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Geet Monday 8 June 2020 update: Maan geet and dadi sitting on the couch in the drawing room,
thinking about what happened in the day could have brought them gloom.

worried and wants to get the wedding tarried but dadi is adamant wants to get a
new member in the family unhindered. Maan talks it out Geet surrenders
without a doubt.

Annie wants to meet her two hour old BF, she cares not about her
brother and bhabi’s security first.

Arjun is in the hospital where he promises to take revenge on the
KHURANA KHANDAAN, by all means even if that means giving up on his morals and principles

She gets the parlor changed to one near the hospital, Maan on
other hand Gets the whole set up done at home so that he can take care of
things, but he hasn’t told dadi about BRIJ who is trying to convinve him of not
to be so worried about GEET. He even tries convincing GEET to stay at home as
he is worried about her safety but she says she will be fine and makes him
promise that he will think of his happiness first and hers later. He reluctantly
promises her coz it made her happy.

Annie, tasha and pinky in parlor. Annie leaves to meet Arjun as
the parlour is near the Hospital and tells tasha and pinky to take her home but
tasha and pinky say that annie will have to do it coz they have to go out for
some last minute shopping. Annie says ok without heeding to their words

Maan gets ready and takes blessings from dadi, who is happy to see
her grandson married at last. And geet gets ready and comes into the parlor
room where even the beautician says that she has dressed many brides before but never before has been there such a beautiful bride as her.

And then she is informed that all her friends have left and that she can’t leave the parlor
till 7 coz some minister is going to be around in that area for that time.

On the other hand man is worried about her as its already five.
Pinky and tasha are home but GEET is nowhere to be found as her phone is also
with PINKY.

Maan calls Annie who is in the hospital to ask about GEET but annie
lies about her whereabouts but not about her status of not being with GEET.

Arjun then takes advantage of the situation and asks her to stay
back with him as he is alone and hugs her while his plan is not to let her go
to geet.

Dadima made them go ahead with the wedding and so all the rituals started.. Haldi was done with Maaneet and then Geet with Annie and friends go to Beauty Parlor for mehndi and Bridal getup. Annie managed to take them to the beauty parlor near the hospital so that she can meet Arjun as she was worried about him. In the Parlor while Geet was getting ready for the wedding, Annie leaves Geet with the girls to see Arjun in the hospital.

As Pinky and Tasha needed to pick up few things for the wedding, they leave Geet in the parlor thinking Annie would bring her.

Arjun being upset at Khuranas thinking about his sister’s condition, purposely keeps Anne with him so that the wedding would delay or may be cancelled.

Geet a beautiful bride is ready and waiting for Annie to come and take her to her Maan…. Time passes by… the Parlor lady comes and informs Geet that she will have to wait until 7 PM at the Parlor as all the roads are blocked because of some minister’s visit in the area. Geet is devastated and is not able to contact Maan.

So today on Monday we see that Geet is waiting in the parlor alone.. adorned with Bridal outfit and ornaments and looking exquisitely beautiful…. And Maan getting anxious at KM… Calling Annie Maan comes to know that Geet is all alone in the parlor waiting to be picked up. He gets really worried and calls Geet but her cells phone is with Pinky at home…

