Geet 13 January 2020: The episode starts with Maan storming into his office.

Geet monday update 13 January 2020: He is thinking of the client’s words about the presentation, and how the client asked if they couldn’t complete a presentation, how would they be able to take on a big project? In his fustration, Maan slams open a file, and thinks on what he said to Geet after the presentation – that for the first time someone other than Maan spoke in a loud voice, and too because of her.
Maan looks down and notices the open file is the one of his readymade blueprints. He flicks through it, and wonders why the file is still here – what file did he give to Geet? A flashback is shown of Maan on the phone to Savitri, and in his focus on the conversation, he hands Geet the wrong file. He grimaces, and realises that he gave the wrong file to Geet, which means a mistake…
He walks to his chair, and sees an unmarked envelope. He opens it to find a letter from Geet stating that she’s really sorry, and that she didn’t know how sick his Dadi was. He thinks of how she tried to tell him that she just photocopied the file he gave her. He then mutters that for the first time, he’s made a mistake.. a very big mistake. Well, if he’s made the mistake, he’ll rectify it. For the first time, Maan Singh Khurana is going to ask for forgiveness.

In Geet’s office, she sobs and complains about Maan – what wrong did she do by finishing the presentation? Maan just doesn’t understand her and she knows why – she doesn’t wear nice clothes like Sasha and Tasha. (Huh? Geet darling, you look better then them anyday) She drinks water to calm herself down, and then holds her stomach as the baby must have kicked. She talks to the baby and apologises for getting so angry, but the baby doesn’t need to worry, Geet is going to face every obstacle. (Cute scene of Geet)
Just then Maan walks into her office, and clears his throat. Geet stands up, and Maan is unsure of what to say, and Geet is curious as to why he isn’t saying anything. Simultaneously they decide to talk, and then Geet tells Maan that whatever happened in the conference room wasn’t her fault.
Maan asks Geet if he can talk now, when Pinky walks in with an apple in her hand. She asks Geet something (she talked so fast, I got confused) and mentions ‘Dhak, dhak’. Maan looks up hearing that. Pinky tells Geet they should go, when Geet beckons towards Maan, and Pinky realises it’s the boss. She starts stuttering, and Maan silences her with a look.
Geet asks Maan if he had any work for her, and Maan says that he wanted to tell her… that he wanted to say so… He stops, and says he had nothing to say to her. He’ll talk to her tomorrow. He puts whatever was in his hand down, and takes his file back. He walks out and tells people off, and Geet & Pinky peek out, when Maan turns and they both busy themselves. (hilarious scene, I’m definitely watching it again)
Geet and Pinky giggle, before Geet calls him “khadoos” and says that he’ll tell her off tomorrow, because he forgot to today. She picks up her bag ready to go, then softens and asks Pinky if she could use her computer. Pinky agrees, but asks why. Geet doesn’t answer.

In the Khurana mansion (brace yourself ladies…) Maan is shirtless and warming up. ‘Maahi’ plays as he thinks of Geet’s words. He thinks of his mistake, and thinks he’ll rectify it. He thinks of his moments with Geet – in the office with the papers flying around; in the car when Geet bumps into him; Geet untangling the phone cord off Maan; Maan holding Geet’s wrists. He wonders why Geet always torments him.
Geet is shown at Pinky’s house, Googling ‘Dev Khurana’ and is amazed at the results. She asks God to help her.
Maan is fighting away, and thinks that he has to ask Geet for forgiveness.

The next day, Maan stops in front of Geet’s office, and calls out her name. Geet freaks, and immediately stands up. Maan tells her to come into his office for she has to take dictation. She wonders why he’s doing it so early.
In his office, Maan is mentioning how he hasn’t ever said the word ‘sorry’ in his lifetime. He practices saying “I’m sorry”. (Quite funny, especially when he smiles and says it. Does not suit him at all) Geet asks to come in, and Maan straightens up. He says yes, and as she walks towards him, he drops some files on the floor. They both crouch down to pick them up, and their hands both reach for the same one. Intense eyelock between ManEet before they both get up and bump their heads against each other.
He starts telling her off before turning and telling himself to calm down. Instead of him saying sorry, Geet apologises, and Maan mentions for her to sit down. They both sit, and Maan turns his chair around and thinks that he’ll dictate first, because sorry isn’t happening right now.
Geet calls sir, and Maan starts his dictation to Mr.Chopra. As he’s talking, he looks at her, but when she looks up, he looks away. He ends the dictation by saying “I’m sorry” and Geet looks up confused. She asks him if that was all.
Maan thinks to himself that he’s trying to say sorry, and she’s brushed it aside? Geet says she’ll be leaving, and Maan inwardly fumes. She leaves, and Maan starts complaining – he’s trying to say sorry but she’s acting as if nothing happened. What does she think of herself?

