GEET MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Dev asks.. if NT is sure all property is in her name n she says yes… n Dev says.. well bro has made Geet his 51% partner.. so u get only that much that MSK has on his name.. so for all property. .u need Geets sign!Geet apologises to MSK for getting his sign on the papers n says..

Nandos life was in danger so!! Dev says.. He only asked Geet to get the sign to keep NT occupied as real owner is Geet! MSK exchange looks between Dev  n Geet! Geet looks down!! Dev says.. Police r here to take NT..! NT says.. m going.. but will be back. .as  m ur wife..n i have control on ur life!! Geet says.. not anymore.. remember a letter Mama got signed?  Dev says..they were our Divorce papers!  Geet says.. What u thot?? That u will be back to destroy my familys happiness  n leave?? This is my family. .enemy of this family is my enemy . Geet Maan Singh Khuranas enemy.. n she knows how to fix her enemy!! NT scoffs!

NT says.. ur so shameless .. the one u call ur hubby ..ask him if he considers u his wife.. according to him ur imposing urself on him…!!  The wife whose hubby refuses to accept her.. how dare she claim her right ..! MSK says.. STOP.. it.. . ! Its my mistake that  i got u here… now that u have asked a question.. u will get answer! Geet is the daughter in law of this house… she is my wife n her full name is Geet Maan Singh Khurana.. Geet has tears in her eyes *Mahii* ! He asks Cop to take NT away! MSK apologises to Geet for not trusting.. n that she is the true DIL of the house… she is GMSK! MSK thanks Geet… n says.. he cant repay for what she has done.. n says.. can atleast thank u… ! Dev says.. come now lets cut the cake..!! MSK cuts the cake n leaves..! Geet stands aside n self thot… without asking.. u give so much.. cant believe. .he talked to me so sweetly. .now will fulfill duty of being a good wife.n not expect.. opps.. but yes will expect …!! If only he had sweetened my mouth with the cake..!

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Geet in her room n dev comes to congratulate her n says.. he wants that Maneet relation be like earlier..!! Geet says.. yes even i want that happiness comes in this house.. like in ur life…what u did for Nando.. we all appreciate  n she too will..!! Dev says..but NT.. n Geet says..forget past..think about future.. ur n Nandos future..!! Dev says..but.. n Geet to her.. n tell ur state..!!

Dev thinks if he should go n talk to Nando.. but thinks she must be tired..but decides to say Gud Nite
*hmmm*  He sees Nando sleeping n leaves! MSK wakes up n recollects what all happened with NT.. n how he too has insulted Geet! He regrets his mistake n decides no more..hurting Geet .. tho i dun love.. her.. but i wont hurt her (Yaayy the star one article)!  Geet is making something and says she will make breakfast too.. ! Right then Jeeju comes…n Geet is scared.. but Nando teases her! Geet says..she will be good wife.. n serve her hubby…! Geet cribs about black coffee n MSK comes n stands.. n Nando ducks.. n MSK says Deepak get my coffee in my room.. glares at Geet n goes..!

Geet knocks on MSKs room as she gets coffee…n looks around n thinks. .is MSK faking ML?? His room was always messed up!! MSK comes in black vest n trackies.. n Geet hides..!! MSK Deepak has become efficient. .good!! MSK is having the coffee  n  Geet peeks at him hoping he will like the coffee!! MSK says..good! She says.. thank u babaji! Geet leaves n MSK senses n looks.. but no one is there..n he smiles.. knowingly!

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MSK is checking some files n a client comes.. with an invite.. of attending the wedding at Mumbai.. on 2nd ..!  ! The guy says.. u have to bring Bhabhi ji.. n family!!Geet overhears.. n grins! MSK asks Nacool to set the table! Dev is lost in thots of Nando… n smiling n Lucky comes saying all are searching…! Dev says why?? Lucky says.. Beeji told that they have found a boy for Nando. .n Dev shocked!  Jugnu throws a fit .. that no one thinks about him…n Lucky diverts him in thots of Gopals bua!!

Geet is making plans what all she needs to shop for attending the wedding..! Lucky says.. dun worry. .. i will take u shopping need to shop too. .n Geet says..why?? Jungu too wants to go.. n Geet smiles n says.. no only MSK n i r going..!! Geet is cutting bhindi.. n says.. this time gonna see Mum for real..!! Lucky says..what if  MSK went alone..n Geet shows the knife. .n says.. how dare he?? I will make him say.. Geet will come with me!

Geet is serving breakfast to Geet… n hopes MSK can talk about the wedding so she can start preparing.. but MSK is silent!! Dev comes.. and asks about Nando/Lucky/Jugnu… as they aint there! Geet n Dev are talking thru signals.. n Geet speaks out that they are going . n MSK stares.. n then says.. that Pasta is good n black coffee too !! Geet is upset…! Dev asks about Sidhu..!  MSK says talk later..! Geet is huffing! MSK leaves..!! Geet says.. in ur family do they make u drink ginger with milk as a kid?? He is so strange.. n Dev coufs n Geet says..talking of DD not u..!!  Geet keeps cribbing n asks Dev to go…!!  Geet says.. wanna go to Mum!!

Dev in his room pacing around.. n wonders what to do as Nandos relation has come..!! Dev in 3D .. n chatting with himself..whether he wants to spend his life with Nando.. n Dev says yes.. n the other image says.. go n talk! Dev decides to write a letter..! Geet sees MSK working n sees th card on th table.. n asks..what u doing.. MSK says working..!! Geet says.. but when is wedding?? MSK says.. after 3-4 days… Geet wonders when MSK will tell..about attending..?
Geet keeps egging him on but he is ignorant.. n says.. m going n says. .bye..!! MSK says.. gonna b late.. so bye…! Geet rues. that i will make him say.. n admit too!

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Geet rues.. that MSK isnt telling till now.. if he says at last moment..what to do..whether he wants to take me out or not?? Geet decides to call MSK! MSK in discussions n gets up to receive the call…! Geet asks if he has eaten or not.. n also the sweet. . n MSK says.. it was nice.. n says.. in a meeting call u back! Geet asks. dun u have to say something n MSK says.. if i had wuld have called.. now bye!! Geet cribs!

Nando is combing her hair n thinks of thanking Dev.. Dev comes to her room n keeps the letter! Nando comes n letter is lying on her bed!


Lucky sees Dev outside Nandos room and all go in Nandos room! Jugnu says.. he is hurt as Geet cheated them! Dev wonders if Lucky n Mama saw then.. its bigger trouble! Jugnu says.. think of my wedding … ! Jugnu says.. see th pics n choose n Nando says..not like that..! I will tell u how. .n Jugnu goes to take the letter but Dev takes it away.. !!  Nando tells that girls dun need candle lite dinners .. but if u stand with them at a roadside vendor to eat waterballs.. then it means u have won her heart! Devini r thinking of each other.. in flashbacks
! Devini eyelock.. n Nando leaves!


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