Maan runs out of the house and goes to the driver and asks him to take the car out but he says he cannot as it is stuck. Maan angrily says then there should be a bike, get me a bike. Adi comes running with Romeo and Romeo says sir, a bike would not make any difference as the roads are blocked even for two wheelers… Maan looks anxious and worried and starts thinking what to do… Meanwhile Pandeji was able to get the phone number of the beauty parlor and get Geet on the line.. He calls Maan saying sir I got the connection of the parlor and Geet is on line… Maan quickly takes the phone and takes couple of steps away to talk to Geet… As soon as he says Geet.. He hears Geet’s crying distressful voice… saying Maan I am left alone here.. Whenever I think all is well with me then something worse happens. She says I do not know what God’s wish for me is but I will be the first bride who is unable to reach her own wedding in time.. Maan hears her crying voice and is much anxious for his Geet.. Geet continues tearfully.. Oh how much I have wanted this moment to arrive but now the roads are blocked and any vehicle cannot come.. Maan says calmly.. look Geet, please do not cry. You will reach the wedding venue in time and today itself we will get married… Geet listens to Maan but says distressfully.. how will it happen Maan? I want to come to you so badly but I am unable to reach there in time.. The roads are blocked and now nothing can be done… saying she starts sobbing softly on the phone. Maan tries to calm her down and asks her Geet I have asked you this earlier but asking again do you trust me? Geet says yes and I told you earlier that I trust you more then myself and more then my own destiny.. Maan says seriously then continue keeping that trust on me.. and adds confidently.. I AM COMING TO GET MY BRIDE.. and our wedding will be on time.. just smile and wait for me I am coming to get you. Geet smiles tearfully and nods her head saying please come quickly.

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Maan disconnects the phone and his eyes shows the determination of a prince.. Behind him we see that his ride for the wedding is standing…

Geet is waiting outside the parlor… remembering what Maan told her on the phone… Keep your trust on me.. I am coming to get my bride.. wait for me with a smile… Geet keeps on thinking about Maan’s promise.. the blue curtains are floating around her and suddenly she hears the sound of the running hooves and whining of the horse… She lifts her eyes to see and sees a man emerging from a dusty cloud.. Her whole countenance breaks in to a brilliant smile and she keeps on looking at her Groom riding toward her on a magnificent horse….

Maan comes near her and stops and looks down at her radiant face with a smile. He throws his leg over the other side and jumps off the horse with an expert ease. (Gurmeet is a fine horseman as I have read somewhere that he had to learn horse riding for his role in the Ramayan…)

Now Geet smiles broadly at her groom… Maan looks at his beautiful bride and slowly comes toward her.. Geet runs to him throwing herself in his arms hugging him tightly. Maan hugs her back with equal love and adoration… after a while Geet pulls herself back and stands there blushing and feeling shy finding Maan’s gaze on her… And Maan mind is just blown away looking at his incredible, exquisite, beautiful bride.. He just could not take his eyes away from her.. The more he keeps staring, the more shy Geet feels.. With Geet’s palm still on his chest… Maan softly cups Geet’s left cheek and says one moment Geet. Let me look at my Mishty with my heart’s desire. While Geet drops her gaze feeling shy.. Maan continues praising her beauty saying God made you beautifully unique and did not make any duplicate like you… Today even the angles watching from above would feel jealous of me thinking how did MSK got this beautiful Girl and he keeps his gaze continually on her face.. Geet says softly please do not look at me like you are making me blush… Maan still keeps on looking at her with the same intensity says why I would not look at you? I was waiting for this moments for years.. Geet lifts her happy face to look in to Maan’s eyes. Maan says I know Geet you wanted to surprise me in the wedding.. but isn’t this better that I came here to get you. And with that excuse I had this moment exclusively to myself and we were at least with each other