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In the Khurana mansion, Savitri is telling Naintara that the difference b/w Maan and Dev is that when Maan is faced with a difficulty, he immediately looks for a solution; and when Dev is faced with a difficulty, he searches for the easiest solution. All Savitri hopes is that in these two months, Dev hasn’t done something else wrong.
Naintara is silently freaking out as Savitri talks – thinking back to Geet’s pregnancy and her interrogation of Dev. Naintara goes to Savitri and says there’s nothing like that anymore – in fact she wanted Dev back here with Savitri, because he never goes against her.
Savitri then asks if Naintara is coming with her to recieve Dev at the airport, and Naintara says no. She assures Savitri that they haven’t fought, it’s just that she wants Dev to come to her – she wants to know how important she is in Dev’s life. Savitri says it’s the right thing to do and leaves. Naintara fumes that Savitri’s grandson has committed a grave sin with Naintara.

In the Khurana building, Geet is walking out of Maan’s office with files in her hand when Sasha screams out her name. Geet freaks, and drops all the files. Sasha scolds Geet for not doing her job right, and Geet asks what happened. Sasha asks Geet why MK would say “I’m sorry” to a client, and(in her innocence) Geet says she was just as amazed, but then she thought that Maan said it, so she wrote it. Sasha continues blaming Geet, and Maan walks outside.
Geet then tells Maan that he told her to take dictation, and she did. He said “I’m sorry” and she even cross-checked it. Maan then realises that she took his I’m sorry for dictation, and wonders what to do with this crazy girl. He walks off into his office smiling.
Sasha follows him and asks why he’s giving Geet special treatment, and now he’s laughing about it. Maan tells Sasha to sit down, and for her not to worry – it’s only a small matter.
Back outside, Geet fumes and thinks that she’s definitely going to talk to Maan. She walks back into his office, and Sasha tells her that they’re busy. Geet says she’s sorry, but that she wants to talk to Maan in private. Maan thinks that she wants to let it all out today.
He sends Sasha out of the office and waits for Geet to say something. The episode ends on Geet’s expectant face.

(Btw, I’m in hyperventilation mode – you’ll realise why) The episode starts off with Geet ranting… and Maan sitting back and listening to it. (With a smile on his face.. a smile!) Geet says that she knows Maan has no respect for anyone; he likes belittling and making people run after him; he also likes making mistakes but blaming others for it; Geet doesn’t know what makes him so arrogant but with all these qualities, she never knew he’d have this one – he’s a liar.
With this, Maan stops smiling and gets up. He tells Geet that she’s talking like his Dadi – and he’ll repeat what he said to her, Maan Singh Khurana never tells lies.

Savitri Devi (Dadi) is shown walking into the Khurana building, and says that after yesterday’s meeting, Maan will definitely refuse to meet her this time – but he can’t do anything about it.

