its MSK offering her water n turns n sees its Vikram! She shrugs away from him n Vikram offers her water! He tells her he loves her n that she need not run from her! He tells her.. he is hers n she his! He notices her bleeding hand n tells her to come with him to doc! Geet escapes from his grip and runs..! Vikram follows!MSK in the jungle n fb shown that MSK had overheard Nando telling Vikrams whereabouts to Cops! He walks shakingly n recollects Vikram dragging Geet away! He wonders where Geet is .. n that he needs to find her! He notices someone standing on the road on the phone n thinks its Vikram! He follows the guy n attacks..but its someone else! MSK says sorry! Nando and
Preeto wonder where Geet n MSK are! Preeto says Lucky has gone after Geet dun worry! Nando chides Doc for letting MSK leave! Nando wonders if MSK overheard her talk on the phone to Cops..! She asks Preeto to call Lucky! She tries but Lucky doesnt receive! MSK walks on screaming Geet.. Geet! Geet continues to run in the jungle! Vikram is following her n screams her name! All the three are in the jungle.. n Geet comes to a two way n takes one way.. Vikram other! MSK ends up hurting his hand..!! He wipes with hanky!!
Cops come to Vikrams home n the moby rings. .its Luckys!! MSK on the other side.. n Cop apprises him of all the updates..! Cops inform MSK that.. Geet has escaped n Vikram chasing her! Cops find Lucky in the car n make him conscious .. he says.. Vikram hit him n took Geet!! He gets a call from Preeto.. n he asks her to look after MSK..! Preeto informs about MSK missing..!! Lucky worried!He asks them to go back to hosp n wait for MSK!
Vikram comes to a stepwell behind which Geet is hiding! He says.. i know u are here.. but is it a time to play hide n seek?? We are getting such a good oppurtunity to spend our lives together and u?? He screams.. where are u Geet? He thinks she is there behind the stepwell n comes to her but Geet runs before he gets there! Geet runs and MSK also running screaming Geet!! Lucky arrives at hosp n Preeto n Nando worried seeing him injured! Lucky tells all!
Vikram running and lost in jungle..!! He finds Geets broken bangles n realises which direction she went towards n says… now no one will separate us!
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