Maan continues softly holding Geet… Today I feel like carry you away with me somewhere very far… Geet looks at him… Maan says very faraway somewhere near hills and valleys where no one can look at you except me.. Geet looks at him and says then Why don’t you… she continues when I saw you on the horse riding like a prince I felt like you would come near me, pick me up and will carry me far away with you on your horse.. Maan looks at her and sees the same reflection of his desires in Geet’s face too.. He pulls her in his arms and hugs her.. and both stand there with closed eyes and savor this very precious moments.. After a while Geet pulls back and looks at Maan.. Maan looks at Geet and says Geet what are you looking at? Geet says Maan I have seen all this earlier. Maan smiles at her and says oh you must have seen this area when you go to work everyday.. Geet says no Maan not that but this you coming on horse to get me and taking me away with you… Maan says oh you have seen this? Geet pulls herself back from his arms and says now you are making fun of me… I am telling you the truth I have seen all this… Maan smiles softly.. Geet says now on our wedding day also you are making fun of me.. Maan looks at her serious face and stops smiling. Geet pouts and says I should not have told you any of these as you do not care for my dreams. Maan smiles at her expressions and then holding her chin he turns her face toward him and holding her arms he says Geet it is not like that. Your each and every dream is more precious to me then reality. Then he holds her hands and encircles her palm and asks softly did not I promise you that I will full fill all your dreams? Geet softly nods her head with a tender smile. Maan says then now understand that the time has started to full fill all your dreams. Both of them look at each other with smile… Suddenly Geet’s voice gets little serious saying Maan now I am being little afraid. Maan says why? She says my dreams until now came true but what lies ahead? Maan says what is ahead.. Geet says getting upset after that in my dream we are separated and you are not with me. Maan takes couple of steps near her and holding her shoulder softly turns to her and looks at her distress face and says Geet no one can separate us. What ever you saw was your dream. And to make you dreams come true is my job. It is the job of MSK. And in the real world of MSK no one can separate Maan and Geet. No one.. Geet nods her head with a tender smile. Maan then pulls a Bluetooth head phones gear from his pocket. Geet says what is this Maan? Maan says I told you that no one can separate us so this is a temporary solution until pheras. Saying he takes the earphone and puts it on Geet’s ear and one on his own ear. He says until wedding ceremony when you are in your Mayka we still can keep in contact and never be separated. And yes Geet when ever you feel afratid you can just talk to me OK? Geet nods her head..

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After that Making her Geet sit in front of him on the horse and holding her firmly in his arms Maan signals the horse to move on by pulling on the reins. Maan and Geet are riding the horse looking in to each other’s eyes and smiling softly..

At the wedding premises Dadima and Maan’s office team is waiting anxiously for the bride and groom to arrive. Dadima now feeling bit worried says.. Adi please contact Maan I am starting to get worried.. Adi tells Romeo to call Maan. He was about to call Maan but then they see the groom arriving with his bride on a horse… Maan was riding the horse holding Geet firmly and coming near the crowd waiting for them.. Watching that all feel really happy and Dadima blows kisses at her beloved grandson and daughter Geet. Manisha makes remark as how hot Maan looks but Romeo cuts him saying now Maan sir is getting married with Geet so he better stop saying that. Romeo with his team goes forward and helps Geet dismounting the horse. Manish tries to give a hand to Maan but he jumps from the horse without any assistance.

Romeo goes to thank the horse that he was able to bring Maan and Geet in time. Manish also goes and does the same. But Tasha and Pinky make fun of them saying Maansir and Geet is getting married but instead of them you are praising a horse.

Maan and Geet smile at that and come forward. Dadima goes to Geet and says Geet Dear you look exquisite today saying she blesses her. she then says let’s go in.. all starts to walk to go in including Maan.. Dadima says excuse me where are you going? For you guys we have set up a temporary place there in the garden so you better go and get ready there.. Maan and Geet look at each other and Geet smiles shyly at his blunder. Maan fumbles for the words and says ok dadima.. Some lady comes and says where is Annie? We would definitely need the sister of the groom to tie a srings garland on Maan’s head to cover his face.. (call sehra..).. Dadima says oh I have talked with her she is also stuck in the traffic like Geet. Maan says oh Annie is not home yet? let me go and get her. Dadima says no, you will not do any such thing. The auspicious time of the wedding has already started and you will miss it if you go. I have already talked with Annie. She has a car and a driver both and she will be here as soon as the traffic block is lifted. Maan nods his head in agreement. Dadima says with a smile and enthusiasm’ c’mon I will tie the sehra on you.. Saying she leads her grandson away holding his arms..