Back in the office, Geet tells Maan that his Dadi and her are saying the right thing. And she’s got something else to say (right on sister friend. Hehe) – she knows she makes mistakes, but it doesn’t mean every mistake that gets made will be blamed on her. Yesterday, Maan gave her the wrong file (yeps, and it is your fault Geet… he couldn’t stop staring at your beautiful chehra ;]), but she tried to make things right with the client. And what did Maan do – he belittled her. Today, whatever Maan said Geet wrote, but in front of Sasha, he made Geet the liar again. How calmly he said that he didn’t have “I’m Sorry” written! (Maan tries opening his mouth, but staring at Geet causes memory lapses :P)
Dadi walks and stands at the door while Geet continues ranting. Geet says that if Maan made mistakes, why can’t he admit them? Geet knows why – it’s so he doesn’t have to APOLOGISE to anyone. But Maan isn’t God, that he doesn’t have to say sorry, and-
Maan says “I’m Sorry”. He walks closer to her, and apologises again. Geet’s mouth opens in shock (so did mine…) and she can’t do anything but stare. ‘Maahi’ plays as ManEet have a moment (and part of the reason I started hyperventilating).
At the door, Dadi wonders what she’s just heard. What type of miracle is this? Today, Maan Singh Khurana is saying sorry to someone?
In the office, Maan finally snaps out of it and says that he had already apologised, but Geet mistook it as dictation. That sorry was meant for Geet who wrote in the dictation.
Dadi wonders who the girl is, and hopes it’s the “sweet girl who I met in the office yesterday”. (Oh don’t worry Dadi, it’s your future granddaughter-in-law alright)
Geet is still staring, and Maan asks what she’s staring at with her mouth open. He said sorry once, he won’t say it again. Geet replies, alright, and she turns to leave.
Dadi sees Geet, and exclaims she’s the one – fantasy of Geet wearing bridal clothes and walking out of the office with Maan also wearing sherwani, and smiling after Geet. (Dadi and I think alike yaar… must watch scene. Must watch *glares if you don’t watch it*) She realises Geet’s walking out, and slips behind the door, and smiles.

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At the cafeteria, Sasha is standing with her (namura… I mean… sidekick… I mean) PA – Tasha and complains that MK isn’t MK. Tasha asks who is MK then, and recieves a glare from Sasha. (we need a nickname for Sasha-Tasha…) Sasha complains that not only did MK not get angry that a mistake was made, but even hid the mistake himself. Something isn’t right… Maan knows Geet from before, but how? She wants to know… when Geet rocks up in front of her.
Geet asks Sasha if the draft is alright… She tells Sasha that by mistake, she wrote I’m Sorry in the dictation, and it’s not the boss’ fault. Sasha wonders why Maan has hidden the mistake and Geet is taking the blame; looks at her and then starts ranting. She asks Geet that because everyone understood her in Hoshiapur she’s in Delhi? Geet needs to listen very carefully, it’s Sasha’s territory – she must use her brain and heart carefully around here. Women like Geet have come and gone trying to trap MK, but Sasha was here before and is still here.
Geet looks at Sasha coldly and states that she isn’t here to trap MK (darling, you’re doing that unknowingly..) but to work. She walks off leaving Sasha and her namura glaring.

Back in Maan’s office, Dadi has a big smile on her face as she watches Maan flick through a file. Maan notices Dadi’s smile and asks why she’s smiling. Dadi slyly replies that she’s wondering who the girl is that got him to apologise. Dadi stifles a laugh as she says that she thought in Maan’s dictionary, the word sorry doesn’t exist. (I love Dadi’s laughter… and Maan’s sheepish expressions)
Maan retorts that Dadi has retired from the company, so what is she doing here? Dadi replies that whenever Mr. Maan Khurana widens his eyes in a show of anger, she knows he’s hiding something.
Maan stands up, and deflects the inquiry with one of his own – what exactly is Dadi doing here? Dadi also stands up and says there’s a surprise (and yes, it’s a good surprise… in an evil way *wink, wink*)

Someone is making his entry into the Khurana building (with that evil smirk of his).
In the office, Maan thinks Dadi has a new project for him, and Dadi wonders if Maan thinks about anything besides work (I can answer that one Dadi.. :D), so she’ll give him a clue – it’s not a thing she’s referring to, but a person. Maan asks who…
and Dev Khurana has walked into the building (with his b/g music playing).

In the main area, Geet is walking commenting on how Maan apologised to her – and how weird it feels. On the other side is Dev walking through… and so it comes that D&G are walking opposite each other… flashbacks are shown of Dev saying Geet is the girl he’s been looking for, to his smile, to their wedding; and then more flashbacks of the airport security saying that no Dev Khurana is going to Canada; Brij saying that Dev left her; Dai Ma saying that Geet is pregnant; Naintara saying that Dev is her husband.
D&G walk on, but Geet turns, and Dev walks a bit further behind her (the first of this week’s game – D&G walking near each other but not seeing each other).

In Maan’s office, Maan is fed up of Dadi’s games, and wants to know who’s coming. Dadi smiles, and Dev makes his way into the office, and tells Maan to look up instead of asking Dadi. Maan looks up and sees Dev (I’m calling them ManEv from now on… or should it be DevAan? You tell me). Dadi exclaims that Dev is here when she was going to pick him up from the airport with Maan.
Maan looks down, and Dadi’s smile falters, but she asks them if they’re not going to hug, as she knows they’ve definitely been waiting for this moment. ManEv walk towards each other…
Geet is in her office, and she chides herself for going on and on when he was trying to apologise to her. She notices Maan and someone else, and decides to close the curtains for a little while. She walks up to them, but doesn’t see Dev. (2nd D&G non-moment… and counting. Lol.) But instead of closing them, she turns away.
In Maan’s office, ManEv hug (but Dev is pretty reluctant). Maan welcomes back Dev, and Dev thanks him. Dadi says that by seeing them together she cannot stop smiling. But she has one request for both of them – that they forget what happened. Dadi also becomes curious as to why Dev came straight to the office instead of going home.
Dev is silent for a moment, and then replies that he knew Maan would be at the office, and not at home – and before anything, he wanted to thank Maan. He thanks Maan for being the reason he got back to India, and Maan smiles. (yes, he smiles… hyperventilation mode)
Dadi (also) freaks out, and wonders what’s wrong today – Maan smiled AND apologised? There’s definitely someone in the office who put their magic on Maan. Maan freaks, and asks Dadi to lay off it for now. Dadi agrees, and asks Dev to come home later as she has a surprise for him. She walks away.

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In Geet’s office, Geet is absentmindedly drawing as she replays Maan apologising, and is smiling. (Smiling… hai, hai… I missed that smile) Dadi walks past and notices Geet smiling (Maahi is playing mind you… Damn, this song has taken hold of me..) and walks in. She mentions that Geet is very happy today – who has made this beautiful girl smile?
Geet almost mentions Maan, but then corrects herself and says no one. Dadi thinks she has a boyfriend, and Geet vehemently denies that, and says she wouldn’t think like that about him. What she means is that there’s nothing. Dadi smiles, and says that her smile is gorgeous… she’s trying to get Geet’s DD to understand that, and walks away.
Geet walks to her seat and starts wondering why she’s smiling. She says that it’s only because Maan apologised to her. That’s all right? (Obviously not… but who are we to interfere with their love? :P)

In Maan’s office (and what do you know, both boys are wearing purple) Dev is making small talk, when Maan cuts him off, and asks how he paid off all his debts?
Dev is thinking back to when D&G got married, and Darji gave him Geet’s share of the land. He tells Maan not to ask, as he had to go through a lot of stuff. He cuts Maan off, and says that he doesn’t want to talk about it.
Dev asks Maan what’s happening with him… any new developments? Maan goes off into fantasy world thinking of when he stopped Geet from falling, when she bumped into him in the car, when he watched her sleep… he walks towards the glass and wonders what’s wrong with him – why is he thinking of Geet? Dev asked Maan about his life, but Maan is thinking of Geet instead… (Dev notices the emotions on Maan’s face) Maan looks up at Geet through the window.
Geet notices Maan looking at her, and another ManEet moment occurs 😉 They’re both staring at each other when Dev brings Maan back to reality, and Maan closes the curtains (why’d you do that for? Just stare at her.. nothing wrong with that. Hehe).
Dev apologises for saying whatever he did, and Maan pre-empts him to go home. Dev says Maan has been caught today… Maan has been so good at hiding his emotions, but today, someone’s brought them out, is it love? The old Maan returns and says that if Dev feels that way, well it’s not Maan’s fault but Dev’s eyes fault, because love has never happened to Maan and nor will it ever (LIAR.)
Dev raises his hands in defeat, and mumbles he was saying it like that when Maan gets a call from a client. Dev says he’ll see Maan at home, and Maan tells Dev that he’s forgotten what happened. Dev acknowledges this and walks out of the office.
Maan calls Geet and tells her to call Sasha into his office. He hangs up and wonders what’s wrong with him. He needs to stay away from Geet (yes Maan… we know how well you did with that one).
Geet hangs up, and her hands are shaking. She asks herself what’s going on, and moves to walk out of the office. She’s holding a bunch of files, when Dev comes behind her… and it looks like the two are going to bump into each other…

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