Dadima makes Maan sit on the bench and all the boys start dancing at the sound of drums being played… Then dadima assist him with his wedding turban and with the help of Adi she ties the sehra around his head and covers his face… Then taking some currency she circles around Maan’s head and throws those in the air for good omen.. all the boys with Adi sir stat dancing. Then Romeo and Adisir bring the wedding horse near them and they all lead Maan to the horse and he sits on the horse and looks magnificent holding his sword hanging on his side. All are dancing around Maan and bringing him closer to house… Meanwhile Brij taking the advantage of the crowd walks in on the KM ground.

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Here at hospital Arjun is thanking Annie for staying with him as he needed for baldly. Annie tells him that she did not feel like leaving alone so she stayed. Then Annie receives the phone call from Pinky asking about her whereabouts and asking her to hurry as the groom’s party is almost at the door.. Annie says oh the Groom has already come? I will be there shortly. Arjun says Annie you should go now. She says oh she does not like leaving him alone. Arjun says now he is ok and she needs to go as it is her brother’s wedding for which she was waiting since long. Annie says ok and starts to leave. Arjun stops her and says that how will you go as all the roads are blocked. Annie has no idea and she looks at Arjun confusingly.. Arjun says he will take her on his bike and go from the interior roads and that way may reach earlier. Annie says but what about your sister. He says oh she will be fine and nurse can take care of her for a little while.

Geet is walking with the girls to go inside. Tasha says I also feel like meeting a nice young man and get married. Pinky says should I call Romeo? She says oh please… Maan is seated on the horse and is approaching the mansion with all his team of boys dancing around him with the beat of the drums..

Dadima brings Geet to the outhouse and says Geet you will have to stay here until the pheras and you also cannot see Maan’s face until the garland ceremony. So you better stay put and no mischief. Maan is listening to all this and smiles. Dadima goes away and tasha says Geet you are so lucky that you getting married with maan sir.. I wish I also could get marry with some rich guy. Pinky says but to get a man like Maan sir you need to be Geet…. Tasha does not like that and says you silly girl… Pinky makes faces at that.

Maan who was listening this convo tells Geet.. did you listen to that… you are really lucky that I said yes otherwise I am the dream man for every girl. Now do one thing.. after the marriage, each morning say thank you when you wake up.. Geet squirms at that.. Maan says I know you are dying to get even with me but you cannot say a word as the girls are around you and I sure am going to take full advantage of it.. saying he says oh so what was I saying.. that you should thank me each morning… Geet shakes her head.. Maan says oh are you thanking me? Ok then I will accept your thanks… Geet pouts and fumbles to say something but just cannot say anything..
In the hall guests are arriving one by one… Dadima’s back is to the main door and she is talking to some one.. Brij veerji slides through the gate looking around and instantly tries to hide himself from dadima and comes inside and is walking in the corridor with pink turban and green outfit..

Dadima calls her servant and tells him to ask everybody to come near the door to welcome the groom party..

Maan tells Geet that they are almost at the door of out house.. Hearing that Geet excitedly jumps up from her seat and says oh the Groom is at the door. Every one asks her how did she know.. . Maan teasingly tells her that oh yea tell your friends how did you know… She says oh just like that.. you all listen you also will know saying she pretends to listen. Pinky says oh I cannot hear anything.. Geet says try little harder and you will be….

Tasha says one minute let me go and check saying she goes to check and says yes she is right the Groom is at the door… saying she says oh come let’s go to welcome the groom.. Then they tell Geet to say in the room till they come back Geet nods her head. After the girls leave she tells Maan to come in quickly and not stay at the door for long time. Maan teases her saying Geet if you threaten me like that then I will go back.. But then Adi fires the firecrackers… and with that loud noise Maan just cannot get what Geet says he says Geet I cannot hear you. And Geet says the same that with all that noise she cannot listen to what he is saying… she says come quickly.. Then she says wistfully that all you are having lots of fun outside right I feel like coming outside and dancing with you.. but Maan says Geet I cannot listen you. Geet just smiles at that.. Suddenly she hears the voice of her nightmare.. the voice of Brij Veerji calling her Geet… Horrified she turns to look at the furious face of Brij Veerji advancing toward her with menacing steps… They both look at each other..


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